Fan Friday: Spiderman Homecoming

Hello Underdogs,

I know that I am a bit late when it comes to Spiderman, but I just saw it recently. If you haven’t watched the movie, then be mindful of spoilers. When I found out that they were making yet another incarnation of Spiderman, I was not happy about it. In fact, I thought it was nuts. This would be the third reboot in less than 10 years, and they were back to concentrating on young Peter Parker. This is slightly annoying because Peter Parker’s life is full and goes beyond a kid in high school. However, you hardly ever see him older than a high school student. I didn’t ever watch the version with Andrew Garfield because it all seemed too much. I was going to watch Civil War no matter what or who was in that movie, so I was going to see this Spiderman if I wanted to or not!

I was very surprised to find that this Spiderman was pretty awesome! They made him a very likable kid, who lived and breathed New York. He not only held his own during the fight, but he was a total fan boy. It was a nice contrast to the very serious situation going on to see a very innocent comic relief coming from Spiderman. Spiderman, Homecoming followed the events of Civil War. It is very refreshing that we didn’t have to go all the way back to when Peter Parker got bite and became Spiderman. We don’t have to see Uncle Ben die, and he is already living with Aunt May who is in her later grieving stages.  At the point of this movie, he is already an established superhero who is working on bettering himself. However, he is still a kid and has to go to school. He has a “man at the desk,” Ned, who knows his secret and helps Peter with whatever he needs. Peter also has a crush on a girl named Liz, and has a strange friend named Zendaya, better known as M.J.

The movie starts with Peter having trouble adjusting from the life of a superhero back to a normal high school student. Tony Stark has become a father figure to Peter, and even hired Happy to watch after him. Happy is the go between Peter and Tony because Peter wants to be out there making a difference. Tony wants him to get his education, keep safe, and not get into any trouble. This is very hard to do when there is a large Vulture robbing and hurting innocent people. Peter takes it upon himself to take down all the bad guys even though he is way out of his own league. His has a lot to learn, but like every good superhero story, the kid is stubborn and wants to do things the hard way. He has to realize that he needs to be more than a boy in a suit, and start being a full functioning young man.

This movie is very funny and we get to see some cameos from our favorite Marvel friends throughout the entire movie. It is very interesting to see how Tony Stark is taking such an interest in Peter. As an audience, we all really need to see this. Tony is suffering from major PTSD, and we all want to see him have something good to concentrate on. This kid seems to be the perfect solution, although Tony still struggles with his ego. Peter, in the course of the film, helps foil a robbery, stops a major weapons deal, beats up some pretty big bad guys, and tries to take Liz to homecoming, but ends up running away for a very good reason. We also get to see Micheal Keaton as the Vulture, and he does an amazing job! He gives a real spin chilling performance, and reminds us all why he is still a bad ass!  I love how the movie goes back and forth from high school drama, to real danger. We can see why Peter is suffering, because he wants to be this person, but can’t seem to find a balance. It is a perfect storm of hormones and superhero building!

I don’t really want to spoil the whole movie for everyone, but I really did enjoy movie. I think if you are a fan of Spiderman or Marvel, you should check out this movie! It is a lot of of fun and I really enjoyed it. It is a very fun loving Spiderman with lots of great nuggets of wisdom and peppered with special guests. I am really looking forward to see what happens in Infinity War and the next Spiderman movie! I can say that I was wrong about this reboot of Spiderman. Tom Holland is a wonderful actor and he really is believable as both Peter Parker and Spiderman. I am very exciting to see what is going to happen next. I hope that we can stay with this version for a long time.


What do you think? Who is your favorite Spiderman? Do you think Tom Holland is a good Spiderman? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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