For The Throne

Who will win the Iron Throne? Game of Thrones starts in 2 weeks, and the tagline from HBO is, “For the Throne.” From day one, many people are fighting and killing for the right to sit on the most uncomfortable throne ever seen. Why are so many people willing to destroy lands and families over this throne? It mirrors real life, and we have to see that it is a lesson. No one truly wins the throne. Who will sit upon the Iron Throne, even though so much as been lost? Let’s take a look at a few options.

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Dany has been working towards taking the Iron Throne since she was a young teenager. To her, this is her birthright since her family created the Throne and united the Seven Kingdoms. She grew up with her brother’s obsession with the Throne. Dany was trained to have these thoughts and feelings. However, she has proven herself to be a great leader. She could have stayed in many other places and ruled there for the rest of her days. Her own obsession with the Throne consumed her and she is continuing to fight for it even with the battle of the dead is going on around her. So, will Dany win the Throne? I don’t think she will. Dany wanted to break the wheel, and in order to do that, all men must die, even women. While she would be a great leader and ruler, her death will help stop the cycle of people killing for the throne.


Jon is the rightful heir for the Iron Throne. Unlike Dany, who is just a sister, Jon would be next in line. Jon grew up in an interesting situation. Even though he was high born, he was a bastard. Jon was an outsider in his own home. This would be a theme throughout his life. Even though he gained the title of Lord Commander, of the Night’s Watch, he was an outsider and even killed for his leadership skills. While Jon is good and fair, he forgets years of tradition and people willing to kill for their beliefs. They don’t bend to wills even if it is the best thing for the world. Jon can’t rule the Seven Kingdoms because he tries to unite,but he doesn’t see the whole picture. He is also on a hero’s arch, and most likely, he will die to finish this story.


Sansa has had such a hard life. Growing up in wealth and a lavish style, Sansa had no idea what the real world was like. She had her head filled with stories and songs, but soon enough saw the violence and hatred that were left out. Sansa was used as a tool in many situations. One day, she was able to learn to stand on her own. This was only after she suffered greatly and now understood the depths of the people she knew nothing about growing up. Sansa started to learn and understood the people. She started to protect the armies as well as the people who were hungry. If Sansa makes it, I think she would be the best person to sit on the Throne. She learned from the best, and the worst. I believe she will take that knowledge and use it for the greater good.


Tyrion has the best and worst of all those mentioned above. Like Jon and Sansa, he is high born. Like Jon, he never fit in anywhere. Tyrion, instead, sat back and learned. He knew the plight of the poor, and the hungry. He knew how to control armies and unruly leaders. He is the person best prepared to sit on the Iron Throne. He actually has a heart, but his family is his weakness. I fear he won’t get very far because of his sister, Cersi’s need to use him and hurt him. She has used him in the past, and he has fallen for it. He has also gone behind her back when he knew it could bring his death. While I think Tyrion would be a great leader, he is weak when it comes to the family that never loved him. He is still trying to prove to them his worth, when he has done so well without any of them around. If he can outlast his need for approval, then I believe he would be the proper person to sit on the Throne.

The Night King:

What does anyone know about the Night King? We have so little information about him that anything is possible. Could he be coming to get the Throne? Who knows, but if he wants it, no one is going to be able to stop him. We know a version of what happened to him which we saw through Bran. I say a version, because can we trust the narrator? The Night King was tied to a tree and had dragon glass shoved in his heart. The purpose was to make a killing machine against humans. That is what he does, but is that what he will continue to do? Without question, The Night King can do what he wants, and take what he wants. But the Throne may not even be a goal.

After going over a few possible people who will sit on the Throne, I see that I am no more convinced that any one of these are the front runner. They all could get the Throne. They could all rule, but will there even be a Throne at the end of this mess? I don’t think there will be outside of a memory. I think it will be destroyed and the political life will change. It will no longer be one ruler, but several. Each of these people could have a claim to ruling a portion of the land. Anything can happen, so what if none of the people who we think could take it, weren’t able? What if it was someone we saw from a distance but never knew?

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