Halloween Playlist

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As I write this blog about a Halloween playlist, keep in mind that it is September! It is not Christmas, yet I am hearing Christmas music as I walk through stores. There has already been decorations out for weeks,  and I find myself getting more and more annoyed about this each year. Halloween should not be glossed over. In fact, it is my favorite holiday, and it doesn’t even get to have it’s own holiday anymore. Instead, it’s just a placeholder for Christmas. It’s time to take back the all the holidays and stop letting Christmas be celebrated for six months out of the year in the orgies of corporate greed. Halloween  is fun, and I am not ready to hear Christmas music until it’s a lot closer to the actual date of December 25th, not anytime in September! To help you get into the Halloween mood, here is a Halloween playlist of songs for you enjoy!

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“The Monster Mash!” This is one of those oldie, but goodie songs that you hear your parents and maybe even grandparent’s talk about. It is a fun song from 1962, which has had a lot of versions. It’s super fun adventure of a mad scientist finding his monsters doing a dance. It has been in many movies, and TV shows, so many people are very familiar with this fun tune!  Monster Mash Cartoon



“Voodoo” by Godsmack. Oh my, if you don’t enjoy this song and it stirs something in you, then you aren’t human! The drums, the voice, it takes you to another world! This song came out in 1997, but has been used in countless films and shows. It can bring fear, and stir up some spirits! It’s an excellent song! If you can, find the long version that has the drum solo at the end.



“Living Dead Girl” by Rob Zombie. One of my favorite Rob Zombie songs, you can see why he has such a amazing taste for all things horror. If you have never seen the music video, it is a great throw back to silent movies and circus side shows. Take a look at it here: Living Dead Girl on YouTube


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“Dracula” By Rob Zombie. Another classic song from the 1990’s that makes you feel like it’s time for Halloween! Or makes you feel like you are ready to go jump into a mosh pit. “Dig through the ditches and burn through the witches,” is still one of the most repeated lyrics heard today. This video is like a trip down B movie hell. Dracula by Rob Zombie


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“Ghostbuster’s Theme” by Ray Parker Jr. I know this might be corny to some people, but seriously, who ya gonna call? If you grew up in the 1980’s or 1990’s, this song has been a staple in your life. When you get frustrated or worried that you have ghosts in your house, don’t you just wish that you could pick up the phone and call the Ghostbusters? I wish that I could! Because there is something strange, in the neighborhood!


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“Time Warp” Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack: What a classic song, with it’s own dance that almost anyone can do. It’s just a jump to the left, and a step to the right! I highly recommend using this song at any party and add to your Halloween Playlist because everyone in the room will join in! It’s fun, simple, and brings a lot of joy every single time!



“Sweet Transvestite” Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack: There is no other song that defines this movie, or even a whole bunch of people than the moment we meet Dr. Frankenfurter. This is the first time many people have seen a person on screen mess around with gender roles. It’s a powerful moment for many people, and a heck of a great song! Oh Rocky!


“The Addams Family” TV Theme Song. Get your hands ready to snap some fingers, because here comes the most well known theme song ever! The Addams Family is a TV show from the 1960’s and movies from the 1990’s about a rather strange, but loving family. They are anything but normal, but this is such a fun show and a very fun song! I would check out the TV show if you have never seen it before. Try it via Amazon Prime with your 30 day free trial here.




What about you? What are your favorite Halloween Songs? Give some Halloween Playlist examples in the comment section!

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