The Justice League Review

The Justice League is finally out so be prepared for spoilers. If you haven’t seen this movie, then don’t read any more because you may read something that you wish you hadn’t! You have been warned. Also, this post contains affiliate links. Take a look at my Disclaimer on the Shameless Self Promotion Page. Here is the official underdog review of The Justice League!

I have been sitting here for the last 24 hours after watching  The Justice League trying to understand exactly what about this movie rubbed me the wrong way. I know the movie didn’t make as much money as predicted, and the critics hate it. However, I never let any of that influence my thoughts, I just know people like to know this information. I hardly ever agree with a professional critic, because I am a fan of comics, and I am a fan of superheros. Superhero movies normally get a bad rep because they are corny and out there.  I grew up on Batman, and Superman. I am a huge fan, so like many people, I have been waiting for The Justice League since I was a child! Maybe the problem I have is that a movie will never be as good as what I imagined that it could be and I was let down. I am willing to say that was part of it. I’m also willing to say the story wasn’t that good, and I feel that you could tell more than one person directed this show.

The recent movies released from DC haven’t been my favorite. I hated Batman Vs. Superman, as well as Man of Steel. I had fun with the Suicide Squad, but Wonder Woman was by far one of the best super hero movies I have ever seen! Wonder Woman was well written, had a great back story, and a villain that wasn’t weak or kind of boring. After that wonderful movie, The Justice League had a lot to live up to!  This movie had the traditional big team introduction. It’s what I like to call, “The Super Friends Problem.” This is when you need to get these major personalities with otherworldly powers together to fight a bigger battle,  and you need a good reason for them to get together. There is always a conflict that makes these very different beings join forces and fight on the same side. Something always goes wrong that either hinders the team, or breaks them apart and they come back together after finding that being on a team is better than being on their own. The Justice League followed this formal, as has many other movies. There isn’t anything wrong with that, but when does that formal become too stale for the audience to care?

The big villain of the story is Steppenwolf, and the 3 ancient boxes that could destroy the world as we know it. There were parts that this story line seemed way too much like Lord of The Rings. While a good story, this was a bit overdone. I really didn’t care for Steppenwolf as the villain. His CGI made him look like a pissed off goat. I didn’t really care about him, or his evil plan to take over the planet. Superman coming back to life after being dead was scarier than Steppenwolf. While I hated how they brought Superman back, I wished they would have explored his darker side and have him been the real villain of the story. To me, his threat was worse than the entire Steppenwolf story line.  What was the hardest part about this movie to me is the glimmer of amazing moments that went nowhere. My favorite scene of the whole movie was the Amazon women protecting the box and keeping it moving. That was so amazing! The explanation of the Gods and seeing the Lantern die and the ring take off was amazing as well.

The chemistry of the main cast was also very good, but we didn’t get much of them on screen together at once. I honestly was worried about The Flash, because there is already an active series and they decided to not cast that actor. However, the young man who plays this version of The Flash is wonderful. I really enjoyed his humor, and his story. I would love to see a stand alone movie about him. It worked for Spiderman: Homecoming, and I think his own movie would do well. Aqua man will have his own movie coming out in the next year or so, and I’m very excited about it! For the first time ever, Aqua man seems like a bad ass warrior that could knock the crap out of anyone who gets in his way. Coming off of Wonder Woman, it was hard to see her want to not take a leading role even though she is a leader. It seemed like a little bit of back tracking! Cyborg was okay, and Batman is not my cup of tea. I hate the casting but I understand what they are trying to do with him aging. I don’t have an issue with the story line, I just don’t like Ben Afflack at all. People say this is the best Superman on film ever. While I strongly disagree with this statement, I will say that this is the best version of Superman that this actor has portrayed on screen so far.

After much reflection, I think the reason that I didn’t care for this movie as much as I hoped is because I was let down. The story in my head has been building up for years, and I can say what I came up with was more entertaining than the show on the screen. Again, there were a lot of great moments, but things didn’t flow together very well. I thought it was pointless to focus on that one family who got caught up in the crossfire of the big battle. Why was there so much screen time devoted to these people who added nothing to the story line? I also had two very big issues with The Justice League. First, Wonder Woman seemed pretty reluctant to take a leadership role. This seemed very out of character for her, specially after coming off such an amazing movie. To me, this seemed like back tracking and this whole thing was invaliding her worth. Why would they spend so much money in one of there many re-shoots to add more Wonder Woman scenes if they tried to make her seem second fiddle to Batman, and eventually Superman.

The second issue that I have is why was Superman needed in this movie at all? Quite frankly, the whole movie could have not had him in it at all, and they still would have defeated the bad guy. While Superman was a help, he wasn’t essential to the story line. It could have been a very good story if we followed Superman down a dark path, but instead he was confused, angry, and then got over it and saved the day. I get that they wanted to bring Superman back, but the other members of The Justice League seemed like their task would have not been possible unless they brought Superman back to help them fight. That just didn’t seem realistic, even in the world of superheroes. Why did we waste so much time watching two very fast and strong people (The Flash and Cyborg) slowly dig up Superman’s grave? Again, this was pointless, and didn’t make sense even within this world. It was just strange to me that the whole team agreed to rob a grave, and try to play God in order to bring back Superman, even with the risk that it wouldn’t work, or Superman wouldn’t be the same. Why waste that time, and form a strong plan within their own ranks instead of trying to raise Superman from the dead and hope he isn’t a zombie!


I would recommend to go see this movie. It’s always fun to go see a super hero movie. If you go into this movie and know that the story is weak, but you get to see all of these superheroes on the screen at the same time, then you will have a good time. I liked this movie, but I didn’t love it. I didn’t hate it either, but I wish the story could have matched this cast of characters. There were so many glimmers of good moments, but they faded fast and didn’t pan out at all.  I am looking forward to the next installment of The Justice League, just as the post credit scenes set up so well. I would give this movie a 3 out of 5. I enjoyed it for what it was, but sad that the story wasn’t better.


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