Famous Satanist

Underdogs, the subject of Satanist can bring up a lot of fear and a lot of darkness. While I have no  important opinion on this subject, I want to say that this blog post is not an attack, or an approval of this life. Your life is to do with whatever you choose to do with it, as long as you are not hurting anyone, or doing anything illegal. I think educating yourself about different world views, including different religions is actually a very good thing. Research is not a bad thing, and it may just open our eyes to something new, and teach us something that we didn’t know before. If you are not comfortable with this subject, then I will see you on my next blog. That is fine because I know there are many who believe that research can lead to inviting things around you. I understand, but I wanted to touch on this subject, and give a “light-hearted “list of some famous people who are Satanists.


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Let’s take a small look into seeing and understanding what a Satanist is, and what they believe. According to the website www.gotquestions.com, Satanism has many sects just like any other religion. There may or may not be any worship of an entity or a being known as Satan. Some don’t believe that he is real, while others do. Essentially, it is a practice that this life is all that there is, and you live by your own means, and your own rules. This doesn’t mean that they are all selfish, angry, and hateful people. In fact, in my city the Church of Satan just adopted a highway, and held several fundraisers to help out the local fire department. While this seems bad to some, to many, it is someone helping their community and it’s no issue at all. On the other hand, just like many other religions, there are parts that are violent, hate filled, and destructive. There are people who believe in the darkness and want to use it for their own personal gain, and to cause harm to others. One does not represent the other, just like in other more traditional religions, which have extremest, and those who take the teaching to their own dark, and terrible level. Of course, this is just a very general description, so I advise you to do your own research. Let’s take a look at a few famous people who are Satanists.

Jane Mansfield:

American Actress, Jane Mansfield was everywhere in the 1950’s and 1960’s. She was a star of the stage, and screen, as well as a Playboy Playmate. She was the mother to 5 children, and was married and divorced several times. Sadly, by the end of her life, her career was slowing down, and she was finding it harder and harder to get a part. In 1966, Jane had become involved with the Church of Satan, and may be have been the girlfriend to famed leader Anton LeVay. He named Jane a high priestess in the Church of Satan. Sadly, at age 34, Jane was killed in a car crash. She was with 3 of her children, who all survived including Law and Order SVU actress Mariska Harigaty. It was argued about how much Satanism actually had a role in Jane’s life because she was born Catholic and had a Methodist burial. However, she proudly had displayed her Satanist lifestyle all around her home and her bedroom.  Jane had a troubled life, and maybe she was just looking for something. It might have been a huge part of her life, it may have just been something in passing. We will never know since her life was cut short so soon.


Sammy Davis Jr:

Sammy, “Mister Show Business,” Davis Jr. was a huge American actor, dancer, and singer who has become a culture icon. He was known for many roles including being part of the famous, “Rat Pack.” which were a group of elite entertainers including Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin. He was also famous for being an African American /Cuban, Jew working and being famous in a time when this was almost unheard of. Sammy lost his eye in an accident which many say shaped his belief system and faith structure. Despite having one eye, Sammy served in the military, was an avid dancer, and a photographer. Sammy actually wrote and talked openly about his role in the Church of Satan. He even went so far to create a TV show called, “Poor Devil,” where he would convince people to sell their souls to him. This comedy never aired, seeing as even someone as well loved as Davis couldn’t bring this subject into the homes of millions of families. Eventually, he broke with the church, but not before letting the world know about the orgies, and strange ceremonies that they did. He would pass away in 1990 due to cancer.



This sparkling entertainer has also been tied to being a Satanist. This international star was famous for his music and his style. He started playing the piano at age 4, and was an entertainer for most of his life despite having speech issues. His life, however, seemed to be very conflicted. While he went so far to sue, and win a suit about a newspaper claiming he was gay, it is believed that he was a gay man. Many people in his life, including friends, and lovers confirm this fact, but Liberace himself was in the closet. An HBO movie was made exploring this, and the answer is left up to the viewers. While he was a great showman, at home, he was quiet, liked to cook, and be with his dogs. He performed when he had to, but was a fairly average person at home. He was raised during the Depression, and his Mother believed that music was wasteful, while his Father encouraged him. Liberace had conservative political beliefs, but lived a more liberal life. This is why he being associated with Satanist isn’t that far fetched, and is at the same time! Just like Jane Mansfield, Liberace was friends with Anton LeVay. He credited a lot of his business success to the church in the later part of his career. Liberace passed away of complications of AIDS, as well as his lover. He died in the closet, and alone. His life of contradictions was very sad.

Of course, there are a few on my list that I have left out such as Lady Gaga, George W. Bush, and Jay-Z. That is because while there are rumors, there is no real evidence to connect them to being Satanist. While the two entertainers could both be accused of using certain symbols, it does not mean that they are doing anything more than being entertainers. That also goes for Madonna, who has spent most of her career being shocking just for the shock. George W. Bush is a former US President, but I’m sure some people want to blame his mistakes on Satanism. There are also the very obvious people that I left out like Marilyn Manson, and entertainer, Weird Satanist Guy. Many people know what they believe, but these 3 listed above come as a shock to many.



Those were a few examples of famous people who were Satanists. Did any surprise you? Leave your comments below.