Five Movies That Wouldn’t Make it Today

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Have you ever watched a movie from your childhood and realized that there is no way in the world that it would work in today’s world? These movies that I am talking about are not the ones from the 1940’s, or the 1950’s. These movies would be from a time not that too far in the past. I am talking about the 1980’s to even the early 2000’s. While we may enjoy these movies, the same story would not work at all in today’s world. Here is a list of the 5 movies that would be vastly different if they were written today. Most likely, they wouldn’t be a very long movie at all!

1.Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle:

This movie came out in 2004. It follows college friends, Harold and Kumar on their adventures to get to White Castle while they are drunk and stoned. They go on an adventure and silliness happens. However, there is no way this movie would take place today due to all the options of deliver. This would be the entire movie.

Harold: I’m hungry, let’s go to White Castle.

Kumar: That’s a great idea, but we are drunk and stoned.

Harold: Let’s use Uber Eats or Door Dash. That way we aren’t leaving the house!

Kumar: Great, I will use the app on my phone.

Roll Credits!

2. E.T.

This beautiful classic movie came out in 1982, It follows an alien who is hiding out with a boy and his family while trying to escape the government. Today this movie would be very different.

Aliens land, everyone takes pictures on their smart phones. They are quickly uploaded to YouTube and the government quickly silences it as a joke. There is no family interaction, nor fear of keeping the alien safe since everyone, everyone is being filmed at all times. The alien would never have a chance to make it to a family, and there wouldn’t be any sort of amazing bike ride, or any phoning home.

3. The Breakfast Club:

This John Hughes Classic from 1985 follows students from very different backgrounds who bond during their detention on a Saturday at school. Today it would never happen.

Students get Saturday school for various deeds done wrong. Some parents threaten to sue the school over harsh treatment and going to school on a Saturday. The students who actually make it to Saturday school never speak because they are on their phones the whole time. Several take this as an opportunity to post Instagram posts about how unfair this whole thing is and how detention is stupid!

4. Overboard:

While there is a remake to this 1987 movie in the works now,  the original story in today’s world would never work today.

A very rich woman falls overboard and forgets who she is. Even though she doesn’t have a wallet or any ID on her there is a plan. The doctors and nurses take her photo and release it to the media. Moments later, she is identified and is able to go back to her family and life after getting the care she needs. She never lives with another family who claims her after she was terrible to them.

5. Edward Scissor Hands:

This fantasy film came out in 1990. While a lovely movie, it would never be made today.

A young man who lived in a strange man’s home is discovered by a retailer. He is abandoned and looks very dangerous. Her survival instincts kick in, and she runs away after dialing 911. The young man is taken into custody and is treated for his hands, and his physiological issues. This takes years and lots of trial and error. Eventually, he becomes part of society while never interacting with the family of the realtor who found him.




While these movies are loved, they just wouldn’t be made in the same way today. Something has been lost in our advance world. We have more ways to keep in touch, but so many more ways to limit imagination. It’s important to be entertained, but it’s also important to have heart. It’s fun to enjoy what was, and hope we still have great stories to look forward to!


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