Doctor Who: The Excitment and The Sadness

Since Christmas Day, I have been waiting for the newest episodes of Doctor Who! It comes back on my birthday!!! It’s like the birthday Time Lords smiled down upon me and said, “Lisa, here is your favorite TV show, brand new for you on your birthday! Order some Chinese food and enjoy!” There are so many things coming up that are very exciting and some that are just plain heartbreaking. Here is what I am looking forward to, and what I am worried about with the upcoming season.

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First, I can’t contain my excitement that John Simms himself is coming back to Doctor Who! You have no idea how happy that this news makes me!


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I adore John Simms and he is my favorite Master. I love Missy, and she is a close second, but John Sims brought such pain and insanity to the Doctor’s oldest friend. They say it’s through the power of time travel that we will see him again, so does this mean that we might have both The Master and Missy at the same time? One can only dream, but with Doctor Who, anything in time and space is possible. If you have not seen John Simms as the Master, do yourself a favor and go back to series with David Tennant and watch  “Utopia.” You will get a background about the Master that you have never heard of before in this series of stories. Watch all the way to “The End of Time,” and see what he did in a moment of love.  Don’t forget to Vote for Saxon.  The Master is a very complicated character, but no one brought more depth to this character than John Simms.

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Second, there will also be the return of the original Cyber-men. These are my favorite Doctor Who villains in the Who universe. The Cyber-men are horrific and scary! What they actually are is so much more  scary than all that metal surronding them. They are beings that are free from their own personal thoughts, guilt, love or anything that makes them human. The believe that they need to “upgrade” and “delete” the human race and save them from themselves. The newest incarnations are truly scary, but nothing quite compares to the first ones with their masks, low voices, and the potential of pure horror.  I think we are about ready to see a whole new take on these awesome foes! I also heard that the Ice Warriors are coming back. We saw them last in series 7 with Matt Smith.  The Ice Warriors were also a classic villains who we are lucky to see once again. Speaking of returns, how long do I have to hold my breath to get Captain Jack back? I will do it!

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Third, is we are getting a new companion. We already have one so this will be a trio with The Doctor, Nardole, and Bill. Bill’s character is causing a lot of stir already for two reasons. First, she is rumored to only be a “one off companion,” who will be with us only through one series. I am choosing not to believe these crazy rumors because people take small parts of stories and connect their own dots.  Second, Bill is openly gay. While this is literally nothing new in the Doctor Who universe, the reason thisis a big deal is because the actress playing Bill doesn’t want it to be. I feel that she is correct because it should be normal at this point. It is 2017, and we should be able to turn on the TV to see an openly gay lead character in a role that families can sit down and watch together. This is creating something positive, and more of a way to create a safe and open dialog between loved ones. Gay charters are nothing new on the show, but one who is a full-time lead is a bit different. We should never leave out Captain Jack Harkness, who was one of the notable openly gay characters on Doctor Who, which lead him to star in his own show,, “Torchwood.” These characters are sorely needed and it should no longer be a controversy. However, it will be one because that is how life works. I hope that we can all just enjoy this new companion and the stories!

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Here are the things that I am not looking forward to. Peter Capalidi will be leaving after this series. We are assuming that he will stay until Christmas, and then regenerate as per tradition. However, even though we met our beloved Peter Capalidi during a Christmas episode, his regeneration was nothing like it has been during the “New Who,” series. We didn’t get to see the radiation light shoot through and melt one person away, replaced by a new one.  Matt Smith basically sneezed really hard and become Peter Capaldi. Maybe, they will be following this bit of difference and have 12 go in the middle of a season. That would be a crime because I believe they have not used Peter Capaldi in the way that they should have. There were so many missed opportunists, and he is the one person who has been preparing to play this role from childhood. It actually breaks my heart because I saw such horrible story lines lost on this amazing actor. People were also very mean to him because he was”old.” This generation got so used to the younger Doctors that they never stopped to realize they were only 3 people in the line of 12 who played this iconic role who were younger. The ages vary and there is nothing wrong with that. My beloved Peter Capalidi never got the recognition, and the strong stories that I believed he deserved.

The last is the bitter sweet loss of Steven Moffat. Steven Moffat is currently the head writer of the series and has done so for a few years now. He has created some of the most beloved characters such as  the weeping angels.  His stories are generally among the very best in the “New Who” series.  He has a great style that is complex, but sometimes he misses the boat, and in a big way. By the end of the past series, I was so ready to see Clara go that I actually didn’t care if she died. The relationship between Danny and The Doctor was pointless and even cruel at times. I disliked seeing Danny on screen at all. His character was awful and all that I kept thinking was how big of a waste that this whole thing was, and how they were misusing Peter Capalidi. I will miss Steven Moffat because he doesn’t have any fear when it comes to writing good or bad. He has created some of the best stories that I watch over and over. He is very talented, and is a true fan which makes his work even better. I think he was ready to leave last series and it showed. Now, all we can hope for is a good send off for both Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi.

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Come Saturday, we will have some new friends on our screens. This will be a spoiler free zone, and I ask that you don’t ruin it for other people. Like time travelers, we will all be seeing the new show in different time zones. Many will be hours and hours ahead of us. Be kind and don’t post anything that will take away the joy of watching the show for others. Give it at least 24 hours from the original time it airs in your area. Until then, catch up on past episodes and have fun. Saturday, take The Doctor’s hand and run. Just run and run and run until we can run no more. Then, we will meet our new friend, and run some again.


Mini Easter Eggs: Name Game:

What is in a name? The names in Doctor Who are not chosen by accident. The names that are chosen and titles that are given are never by accident.  For example, look at these anagrams used through the series.

Torchwood: (Doctor Who)

Panic Moon: (Companion)

Astrid: (TARDIS)

Mister Saxon: (Master No. Six)

Clara Oswin Oswald: (A window across all)



Bill is named after Billie Piper who played Rose.

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Clara’s name came from Elizabeth Sladan who played Sarah Jane. Clara was one of her middle names.

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Rose was named after the Doctor’s granddaughter, Susan.  In the language of the Time Lords, Susan translates to Rose.

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