Has Melania been replaced?

Hello Underdogs, I hope that you are doing well today! Since it’s Halloween time, I am trying to do things that are kind of spooky and crazy. I heard a conspiracy theory that actually surprised me and I had to dig in it to see what it was all about. Apparently, people are thinking that the First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump, has been replaced by a body double! While this can be laughed off, people also said the same thing about Hilary Clinton for several of her appearances during her campaign trail. What is going on here? Are these women in politics actually being hidden away while an actor portrays them in public, is it just confusion, or is there something very strange going on?

Who’s that lady?

The whole Melania replacement theory started on Friday the 13th, after Donald Trump gave a bazaar interview. More so that usual.  As Trump was addressing the press about helping out victims of all the natural disasters that have been happening the last several months. He said during this interview something about his wife. After skipping small beat, he continued with, my wife, who happens to be right here. Did you not realize that was your wife standing right next to you? Melania Trump was literally standing next to him. It was a very odd statement, almost as though he was trying to convince everyone that the female standing next to him, was in fact, his wife. Then, we all took a good look at the woman standing next to Donald Trump and the conspiracy theories took off! Was that actually Melania Trump behind those dark sunglasses, and double chins? That woman is an impostor! Or, Melania is having a pretty off day and doesn’t even look like herself.

You might ask yourself, why would the First Lady be replaced? There are several very reasonable theories as to why a body double would be hired to take her place. First, there is a safety concern. If there was some sort of threat or reason that Melania would need to be hidden away, but still appear in public to seem as though everything was normal, a body double would make sense. Another reason is that Melania may have been ill, and couldn’t attend. Rather than appearing weak, a body double was hired to stand in for her and not speak. Another reasonable explanation is that Melania is a parent. What if her child wanted his Mother, and she wasn’t going to give up time with her son, she they hired a body double for brief appearances.

She speaks!

Why would be other reasons that Melania might have a double? For one thing, she is fed up and isn’t willing to make public appearances anyone. In order to keep things looking on the up and up, Melania agreed to lay low and have a body double so she wouldn’t show the public her contempt. This could be pretty reasonable.  Melania and Donald may have also actually split up. At one point, there was a story written that Melania wouldn’t be living in the White House, but that caused a lot of uproar! It was because the amount of money that would need to be spent to protect them, and the President in not only separate homes, but states away is way too much for the taxpayer’s liking! Maybe, she really is living in New York with her son and a body double is to mislead the public and keep them from being angry that they are spending so much money on security. I also heard that she has fled to Russia for some reason. I’m not 100% sure why, and I couldn’t find a train of thought to follow this too far, but I thought that I would mention it since it was a theory.

We don’t hear Melania speak very often, so it could stand to reason that she could be interchanged with a body double rather easily. Her body language between her and her husband has never been anything that could be considered to be comfortable, so again, it would reason that a stand-in would easily be used. I feel awful saying this, but it is an observation.  The woman in the strange sunglasses photo looks tired, worn, and old. Maybe this is Melania and she didn’t put on the best make up because she wasn’t expecting to be making a public appearance. Melania is a former model, and she most likely has done some cosmetic enhancements to her face. At a certain point, nature wins out and the age of a person comes through. Maybe, this is Melania and she is sick!

No matter what, people from all walks of life have used the practice of using body doubles for a various amount of reasons. Actors, singers, and even people on YouTube have used body doubles. Why wouldn’t political leaders also take advantage of this well known art? It can be a matter of safety, or it can be a matter of not wanting to make public appearances. There is nothing easy about the relationship between Melania and Donald Trump. Maybe they were having an off day, but they don’t have the advantage of living their life in private. Keeping up appearances in this world is more important that keeping up with the truth.

What do you think? Is there a body double for the first lady, or are we all just crazy?