January 16

Let’s Not Try This: Internet Challenge

Internet challenges are stupid, and deadly, Underdogs!  I am dumbfounded on how many people are actively trying out the latest one which is the Tide Pod Challenge. It’s not like they are small children who don’t know any better, but teens and young adults. I know we all did things as teenagers that were down right dangerous and stupid. The teenager’s brain has not fully devolved and they have a sense of immortality that puts them in near death situations. We have all been there. We have driven too fast, drank too much, and done some very dumb things. While many internet, such as the Rainbow Party that Oprah reported on, is fake, the Tide Challenge is sadly very real.

I was lucky and didn’t grow up with social media, so I can hope I wouldn’t have been so desperate for being included that I would willingly take part in this internet challenge.However, I was a girl who didn’t fit in, and went to a very small high school. Anything is possible, and because of this very thought process, I believe that anyone could be desperate enough for a moment of acceptance. Which makes this whole thing even more dangerous.  For the last several years, I have seen young girls and boys destroy their face with the lip challenge. I have seen people literally kill themselves after trying to take the most dangerous selfie as possible. Most of the time of top of very high places, and falling to their death. While those are each horrible in their own right, the Tide Pod Challenge is truly stupid, but attractive to so many people who are wanting to do anything to fit in.

This internet challenge is where people take the Tide Pod, which is full of soap and chemicals, and eat it as though it were candy. They don’t just bit into it and spit it out, they eat it, and swallow the contents. The film themselves and post it on social media, showing they can do it and challenging their friends to partake. Let’s be very clear, if this doesn’t kill you, it will cause a lot of damage including heart, liver, and breathing problems. It can end your life, or lead to terrible things down the road like cancer. Why in the world would people willingly do this to themselves for a stupid challenge?

Of course, there is peer pressure. It is now a world where peer pressure just isn’t done by students or people around you, but strangers you have never met on social media. It is hard enough to become an individual and grow up to form your own thoughts and opinions. With the onset of social media, we all now have online personas to deal with as well as in real life. Sometimes, the pressure from the online world is so much worse than in real life, which leads people to do stupid things such as taking part in an internet challenge. There is also something called oral fixation which is a psychological issue that can cause people to have an obsession with putting things in their mouth. This could mean sucking on fingers or thumbs for an extend amount of time after early childhood. Many people with an oral fixation are smokers and have food issues. It is actually very common. It is possible that when presented with something that seems like it should go into your mouth, it is too tempting for those suffering from t3his issue to say no. They may not even understand that they have an issue since it is on an unconscious level.

The point is, while there is understanding to why people are doing this internet challenge, it doesn’t mean that anyone should ever do this for a moment. We need to stop giving stupid ideas like this so much attention. I understand the irony in this blog post, because writing about it gives the attention that is sought. However, there is a source to these stupid challenges. It’s usually a very insecure person, or a psychopath. Don’t let your life be ruined by someone who has no clue who you are as a person. Don’t let someone how the power to take your life of destroy your health because of an internet challenge. I don’t mean to sound crass, but no one cares about the ones who follow the trends blindly. They care about those who are smart enough to rise about the strangeness and the pressure to become their own person. Leave those who want you to fit into a box behind, and live your life for your for you. None of those strangers that you are trying to impress will help you if you get sick. Live your best life.


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