Even More Favorite YouTube Channels

Friends, I saw a quote once that said, “I can’t go to work today because I’m watching every video on YouTube.” Yes, that is me to a tee! I know it’s my guilty pleasure. However, I really love and support the chance to have free form entertainment. There are some amazing people working on YouTube, and it’s nothing to laugh at. These shows give people not only a creative outlet, but it’s a job for many. Several of these shows are self-sustaining. Many of these people are highly creative, and very fun. You won’t see them anywhere else. This won’t be in any order, but feel free to check them out! For my first list, check out my link to the first article. Everyone else, search their name in YouTube search to find them. This article will also contain affiliate links. See disclaimer for more info. http://www.andtheunderdogwins.com/my-favorite-youtube-shows/

Claire Ridgeway:

Claire Ridgeway has a channel called “The Anne Boylane Files.” This is based off her books, and her education. She does several different things including, “on this day in history,” and other stories revolving around the Tudor family. She is an excellent storyteller, and you can tell how much she truly loves what she is speaking about. This show doesn’t go much beyond the Tudor history, so if that appeals to you , this is the place to be! I adore her and I love her passion. She makes learning fun and exciting.

Jon Solo:

Jon Solo does many different things about the truth behind fairy tales, and Disney. If you know me, you know this is one of my biggest passions in life. I adore looking for the roots and deeper meaning in some of these stories that we grew up with. Jon does a series called, “Messed up Origins,” where he explains the backstories of a certain popular story, even following the story back to it’s start from oral story telling. He does an excellent job in telling some of the terrible things that were left out of the more family friendly versions that we know and love today.

Stephanie Harlowe:

I believe Stephanie’s channel started off as more of a make up and life style theme. Now, she does true crime, and she is impressive! Right now, I am on part 6 of the Charles Mason series. She gets very detailed on her cases and it is really amazing what she has found out. I have seen her work used in other people’s videos, she does such a great job. I also like seeing her go from having to have a job at a phone place, to be able to do YouTube on a full time basis and I totally am happy for her! If you like True Crime, you need to check her out!

Today I Found Out:

If you have questions on just about anything, and want to learn the answers, you would love this show. Hosted by a man named Simon, “Today I Found Out,” covers lots of topics. Want to know why we use birthday candles, why a week is 7 days, or how Rick Rolling started? This is the channel for you! This is a great channel to learn about so much. I have went on to research several of these topics, and even had questions answered that I never thought of before. I really like this channel!

Barry Lewis:

AKA My Virgin Kitchen, now changing to Barry Lewis. Barry Lewis is a British Dad who jumped into learning how to cook in his own kitchen. He found himself a stay at home Dad, was taking care of all of the food. One problem, he didn’t really know how to cook, so he called himself a virgin in the kitchen. He learned along with his viewers. Now, he is doing very well and changed the name of his channel and his brand. He makes a lot of food, including Vegan versions of items, and copycats. He also makes Giant and mini foods, which is a lot of fun. This is a great channel and you kind of feel like a member of the family!

The Film Theory:

This channel has a lot of amazing theories. For example, could you survive the Hunger Games? How much would the Stay Puff Marsh mellow man weigh? Was Freddy innocent, was Toy Story Evil, and was Neo the One are just a few topics that are covered. This just isn’t a fun theory show, they back their stuff up with facts, figures, and science. It is pretty amazing, and they are very meta. They have even done videos on themselves. There are plenty of theories that include YouTube, movies, TV, and trending topics.


This is a series that is part of the Buzz Feed family. Go along with Shane and Ryan as they search out True Crime, Ghosts, and Mystery. They spend each season on one topic, such as ghosts, and explore it with several episodes. Shane and Ryan are what makes this show so great. They have very different beliefs, but it is really interesting to see their own take on what is going on. It is very entertaining the way the lay out a story, and present several possible conclusions. Most of them are left unanswered and unsolved, meaning the audience will have to make their own choice. It is also on Amazon Prime.

Alonzo Lerone:

“Get a dictionary!” This is Alonzo’s famous catch phrase. Yes, this is just a show that guy sits around and reads the fails of the internet and of life in general. However, it is so funny. There have been many bad days that I have end, that I end by watching his show and feeling much better. You will laugh and laughter is so good! Sometimes, you feel bad for the humans, and other times, you are worried about how bad they failed. However, it is super funny and worth your time!

Those were some more of my favorite YouTube Channels. I hope you go check them out and support them! Leave your comment down below of your suggestions!