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Hello everyone, and welcome to the New and Improved, “And the Underdog Wins!” For those of you who are brand new, welcome. For those who have followed me around for the past five years, thank you so much for keeping with me as long as I have been working on this love of mine.

I would like to take a few moments to introduce myself and let you know a bit about myself and my blog. My name is Lisa, and I am so excited to be taking this chance to make this blog more “professional,” and still have the same amount of fun. This blog started because my friend, Laurie asked me to start writing down all the conspiracy theories that I love to talk about at work. I have loved conspiracy theories since I was a small child. In fact, it was something I shared with my Dad, and Grandpa. It was actually not only a bonding experience, but a way to teach me how research, ask questions, and look for things that just don’t add up. My love of conspiracy theories also helped fuel my love for mysteries and the written word. I ended up going to college for Literature, and Creative Writing.

Apparently, these degrees are wonderful, but is very hard to find a job in these fields, let alone get any real good job at all. Like many other people, I found myself overqualified for so many jobs, but not being able to get work! I had to work several jobs at once in order to pay the bills. This means I spent years working in retail, banking, and food services. I was so depressed during this time of my life because I couldn’t keep up with the jobs paying so little, and being so frustrated that I couldn’t find better work. It’s not all about money, but working your life away to keep a roof over your head is a real drive, and a very real fear. bn I felt as though I was wasting my life. Laurie suggesting that I blog was the best thing for me. I have never made money off of my blog, but it helped me keep alive something that I loved so much. I had something to work towards.  I felt like an underdog, because I have always worked so hard for so very little. This isn’t unusual, and many people feel this way. I wanted to name my blog, And the Underdog Wins, because I felt so low, but there was always hope that one day the underdog would pull ahead after all of the hard work. The title says it all. There are many low days, but every once in awhile, the underdog wins, and it’s a very good day!

I would like to say that I have become a successful blogger, and that is what I do full-time. While it is something that I am trying to turn from a passion into something that brings income, I am now a full-time caregiver to two people. I take care of someone with various health issues, and someone who is battling cancer. I have been doing this for over 6 years now, and it is incredibly challenging, heartbreaking, and humbling. Now, I am trying to do as much blogging and freelancing that I can in order to stay a float, while I am a caregiver. It is not easy, and I find that I can’t post everything that I want to. I try my best, and I want to do more with the blogging world that I love so much.

A few more things about myself. I also am an independent consultant for Avon and Thirty One. I am a dog Mom to Indy, who is a 11 year old black lab. He is my heart, and I love him so very much. If you read more of my blog posts you will see that I recently adopted a new puppy named Sunshine “Sunny” Amelia Pond. She is part Jack Russel, and part Beagle. I also am an Auntie to a chihuahua named Rose. I am a huge nerd who loves Doctor Who, Sherlock, Marvel, Game of Thrones, and so much more. I’m also a huge fan of Drag Race, movies, and the podcast, “Welcome to Night Vale.”  I also write eBooks, make bath bombs, and all natural dog treats.

I decided to expand my blogging posts to more than just conspiracy theories in order to explore more of the of things that I love! It is time to expand to theme days so we can all grow together. I’m very excited to welcome you to this new blog, and these new theme days. I am thrilled to be able to do this blog. Every single one of you who take a moment out of your day to read this blog make a difference in my life. The Underdog family is small, but we are very mighty! I am sure there will come times where I may need to update or change my content, and that is okay. I am excited to go on this journey with you. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog posts. It makes a world a difference.

This blog is fun, creative, and entertaining. You will find certain topics under the theme days.  Here is the breakdown:


Mystery Mondays: This is a topic of my choice, it can be anything!

Try it Tuesday: This is when I try out a new recipe, food, drink, or even a water slide

Theory Thursday: The tried and true conspiracy theory!

BONUS: Supernatural Sunday: Everything from the spooky side of life!


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Again, welcome to my newest edition of my blog. Thank you for all the wonderful love and support. I can’t wait to see what the future will hold for this site, and all of us!


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