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Haunted Auctions

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Underdogs, I know that I have done a similar post in the past about haunted auctions on Ebay.  However, it was all about dolls. There are so many listings that are considered haunted actions on Ebay, it deserves another blog post. It may deserve a few posts! As of right now, if you search the word “haunted” on Ebay, you will see over 100,000 auctions listed. Of course, this is a general haunted auction search. I didn’t include any keywords like dolls or cursed items. It is really crazy to me that there are so many listings, and just as many people wanting to purchase these items! There is a policy with Ebay that you can’t technically sell items that are haunted, even though the word is in the description. You can’t prove things one way or the other, so that is a no go for Ebay. However, like the mystery box craze, this hasn’t stopped anyone from finding creative ways around this issue. For instance, a key that was found and considered haunted is being sold as an antique key. While I try not to make light of situations, because I do believe in a lot of things, I have to still question the authenticity of any of these claims. I really don’t want to offend anyone, but you must ask logical questions when you are purchasing anything, including haunted auctions.  Take a look at these haunted auctions that are currently being sold on Ebay!

1. Haunted Spirit Key: Haunted Spirit Key

This haunted auction item listed on Ebay claims that it came from a time capsule in North Carolina. Since it’s listed as an antique key that happens to be haunted, it is fine to sell. The story goes that the time of this burial may be around the 1940’s since newspaper clipping was found from that time. However, no one is sure of this information. Some of the claims for this key is items that fell on the person who dug the key up, and some bad feelings. The seller believes that this key is haunted by a dark entity, or a soul of a woman who was sad about the loss of her life. Sadly, there isn’t a lot of information from the seller due to claims of Ebay policies. So, we have one claim of an incident that may or may not have anything to do with this key.




2.Spirit Shipped to You! Spirit Shipped to You!

This is a haunted auction unlike I have ever seen before. You actually are not bidding on a doll, or even an actual item, but a promise of a spirit named Hayden. Basically, the person who is “selling” Hayden is going to send him to your house with the help of a friend. The spirit will be shipped via atrial plane. Hayden seems to be a very nice spirit who is kind, and brings protection and luck. He also can communicate through cards and other means. Although he is kind, he doesn’t want to be stressed out by people trying to haunt him, but communicate with him in a kind manner. How will you know if you have gotten Hayden? Well, great question because 24 hours after purchasing, you will receive some good feelings at some point in the day. You may also see some things out of the corner of your eyes or orbs, which is Hayden. While this listing is ridiculous, I have a major problem selling a spirit. Ghosts were people too, so isn’t this essential selling a person, and what gives this random person the right?


3.Haunted Family Picture Book: Haunted Family Picture Book

Getting right to the point, the seller says they will not accept any returns on this item at all. They have had it returned to them two times already, and they will not take them again. Claiming that this book was found at Waverly Hills, before it was made into a tourist trap, the seller wants this book gone! For some reason, they decided to take it and not donate it to the museum even though they are having trouble with this item. However, there is no description as to why this book is a haunted auction outside of strange things happening since they had this picture book. Of course my questions are, what are the strange things that are going on, and how can you prove this item is from one of the most known haunted places in America?



4. Old Haunted Scrap Book: Haunted Scrap Book: Main Street

For the price of $4000.00 American dollars, you can own this haunted scrap book. The book itself was apparently found at the seller’s home on Main Street. While this seller does have some great stories about some paranormal activities that their son experienced, it is not clear to me what the scrap book has to do with anything. Meaning, while the stories are great, I don’t really see the connection between the activities and this book. It seems like it’s a collection of things that may be haunted from this one family. This is the first seller that I have seen that will take returns. The seller also says they will add more stories when they think of them. Even if you don’t have the money to purchase this, it may be good to keep an eye on it to read what the seller has to add!


5.Haunted Silverware: Haunted Silverware

Did you wake up this morning and ask why you don’t have a set of silverware that may not only be haunted, but also might have been involved in some sort of mafia murder? If you did, then you are in luck because this is the listing of for you! Please do yourself a favor, and follow the link above and read this description. They are also asking if you have any information about a murder that was unsolved between the years of 1903 and 1911, then email. By the way, it took place 41st or 42nd street in New York City. The thing is, there could be evidence of a crime on these items! Then again, it may be rust, and for some extra money, you can get it cleaned. The seller also wants to include some sage in the package so the poor postman may not have anything happen to them due to this sell. How very thoughtful. I have no idea what this is haunted for, besides the fact that it says some things move. However, the story is excellent. I want to know where this story goes, and what, if any unsolved mystery is attached to this whole listing!


Those were just 5 of the the thousands of haunted auction items on Ebay. Most of them are dolls so it was a bit difficult to find objects that were different. While these had some interesting stories, who knows what the real claims are, or if anything is actually real at all. Ebay is a place to bid at your own risk, and it looks like you are taking a much bigger one with these items. Have you bought any items that you later found to be haunted? Leave your comments below.



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