July 15

Origins of Urban Legends

We have all grown up hearing, reading, and telling urban legends. These stories are passed around from generation to generation. Sometimes they are funny, while other times they are shocking and scary. They are usually meant to be used as a life lesson or for a warning. Urban Legends are entertaining, but have you ever stopped and asked, what are the origins to these stories? Is there any truth to them? Or better yet, some of them are so silly that you really don’t understand how they became an urban legend in the first place.  Today, we are going to attempt to look at some origins of a few urban legends. Even though these have been researched, part of the appeal of urban legends is that it could be anyone’s story. It has been said there is a bit of truth to ever urban legend. Let’s see how spooky, or even how silly those origins might be.


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1. Drinking Diet Coke and Eating Mentos will cause your stomach to explode.

I think most of us have heard a variation of this particular urban legend. If you drink a full can of diet coke, and then follow that with eating the candy, Mentos, your stomach will blow up. Sometimes, it’s drinking a full can. Other times, it says to take a sip of the Diet Coke, and put a Mentos in your mouth. If you swallow them at the same time, then that will cause your stomach to explode. Does this actually happen? Of course not, but there is reasons behind this story. The origin comes from the fact that there is a very real chemical reaction that happens when adding mint Mentos to Diet Coke. If you place Mentos in a Diet Coke, it will cause the soda to shoot out of the container. However, this isn’t the same effect when you add in a human to the mix. What will really happen to you if you mix these two items? You may have a bad taste in your mouth, and get some gas. It’s not going to explode your stomach.





2. I’m carrying Spider Babies in my cheeks!

I clearly remember reading this story in the “Scary Stories”  books when I was a child. This really bothered me, as I’m sure it bothered many people. This urban legend states that a young girl went on vacation overseas. When she was at her destination, she was bitten by a spider on her cheek. They didn’t seek medical attention because it was not bothering her. By the time she had arrived back home, her cheek was swollen. While taking a bath, her cheek burst open and baby spiders came out of her face! I can say one thing about the origins of this myth. A spider can’t lay eggs in your face. Keep in mind, I said a spider only. There are many creepy crawling creatures that can do some serious damage to you. When you travel, take all the precautions that you need, including learning about the local wild life.



3.If you put batteries in the Fridge, they will last longer.

This may be a very dated urban legend since everyone has chargers for everything. However, there are still those certain things, like your TV remote, that requires actual batteries. Many people stored their unused batteries in the Fridge right next to the milk and butter in an attempt to keep them fresh. My Grandparents did this, and I think my parents did as well. The thought process behind this origin is that many years ago, different chemicals were used to make batteries. It might have been instructed on the packages to store in a cool, dry place. Many people decided to put their batteries in the fridge because they thought it would help them not to spoil. This became a learned behavior, and as technology improved, the need to do this anymore stopped. However, many people still store their batteries in the Fridge even though it may actually be damaging to them instead of extending their life.


4.Throwing a Penny from a high location can kill someone!

Have you ever been to a really high place like the Sears Tower and saw warning signs about not throwing anything off the side of the building? That makes a lot of sense, because there is a lot of items that can do some damage. However, people fear the tiny little penny as a weapon of death! To date, not one death has been caused by a penny. There also has never been property damaged done by a falling penny. The origin to this urban legend comes from the fact that items gain velocity while falling. Meaning objects that fall get faster, therefore have a greater force when it finally stops. A penny is not ever going to be enough force to hurt anyone, or anything if falling from a huge building. However, other falling objects can cause a lot of damage, so don’t throw anything off a building, and be careful where you are standing!


5. Chain Letters, Emails, Posts:

This super rich celebrity is going to pick one lucky person to give a million dollars to give to! All you have to do is like, share, and comment on this post. They will see it, trust me! Or, this random person won the lottery, and they want to share their money with one person! All you have to do is forward this email to everyone in your list! If this post gets 1 million likes, this person will give away a car to one of the people who clicked the like button. Did you fall for it? Many people have. The origins of this is simple. Most of the time, these are ways to collect your data. Many of these posts that you are sharing come with an unwanted guest, a virus that scans and collects data from your phone and computer. Let’s just be clear, if it’s too good to be true, it is not real.


Those were a few of the strange origins to some urban legends. They may vary, but essential the message is the same. What are some of your favorite urban legends?

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June 3

The Black Angel: Revised

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Hello everyone, this is one of my original blogs when I switched over to this site. I hope that you enjoy this being re-posted because you may have not had a chance to read it before.  Take a look and I hope you like the legend of The Black Angel.



Today, we are going to talk about a local legend that I grew up around called, The Black Angel. I was raised in Iowa, but didn’t hear about this until I was in college. This legend is about a supposedly cursed statue that is located in a cemetery in Council Bluffs, Iowa. It has become stuff of teenagers daring one another to spend a night by her side, hoping to see her move or do something terrifying. Some people honestly think that this Black Angel will not only bring you bad luck, but death as well.

Iowa actually has two Black Angels, one in Iowa City, and one in Council Bluffs. As the years progressed, their stories got a bit mixed up and sometimes two legends melted into one. This is the story of the Dodge’s angel.  While many people find solace in this statue, many others find terror. The legend goes, that Mrs. Ruth Anne Dodge had a visions of this angel 3 days prior to her death. Each night, she would go to bed and have vivid dreams.  She would then wake up, and tell her daughters who wrote down the experience. The first two dreams were the angel coming to Ruth Anne who offered her a drink of water. Both times, Ruth Anne refused the water even though she was very thirsty. The third night, the Black Angel came again and once more offered Ruth Anne the water. This time, she drank the water and woke from her dream long enough to convey it to her daughters before passing away.


Before she died, she let her children know that the water wasn’t just liquid, but a grand gift. The angel had offered her the gift of immortality and she took it.  Her children had the angel made as a memorial to stand by her grave inside the Walnut Hill Cemetery, which is now called Fairview. The statue was bronze and was made by the same sculpture who did the Lincoln Memorial. She has one hand that is stretched out while the other is holding the same water vase that Ruth Anne described in her visions. At one point, the statue functioned as a working fountain but as the years went on, it broke down. There was a large hole in her back that stopped the flow of water. That has been repaired in the last few years and now it works once more. The angel was no stranger to vandalism either.

What started the legend of the Black Angel is unknown, but people think it has to do with the fact that the angel was a bronze color. After time, it became more gray, or even appears black in color. People associate an angel with being a heavenly white color, but this one is dark and seems ominous, earning the nickname the angel of death.  This may have started the stories that come from this statue.

One of the stories is that the angel’s eyes will turn red. The color glows Image result for Dark Angel Statue Council Bluffsand is very terrifying. If you see the change of color in the eyes, then you are supposed to die in 2 days. Other legends say that children have gone missing after spending time with the angel. They say she snatches them into the afterlife. People also dare each other to stay the night next to her, but you must be aware, she might move, or she might even call your name. If she speaks to you, then that means you are going to die very soon, or something very terrible will happen to you in 3 days time. There are many different legends, but the statue stands longer than than stories.

I have only seen her once, and it is a very unnerving sight. Especially when it is covered in snow, or if the sun is setting. I feel it’s disrespectful to be in a cemetery after dark unless you have permission. It’s even worse when people have done things to vandalize someone’s memorial. No matter what you believe, it is never okay to spray paint, break, or leave trash on someone’s grave. I only saw her from a car and passed on. I knew that in college people told all sorts of stories, but it never seemed like a good enough legend to match such a spectacular statue. I hope if you ever get a chance to see her, it will be a pleasant experience. Don’t forget to keep your ears open, and your eyes peeled!


What do you think, is there really something spooky going on here, or is it all just a story? Comment and let me know!





May 20

What was that?

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Imagine sitting on your couch at home. It’s been a long day and you are exhausted. You have just turned off the TV and are quietly going over a list of things that you need to get done the next day. While you are concentrating on your list of chores, you suddenly feel a prickle go down your spine. Your shoulders instantly tense up, and the fine hairs on your arms, and the back of your neck stand up. You hear a high pitched squeal in  your ears and you just feel as though someone is watching you from behind. No one else is home. You take note how eerily silent it is after the corruption to your ears. There is no sound from outside. No birds, no bats, no traffic noises. The lights flicker for a moment and you move your eyes around the room, not allowing your body to betray you yet by running away. You see nothing. You hear nothing. But you smell a faint odor that you can’t place. Cigars? Vodka? Has it been this cold the whole time that you have been home? After taking several deep breaths, you scan the room, this time moving your head and your shoulders, even though they are still tight. Just as you relax and start telling yourself how silly you were to be afraid of nothing, you feel the traces of fingers going down your back. You jump up and yell, “what was that?”

What was that? No, seriously, what was that? What just happened to you? Did you just imagine the whole thing? Have you been very stressed or just finished watching a scary movie? Do you have an over active imagination? Any of these could be very reasonable explanations, however, many people take these as signs of a ghost being around you. We are going to take a look at a few common thoughts and feelings that people have described after they claim to have encountered a ghost. Then, we are going to look at the logical explanations as to why these things may have occurred. There are many arguments as to if ghost are even real, there are several things that these stories have in common. I always so it’s important to be skeptical, but keep an open mind. Either way you believe, it is fascinating to see how many independent people have these common things happen to them when they think they have seen or even felt a ghost. Let’s see what was that!


See the source image1.Silence

More often than not, people describe paranormal encounters as quiet. This means that the background noises that you normally hear, and may even tune out are all of the sudden gone. The silence is loud and catches your attention. It’s like being outside with chirping crickets and have them all fall silent at the same moment. You become so hyper aware that you can’t hear anything else including the wind, rain, or even traffic. It may last a few moments to a few minutes. One of the scariest things in movies is the silence before the big scare. Could there be something very logical about this temporary loss of sound? Of course. You may be getting ill and you have an ear infection, which makes things seem much different than they are. The animals around you could become quiet due to predators or even weather changes. You may not hear the normal background noises because you have become so used to them until you are hyper aware. Then,  you may not have notices that these noises are not constant, but ever changing. Why would a person have an issue hearing when a ghost comes around? The theory behind this is that a ghost is either scaring things around it, or it’s on it’s on another wave length. Which leads to the next theory.


See the source image


2. High Pitched Sounds:

Many times in a person’s life, they will suffer from a quick, high pitched sound in one or both of the ears. It can be very uncomfortable, and even painful to a few. This is more common for people above the age of 13, unless there are already hearing problems detected. There are several theories as to why this happens including something called ascension symptoms. This is when a person feels the shifts in vibrations around them. This could from something natural, or something paranormal. For example, a spirit is on a different plane or wave length than what humans are on. This means that if they meet, then the vibrations are off or different and can cause some feedback such as the high pitched sounds in your ears. While this can be the case, it also could be a very real medical condition. Best to get your ears check with a professional doctor if this high pitched sound in your ears happens frequently. For me, this is an indication that I am getting an ear infection, or have a bad sinus infection.


See the source image

3.Cold Spots/Electronic Failure

I can’t count the movies that show people starting to shiver and complain of cold just before a ghost is revealed on the screen.  Some of them go so far to show the breath of the person who is afraid. This is a very common complaint when people claim to see a ghost. Either the house becomes cold suddenly, or the person themselves feels very chilled for no reason. It could be in the middle of a heat wave. This theory about cold spots goes back to ghost gathering energy in order to materialize. This could also be the reason the lights flicker, and electronics that drain or stop working. Why would this be such a common thing? Well, if you are in an older house, you could be in the path of a draft. You also could be coming down with a cold. Your electronics could be failing due to their age, or they need a better battery. While cold spots are a common complaint, there is logical explications for them.

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4. Phantom Smells:

In the middle of dinner, you get a whiff of your Grandma’s perfume that you recall vividly. So much so that you expect to see her walk through the kitchen even though she has been gone for the past 10 years. It can be a very pleasant and comforting feeling to smell something that reminds you of a person who has passed away. Scent is actually one of the most powerful memory triggers. When scent is associated with a memory, or a person, it is recalled a lot more clearly and with better details than without. Why would a person smell a phantom sell? Could it be that it’s not phantom at all, but maybe actually around you. Did a friend wear the same perfume? What if you were thinking of your Grandma earlier that day, or even that week and the idea of the scent of the perfume was planted in your subconscious? There is a serious medical condition when it comes to phantom smells called Phantosmia, which a form of hallucination. This could indicate a very serious medical issue such as cancer or tumors. Could a random smell be a sign of trouble? Not really, but if it happens frequently, then you may want to speak to your doctor.


See the source image

5. Feeling Hands on You:

What is terrible feeling to have! To feel like someone has touched your back, or your arm, but no one is actually there. It could be a light touch, or even a pinch. Many people have described this very scary event, and it is very unnerving. Sometimes, people feel like they have walked through a spider web, while there isn’t any to be seen. Know, could you be becoming Spiderman? One can hope. Could you have just walked through a very tiny spiderweb that you didn’t see? Of course. Could it be someone from beyond trying to reach out and grab you? I’m not sure, but this is a very common issue for those with ghost encounters.


So, what was that? There are always logical explanations for as to why thins happen the way that they do. People are always trying to make things fit into something that makes sense, even if the events that took place have no logic. We are trained to want answers, and find them with what we have available to us. Right now, there is no proof of ghosts even though there are a lot of personal experience stories. Usually the right answer is the most simple explanation. However, what happens when you no longer have simple answers? Do I think that some of the answers could be paranormal? I do think that, however, I also like to acknowledge that some of these things can be explained away with very logical answers. The reason why this is so difficult is that you can’t measure a personal experience in science. While I have believed these stories, and I will again, it is hard to not look for the easiest explanation. Ghost stories are very real, but sadly, we have no real proof of the ghosts. It’s time to see why so many people have similar experiences. Is it real, or is it all the power of suggestion? I hope that one day we can get some clues as how to solve this mystery. Until then, we will keep asking, what was that?


April 22

Orbs: Proof of the Paranormal?

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Hello Underdogs! As many of you know, I love the unknown and the paranormal. I enjoy the mystery and the intrigue about the things that we can’t quite explain. Those theories and questions of why and what keep me going. Life is too short to be given all the answers, and too vast for any of us to every find out the truth of the universe. The journey is so important and sometimes, we are lucky enough to see hints and get some small glimpses of answers or another twist and turn. This is one of the reasons I enjoy the paranormal so much. However, you must realize that even though I enjoy these things, I still look at everything with a skeptical eye. This leads me to a very popular subject and many people’s proof of the supernatural, which are orbs.

First, what is an orb and why would someone think that they have anything to do with the paranormal? An orb is defined as a circular item appearing on a photo or in a video. Sometimes they are clear, and sometimes they have their own light. Why do people think that a circle showing up in a photo has anything to do with ghosts? Some people theorize that this is an example of a ghost or a spirit that can’t harness enough energy to show themselves. Instead, they show up in a ball of energy, or an orb, and this results in evidence in a haunting situations. There are people that are so convinced of this, that they have come up with orb guides to let you know what certain colors may or may not mean.



I posted  two photos that I took on my Instagram account to see what people thought about the orbs that I caught. At the time, I was in Bonaventure Cemetery where I was taking several photos. These two photos stuck out to me because I saw a few rambling orbs joining the headstones. I wanted to see what people thought when I posted these photos and I got a lot of responses in the form of messages. Many people were either impressed or really freaked out about what I may or may have not captured! People were either very worried, or they thought it was cool. However, no one seemed to question what an orb really was so this prompted me to do research. I also got some new followers so I hope you go and check out my Instagram feed to keep up on my social media life. Inserting shameless self promotion here: https://www.instagram.com/lisateb







While orbs are cool looking, I no way in any shape or form believe that they are proof of the paranormal or the supernatural. While my photos were not fake, they were mistaken for something spooky. What you saw in my photo was rain drops. It was raining the day I was at the cemetery. While there aren’t orbs in each photo, there is a very good reason for this fact. The rain was intermittent so it was only for a few moments and didn’t appear in any other photos of mine after the rain had stopped. Orbs are not normally faked, but they are logical things. A few years ago, my friend picked up a bunch of dirt and threw it into the air. Her Mom took a photo with the flash on and it looked as though there were hundreds of orbs, both clear and colored, all over the place! It was spooky, but those orbs were not evidence of anything paranormal. They were a great trick of the light and some dust.


Orbs are not proof of anything but something being caught by a camera that is either dirt, rain snow, dust, bugs or other natural things.  There are reasons why historic places seem haunted because they are full of orbs. It is simply because the location is old and there is a lot of dust and other items around that is easily kicked up and photographed when people are walking around. I don’t think that anyone who captures orbs in their photos are faking anything. Please don’t think that at all. They really capturing something, but it’s just not what you think it is. Just because I think there is a logical explanation, doesn’t mean that I’m 100% right or 100% wrong. However, I feel if you are documenting the paranormal, you will need stronger evidence than orbs, which can easily be explained away as something very logical such as dust or rain drops.



What do you think? Do you think orbs are an explanation or proof of the paranormal? Have you had any other evidence to back up your spooky claims beyond any orbs that you have caught? Post your photos below and join the discussion. Also, don’t forget to follow my Instagram account!




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March 18

Irish Legends

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Hello Underdogs, I hope you enjoyed your St. Patrick’s day celebration and are now nursing your hang over by reading this awesome blog! Many of the people living in the United States share ancestry with Ireland, yet so many people have no clue about the rich history and folk lore. Saint Patrick’s day is a whole other story!  I encourage you to do your own research and see where you may have come from, and find out about some of these amazing legends. In the meantime, here are a few stories that are disturbing, spooky and send shivers down your spine!

See the source image

The Legend of the Girl and the Four Leaf Clover:

Once upon a time, there was a little girl in first grade who was learning about St. Patrick’s Day. While she didn’t really care about the pinching, and thought wearing green didn’t matter when her eyes were that color, she did latch on to something that her teacher said. Her teacher told her that there was no such thing as a four leave clover! Astonished, the little girl decided to prove her teacher wrong and find the magical four leave clover! She went outside and search and searched. In fact, she searched all over the yard, the block, and even behind the school itself. She combed through clover and clover, ignoring her running nose and her dirty fingers. She never picked anything, but carefully counted the leaves on each clover she came across. After a few weeks had passed, the young girl found a four leave clover and  picked it, and brought it to school! She presented it to her teacher in front of the entire class who cheered. The teacher was so happy that she told the girl they were going to press the four leave clover in a book and she would give the book, a story about Irish Legends to her at the end of the semester! Unfortunately, the book was stolen a few weeks later and the clover was lost. While this legend may not be terrifying, it is a true story that is mine! I had to include it, and the fact that the clover I worked so hard to get was lost forever is kind of scary in it’s own right!

The Banshee:

One of my favorite, and most terrifying legends that I have ever heard about is the Banshee.  A Banshee is a woman who is theorized to have roots with the fairies, or the fairy world. She is supposed to appear during two different times. First would be to announce the upcoming death of someone in the household. The second would be to show that the person hearing her shrieking means they are about to participate in an adventure that will end with their death. The legend states that she will appear, and cry, shriek, or yell a horrible and unworldly sound that may cause a fear so deep, the person hearing it will die instantly! Who was this woman and how did she become the Banshee? There are several thoughts about this including a young woman who was kidnapped and murdered, and a cursed older woman who was burned as a witch. It seems the Banshee runs in families and is attached to the families that have the prefix, “O'” or “Mac.” There are also legends that the Banshee is not signally death, but crying out because she knows something terrible is about to happen, yet there is nothing that she can do to stop it from happening. Either way, if you hear and unworldly wail, you better run for your life!

See the source image

Fairy Rings:

Fairy Rings are a very real thing in the world! It is a ring of mushrooms, flowers, or even a circle of grass. The legend is anywhere from fun to downright evil. The common thing in each story told about these rings is to leave them alone. They may just be a place for faeries to dance at, and you don’t want to rudely crash their party!  First, it the legends have something to do with nature itself. If you find a fairy ring on your land, then nothing will grow for 7 years. Others view this a sacred ground and if you do anything to harm or destroy a fairy ring, you will pay dearly. There have been cases where airports have been built over a fairy ring, and that results in crashes until they ring was put back and the airport was closed down. There are also legends that anyone who steps in the middle of a fairy ring and they were asked to do so by a fairy, will lose their souls. Or, they will be plagued with their worst memories and deepest fears.



See the source image

Slaugh Sidhe:

If you have never heard of the Sluagh Sidhe before, then consider yourself lucky! While people disagree what these beings look like, they all agree that they are swift, and travel in swarms. Said to be the souls of the dead, the Slaugh Sidhe are the departed who were evil in life and are paying it in the hereafter! In fact, they are considered to be so evil that they aren’t welcome in either Heaven or in Hell! Why would a Slaugh end up coming to your home, or the home of one of your loved ones? You may have accidentally called upon them and they are answering you. First, you might be truly evil and you are attracting them to you. Or, more likely, you are a sad, lonely soul who feels empty for a moment and the Slaugh Sidhe are coming to take advantage of your vulnerable state. Scholars wonder if Edgar Allen Poe’s, “The Raven” was based off of this legend.


There are a few legends from Ireland for your reading entertainment! What are some of your favorites? Leave your comments below and let me know which ones might make your blood run cold?

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March 11

The Lonley Child?

The blog post, “The Lonely Child” is an excerpt of a short story. This post will contain affiliate postings. For more information, check out the Disclaimer page. 

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As I retold the story for the 19th or 20th time, I was even starting to doubt it myself. I knew I sounded like an insane person, but the whole thing really happened. I wanted to stop talking and run away. I didn’t want to be in this small, cold room talking in circles, answering all of their questions until my throat was on fire and my voice was horse. There were no clocks in the room, but one of the officers had a wristwatch on and I could see the time was 3 AM. This means that I had been in this room for at least 5 hours. It seemed like an eternity and my body was feeling every moment of it. The door opened, but I didn’t even look up because I knew what I would see. It would be one more nameless, faceless person demanding to know the story. I’m sure they want to know how that police officer died. So would I, but he was dead when I got there. They keep ignoring that part.

I heard the weight of the metal chair being pulled back, and then forward again after the man had taken a seat. I could smell his dime store cologne filling the room. There were three other male officers in the room, standing with their arms folded, glaring down at me. They had all taken their turns interrogating me, but I couldn’t give them the answers that they wanted. I could only tell them the truth no matter how strange it all was. I heard him take a long breath, and tap his pen on the table. The sound was too much, and my hands involuntarily went to cover my ears. Hours ago, I was terrified for my life for a much different reason, and know I was afraid that I would be blamed for something I never did, and lose my freedom. I’m not sure what is worse.

“Miss Paula? I am Detective Shawn. I know you have had quite a night. I have some questions, and I’m sure you have some answers. You answer the questions that I have, and then you can go home.”

Broken, the tears fell down my cheeks. Of course I didn’t believe him. I didn’t believe any of them. Even thought I had asked for legal help when I got here, it didn’t’ seem to matter one bit. They wanted answers that I couldn’t provide and they may just make me guilty for a horrible crime. At this point, I was so tired and afraid that I could no longer keep my mind from racing. I lifted my head and looked directly at Detective Shawn. He looked like an average man, but something was off about him. He didn’t have any lenses in his glasses. His watch also had crack on the face, and his beard was very uneven. I had the same feeling as I did when I saw the child earlier, and I bite my tongue to keep from screaming.

“Has anyone offered you a drink, Miss Paula?” he asked politely. I shook my head no and he turned to the 3 officers behind him and pointed his finger at the tallest man who’s name that I had forgotten. “Bring Miss Paula a water, and a coffee” He shrugged and left the room, returning a few silent minutes later with a bottle of water and a cup of steaming coffee. He sat them down and went back to stand next to the other goons. “It’s time for you to take a break.” Detective Shawn said to them. “Excuse me?” The tall man asked back, taking a step forward. “I said, it’s time for you to take a break. All of you. Now.” The glare the tall man gave the Detective radiated down my spine. I thought he was going to punch the Detective in the face. He paused, but then quickly backed off and walked out the door, followed by the two other men. The Detective watched for the door to close, and then he stood up and walked over to the camera that had been recording our entire conversation. It looked as though he had turned it off, but I knew they were not going to stop filming, especially when it came to a dead police officer. He walked back over to the table with heavy steps, and sat on the table.

“Where did the child go, Miss Paula.”

I looked at him for a long moment. “There is no child.” I said after a beat. “In case you didn’t know, because that’s what your friends keep telling me.”

“There was a child, Miss Paula. You know it, I know it, they know it, but are either too afraid or too stupid to realize the truth.”

“Are you playing the role of the good cop? I said rudely. I was tired, afraid, and alone, but suddenly, I wanted to fight.  I had been telling my story, which was the truth for hours. However, I was called a liar at least 70 times by the other 3 officers who refused to believe anything about the child that had been there.

“I’m not playing good cop, bad cop. I’m trying to find the truth and I believe you know it.”

“Then look back at the hours of footage of questions that the officers asked and my story being ignored! I’m tired of going over it again and again. I want to go home!”

“I have been watching the whole time.”

“Then you already know everything.”

“I know what the other officers have asked you, but I don’t know the truth. They weren’t asking the right questions.”

I laughed. “Well then Detective Shawn, how could you magically ask me the right questions that haven’t already been asked a hundred times already by your friends?”

“Was the child alive, or dead when he talked with you?”

That snapped me out of it, and I leaned forward. His eyes held my gaze and I realized he was being serious.

“I don’t know.” I answered in a small, but level voice. “The child was unlike anything I have ever seen before, but I didn’t kill that officer.”

“I know you didn’t kill him,” Detective Shawn answered. “I don’t care about that at all.”

“You don’t care?” I shouted. “You don’t care about a dead police officer. Then why in the world…”

“I need to know about the child.” Detective Shawn said firmly. “That officers was already dead, and if we don’t work together, more people are going to die. I need to know about that child. Are you ready to tell me the truth?”

I saw back in my seat and crossed my arms. “No, but I will. Are you ready to hear my answers?”

“No, but we need to find that child.”

I nodded and closed my eyes, gathering my strength. Even thought I had retold the story over and over again to the officers, I was holding back a lot of details about the child because no one believed me. They scoffed at me, they laughed at me. But if they would have seen what I had seen, they wouldn’t have been laughing, they would have been begging for their Mother.

The Detective sat back down in his chair, and pulled out a note pad. “Okay, tell me the real story of what happened to you tonight. Don’t leave out any details.”

“No matter how crazy?”

“No matter how crazy.”

“Detective, answer me one question before we get started.”

“Alright,” he nodded. “Go ahead.”

“What are you?”

After a long moment, the Detective answered. “Tell me about the child, and then I will tell you about what I am.”

Still angry, afraid, and pissed, I  manged to push all that aside. For the first and only time in my life I retold the real story of what happened on a normal day that ended with me being accused of murdering a police officer. The truth did not set me free, it took more for me than I could have ever imagined.


I hope that you have enjoyed my sample of my story, “The Lonely Child.” If you would like a second one, comment below.

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March 4

The Palmer House Ghosts

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Underdogs, one of my favorite places to visit when I’m in Chicago is the Palmer House. It is an incredibly beautiful hotel in the heart of Chicago, located on South Monroe Street. I have stayed there only once, but have come to have a coffee, and just walk around the hotel almost every single time I’m in the city. Even if this hotel is not in your budget, I encourage you to go inside, grab a coffee, and sit in the lobby, or walk around. Of course, you want to make sure you are polite, but I encourage you to check it out. You never know what you will see, including something spooky!

One thing to keep in mind when you are visiting is this is a historic hotel. In the most basic terms, this means that the hotel is old. While the lobby is beautiful, the rooms and bathrooms are a bit smaller. However, the views are spectacular, and the whole experience is awesome! Here is a nice tip for you as well. I suggest that you use their guest service when you are making reservations for dinner and other places around the city. You may be surprised what you get. We used them to book a dinner reservation at the Italian Village, and because of that we got a free appetizer and a desert. They also helped us get cheaper tickets to the theater than I could find anywhere. The biggest complaint I have seen outside of people saying the rooms are too small is the parking. If you are in Chicago, you must realize parking is a problem everywhere and public transportation is so big for a reason. Everyone uses it, so be prepared if you aren’t used to this. Best to not take your car into the city at all, and use the train, and subway to get around.

When we stayed at the Palmer, we were close to the top floor. I’m not going to lie, it seemed very spooky for some reason. You could just feel the electricity in the air as you walked through the halls. The hairs on the back of my neck would slowly pick up every time I went by the small hallway that was close to the elevator. I didn’t want to look because I was afraid of what I would see. It was as though I just knew someone was there, watching and waiting for me to look in their direction. This happened several times since we had to pass this small hallway every single time we went to the elevators. There was a black piano there, which was beautiful. It was not roped off, so in theory, one could go play the piano at any time. More than once, I heard the piano playing while we waited for the elevator. But no one was there, and there was no way anyone could get around to play the piano without walking right past us.

During the day, we kept hearing kids running up and down the hallway. It sounded as though they were bouncing balls, and stomping. We knew it was kids because of the laughter and the light voices of children. I could never hear what they were saying, but they were pretty active. It is Chicago, and the Palmer Hotel, so we all knew it was very busy. However, it got to be annoying the later the hour got. I went down to lobby to get something to drink and decided to stop at the front desk. I really try to be understanding, but it was a bit much. Plus, I was in the hotel with my best friend who I rarely see and we all wanted to be able to enjoy our visit. I asked them polity to see if there is anything that could be done about the kids quieting down. The asked me where I was and I let them know. After checking their computers, they told me no kids were on the floor. I asked if there was a basketball team checked in the Palmer because they must be running around the halls. They answered me that there wasn’t and I went back to my room feeling crazy.

I returned to room and told my friends. We all agreed that we weren’t crazy, and we really heard the kids. So of course we decided the next logical thing to do was to go on an armature ghost hunt. We took our keys, and cameras and headed out the room. We walked up and down the hallway, enjoying the black and white photos on the walls. It is so easy to image what life would have been like in the height of this hotel. While we took many photos and even used our recorders in an attempt to pick up EVP, we never caught anything. However, that doesn’t mean that we didn’t have personal experiences. Every single one of us heard voices. Each of us heard our names being called, and not by the other people in our party. I kept seeing things out of the corner of my eye. For some reason, I thought I was finally brave enough to face my weekend fear, the piano.

I walk over to the piano with my friends behind me. We didn’t see anything, and for a time, we talked about why we had such a strange feeling here. We theorized that we could be in something called a fear cage. A fear cage is when a person starts to feel fear, paranoia, and even itching and hearing high pitched sounds in certain areas of a house, or building. The reasoning behind this happening is their is a disruption between the electrical work and the person.  A lot of electrical items in one place have been proven to cause these types of disturbances in people. For example, many people feel have a common fear of the basement. This usually stems from the fact that there are exposed wires and lots of items such as washers, dryers, and heating units in one small area. That’s a lot of energy that is being contained. The older the builder, and the older the wiring, the more this happens. We concluded that this was probable until I saw a girl.

My friends had started to walk away when I got that feeling once more that someone was behind me. It was strong and I felt it down my spine. It made my knees shake. I didn’t want to look back, but I had to see once and for all what was going on behind my back. I turned around to see a little girl who was around 7 years old. She had long light brown hair pulled back in a pony tail. She was wearing a long, white nightgown and was staring at me as she stood right next to the piano. That’s when I opened my mouth to ask her if she was okay. The little girl looked right into my eyes, but didn’t say a thing. I knew that I only had moments with her, so I asked if she needed help. Again no words came out of her mouth, but a smile came across her face. I had a feeling that she was happy, and she melted away. I asked my friends if they saw the girl, and both of them said yes.

We agreed to not speak of the incident at all, but once we got back to our rooms, we would each write down our experience and then share it with one another. The reason behind that was so we would have all the details we knew written down without accidentally influencing one another. If we had a similar experience, then we would  know that something spooky had really just happened. No one talked until we were all done, and then we took turns reading out loud what we had seen and experienced. Each of us had written down a young girl from 7 to 10 years old, white dress or nightgown who didn’t talk. Each of us saw she was by the piano with one hand on it, watching us. Each of us had the feeling that she wasn’t afraid, trapped, or hurt, but happy where she was at. It was a pretty cool experience, but we have no “real proof.” After walking around the hotel the next day, right before check out, I saw a painting of a little girl that looked a lot like the child I saw the night before.



The Palmer Hotel is beautiful and full of history. If you have a chance to stay there, try it out at least once. If you can’t, at least visit because there is so many beautiful things to see. It is a must to see the grand peacock doors that were designed by Louis Tiffany. They are so beautiful and there is nothing like them anywhere else in the world. While the Palmer house may or may not have ghosts, you will definitely have some good stories during your visit. What do you think? Have you ever stayed or visited the Palmer hotel? Do you think that the Palmer is haunted? Leave your comments below!






February 18

Winchester House of Confusion

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I have always wanted to see the Winchester House. It is a story that I have heard about for years, and everyone seems to agree that the house is not only haunted, but a haven for the spirits. Located in San Jose, California, the Winchester House is unlike anything else built in the Untied States, or anywhere is the world. The history is long and strange, full of sadness, fear, ghosts, curses, and lies. A movie has recently been released about the Winchester House, and there are countless stories and specials about this location. No matter what you believe about ghosts and goblins, there is no doubt about this architecture marvel. Let’s take a look at the strange story of how this wondrous house was built.

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Sarah Winchester was married to her husband, William until his death in 1881. They had no surviving children. William Winchester was one of the founders of the Winchester riffles which made them extremely rich. After the death of her husband, and daughter, Sarah found herself very alone, and very depressed. Many reported that she sought out the help of a Spiritualist who did communications with the other side. During this time, Spiritualism was huge, and it took advantage of many people who were sad and grieving. This was the belief that the living and the dead could communicate through people such as mediums. They would usually gather together with several people and put on some what of a show with moving objects and candle light to tell their story. It would have not been unusual for a woman in her position to seek out the guidance of a Spiritualist, however, this story has never been confirmed.

The legend goes that during one of the many seances that Sarah Winchester held, the medium gave a strange and chilling message from the other side. It seems that the spirits of the very people that were killed by the guns they profited off of were not happy with Sarah at all. In fact, they gave her an order to purchase a home, and never stop building the house. If Sarah Winchester failed to to this, then the spirits would take revenge on her and she would die. Sarah took this threat to heart, and purchased a Queen Victorian Style home and started renovations that would last the next 38 years. It was told that Sarah had work crews working around the clock. When they ran of conventional things to build in the house, they took to unconventional things such as doors that went nowhere, and rooms that were too small for any human to pass through. This was to appease the spirits, but they reportedly haunted Sarah until the day that she passed away.

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While a great ghost story, there is little to no evidence that any of this is true. Even the official story of the Winchester House on the tour tells strange and thrilling ghost stories. It is fun and exciting, but is any of it actually real?  People seem to ignore that maybe Sarah was not motivated by ghosts at all, but her own vision. Sarah Winchester was interviewed several times while she was building, and she spoke of how she adored designing. While her plans were strange, she designed many of the rooms herself. While she did feel guilty of the lives lost that built her family’s fortune, she was not crazy as some would want her to seem. She was a woman who knew what she wanted to do, and designed it herself without asking permission or giving explanation. There were in fact years that went by without any building, that was a direct contradiction to her supposedly working non stop to keep herself alive. There is no doubt that Sarah was depressed and had a hard time dealing with the loss of her loved ones. However her strange behavior and belief in ghost may have been nothing more than a board of men trying to make the woman who held a lot of power seem feeble minded. Today, she would have been known as an innovator, while then she was known as essential and crazy.

No matter the truth of the story, the house itself is site to behold. No blueprints of this house exists and even years after Sarah Winchester’s death, they are still discovering new things about the home. There seems to be a running them of the number 13, which has given this house another layer of fear and curses. The house is a maze, and it can be dangerous since there are tricks in the floor, staircases to nowhere, and door that could cause a person to fall to their death. There is no good estimate of the size of this house, and it seems like it grows on it’s own due to tricks of the eye. The whole thing makes a wonderful ghost story. In fact, Steven King’s series Rose Red was based loosely off the legend of the Winchester House.

While it’s an excellent story, no one is really sure if the ghost stories are real or not. Or, if Sarah Winchester lost her place in the history of design and building due to the fact that she was labeled as crazy. The house is alive on it’s own, and there are secrets living within the walls. When the recently found a safe built into the wall that was covered by many mazes, they found a lock of Williams, and a lock of her daughter’s hair. Perhaps the house was not haunted by ghosts at all, but a way for Sarah Winchester to preserve the things that really mattered in her life.



February 4

Sorrel Weed House: A Haunted Affair

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The Sorreel Weed House is a place full of a long history of death, fear, and a deadly love story. This will be my first post in a series about spooky stories that will include something to do with  an affair of the heart. It’s February, so of course that means it’s Valentine’s day.  We like to look at the stranger things in life, so that means writing about the love stories that were so strong in life, that will even carry over into death. The Sorrel Weed House carries such a torrid love affair, that it makes this home one of the most haunted places in Savannah, Georgia. I got to visit the Sorreel Weed House and go on our tour several years ago. It was one of the most memorable events in my life, and the experience will stay with me forever. The love story is full of anger, death, and terror, with a score woman taking her revenge beyond the grave.

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The Sorreel Weed House is located in Savannah Georgia, and was built in the 1840’s by Francis Sorreel. It is one of the first houses in Savannah to become preserved as a Historic Home. The house stayed in the Soreel Weed family until the 1900’s, and it eventually became a museum and tourist attraction. Not only is this house one of the most beautiful in the United States, but it also has quite a history. It was actually used in a few scenes from the movie, “Forrest Gump,” and has had several shows film there including Ghost Hunters. It has also been a must see for anyone who is going on a ghost tour while they are in Savannah.

Francis Sorreel was rich plantation owner and business man. He was married to his first wife for only a few years when she passed away from natural cause. Francis then married his dead wife’s little sister, Matilda, who was quite a bit younger than Francis. After they married, Francis business ventures took off and he become on of the most prominent people is Savannah’s social gatherings. He also was able to travel all over the world, many times leaving his young wife at home by herself. Rumors of Francis having affairs swirled all around town. It was pretty well known that Francis had an eye for the ladies, and it hit very close to home. The Soreel’s had a slave named Molly who seemed to be his favorite. He even moved her into a room in the carriage house where they could have their affair behind closed doors, and away from judging eyes. At least that is what Francis believed.

Matilda supposedly walked in on Francis and Molly having an affair in the carriage house. This made Matilda so hurt, and so angry that she ran out the stairs, and threw herself out the window. She died immediately after falling to the ground. A few weeks passed when Molly’s dead body was found hanging in the carriage house. Her death was also ruled a suicide. However, most of society didn’t believe any of the official story. There are a few theories about the deaths of these women.  First, it was theorized that Matilda and Molly were friends. The whole affair was  a set up that went horribly wrong. It is thought that the women confronted Francis on his manipulation of both women, when he got very angry and pushed Matilda out the window, causing her death. Molly was afraid for her life and either killed herself out of fear and hurt from losing her friend. Or, she was killed by Francis and it was made to look like a staged suicide.See the source image

Of course, this is the tale that you are told while you are taking a tour. However, you may have to take each story at face value. While a great story, only part of it may be true. There is no evidence to show that Molly ever existed. This could be due to the fact that proper records were not kept due to the fact that Molly was reportedly a slave girl. While Matilda did indeed exist and did kill herself, some people blame it on “madness.” Her neighbors who witnessed the jump said she died after a loud argument, and she jumped out the window in a moment of insanity. No one knows the truth, but there have been a lot of strange and unsettling things that happened in the house, and in the carriage house since that day. This includes seeing a woman leap out of the window, hearing voices, orbs, strange lights, and even screams.

When I was there, we got to go on a mini ghost hunt which included equipment. We were able to go into the carriage house in pitch black to explore and record EVP’s. This stands for electric voice phenomenon, which is the theory that a recording device will pick up more than you realize at the moment of recording. For example, if you are recording a normal conversation, you may hear voices of the dead going over your conversation, or even joining in the conversation that you are having. It was a wonderful tour, and lots of fun to see everything. I tried to keep in mind that fear can drive your imagination. Plus people are telling you ghost stories, thus setting your mind up for being afraid.

The one thing that spooked me was an EVP recording that happened while we were there. We had a very small tour group. The only females there were myself, my cousin, my Aunt, my best friend, and one other young lady with her boyfriend. While in the house, there was  an amazing hand drawn map that was in glass. We stopped to look at it, but because it was darker, it was very hard to see it. While the voice recorder was running, my friend took a picture of the map so we could see it better later. Back at the hotel, we put in our headphones and in and listened to what we recorded. Right as my friend was taking a photo, a woman in a very loud, and very thick southern accent said into the recorder, “That’s right honey, take a picture!” The other lady in the tour with us didn’t have an accent, and neither did any of us! It was strange and unnerving.

No matter if you believe in the paranormal or not, the Sorrel Weed House is a must see when your in Savannah. It holds a lot of history and amazing architecture.  It is a landmark for a reason, and the house of full of beauty and mystery. It’s okay to have fun, and be entertained by ghost stories. However, keep in mind that a lot of these things you hear on a tour are for entertainment. Many people have their own experiences, and they are real to them. Ours was real to all of us who were involved, and I am a huge skeptic. No matter what the ghost stories are, a very tragic love story did happen here that ended in the death of Matilda. Ghosts from the sadness and the history of this place do surround the home. You may just be able to feel it.


January 7

These Things I Believe

Underdogs, I realize that my wonderful readers may not know me very well, including what I believe. I thought since it’s supernatural Sunday, I would give you a list of things that may seem spooky or other worldly and let you know what I believe. What I like about beliefs is that they can grow and change. What I don’t like about them is some people hold on to what they believe with all their might. However, it might be very damaging to do so. For example, believing that looking at the sky will turn your hair purple. You spend your entire life looking down, and miss a good chunk of the world around you. Here are some things that I believe.


I have always believed that ghosts are real. I think that I have had plenty of things happen in my life that makes me believe that there is something out there beyond us. I have seen people that aren’t there. I have heard things such as my name being called. I have had that prickling feeling down the back of my neck where all the hairs stand on end.  It’s such a strange thing, but I think ghosts are real. I am a skeptic, so I do look at each story and try to take each one of them as they come. There are some that I can disprove, and move on from. However, there are several that I can’t find any explanation for, and ghosts are a big one.


It would be crazy to believe we are alone in the universe. We have no clue how big the known universe is since we have no technology to help us. The universe could be as big as infinity for all we know. I think it is very vain to believe that we are the only living and intelligent beings. The odds are so vastly against that, I don’t think it’s even calculable. We are not alone, and I think we have had visitors. I think we will have proof in our lifetime that aliens are real.

3. Men in Black:

There are 3 movies and a Marvel comic out about this topic. I’m not talking about any of them. I’m talking about the group of people who apparently show up after an encounter with a UFO. I don’t have permission to talk about the story that I have heard, however I think these beings are real. They are supposed to be men who are bald, and wearing black hat and suits. They look identical and seem to read your thoughts. The MIB have been described as looking as though they were wearing masks. Like the skin was not real, and was pulled over like a mask. They seem like they are wearing make up and don’t look “real” at all. I think they are the keepers of alien information and they are trying to control what they can shield from the public.

4. Reincarnation:

This is where people believe that after you die, you will come back again as another person. Over half of the world believe this, while the other half does not. I think reincarnation is very real. I have written about some of my experiences in the past and will expand on them later if you want to hear my stories. I have memories of things that did not happen in this life. I don’t think this, I know it to be true with ever fiber of my being.

5. The Lock Ness Monster:

Something that is a bit funny. I had to add it in here. I think it’s possible for beings like the Lock Ness Monster to be very real. Nessie is a magical being that lives in Scotland. There is no proof outside of some old photos. Could a huge being that we don’t really know anything about be real? Of course! We haven’t explored the depths of every pool of water or every ocean. I’m sure there are animals that we can’t even imagine because we have seen so little of the number of animals on and off land. Nessie could be real.


Those are just a few things that I believe. There is a lot of wiggle room on these beliefs. I question them, but I think it is always healthy to do just that. If you don’t break it down and explore why you believe in certain things, you are doing yourself a disservice. You need to understand why you believe something before you are willing to debate and defend it.

Do you believe in any of these things? Leave your comments below.