August 21


Hello Underdogs, it’s time to try to get back into the swing of things. Try it Tuesday’s product is called Spascriptions. This is something that I picked up while I was at Walmart. Both my roommate and I were looking for something new to use on our faces, and this seemed like a good choice. It’s a 3 pack of gel face masks, with one mask applicator. In this box is 3 different gel masks that are 1.7 oz each. They all are all for different skin concerns such as Rose (deep cleaning). Gold(smooth fine line and wrinkles), and Cucumber(calming). This product was $8.99 and was not on sale. I didn’t have any sort of coupons either, but seeing that you are getting 3 masks and one good size applicator, it doesn’t seem like a bad deal. Here is my review of the product, and my thoughts.

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I decided to try out the Gold gel mask from the Spascirptions box. I’m not going to lie, I had visions of my face being gold and I would look like an Oscar. Sadly, that didn’t happen, but putting on the mask gave me a bit of a glitter look, so I sparkled like the queen that I am! I do want to say that the box itself, with all the products inside, was not easy to open. I had to rip it in half in order to get all 4 parts out. That wasn’t too much fun, but it was packaged so nothing was going anywhere, so I guess that was a good thing.


For those of you who have followed along with my Try it Tuesday before, you know how much I dislike having a scent to things that you put on your face. Outside of a natural smell of the ingredients, I think adding any sort of scent can really have an affect on your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin like myself. That is why I was very happy when I opened the jar and smelled next to nothing! There was a very, very light scent to the Gold, but it was nothing more than what I would consider a natural smell. That made me super happy. The applicator was very easy to use, but there really wasn’t directions to state how much to put on your face. They just say apply evenly after you clean your face. I wish these products, like Spascriptions, would be more specific on how much to put on your face. I guessed and put on a few small scoops. To my delight, my second favorite thing happened when using a face mask, which is the cooling effect. This gel mask cooled as quickly as I put it on my face. I love when that happens.

It says on that Gold container that this is a 15 minute mask. I went and sent my timer and went about my business. Again, I’m not sure if I put on too much, or too little. I think I may have put too much on my forehead because it was still gooey after 15 minutes. The rest of my face was kind of dry, but I could feel the gel mask on it still. Those 15 minutes were pretty uneventful outside of that. That is actually a good thing because I didn’t feel itchy, or have any sort of adverse reaction. I also didn’t feel the need to go wash off my face before the end of the timer like I have in the past with other products. I then used a washcloth with warm water to take off the gel mask. It was also super easy to get off, and I didn’t feel like I had any left over film on me at all.

This is only the first time that I have used this product, and Spascriptions recommends that you use the product 2 to 3 times a week. I know you won’t feel a whole lot different after one use. However, there are things that I look for when using a face mask even if it’s for the first time. First is smell, second is cooling or heating, third is if it hurts or itches my face, and fourth is how my skin feels after removing. My skin actually felt tighter, especially on my forehead, and cheeks, which is where I think I got the most product. My face didn’t feel super smooth, or soft, but even after an hour my face felt much tighter. Gold claimed to help with fine lines and wrinkles so I would assume that this is why, and it is doing what it is supposed to do.

As far as my thoughts on this product, it’s not too bad. I am impressed that after an hour, my face still feels tighter after using the Gold mask. That’s pretty good. It’s not overly bad, or annoying, but I can feel a difference. My face seems a bit softer as time goes on, and it doesn’t look any different, which isn’t a bad thing since this is only the first time using it. I would continue to use Spascriptions because it wasn’t harsh. I wish that the directions were clearer on how much product you should put on your face. That is not uncommon, but it is helpful to have a bit of a guide. The price is not bad for what you get. I like that you have 3 choices for your skin needs in this one package.  I love that it doesn’t smell and it cools off your face. I am giving this a 4 out of 5 stars. It loses one point due to the lack of clear application directions.


Have you ever tried Spascirptions? What is your favorite gel face masks? Comment below!



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March 18

Irish Legends

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Hello Underdogs, I hope you enjoyed your St. Patrick’s day celebration and are now nursing your hang over by reading this awesome blog! Many of the people living in the United States share ancestry with Ireland, yet so many people have no clue about the rich history and folk lore. Saint Patrick’s day is a whole other story!  I encourage you to do your own research and see where you may have come from, and find out about some of these amazing legends. In the meantime, here are a few stories that are disturbing, spooky and send shivers down your spine!

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The Legend of the Girl and the Four Leaf Clover:

Once upon a time, there was a little girl in first grade who was learning about St. Patrick’s Day. While she didn’t really care about the pinching, and thought wearing green didn’t matter when her eyes were that color, she did latch on to something that her teacher said. Her teacher told her that there was no such thing as a four leave clover! Astonished, the little girl decided to prove her teacher wrong and find the magical four leave clover! She went outside and search and searched. In fact, she searched all over the yard, the block, and even behind the school itself. She combed through clover and clover, ignoring her running nose and her dirty fingers. She never picked anything, but carefully counted the leaves on each clover she came across. After a few weeks had passed, the young girl found a four leave clover and  picked it, and brought it to school! She presented it to her teacher in front of the entire class who cheered. The teacher was so happy that she told the girl they were going to press the four leave clover in a book and she would give the book, a story about Irish Legends to her at the end of the semester! Unfortunately, the book was stolen a few weeks later and the clover was lost. While this legend may not be terrifying, it is a true story that is mine! I had to include it, and the fact that the clover I worked so hard to get was lost forever is kind of scary in it’s own right!

The Banshee:

One of my favorite, and most terrifying legends that I have ever heard about is the Banshee.  A Banshee is a woman who is theorized to have roots with the fairies, or the fairy world. She is supposed to appear during two different times. First would be to announce the upcoming death of someone in the household. The second would be to show that the person hearing her shrieking means they are about to participate in an adventure that will end with their death. The legend states that she will appear, and cry, shriek, or yell a horrible and unworldly sound that may cause a fear so deep, the person hearing it will die instantly! Who was this woman and how did she become the Banshee? There are several thoughts about this including a young woman who was kidnapped and murdered, and a cursed older woman who was burned as a witch. It seems the Banshee runs in families and is attached to the families that have the prefix, “O'” or “Mac.” There are also legends that the Banshee is not signally death, but crying out because she knows something terrible is about to happen, yet there is nothing that she can do to stop it from happening. Either way, if you hear and unworldly wail, you better run for your life!

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Fairy Rings:

Fairy Rings are a very real thing in the world! It is a ring of mushrooms, flowers, or even a circle of grass. The legend is anywhere from fun to downright evil. The common thing in each story told about these rings is to leave them alone. They may just be a place for faeries to dance at, and you don’t want to rudely crash their party!  First, it the legends have something to do with nature itself. If you find a fairy ring on your land, then nothing will grow for 7 years. Others view this a sacred ground and if you do anything to harm or destroy a fairy ring, you will pay dearly. There have been cases where airports have been built over a fairy ring, and that results in crashes until they ring was put back and the airport was closed down. There are also legends that anyone who steps in the middle of a fairy ring and they were asked to do so by a fairy, will lose their souls. Or, they will be plagued with their worst memories and deepest fears.



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Slaugh Sidhe:

If you have never heard of the Sluagh Sidhe before, then consider yourself lucky! While people disagree what these beings look like, they all agree that they are swift, and travel in swarms. Said to be the souls of the dead, the Slaugh Sidhe are the departed who were evil in life and are paying it in the hereafter! In fact, they are considered to be so evil that they aren’t welcome in either Heaven or in Hell! Why would a Slaugh end up coming to your home, or the home of one of your loved ones? You may have accidentally called upon them and they are answering you. First, you might be truly evil and you are attracting them to you. Or, more likely, you are a sad, lonely soul who feels empty for a moment and the Slaugh Sidhe are coming to take advantage of your vulnerable state. Scholars wonder if Edgar Allen Poe’s, “The Raven” was based off of this legend.


There are a few legends from Ireland for your reading entertainment! What are some of your favorites? Leave your comments below and let me know which ones might make your blood run cold?

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January 30

Bubble Face Mask

I was super excited to get to try out a bubble face mask for the very first time! This bubble mask is from a company called H20 Beauty, called Rapids Soothing Probiotic Bubble Mask. I have seen these all over the place, and was super excited to try them out. I have seen and read enough about them to know that these bubble masks may really get all over the place. In fact, some people have so much bubbles on their face after trying these masks out, that you can’t even seen their faces any longer! I read the directions a few times and kept this in mind as I applied. Here is my experience with this bubble face mask.


First, I started with a clean face. This wasn’t outlined in the directions. However, a majority of the time, it is recommend to start with a clean face in order to get the best result. It took a bit to get the package open, so much so that I had to get scissors to cut it open. That isn’t a huge deal to me because it is really keeping the package sealed. The back of the package does state that if your skin is mad at you, this is the best thing for you to use! I was curious because I have used several face masks in the past that make this claim, but are actually painful or cause a lot of itching.

My first thing is the sniff test. There is a very light fragrance coming from this bubble mask. It isn’t horrible, but this is one of my pet peeves when it comes to face masks. I think they should only have a natural smell and nothing added to them because this is one thing that could cause a lot of skin irritation. The scent was sweet, like a sweet tart, or jolly rancher. It was just a hint of the smell so I was confident to try it out.




The bubble mask itself was clear, which surprised me. It also was thick. The best way to describe the look was a more bubbled version of rubber cement that is clear. It felt very heavy and stick, which again was a surprise because bubbles are so light and airy. The directions said to spread a thick layer over the face, and expect bubbles from the mask to happen pretty fast. This wasn’t a joke. I spread it from the left side, to the right and almost instantly, the left side started to bubble up. I could hear it, and feel it. For a few moments, I thought that only half of my face would work because the right side wasn’t bubbling. After about 30 seconds, it all started and this thick sticky mask turned into a soft and bubbling mask.


I set my timer for 12 minutes since it suggested to leave the mask on between 10 and 15 minutes. There was not a moment where I didn’t feel something the entire time the bubble mask was on my face. It bubbled, foamed and tickled. It made me laugh a few times. It was an odd feeling. Normally, if I was doing a different type of face mask, I would put it on, then go about my business doing work, or chores. This time I didn’t feel as though I could because I thought the bubble mask would fall off my face. In fact, it felt like it was dripping down my face. It wasn’t, but it felt that way. This mask was so active, that it seemed as though it were moving. It was a strange feeling. I could also hear the sound of the bubbles foaming. This could bother some people, but I tuned it out.

I went into the kitchen to fix some coffee, however, and all of a sudden realized that the foaming had stopped. I couldn’t hear or feel them on my face any longer. The alarm went off about a minute after I made that realization and my face was clear of any bubbles. This could have been due to the fact that I may have needed to put a thicker layer of mask on in the first place. I’m honestly not too sure about that, or if the bubbles just go away at a certain point. The direction says to massage your face for at least 30 seconds before washing your face off with warm water. I was taken aback at home sticky my face felt. Again, this is a huge contract between the soft bubbles and the stickiness left of my face. I was a bit concerned that it was going to be hard to get this stuff off my face, but it easily came off with the warm water. I wouldn’t try colder water at all because I could see it being an issue getting it all off your face.

My thoughts on this bubble mask were pretty good. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t have my face itch or bother me while I was using a face mask. It felt strange with the foaming, and it did have a sound that I can see would annoy some people. It did cool that face, which as many of you know, is one of my favorite things! I love a mask that cools. The downsides were it felt as though the bubble mask was going to slush off my face. I didn’t feel like I could do anything but make some coffee while I was waiting because the mask really did feel like it was coming off of my face. That is also a personal preference, but I like to feel like I can do other things while I have a face mask on and not be restricted because it felt like it could fall me. Because of that reason only, I gave this bubble mask a 4 out of 5 stars. Otherwise, I really loved this mask and I will be trying it again!



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November 28

Hydrating Collagen Eye Patches

Hello Underdogs, I hope you are taking care of yourself during the holiday season. I am trying something new today called Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads. This is something that I got in my most recent Birch Box, and I have been waiting to try these out. (not a sponsor) If you have never tried Birch Box before, it is a subscription box that you get once a month for $9.99. It has 5 items that are skin care and make-up based for you to try out. They give you a good sample size, and then they give you information on how to purchase the full size product. It’s a stressful time of year, so it’s nice to be able to have a sample of these eye pads to put on and watch some YouTube while I try to relax. Well, at least I attempted to relax, but these eye patches had other plans.

The eye patch comes in a vacuumed sealed pouch. You can see the outline of the eye patches in the package, it is packed so tightly. I have never tired anything from this company before which is called Wilmaschumann European Skin Care.  The directions say to apply the eye patches after cleaning your face. Leave on for around 20 minutes, and then don’t rinse after you are done. This is a one use only, but I kind of added my own liberties to that direction. I cleaned my face, and then opened the package. The directions do say to use the eye patches immediately after you open it, so I tried to work quickly. Apparently, too quickly because I didn’t realize that the inside isn’t sealed, but in a tray that looks like what you get your contact lenses come in. However, it’s not sealed like contacts, so the liquid went everywhere!

The directions also say to look at the photo on the package to see how to apply. They have one eye patch under an eye, and the other around the lips. I thought it was an eye patch, as per what it says on the package, so I just applied them under my eyes. The eye patches are a white gel like I would equate to a jelly soap. It keeps it’s shape, but you can ripe it in half. It is thin, and not super sticky. That might have been a different story if all the liquid hadn’t come out when I tried to open it up. It is easy to apply, and it doesn’t tell you which side to use to apply to your skin. The eye patches are cooling, and there is a very, very hint of a smell of roses.

The eye patches didn’t stay on very well. They kept sliding down my face. I ended up putting on the eye patches, and then put my glasses on over the top to keep them from going down my face. I noticed pressure after a few minutes, and I kept checking to see if I had accidentally gotten some of the stuff in my eye. While I didn’t, it felt like it had, so I moved the eye patch back away from my eye zone. However, I have had these off for about a half hour now and I still feel it. I left these on for 20 minutes, and after removing them, I lightly massaged any left over liquid into my skin. Again, there was a lot of pressure around my eyes, but I could see a difference because my the area under my eyes didn’t seem as puffy.

I then decided to flip the side and try out what the package had said, and put them around my lips. I tore them in half and put them around my lip, and the full second one on my forehead where I have some wrinkles. I didn’t feel anything around my lip and my forehead. I left those on for about 20 minutes, but I honestly didn’t even see any difference at all. It was cooling, however, which is always a huge benefit in my book!

I really didn’t enjoy these eye patches. The reason is because of the pressure. It wasn’t there before I tried out the eye patches, but it was for awhile after I took them off. It was actually to the point where it was uncomfortable and my eyes were watering. The puffiness was a lot less, and I could visually see the difference. However, I don’t think the amount of pressure under the eye is worth it at all. Even though the scent was minimal, it was a bit much because it’s right by your nose. It goes right up your smeller if you want it to or not. I’m glad this was part of a bigger patches because I wouldn’t get these on my own. While the eye patches do what the packages says it should do, I did’t like it. The amount of pressure that went on under my eyes was too much. My skin got very tight, but it was actually bothering me to the point where I wish that I hadn’t put them on in the first place.

I wouldn’t try these again do to the pressure. It was painful, and I didn’t care if it did what the package said that it would do. If you like to not have puffy eyes, then I would recommend trying out these eye patches. However, you may have the same reaction that I did, so you may want to think twice about your purchase. If beauty is pain, then I should look like a rock star today! I would give this a 2 out of 5 stars. It works, but it is too painful to care about the results.


Have you ever tried a product like these eye patches, and actually felt some pain? Leave your comments below.


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August 29

Try it Tuesday: Black Mineral Mask

Hello Underdogs, today for Try it Tuesday,  I am trying out a pore mask called Black Mineral Mask. This is a product for Avon which is something that I sell. Yes, this is shameless self-promotion because Mama has got to eat! Please follow my link to my Avon page for this and other deals: I know that there is a huge charcoal craze going on at the moment. However, this is a mineral mask with iron and other minerals. The tube comes in one size which is a 2.5 oz squeeze bottle. The cost is $6.99 and based on the use from me and my roommate, I think you can get a between 6 to 10 uses in this bottle. With most face mask costing between 1 and 15 dollars, this isn’t a bad deal. I went ahead and gave this a try to see if it was worth the price, and if I would recommend it to anyone.


The directions state to spread an even, and thin layer over the skin. Leave the mask on your skin for between 10 to 15 minutes, or until your face is grey. The mask will go from black to grey, which is when you know it is time to go a head and take off the mask. You will need to use warm to hot water to remove this mask. Cold or room temp will work, however, it will take longer to get everything off. Because I have a nose ring, I always like to mention if I keep it on or take it off when I use face products. I decided to go ahead and keep it on to try and see if it would make much of a difference. I didn’t have an issue keeping it on, so if you have a facial piercing, you don’t need to remove it in order to use this mask. Remember that you will have a small piece of foil to remove before use.


I applied the Black Mineral Mask to a clean face. I smelled the product and I had a hard time pinning down how describe the scent. It is a strong scent, but I can’t say that it is chemical, just strong. It is not fruity or anything like that, so I just think it smells like the combination of the minerals. It isn’t so strong that I would not use this product. It was very light, and cool application process. It wasn’t runny or hard to apply at all. I smoothed around my entire face, avoiding my eyes and my lips,  and then went to hang out in the living room as I waited for the mask to turn colors.



It didn’t take long at all for the Black Mineral Mask to start to harden. In face, within about two minutes, I could feel my skin begin to tighten up. Before long, it had gone from feeling tight in a few places, to very tight and feeling like my skin was being pulled. I felt this the most in my cheeks, and the middle of my forehead. As the mask hardened, it became harder and harder to talk or smile. I had light itching, but since I have a skin condition, I knew that could be an issue. It wasn’t a lot, nor was it enough for me to stop the face mask. I think most people will not have any sort of an issue with your skin itching while using this mask, however, anything is possible.  As always, you know your situation better than anyone, if you don’t think you can use this product, then it’s not worth the risk!




I was going to set my alarm to for 10 minutes as the directions say, but decided that I would just wait to see how long it would take for my face to turn from all black to grey. It was pretty close to what the bottle says, so you don’t need to use an alarm, but just pay attention to what is going on with your face. By the time I washed it off, my face had become very tight, and I looked like a weeping angel. Again, you will need to use warm water to remove the mask. It wasn’t hard, but colder water takes a lot longer.



After removal, I patted my face dry and waited for about 10 minutes to even feel my face. I think it takes a bit of time for your face to calm down after doing any sort of treatment like a Black Mineral Mask. I also don’t like putting on any sort of lotion on my face directly after a mask, in order to give my skin some time to breathe. One thing to keep in mind is that your face may not feel smooth. In fact, your skin may feel dry. That is normal since the mask is taking away the black heads and gross stuff out of your face. I think to get the optimal experience, you will need to clean your face first, and then after about an hour use the Black Mineral Face Mask. My roommate did not wash her face first, and I did. Her face felt more filmy after, while mine felt a bit softer and I didn’t feel any. There was light itching for both of us, but again, nothing that wasn’t expected.


Final thoughts on Black Mineral Mask is that it worked as directed. It didn’t leave my face overly itchy, and it did dry out the gross stuff. I wish it was a peel off mask instead, but for a mask like this, I think it was a pretty good deal. I would get this again. I really felt my face and the skin tighten and even pull while I was waiting for it to dry. I would give the Black Mineral Mask a rating of 4 out of 5. The reason I didn’t give it a 5 is because I  personally would prefer a mask that I could just peel off. But this will be a nice mask to use a few times a week.


What do you think? Have you tried the Black Mineral Mask at all?  Leave your comments below.

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July 25

Try it Tuesday: Face Mask

Hello Underdogs,

It’s try it Tuesday! I am excited to try a brand new face mask which I found at Walgreen’s for $2.49 before taxes. The mask is from Garnier called Skin Active Moister Bomb. This is a mask that you place on your face and leave on for 15 minutes. It was quite an experience. This came in a big pink, foil package that was bigger than my hand. When I opened the package, which was very easy, I was met was a light floral smell. I am a bit uneasy about putting anything perfumed on my skin, but it didn’t smell overwhelming. I am assuming it was natural so I went ahead and tried it. The second big thing I noticed is how sticky this mask is. They aren’t kidding in the least when they call it a Moister Bomb! It is actually very moist and considering what the product is for, that makes a lot of sense, but wow! It was pretty excessive.The following is a photo journal of what went on, and my thoughts on this Garnier product.


  1. This is the back of the product. It is a 4 step process to place the mask on your face. I had to look at this a few times because it said to make sure that you put the blue part facing up. That was understandable. Then it asks you to peel away the blue part. Let me tell you, that was almost impossible! You are supposed to smooth over your face, then peel the blue part off. That was so much easier said than done. I tried 3 times to peel it off my face before giving up and then taking it off of my face take off the blue part, and placed the white back on my face. I was then able to smooth it out. I instantly wondered if I should have taken out my nose ring.

2. This is the blue part of the mask. I literally have no clue what the purpose of this part. I understand it was so sort of barrier or protection, but it wasn’t like this was the part that was going on my pretty face. The blue part is peeled from the outside. Personally, I am annoyed with the waste of this blue part, and wonder if it is something that I can use later if I put it in a zip lock bag.  I also felt as though I was in Silence of the Lambs or something like that. I put the blue part aside and tried to think of what to do with it so it wouldn’t go to waste, while I attempted to smooth the mask on my face so I could still breath.



3. After several attempts, here is the mask on my face! It feels as strange as it looks. Again, I have visions of Silence of the Lambs running through my head. I found that it didn’t matter if I kept my nose ring on or not, so if you have a nose ring, you don’t really need to worry about it with this kind of mask off because it does not harden. If you feel better, by all means, take it off, but you don’t have to to get the full effect. I smoothed it out, washed my hands, and set my alarm clock for 15 minutes as the package instructs. I went and watched TV while I waited to see what would happen. The first thing I noticed was the itching around my eyebrows, and the middle of my forehead. I do have very sensitive skin and it sometimes does not take a lot to have any sort of reaction.

I also noticed that this face mask was very cool. Meaning that it was cooling, which is very nice. That never stopped, so the entire time that I had the mask on, my face was cool. I am a huge fan of  a mask that cools the skin! My face also felt tighter in my cheeks, and my forehead. The itching also didn’t stop, but it wasn’t so bad that I had to take the mask off. I decided to keep it on and see what would happen next.


4. After my alarm went off, I quickly went to take this off. Normally, I am not so strict about the amount of time that I leave a mask on. If it goes for a few more minutes, it’s not that big of a deal. However, since I had itching and it didn’t stop, I wanted to go ahead and take it off at the recommended time. The directions say to peel off the mask, and then rub in the excess mask stuff into the skin. Then, you do not rinse your face. I took off the mask with ease, but there was lots of excess left on my face. I ended up massaging it into my face, neck, and top of the check because there was so much. I mean the whole neck too, both front and back. I look shiny for a reason, and to tell the truth, I kind of felt gross. There was a lot of goo on my face and it was just too much!

5. After several minutes, I got over my gross feeling and I really concentrated on what I felt went right, and what I thought that could use some improvement. The back of the package gave a list of things that say what women feel after one use, and then after one week after use. The first thing that the package suggest that the user will notice is skin looks fresher. Well, I think anytime you wash your face, it looks fresher than it did before you started. That isn’t a real big surprise that your face would look a bit fresher. I can say that I think mine did, but again, it’s not a leap. The second point is skin seemed softer and more comfortable. It did feel more comfortable after getting the mask off because it was itching! It was hard to say right away if it felt softer because my skin was goo filled for a long time. It took awhile to absorb. The final thing it says that you will notice right away is that your skin will seem soothed. That I can agree on! The cooling effect was very soothing, and I really enjoyed that part!



6. About an hour later, I revisited my face and took another photo. I noticed the following things. First, my skin still felt cool. It also still felt kind of sticky and when I brushed my hand across my cheek. I did see that there was a reduction of blackheads on my nose, but the itching on the eyebrows hadn’t gone away. I guess this may have had an ingredient that disagreed with me. I also had a few red bumps appear around my chin and my cheek. I know this can happen and normally those bumps will go away after the skin calms down after a day or so. I can say that there was not any spot on my face that felt dry, or that was rough. My skin has dry patches, and I didn’t see any after using this mask.

My final thoughts on this face mask:

I thought it was worth the price of $2.49, but I wouldn’t pay much more for it. The smell was nice, but not overwhelming. The application was not easy and I thought the blue section was just a waste. That actually was very annoying. The goo went everywhere and it made me feel gross at times. Like I really wanted to wash my face even though the instructions advise you not to. I can’t say much about the itching because I already know I have skin conditions that could give me issues. I think the average person would not have a problem using this mask. If you do have a skin condition, however, I would advise you to use with caution. Maybe try a test patch to see how you will react. I love the cooling part of the mask! I would buy it again just for that! The cooling last for at least an hour after use, which is pretty nice. I think this mask could come in handy if I was running a fever. I could see the cooling part being very soothing if I wasn’t feeling well. I did see a s some difference with my skin in the blackheads being reduced and the dry patches gone. My face does feel soft and cool to the touch. I do have a few bumps, but it isn’t a huge concern because it isn’t abnormal to have a few bumps after using a mask.

I give this product a 4 out of 5 stars. I didn’t give it a 5 because peeling off the blue part was awful! It took forever, and it was not easy! I had to take it off of my face, peel it, then put it back on my face which was annoying! However, the price point was fine, and I love, love, love the cooling effect!  I would recommend trying this mask out at least once.


Have you ever tried a face mask before? What is your favorite kind, and one that I should try?


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