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With all the hype surrounding Haunted Dolls, I thought I would investigate and see why people are so obsessed with them. When most of us picture dolls, we automatically think of smiling children dressing them up for a tea party, or playing with them in their rooms. It is an innocent and happy thought, but many people are very unnerved by dolls and believe that they are haunted. They think that dolls have somehow come alive, and have caused harm in their home and may be causing harm.  I know there are several movies out now that features haunted dolls, but dolls are their own can be very creepy without any sort of backstory or curse. Dolls have been around since humans, although the reason why the practice of making human replicas has been lost in time. They may have been used as a historic marker, an art project, a way to sooth children, for religious practice, or a varied amount of other reasons. Let’s explore the reasons behind why people believe in haunted dolls.

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Doll made from human bone.

Possibly dolls come across as haunted due to what was used to construct them. Dolls have been made with many different materials throughout the years such as mud, clay, wood, flowers, wax, plastic, and of course, human bone. For example, I have a doll that was my Grandma’s that has human teeth, and human hair. It doesn’t bother me in the least because using that materiel wasn’t sinister or evil. Dentist would make money selling teeth to various places, and many dolls had human teeth. Women sold their hair as well, so doll makers would use real human hair. Using human hair, teeth, and bones has been traced back as far as ancient Egypt and most likely has been going on further back than that. Not everyone uses the practice of making dolls out of human parts is due to using what material that was available. There are some rituals out there that require a doll made out of human bone. They may do this as a tribute to a recent loved one, and use their bones to create a doll. Or, in some practices, using bone and blood of a human to make a doll could be used in a curse, ill intent, or dark magic. If you ever come across any of these dolls in a family  home, or in a museum they could come off as haunted due to what was put into them.


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The real Annabel

This leads to the question of why people are so afraid of dolls and think they are haunted? Can a doll actually hold a curse or a human soul? Why does it feel as though some dolls are alive and looking right at you. Maybe they appear as though they are moving, blinking, or speaking, when none of those things are logically possible. Many of these things can easily explained away due to your own fear, a trick of the light, or your hearing was off. However, that doesn’t take away the feeling of knowing something else is around you. I am talking about that feeling that you can’t explain away. It’s like you are being watched when no one else is around. You know with everything in you that there is someone, or something in the room with you even though you can’t see it. Could it be coming from a doll? Could it actually be saying your name, or moving slightly in the dark? I believe that it is entirely possible.

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I have a belief that some works of art carry with them a part of the person who created them. You have heard over and over again, how many artists put their blood, sweat, and tears into a project. Some are so very personal, that it is like a child to them. For example, Da Vinci carried around the Mona Lisa with him everywhere he went. It was so precious to him that he needed it with him at all times. It was part of him, and I believe when he left this world, he left part of himself with he Mona Lisa. I also think that some of these artifacts that you see throughout the world have “recorded” what they have witnessed. The fact that some of these works are even existing today is amazing. But looking at the history of some of these pieces, then seeing the work of art can make you feel more than just awe. It can be off putting or even scary. What if they have recorded part of what happened and now it is part of the art, just as much as the name of the artist? There is a lot of debate about this, but there seems to be proof that granite and marble can record sound. Many statues, and even small dolls have been made out of this material, so what if they are just recording their past, and we are feeling or hearing it? This would truly make a person feel afraid, so what if this fear is just a natural occurrence?

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However, that will only explain a small portion of dolls since only a percentage is made out of stone. What about the rest of these dolls that seem to be evil? There is another logical reason as to why people may believe in haunted dolls. There is an actual fear of dolls called pediophobia. This fear is actually very common and you will hear many people saying how afraid they are of some dolls. This phobia does state that this is a fear of humanoid figures, so that means that the person may not be afraid of all dolls, but only dolls that look a certain way.  However, this is a very real problem and fear for some people. It is so serious that they need treatment for their fear. The depth of fear ranges from person to person, and should be considered very real, and taken seriously. While some people have a touch of this fear, others have a very hard time living with it. Since this is a common occurrence, this could be a reason why people believe in haunted dolls. In fact, people who make these movies and these stories could just be taking advantage of a very common fear.

While there are many reasons as to why a person is fearful of dolls, it doesn’t prove that there are haunted dolls. It doesn’t disproved it either. There are too many haunted doll stories out there to not take notice. However, people are also trying to make a buck, and are taking advantage of a collective fear. The amount of haunted dolls being sold on Ebay is crazy! There are thousands of them, but there is no way that all of these people have an actual haunted doll. The history of dolls is very creepy and even dark. They can be very innocent, but they can also be very scary! I believe that it is possible for a doll to be haunted but I also think that there is many logical reasons behind the fear. I will be looking into some haunted doll stories later, but I wanted to see the why behind the fear to try to understand what is going on. I am going to leave you with this parting thought from Ken Hoyt who works at Pollack Toy Museum. “Dolls can be made out of anything, and they can be made into anything.”


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