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JFK Revealed?

Hello Underdogs, and I hope that you are having a wonderful day. Back when I first started this blog over 5 years ago, I did a blog post on JFK and who actually killed him. If you recall, it was my conclusion that those who killed JFK were trained assassin kittens. That’s right, killer kittens! The reason I said that was partly because it was funny. The other part is that I knew that no matter what happens, there will be no way in the world that we will ever be allowed to know who killed JFK. The killer kitten theory is just as plausible as any other theories that are out there in the world. In October of 2017, 2800 pages of unreleased documents from the JFK assassination were dumped. This was scheduled for years and many people were waiting to see what these papers would reveal. As we all know, the truth is out there, but we will never find it.

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First, let’s understand why these documents have been released now. These documents were legally supposed to be released 50 years after the assassination. Why did it take 54 years instead of 50 to make this happen? It’s just a guess, but I am assuming that many of these documents were being fed to shredders and blacked out. A portion of records were released 4 years ago with the promise that more would come. The rumor is that several alphabet organisations  were doing their best to keep as much of this information as possible from becoming public. If there is a matter of national security, then the government has every right to keep any records from the public. There has been many requests via the Freedom of Information Act, but that won’t get you anywhere. You have the freedom to ask for the information, while they have the freedom to tell you no. Remember, throughout all of this, information that has been dumped has been chosen out of thousands of pages with many missing parts.

While it is a lot to take in, people are working very hard to put their own conclusions on what this information means. Unfortunately, there is no smoking gun here, and we are really no better off than we were before. There is no absolute truth. Some strange things that came out of these files were about Hitler. There is a claim that Hitler was alive and well in the 1960’s, and was in South Africa. We also now know for sure that the Zapruder film that shows the death of JFK was withheld from public view for well over 20 years. Abraham Zapruder, the man who took the film, never wanted this film to be produced for the mass media, but for government use only. The full colored film was cut down, and the public has never seen the reaction to the first missed shot.

There is also information about the issues and tension with Cuba, and with the Mafia. These are some of the biggest leaders of the conspiracy theories out there. I once heard the person or people that you believe killed JFK, then it tells a lot about when you grew up. For example, if you believe that it has to do with Russia, you most likely came of age in the Cold War. There is a lot of examples of people, organizations, and even countries of interest, however, there is nothing that directly points to anyone, or anything.


The only “surprise” is that Lee Harvey Oswald was identified as being trained by both the FBI, and the CIA. The FBI denies that they had a continued relationship with Oswald after he had several undercover operations that either failed or weren’t impressive in any way. As previous released documents showed, Oswald went to Mexico City about 6 to 8 months before the assassination to meet with Russian operatives. However, now we are told that he was accompanied by a CIA operative. Jack Ruby has also been proven to have known Oswald beforehand. The police officer that Oswald was blamed for killing was probably not killed by Oswald at all.

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I’ve always said that Oswald was not smart enough to pull off killing the President of the United States, in broad daylight, without any witnesses. If he had anything to do with his death at all, Oswald had to have some sort of help and backing. He was not a good shooter, and never scored very high on anything during his military training. Now, if he was working with the CIA and FBI, then he could have improved. However, most of the missing documents from this dump is “security classified information,” having to do with Lee Harvey Oswald.

Why am I calling this document release a dump? That’s what it all is, a pile of poo. It was like they had some papers sitting around, tossed them out the window, and let the public make some conclusions with no more evidence than they had the day before. Do I think one of us who is a conspiracy theorist will crack the code and find the answers we all seek. No, because there is no new information, and no smoking gun. If you thought that the government and the powers that be would ever let the truth come to light, you haven’t been paying any attention. These documents need to be taken for what they are, a historical marker. This is history, and it should be studied and  preserved. But we will never find answers from this part of history because it would change the future. If we find the truth, then our outlook and any trust we had in our government will be gone.

I wish that there had been something that could leave us to the truth, but is the general public ready for it? I think that they are, but I don’t think anyone trying to control us and keep us civil are not ready for any truth to be learned. There are going to be a lot of people out there who are going to be picking this apart and trying to find an answer. I saw, good for you because there is nothing wrong with wanting to find the truth. I give people props who are willing to comb through all the pages of the documents and try to connect any sort of dots that may or may not be there. The truth is, we will never be told who killed JFK, either because they really don’t know, or the reality of the situation would cause irreparable damaged.  The odds are not in our favor, but the curious minds, and those who seek the truth are still willing to fight for the right to have the truth told.

Before I go, ask yourself, why do people believe that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK? He never had a trial, he was never given legal representation, and it was never proven to have any evidence showing that he had killed the President. The man was also murdered. In a matter of hours, Lee Harvey Oswald was nailed to the crime, and convicted before any real evidence was made public. The man begged for legal help that was never given to him. Why?


If you want to check these documents out for yourself, check out The National Archive, which holds all of the released pages. What is your theory on how JFK died? I’m still sticking with killer kittens!

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