Elisa Lam: More Conspiracy

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Underdogs, if you haven’t read the first part of this blog post, then please see it via this link, then return to this second part. Elisa Lam: More Questions than Answers Please remember that while discussing this case, Elisa Lam was a real person. None of these thoughts or theories are meant to harm any person or any company. However, this is an unsolved death that needs to have attention drawn to it, and it needs to be solved. There is a reason that this case is so strange, and why so many theories have been born out of her death. People want to know, but no one more than her family. We are going to quick recap of her case, and then study some thoughts.

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Elisa Lam was a 21 year old student visiting The Cecil Hotel while on vacation. She disappeared and was presumed to have be a victim of a crime. Her parents came from Canada to America to help with the search. After a week missing, the hotel released the now famous elevator footage which lead to lots fear and accusation including mental instability. A month after Elisa went missing, hotel guests at the Cecil Hotel complained of black stuff coming out of the faucets and low water pressure. This lead to hotel maintenance sadly finding Elisa Lam’s body in a water tower at on the roof of the hotel. After came a whirlwind of accusations, and questions but nothing lead to the truth about this poor girl. All we know for sure is that she died and her body was recovered in the water tower at the Cecil Hotel. We also know that there was not any traces of drugs and only a slight amount of alcohol found in her system. Elisa was bipolar, but it seems as though there was not any real indication that she was heading for a manic episode, as she was very open about her illness and her treatment. No one knows for sure what happened, or are even sure of the time line because of the state of her body. Now let’s break down some simple theories, and some questions about the elevator.

The Logical Explanation:

Usually, I like to say the most simple and logical explanation is probably the correct answer. This one case may make the line of logic fairly hard. However, there is a thread that is frayed. If you go with the official reports, and take the surveillance footage as the truth, then there is a logical theory. It seems as though Elisa was hiding from someone and was afraid. Fear can make you act very strange, including the strange movement of her arms. This could explain why she was going in and out of the elevator and seemed afraid of someone. The easiest explanation is that someone was after Elisa, and caused her harm. Most likely, it was a person who worked at the hotel since they knew exactly where to walk in order to keep out of view of any cameras, and they were able to get roof access without setting off any alarms. Supposedly, there is an alarm that would go off if the door to the roof was opened without an access key. While this could be a person who robbed a hotel staffer and happened to know the building well enough to stay away from cameras, the most logical suspect is a person who works at the hotel.

Poor Choices:

Another very simple explanation is that Elisa wasn’t murdered, but was just a victim of an accident. What if Elisa was acting like a young person in their twenties and made a poor choice. She may have made some friends at the hotel since she was traveling alone and decided to do something stupid. What if Elisa, and her new friends snuck up to the roof to go for swim in the tank? Then, after they got up to the roof and into the tank something happened by accident that caused her death? There are many things that could have happened to make poor Elisa die, and this may have scared the people who were with her and they ran away. If they worked at the hotel, then maybe the decided to keep quiet. A step further is that the footage of the elevator was released the way it was in order to make another circumstance seem to be what caused her death such as ghosts,a killer, or even Elisa herself who was crazy and somehow did all of this herself. It is logical to come to come to the conclusion of an accident due to poor choices that cost Elisa her life.

The Elevator Footage is Wrong:

The Elevator CCTV footage is wrong. There is a full 54 seconds missing from what was released to the public. The footage is also slowed down by 135%, so it seems so much more creepy than it actually is when speed up to real time. Take a look at this video on YouTube that shows the side by side comparison that reveals the time stamps in real time instead of the slowed down version that is around 4 minutes long. https://youtu.be/1YO4QbaNDjI The reason why the footage was released the way that it was could be a very simple reason. It could be meant for people to get a good view of Elisa Lam. Remember, at the time of this footage being released, she was a missing person. This would be a good way for people to really see who this girl was, and what she really looked like. People may have not anticipated the side effect of the theories that would come from releasing such a strange and slowed down video. Many people watching it don’t even realize that it is actually slowed down. It was so odd that it caused a lot of attention, and people have pick apart every single second. So where are the missing 54 seconds? Was this video even real in the first place?

No one can agree on the accuracy of the elevator footage. In fact, many professional video editors have expressed online that this footage is not even real. Her face looks like it has pixels which means there is manipulation going on digitally.  While this can happen due to internet or software issues, this is not usually only on one place, as it is in the Elisa Lam footage. The pixels are only around her mouth, which is strange. Experts also agree that this footage most likely is not one single moment.  That has always been my theory. What if the footage is not one continuous and strange video, but several moments sliced together over days or even weeks, then made to appear as one 4 minute video. You may ask why she was wearing the same clothing if it was more than one day. It could all be from the same day considering if you leave the hotel only once that day, you would use the elevator twice. If you came and went several times then she could have been on the elevator many times in one single day. Or, since she was on vacation, she may have brought only a few outfits and washed them frequently, which is something that I have done as a trick to have more room in your suitcase.  Could this CCTV footage just be one big lie?

One of the biggest questions about this whole footage being real lies in one very simple questions. Where is the other footage of Elisa? There were many cameras at this hotel so why was this the only one that picked her up? There was cameras at every entrance and exit, including the roof access. Why release this one video showing her acting strange. I also think that the person who killed Elisa Lam was in that video, and that’s part of the missing minute. Why would they cut out her killer? Simple, there isn’t a good view of him or her and this information would literally be only something that the killer would know. Many cases keep certain details away from public in order to help solve the crime with only knowledge that the killer themselves with know.

With all of these simple thoughts and logical lines of questions, we end up right where we started, with no answers. We have no information that tells us what happened to Elisa Lam. All we know for sure are 3 things. First, Elisa checked into the hotel. Second, she was in this elevator at some point. Third, is that her body was found in the water tank. There is nothing that tells us what happened after she got to the hotel, if the elevator footage had any clues to let us know how she died, and how she got on to the roof and ultimately passed away. The problem is while there are logical thoughts associated with this case, there is no evidence. Even though there is an elevator video, does it actually matter in the long run because it gives us no information. It may not even be real. Next time, we will go over some of the more stranger and spookier theories.

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