Editorial: Mike Pence is Death

Underdogs, I really hate politics, and the last thing I want to do is bring this attention to my web page. I have a huge problem with people I’ve never met making choices that will effect my life without ever speaking to them. I understand the need to have a system in place, but it is very flawed. I do not engage with political parties or agendas. I do vote, and I encourage you to do this as well. Even though this is a broken system, I can still hope to work towards a better future. This is unlike anything that I have ever posted before, which shows you all how much this is bothering me.

That being said, I am going to address some issues today about Mike Pence, former Governor of Indiana, and current Vice President of the United States. I am also going to discuss the Corona Virus (COVID-19) and the AIDS virus. If any of this bothers you, please do not read any further. I will be discussing the state of health in Indiana, and other issues with illness, economics, epidemics, pandemics, and more. Again, if any of this bothers you, please don’t continue to read this post.

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To give you some background, I have lived in the state of Indiana for the past 8 years. This means I knew who Mike Pence was, and what he had been doing to our state before he was the VP. I was so upset when I heard he was going to be the running mate of anyone! I have seen first hand what his choices have done to our economy in this state. For example, passing the “Religious Freedom Act.” Basically, this act says that you can deny a person service. The denial must be used based off of Religious belief system of those who are providing the service. For example, if you appear to be gay in the eyes of the business owner, they can deny you service. If you are a woman, you can be denied service. Basically, anything that you can excuse under the guise of religion can be used to refuse service to a customer.

This directly effects my city, my state, my company, and myself. First, businesses and events began pulling out of Indiana. We lost the second bid to the Super Bowl because of this act. Pop Con, Game Expos, and other cons will not continue after 2020. They already had a contract in place, but it will expire and these Cons will leave Indiana for another home. These events, and businesses that brought in people, money, and job opportunities, will now be a thing of the past. My own work place, as well as several others, came together to create “We serve everyone,” which is still going today. None of us wanted our places of employment to be associated with such hate. None of us wanted to put into the position where we had to defend ourselves and make sure we stand apart from this act.

Even though current Governor Eric Holcomb, has tried to reverse the act, the damage has already been done. What does this have to do with the Corona Virus? I want to show you that Mike Pence has no problem using fear tactics and hate for his agenda, even if it means an economic collapse. He also cares very little about the health of people when he ignored and is still currently ignoring the AIDS crisis in Indiana. To get to the present, let’s take a look back at the past. Please note that the AIDS crisis in Indiana is still going on.

In 2015, Indiana was in trouble. AIDS was running through counties like wild fire. While many of the counties were small, it didn’t mean that the issue wasn’t huge. It became an epidemic level issue and health officials were called in to help. Several people from World Health, and from Universities also were present. Many of them are still working here in Indiana today.

Why do people believe Mike Pence is to blame for the AIDS crisis? First, Mike Pence had a law in place that would make it illegal for anyone to be able to obtain a clean needle without a prescription. While other politicians on both sides asked him to reconsider, he decided to not reverse his bill about needles. He set up a needle exchange in one county called Scott. Scott county has around 24,000 people. Just to compare, Marion County, the biggest in Indiana, has 1 million people. There are many sizes in between, but this plan was only going to reach a tiny amount of people. That is if they had a prescription in order to exchange their needle in the first place.

The problem wasn’t just Mike Pence lack of action with the needle program. He did several other things to keep this issue going, even after mounting evidence that what he was doing was wrong. Health Officials were able to prove that clean needle programs work. This would be a place where you could go drop off used needles, or a place where you could safely get a clean needle. Pence believed that this would encourage drug use, and didn’t want to try this out after much prayer. He also stopped distribution of condoms in schools, and cut funding for AIDS education to almost nothing. Basically, things that have been proven to help stop or prevent the spread of both HIV and AIDS were flat out ignored or stopped. Mike Pence was morally objected to the education and the condoms. He prayed for help, but didn’t listen when those prayers were answered by well educated people who knew what they were doing.

Since 2015, the state of Indiana faced a lot of set backs because of Mike Pence. While he had proof that his actions would lead to mass breakouts and death to people in Indiana, he ignored it. The economy is these areas started to shudder. People were too sick to work. They lost health insurance, and poverty became as common as AIDS itself. This was not only destroying lives, it was killing counties. As of today, there is no recovery for these counties. This current generation has been the most educated about HIV and AIDS than any other generation before it. Unless you live in Indiana where you will not find a discussion about it in class. In the birthplace of Ryan White, who made it his life’s work to educate the public about HIV and AIDS, you will find a terrible breakout that can be controlled. His life and his memory has been given a real disservice by Mike Pence.

Fast forward to the Corona Virus. This virus is also an epidemic. As of this posting, it has not been elevated to a pandemic level. Mike Pence has been put in charge of of the outbreak. The same man who knew what steps it would take to help the AIDS crisis in his home state, but made a choice to ignore the steps it would take to help, is now in charge. President Trump has been quoted as saying that Mike Pence, “has a certain talent for this,” when referring to his previous experience with a breakout. To me, this means that he was chosen so the facts could be ignored, and those people who become sick will be weeded out because it was God’s will. I can’t begin to tell you how many times Mike Pence brought up God, prayers, and moral objections as an excuse of why he did or didn’t do something. This is not a statement about anyone’s beliefs, but about a man who hide behind them.

How can a person who willingly let his state die in great numbers be in charge of the whole United States? We are all in trouble, and it may be on purpose. I personally believe that Mike Pence is an evil man. I really believe that part of his motivation is to have certain parts of the population die. This is many of us who are poverty, and can’t afford proper health care. This includes those who are from different classes, and races who fall into the cycle of poverty. This is the also the elderly, and those with weak immune systems. This is a life and death situation, and I believe he is just going to let people die, as long as their aren’t rich, white, male, and straight. Everyone else is in danger.

While the media is going into overdrive about the Corona Virus, this reminds me of yellow journalism. You are more likely to be in danger due to the flu, or AIDS if you live in Indiana, than you are the Corona Virus. This story has become a full time scare tactic that has only gotten worse since Mike Pence took over. While I believe he is seriously underplaying the issue, I don’t think it’s as bad as what everyone in the media wants you to believe. The Center for Disease Control has already been sending out press statements. These concerns about the stigma associated with the Corona Virus is outlining what fear tactics could do to people and the economy. Even they are concerned about the amount of press that is being given to the virus.

What I fear is coming true, which is the ban of travel. First, why is Iran the only travel ban the US has, but not China or Italy? Companies are already choosing to stop international travel, which will be devastating on the economy. If we get to the point where all travel is banned, this will cause massive collapses for the United States, and all places who choose to participate. I think the attention has done some good, because people are taking precautions that they should be taking on a normal basis anyway. Sadly, too many people are not doing normal things like washing their hands to keep away germs.

What happens when travel becomes banned and why am I concerned? Companies will lose money, people lose jobs, people lose health insurance, people die. People who will live will be forced to live with no money and no way to get food. Everything will close, and the things could turn to Marshal Law. People in today’s world, for the most part, have no idea how to survive without the assistance of tech. They don’t hunt, kill, and skin their own animals, or grow their own veggies. They don’t know how to get clean water. Your local grocery store won’t be able to open because no one can go to work. This could be very, very bad, and it’s all to do with hysterics, not facts.

From what I can tell from living in Indiana, and seeing these terrible things first hand, Mike Pence will make sure that this happens. The man is vile and dangerous, and who knows how high his body count is currently. We all need to see that we are in trouble, but we have the power to take back control by not falling for all the hype. Sadly, I have already seen schools in the US cancel international travel plans. Cruises are also stopping their trips. Colleges are stopping in person classes in some states. The threat of NY public schools closing is also a very real threat. It has started. How far will we let it go?

For more information: Wash your damn hands.


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