Halloween Essentials

Happy October, Underdogs! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Halloween! I am here to help you find some of the Halloween Essentials to get you through this very spooky season! You don’t have to dress up to have a blast, but it always helps. I want to also take a moment to say for everyone to makes sure if they go out, remain safe. Go in a group and bring flashlights. Take a good look at any yummy food that you have gotten and inspect it closely. It’s a sad thing that we must look at goodies so closely, but it’s important to remain safe! Also, I know there are several places that won’t allow a person older than 14 to go trick or treating. My thought on this is, why? They are out, they are getting free candy, and not harming anyone. Maybe we need to let kids be kids. Some of these kids are older siblings taking their younger siblings out. Why not let them join in on the fun? Let’s take a look some items that you may want to get through the Halloween season! These Halloween Essentials are my picks, but you may have your own! Let’s take a look.


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 David S. Pumpkin:

Once in awhile, something so wonderful comes along that it defines a generation. This is not one of those, but it has become a Halloween Essential. For some reason, this adorable and strange character portrayed  by Tom Hanks took off. This was a skit from Saturday Night Live a few years ago. Eventually, it got it’s own cartoon. It’s a strange skit, but it has a life of it’s own now. How about enjoying a T-shirt and you too can be David S. Pumpkin. Any Questions?





Flashlight Necklace:

It’s an excellent idea to add flashlights to your Halloween Essentials list. I think ones that you can wear around your neck make it much better. Place your batteries in these flashlights, and safely put it around your neck, and the neck of people and children in your group. Of course you want to pay attention to the ages and don’t put this around a young child! Use common sense! This is a great way to have light your entire night.




Trick or Treat Bags:

You need something to put all of that candy in after you go trick or treating! There is nothing more important on your Halloween Essentials list than a bag! These are super cute, and reusable bags to use when gathering candy. You can also use it for transporting your Halloween items to your parties, and maybe even use them as something to give out instead of candy.




What is the one thing you need besides Tricks for Halloween? Why, you need Treats! Here is a huge bag of candy which is truly of a Halloween Essential. Not much to say here except….CANDY!!!!






Halloween Toys:

You should remember that not all kiddos can have candy. One of your Halloween Essentials should be something for everyone to enjoy. Please consider adding some fun toys to your bowl!







Don’t forget to have something fun to use to put both of your candy, and your toys in! You can use about any fun theme you want, but these spider web bowls are super fun!






These are also something that you can have a lot of fun with! I adore these purple bat lights! They are so much fun!







Whatever drink you choose, always choose to be responsible first and foremost! Don’t forget that you can use some pretty cool decorations on your bottles, and then keep them for the next your. Or, keep them up all year around if you are like me and love Halloween! These are cool and vintage looking!





If you are going to have a party, add these to your Halloween Essentials list! Everyone can get an email, or a Facebook invite. Why not use the mail and give something fun for people to see besides bills. It’s nice to have a real life invite!






I will make a list of Halloween movies later. However, this is Halloween Essentials and this movie is part of my personal list every year! I know it’s cheesy. I don’t care, I love Halloween Town so much! It makes me happy! There isn’t anything better than enjoying a fun movie and just enjoy yourself!






That was a list of Halloween Essentials. What is on your list? Leave your comments below.