Hydrating Collagen Eye Patches

Hello Underdogs, I hope you are taking care of yourself during the holiday season. I am trying something new today called Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads. This is something that I got in my most recent Birch Box, and I have been waiting to try these out. (not a sponsor) If you have never tried Birch Box before, it is a subscription box that you get once a month for $9.99. It has 5 items that are skin care and make-up based for you to try out. They give you a good sample size, and then they give you information on how to purchase the full size product. It’s a stressful time of year, so it’s nice to be able to have a sample of these eye pads to put on and watch some YouTube while I try to relax. Well, at least I attempted to relax, but these eye patches had other plans.

The eye patch comes in a vacuumed sealed pouch. You can see the outline of the eye patches in the package, it is packed so tightly. I have never tired anything from this company before which is called Wilmaschumann European Skin Care.  The directions say to apply the eye patches after cleaning your face. Leave on for around 20 minutes, and then don’t rinse after you are done. This is a one use only, but I kind of added my own liberties to that direction. I cleaned my face, and then opened the package. The directions do say to use the eye patches immediately after you open it, so I tried to work quickly. Apparently, too quickly because I didn’t realize that the inside isn’t sealed, but in a tray that looks like what you get your contact lenses come in. However, it’s not sealed like contacts, so the liquid went everywhere!

The directions also say to look at the photo on the package to see how to apply. They have one eye patch under an eye, and the other around the lips. I thought it was an eye patch, as per what it says on the package, so I just applied them under my eyes. The eye patches are a white gel like I would equate to a jelly soap. It keeps it’s shape, but you can ripe it in half. It is thin, and not super sticky. That might have been a different story if all the liquid hadn’t come out when I tried to open it up. It is easy to apply, and it doesn’t tell you which side to use to apply to your skin. The eye patches are cooling, and there is a very, very hint of a smell of roses.

The eye patches didn’t stay on very well. They kept sliding down my face. I ended up putting on the eye patches, and then put my glasses on over the top to keep them from going down my face. I noticed pressure after a few minutes, and I kept checking to see if I had accidentally gotten some of the stuff in my eye. While I didn’t, it felt like it had, so I moved the eye patch back away from my eye zone. However, I have had these off for about a half hour now and I still feel it. I left these on for 20 minutes, and after removing them, I lightly massaged any left over liquid into my skin. Again, there was a lot of pressure around my eyes, but I could see a difference because my the area under my eyes didn’t seem as puffy.

I then decided to flip the side and try out what the package had said, and put them around my lips. I tore them in half and put them around my lip, and the full second one on my forehead where I have some wrinkles. I didn’t feel anything around my lip and my forehead. I left those on for about 20 minutes, but I honestly didn’t even see any difference at all. It was cooling, however, which is always a huge benefit in my book!

I really didn’t enjoy these eye patches. The reason is because of the pressure. It wasn’t there before I tried out the eye patches, but it was for awhile after I took them off. It was actually to the point where it was uncomfortable and my eyes were watering. The puffiness was a lot less, and I could visually see the difference. However, I don’t think the amount of pressure under the eye is worth it at all. Even though the scent was minimal, it was a bit much because it’s right by your nose. It goes right up your smeller if you want it to or not. I’m glad this was part of a bigger patches because I wouldn’t get these on my own. While the eye patches do what the packages says it should do, I did’t like it. The amount of pressure that went on under my eyes was too much. My skin got very tight, but it was actually bothering me to the point where I wish that I hadn’t put them on in the first place.

I wouldn’t try these again do to the pressure. It was painful, and I didn’t care if it did what the package said that it would do. If you like to not have puffy eyes, then I would recommend trying out these eye patches. However, you may have the same reaction that I did, so you may want to think twice about your purchase. If beauty is pain, then I should look like a rock star today! I would give this a 2 out of 5 stars. It works, but it is too painful to care about the results.


Have you ever tried a product like these eye patches, and actually felt some pain? Leave your comments below.


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