Irish Legends

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Hello Underdogs, I hope you enjoyed your St. Patrick’s day celebration and are now nursing your hang over by reading this awesome blog! Many of the people living in the United States share ancestry with Ireland, yet so many people have no clue about the rich history and folk lore. Saint Patrick’s day is a whole other story!  I encourage you to do your own research and see where you may have come from, and find out about some of these amazing legends. In the meantime, here are a few stories that are disturbing, spooky and send shivers down your spine!

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The Legend of the Girl and the Four Leaf Clover:

Once upon a time, there was a little girl in first grade who was learning about St. Patrick’s Day. While she didn’t really care about the pinching, and thought wearing green didn’t matter when her eyes were that color, she did latch on to something that her teacher said. Her teacher told her that there was no such thing as a four leave clover! Astonished, the little girl decided to prove her teacher wrong and find the magical four leave clover! She went outside and search and searched. In fact, she searched all over the yard, the block, and even behind the school itself. She combed through clover and clover, ignoring her running nose and her dirty fingers. She never picked anything, but carefully counted the leaves on each clover she came across. After a few weeks had passed, the young girl found a four leave clover and  picked it, and brought it to school! She presented it to her teacher in front of the entire class who cheered. The teacher was so happy that she told the girl they were going to press the four leave clover in a book and she would give the book, a story about Irish Legends to her at the end of the semester! Unfortunately, the book was stolen a few weeks later and the clover was lost. While this legend may not be terrifying, it is a true story that is mine! I had to include it, and the fact that the clover I worked so hard to get was lost forever is kind of scary in it’s own right!

The Banshee:

One of my favorite, and most terrifying legends that I have ever heard about is the Banshee.  A Banshee is a woman who is theorized to have roots with the fairies, or the fairy world. She is supposed to appear during two different times. First would be to announce the upcoming death of someone in the household. The second would be to show that the person hearing her shrieking means they are about to participate in an adventure that will end with their death. The legend states that she will appear, and cry, shriek, or yell a horrible and unworldly sound that may cause a fear so deep, the person hearing it will die instantly! Who was this woman and how did she become the Banshee? There are several thoughts about this including a young woman who was kidnapped and murdered, and a cursed older woman who was burned as a witch. It seems the Banshee runs in families and is attached to the families that have the prefix, “O'” or “Mac.” There are also legends that the Banshee is not signally death, but crying out because she knows something terrible is about to happen, yet there is nothing that she can do to stop it from happening. Either way, if you hear and unworldly wail, you better run for your life!

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Fairy Rings:

Fairy Rings are a very real thing in the world! It is a ring of mushrooms, flowers, or even a circle of grass. The legend is anywhere from fun to downright evil. The common thing in each story told about these rings is to leave them alone. They may just be a place for faeries to dance at, and you don’t want to rudely crash their party!  First, it the legends have something to do with nature itself. If you find a fairy ring on your land, then nothing will grow for 7 years. Others view this a sacred ground and if you do anything to harm or destroy a fairy ring, you will pay dearly. There have been cases where airports have been built over a fairy ring, and that results in crashes until they ring was put back and the airport was closed down. There are also legends that anyone who steps in the middle of a fairy ring and they were asked to do so by a fairy, will lose their souls. Or, they will be plagued with their worst memories and deepest fears.



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Slaugh Sidhe:

If you have never heard of the Sluagh Sidhe before, then consider yourself lucky! While people disagree what these beings look like, they all agree that they are swift, and travel in swarms. Said to be the souls of the dead, the Slaugh Sidhe are the departed who were evil in life and are paying it in the hereafter! In fact, they are considered to be so evil that they aren’t welcome in either Heaven or in Hell! Why would a Slaugh end up coming to your home, or the home of one of your loved ones? You may have accidentally called upon them and they are answering you. First, you might be truly evil and you are attracting them to you. Or, more likely, you are a sad, lonely soul who feels empty for a moment and the Slaugh Sidhe are coming to take advantage of your vulnerable state. Scholars wonder if Edgar Allen Poe’s, “The Raven” was based off of this legend.


There are a few legends from Ireland for your reading entertainment! What are some of your favorites? Leave your comments below and let me know which ones might make your blood run cold?

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