Favorite Halloween Movies

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Halloween is my favorite time of year! I love everything spooky and scary. I have been doing a cursed movie series recently, but I want to focus on a list of movies that I have to watch every single October! These are staples and it doesn’t feel like Halloween unless I see these movies! Some of these movies are scary, some are funny, and some are kind of plain campy, but I don’t care! It’s important to have fun and sometimes that comes in the form of being scared, laughing, or taking comfort in characters that you have seen over and over again. This isn’t in any order of preference since I don’t watch them in any sort of order, but here are my favorite Halloween movies!

1. Teen Witch:

Seriously, how much do I love this movie? I have always wanted to be just like Louise, and find out one day that I am a witch, and I can make myself the most popular girl! First, this is a movie from the 1980’s that is so eighties that it’s adorable! Louise is an awkward young girl who is having a hard time in high school. She is very smart, but wants to have a day where people don’t laugh at her. She also has a crush on the hottest guy in school, Brad, but he won’t look her way unless it’s for help with homework. After a small accident, Louise finds the house of a psychic who is actually a real witch and was her friend in a past life. Together, they go on adventure of testing out their powers and working on becoming more popular and well-liked. They find that getting all you want may not be what you need, and Louise walks away. You should seriously check out this movie if you have never seen it before. It actually has a stage musical, and the soundtrack is awesome!

2. Halloween Town:


This is a favorite among so many people, and it is a very family friendly movie starring none other than the late, great Debbie Reynolds. The story starts off on Halloween, and we learn that this family with 3 children are not allowed to do anything on Halloween for some unknown reason. The oldest child, Marnie, is very upset because she identifies with all things Halloween. That night, their Grandma appears and has dinner with them, and you find out that Marnie is a real witch and she will get her powers this year. Her Mom tells her Grandma that she wants her child to live a normal life and she leaves to go back home. Little does Grandma know, but all 3 kids tag along and they are transfered to Halloween Town, a town where everything Halloween is real! There is a bad guy trying to disrupt the town, and with the help of the 3 children, and their Mom, they are able to save Halloween town! This is seriously one of my favorite Halloween movies because anyone can watch it! There are several sequels that you should also watch!


3. Practical Magic:

This is one of my favorite movies to watch with my best friends! Sally and Jillian are sisters who are witches, but grew up with a curse. If any female member of their family falls in love, the man will surly die. Sally falls in love and her husband dies after she has two children with him. They move into the spunky Aunt’s house and they try to teach their nieces the craft because Sally has turned her back on everything in her mourning. Jillian gets herself into trouble with an abusive boyfriend, and Sally goes to rescue her sister. He kidnaps them, and in an act of protecting her sister, Sally accidentally kills the man. The rest of the story revolves around Sally and Jillian making some huge mistakes, but finding their way back to the craft, and back to themselves. This is a great sisterly movie that you totally need to watch with your friends!


4. Ghostbusters:

“If there is something strange, in the neighbor hood, who ya gonna call.” If you didn’t shout out Ghostbusters, then we can’t be friends! This classic from the 1980’s centers around 4 men who kind of stumble upon a job where they are busting ghosts, and making the city a safer place! While they are trying to help out New York, they are accidentally breaking several laws that lands them in some hot water. The big problem is, that there is a huge increase in spirit activities and they seem like they are the only ones who can help save everyone! With the greatest cast on Earth, they defy the legal aspects and go after the big Stay Puff Marshmallow man. Again, this isn’t just one of my favorite Halloween movies, but one of my all time favorite movies! You should check out the other 2 movies, and the animated series as well! All are excellent movies, but this first one is hands down the best!

5. The Shining:

I have such a love/hate relationship with this movie, but I can’t deny that it’s one of my favorite Halloween movies! This movie from the 1980’s centers around Jack, Wendy, and their only child, Danny who become caretakers at The Outlook Hotel during the long winter. The twist? They are not only by themselves and isolated for months on end, but they also have a haunted hotel, and a physic child who the hotel uses as a vessel. The psychological damage due to just being alone and not being able to really leave a building for months on end is hard enough. But there is also ghosts and Jack is a ticking time bomb, doomed to repeat his own violence, and the violence from the hotel. While this is a great movie, there are times it really annoys me because the book is so vastly different. However, it is a classic film so I can push it aside and enjoy the movie for what it is.


Those are a few of my favorite Halloween movies that I must watch every single year! They are all pretty different, but each one puts a smile on my face. What are some of your favorite Halloween movies? Leave your comments below.