Java Momma

Hello Underdogs, I finally got my new kit for Java Momma, which is brand new Direct Sales company that has just started. I took a gamble on getting the sampler starter kit to see what the company is all about. I love coffee, tea, and coffee products. I would like to open my own coffee shop one day, but that is a dream in the making years down the road. I have worked in a few different coffee shops in my career, and I really enjoy it! Today, I got a packaged in the mail with 6 different types of coffee. Here is a breakdown on what I got, and what I really liked about the products!

The flavors that I got were, Salted Carmel, Rain Forrest Crunch, Mind your Tummy, Highlaner Grogg, House blend and Decaf. They came in small, tin color, sealed packages. I could smell the coffee before I even opened up the package. It was very pleasant and my mouth was watering! Since these were sample packages, there wasn’t any instructions. I like to have an idea on how much coffee they recommend for how much water you are going to use. I have a scoop that I always use, and since there wasn’t any directions, I used my rule of thumb, which is two and a half scoops for half a pot of drip coffee.

I tried out the Rain Forrest Crunch first because this was the coffee that I could smell the most. It smelled somewhere between dark chocolate, some sort of candy, and a bit of floral. I use some sort of creamer about 50% of the time, and the rest I drink just black. The taste was very smooth, and not bitter at all. It reminded me of some of my favorite coffee from when I lived in Omaha called, Hill of Beans. Java Momma is all about certified organic and has less acid that your normal cup of coffee. This means you can drink this without a lot of worry of the harsh effects on your stomach. The second cup of coffee was just as good with the creamer that I added. It didn’t take away the great taste, but I almost prefer to have this one black.

I did really enjoy this coffee hot, although I haven’t tried it cold yet. It’s been too cold outside for me to want a cold cup of coffee. I also really want to try out the tea since I’m a huge tea fan. I am looking forward to learning more about Java Momma and their products.It’s so early for me to make any sort of deep decisons or choices on this company but I’m looking forward to seeing what I learn. If I don’t go too far with this company, it’s okay because so far I am enjoying their products. I will post more as I try more, but it’s a lot to sample that many different coffees in one day! I’m excited to see where this goes, and I think I am going to like this. When I move forward, I will update this and leave you information on how you can purchase and try this coffee for yourself!