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Wonder Woman’s movie came out about a week ago and I was finally able to see it in the theater. I have been very weary about this movie because female characters, especially in the super hero roles, have had a history of becoming a joke. If they are used at all during a movie, they are in the background and their stories are left out or glossed over. I was also worried because the last several DC Movies have been questionable at best, so I was concerned about how they were going to treat Wonder Woman. My fears and concerns were wrong.

Wonder Woman was never uttered during this film because it was the story of Diana and the Amazonian women. Diana’s life at home with her Mother and her people were not glossed over but was given a real relationship. The film is rich with Greek mythology just like the comics. After American spy, Steve Trevor, accidentally finds his way onto their island, he brings war with him.  Diana decides to leave her home and go on to a mission to help the world at large. I won’t give away too many other details because I want you to be able to enjoy this movie if you go see. (Which you should)

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What I loved about this movie is this was what Wonder Woman was always supposed to be like! When she was created in the 1940’s, the world was at war and all able bodied men were enlisting. That meant that things like comics were being run by women. In her origins, and all through The Golden Age of Comics, Wonder Woman was a strong fighter. She fought Nazis, had her own crew, and did her best to help right the justices of the world. Wonder Woman looked and acted like a strong warrior!  When men came back from war, women went back into the home and Wonder Woman morphed into something very different.

This was called The Silver Age of Comics and Diana became more of a pretty thing than a fighting victory bad ass hero. This is when the phrase, “beautiful as Aphrodite” started.Image result for wonder woman silver age If you look at Wonder Woman, she went from a woman with very strong features to a thinner, softer, sexier female. She seemed to lose height and weight as well. The focus of her being a bringer of justice became a background story to her love life and to the shackles of being a female stereotype. While Wonder Woman did have some amazing adventures, she was not the same as she used to be. Generations of girls grew up reading her adventures with her strength in the background, and her beauty in the foreground. Some have said that beauty is a side effect of needing to be taken seriously. It’s sadly true, people tend to hear you more when there is beauty associated with you.

I do want to point out that Wonder Woman, while becoming more of a beauty, did still have some amazing adventures. She fought crime without her powers. Diana became an army nurse. Even though she is wants peace, she also can fight for justice which has been a point of contingency within her. The closer we got to Modern Day comics, the more we hear how Diana is also very emotional. This is another thing that is both seen as power, strength, and equated with weakness at the same time. Wonder Woman portrays the best of a bad ass female hero and suffers from the stereotypical female mannerisms at the same time. At the end of the day, we females see the hero in her and strive to be the strong, amazing warrior and not let the stereotype of what people think that we should be.

Every young girl needs to see this movie! We need this Wonder Woman so badly. This movie is not like a traditional super hero movie with over the top battles, super humans, and aliens. This is a striped down version of a very good story and in the center is a strong female who was fearless, a fighter, and strong mentally and physically.  This is the first step in showing the world that female superheros should not be ignored and their stories and just as important as anyone else. There will be a generation of girls that will grow up never knowing what it was like to only hope to see their hero on the screen. Yes, there was a campy TV show, and Wonder Woman has been alive in comics and films for years. This is the first time we have ever seen the real heart of Diana, and the real Wonder Woman. This is the Golden Age Wonder Woman that was ran and written by females. This is what she should have been all along. It has taken some time to get here, but we are so happy that this day has finally come!

On a side note, I saw this meme going around on the internet and it brought tears to my eyes.

I am so excited to see our PrincesImage may contain: 4 people, people smilings become Generals. The world is trying so hard to say, there is nothing wrong with being a Princess, but you can be so much more! Don’t stop at a Princess, be a bad ass! Be a Hero! Be an amazing Girl!! From Rey to General Leah, to Diana, the world is ready for you ladies!! The world has been begging for this for a long time and we have finally been heard! Girls, you can be anything! I literally teared up watching this movie because this is my childhood hopes, and my adult drive to finally be able to see these strong and amazing women on screen. I really hope that they will continue down the Wonder Woman path and make another stand alone film after Justice League. Congratulations, DC, you have not only given us an amazing Wonder Woman film, but you have also given us….HOPE!

Thank you for opening the door for all the female characters waiting to come out of the dark, and into the staring role!!!

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