July 29

Iowa’s Missing Children

Underdogs, I was born, and raised in Iowa. I spent 18 years of my life in the same small town that both of my parents spent most of their lives in. I had some of their same teachers, went to the same schools, and sometimes, even had some of the same books.  I went to college in Iowa. I lived in several cities in Iowa until a few years ago so I am deeply rooted to this state and it’s people. When people think of Iowa, the first thing that pops to mind is potatoes. Why potatoes? Because people are always confusing Iowa with Idaho. Iowa brings up images of the Midwest, corn, cows, and soy beans. They don’t automatically think of missing children, drugs, or violence. People let their kids play outside until the street lights come on, leave their keys in their cars, and leave their houses unlocked. There is a false sense of safety, and all of this ignorance is a perfect storm of being not only unprepared for real dangers, but not being able to recognize them when something truly bad is happening. These are general statements, and Iowa is not the only place that falls into this trap. However, Iowa is in the news right now because of the shocking number of missing people who have gone missing over this summer. What is going on, and is this actually a real thing like some claim, or a hoax, like others want you to believe. Let’s take a look.









48 People in the Last 13 days:

Reports are stating that 48 people have gone missing in the last 10 days. According to the official missing persons page of Iowa, it is actually 48 children who have gone missing in the past 13 days. News reports, and officials are stating that this number of missing people is within the yearly average, and the only reason there is so much focus is due to the missing college student, Mollie Tibbets.  (At the time of this publishing, Mollie is still missing and the search is still ongoing.) I am going to be quite frank here. First, how dare you treat the missing as an average number. One child or loved missing is one too many. Do not be so apathetic to reduce a human being to what is considered an appropriate number of those counted among the missing. Each of these people has a family, loved ones, and a community that is scared beyond measure. You are reducing them to nothing, and not giving any of those people the attention that they deserve. For shame! You can go to the site and count yourself. It’s updated every 4 hours. It’s always hard to see the missing, but the sheer number of minors gives me the chills. Don’t take my word for it, look yourself here: http://www.iowaonline.state.ia.us/mpic/

One more bit of anger. Shame on all those who are saying that this “fake news story” is being used to scare people and give them false information.  How about we be more vigilant because this is someone’s reality every single day instead of shoving it off as a scare tactic? I feel that we have gotten to the point that we live in a virtual world, and the reality of the dangers of the world outside get lost in translation. We post photos of our children everywhere. We walk around with our faces buried in our phones instead of watching our surroundings. We make poor choices when meeting people we only know via online. We give our children access to way too much technology way to young. It makes us all fall into a false sense of a safe bubble. We have people who refuse to believe and won’t see that sex trafficking is a huge problem in every city, in every state. Even if this story from Iowa is somehow, “wrong,” it gives massive attention to something very real, and very scary that we can’t just continue to close our eyes to. The missing and exploited need the attention, so let’s not be so vain to pick apart the actual threat, because it sadly is very real. Use this as a learning opportunity and a way for you to do your own research. Open up a dialog with your loved ones and stop burying your head in the sand when it comes to being safe.

According to the website THORN, 1 out of every 7 missing people are suspected to be forced into sex trafficking. While that may only “seem like a small number for those missing in Iowa,” one is too many. Sadly, this number could be a lot higher because not ever single case is solved. Also, not every single case of a missing person is reported.That number could go up and up and up. Why wouldn’t each case of a child going missing be reported? There are many reasons. First, they could be here illegally, and they don’t get reported because of this issue. The child is considered a run away, but that usually stops a deeper investigation in it’s tracks and they don’t go beyond this theory to get proper investigations. The missing person is disabled in some way, and it is thought that they ran off. The person is LBGQT youth, or homeless. Worst of all, the person sold into trafficking may have been done on purpose by family members or friends. This is the world we live in, and this is the world many refuse to see right in front of their eyes. https://www.wearethorn.org/child-trafficking-statistics/

Why are so many children from Iowa going missing all of a sudden. Well, it’s not all of a sudden, but the numbers don’t lie and it’s scary. I cried making the list of kids who reported missing in July 2018. That is just a percentage of children and other people who are missing. There is a lot of thought about the highway system and I-80 being prime places for easy sex trafficking. In those areas, there are many strangers, many big trucks, and many chances to quickly grab someone. Not that it isn’t safer anywhere else, this is just a theory that I have read about. There may not be an answer, but the important thing is to get these children’s names out there, and get people talking about how to keep as safe as we all can.

Here are a few tips to help you out if you are in danger: 

*Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

*Lock your doors and windows.

*Carry your cell phone with you at all times.

*Carry your keys in your hands, they can become a weapon if needed.

*Make a lot of noise. Be very loud and vocal, especially if you feel like you are being watched or followed.

*Don’t be ashamed to be asked to be escorted to your car.

*Travel in pairs, or a group.

*Do not post your location online.

*Do not upload a selfie everyday with what you are wearing.

*Never give out any of your plans on social media.

*Don’t give out personal info on social media.

*If something happens to you, be violent. Yell, kick, scream, fight, make a huge scene.


*Get to a public place and make a huge scene.

*Do your best to not be forced to a second location if taken. Run away if you can!

*If you are taken, leave a trail of blood. Cut your finger and leave blood marks where you can as a trail. This may seem extreme, but this has been proven to save lives.

*Get your fingerprints of file.

*When you are on your phone, you are distracted. Never do this at night!

*Take self defense classes.

*Use common sense.

*Keep your GPS location device on your phone switched on while walking, jogging, or going back and forth to your car for any reason.

*Check your backseat before getting into your car.

*Be weary of vans with no windows parked next to you. If you see this, it is not a bad idea to walk back to whatever location you were in and ask for an escort.

*If you see a note, or any object on your car, leave it and either walk away, or get into the car, lock the doors and drive away as fast as you can while honking your horn. This places attention on you, and these have been tactics that people have used to grab victims.

*Never be outside alone at night.

*Don’t ignore tips if you are in a “good neighborhood.” There is no such thing.



I want to close this very all over the place article with some of the names of the missing Iowa Children, my sources, and where you can go to get more information. I highly recommend that you go visit THORN  site and learn about some of the terrible realities of both real and virtual dangers that can save you or your loved ones life. Missing children, and missing people happen every day, but it should NEVER become common. It should never be ignore or pushed aside when a real problem is happening right now, at this very minute. *136 minors in the USA go missing every hour. How long did it take you to read this blog post? How many went missing during that time? The answer is too many.



I am listing 35 of the names of the minors who are considered missing from the Iowa Website for July 2018 . No photos uploaded at this time for these names, but this could change. I am human, and may have made spelling mistakes,  or even a few date mistakes, but each of these names is of a real minor that is missing in Iowa at the time of the publishing of this blog post.

Please check back their site to see if photos have been uploaded. https://www.iowa.gov/?ia_slv=1532897630757

*Yaritza Aritia: Female: Des Moines Iowa: 14 years old

Joesiahha Armstrone: Male: Davenport, Iowa: 14 years old

Yvette Alvia: Female: Cedar Rapids, Iowa: 17 years old

Diona Bass: Female: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 14 years old

Deontay Baxter, Male, Des Moines, Iowa: 13 years old

Amina Begnovic: Female, Waterloo, Iowa, 16 years old

Isabelle Buckman, Female: Council Bluffs Iowa, 14 years old

Ananda Camp: Female, Des Moines, Iowa, 17 years old

Jermome Caldwell, Male, Bettendorf, Iowa, 15 years old

Nazzario Campbell: Male, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 13 years old

Donnell Carter: Male, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 16 years old

Leeanne Cray, Female: Des Moines, Iowa, 15 years old

Jaecelle Dennis, Male, Clarinda Iowa, 16 years old

Madeline Francis, Female, Davenport, Iowa, 15 years old

Damello Foulks, Male, Marshaltown, Iowa, 14 years old

Maydelin Guerra, Female, Des Moines, Iowa, 15 years old

Albertan Harlan, Female, Indianola, Iowa, 16 years old

David Harn, Male, Waverly, Iowa, 16 years old

Angel Ibarra, Male, Fort Dodge, Iowa, 14 years old

Belinda James, Female, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 14 years old

Brookylnn Killian, Female, Davenport Iowa, 13 years old

Taylor Lambertus, Female, Newton, Iowa, 16 years old

Orlando Lame, Male, Clarinda Iowa, 13 years old

Chance Lefman, Male, Dubuque, Iowa, 14 years old

Mackensie Lipp, Female, Muscatine, Iowa, 16 years old

Brendon Reed, Male, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 15 years old

Dodge Reynolds, Male, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 16 years old

Caleb Shoepskyy, Male, Waterloo, Iowa, 17 years old

Ashleigh Schossow, Female, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 13 years old

Justine Shaw, Female, Ottuwma, Iowa, 15 years old

Malichi Vanderpool, Male, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 15 years old

Brenn Vellinga, Female, Marshaltown, Iowa, 17 years old

Sernity Wiseman, Female, Davenport, Iowa, 13 years old

Summer Williams, Des Moines, Iowa, 17 years old

Tryon Woolery, Male, Des Moines Iowa, 16 years old

Mackenzie York, Female, Mason City, Iowa, 15 years old









Credited Sources:

THORN: https://www.wearethorn.org/

IA Dept of Public Safety: http://www.iowaonline.state.ia.us/mpic/Controller.aspx?cmd=fullReportCommand

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children: http://www.missingkids.com/


I have echoed the thoughts of Anonymous Construct: Please visit this video here for the details of the vigil taking place on August 1st, 2018 in Waterloo, Iowa. By the way, I lived in Waterloo and this hits close to home. https://youtu.be/SxrsoJ0ZFtA

June 25

Mental Health

Underdogs, this blog may contain some information that may be triggering since the topic I am going to cover is about mental health. I am going to be including my personal Facebook post about the suicide of Antony Bourdain. If this will be a trigger for you about discussing this topic, then no problem at all. I will see you on another post. By the way, you are amazing, loved, and needed in this world.  Thank you for being here today, and each and every day. The world is better for you being in it! For those of you who want to continue reading, take a good look at the people in your lives and always check on them. Part of mental illness is understanding it. We know so little, and people are too ashamed to get the help that they need. It’s time to address this subject head on, and be strong enough as a society to stand up and say that this isn’t alright. That we need to stop the stigma around mental health, or we all lose. Every single one of us.

21505-custom-ribbon-magnet-sticker-National+Suicide+Prevention+Lifeline+++1-800-273-....png (455×350)

“All day I have been thinking about Antony Bourdain’s death. It has made me angry, hurt, and shocked. It ignited a response like I clearly didn’t expect and I had to talk myself down several times. Why? I didn’t know him. I was a fan of his career. He reminded me of those rare, raw people who lived hard in the 60’s and suffered for their art for the remainder of their lives. Sometimes a prisoner of this art. Is his suicide a surprise? Sadly, not really. Bright lights can’t shine forever, but when they fade on their own, it leaves such a hole for those left behind. My fury come from the basic fact that even in 2018, mental illness still is shunned and laughed at. It’s misunderstood. While people can point the finger and say he could have done so and so, and he would still be here, or the fact that he had loved ones should have been enough. I hate to tell you, but mental illness does not work that way. Some days, the illness wins, and it will cost you your life. What hurts the most is reading comment after comment saying that Anthony had enough money to get help, and if he didn’t get it, then how in the world can someone dirt poor like me get it? First, illness should never be about money, but it is in the United States. It’s heartbreaking that people can’t get the help they need due to dollar signs. If you need help, go to an ER. They have to treat you! Then ask for low cost or free program. Just because you are poor does not mean that you can’t or don’t deserve help. We don’t know each other’s demons, so let’s not stand in a place of judgment and instead reach out a helping hand. Advocate for more mental health funding and education. Teach your children about it, because you won’t find it being taught it most schools. It’s okay to be hurt, and angry over someone passing that you have never met because they made and impact. And guess what, those feeling a make you human. For those who are suffering, I’m here. For those who don’t want to admit their illness due to stigma, your health is more important than an image. A hand is always outstretched to help, look, ask, or cry out for one. There is no shame. Give yourself a chance because more people than your realize are living with mental illness. I am, and sometimes the battle is too hard. But I keep going, and so should you. The world deserves your impact, don’t rob it of your light because of fear and shame. You deserve help. You deserve life. There will be bad days , but there will be good days as well. Take a hand. Reach out.”

Mental Illness is not to be taken lightly, however it is still laughed at, mocked, or shoved aside like it isn’t real. The longer we take on this attitude, the more lives we will lose to this terrible disease. This is a global issue that people refuse to see. For far too long, we have equated emotion with depression. We have confused a bad day with an illness. We have made it seem like real symptoms and issues are not anything more than sadness and anger. To continue with this line of though is to continue undercutting a real illness. We are doing ourselves a disservice by not speaking out and getting the help that we need. Let’s get this straight once and for all. An illness is not an emotion. Let’s start treating Mental Illness for what it really is, an illness! Nothing less than that.

screen696x696.jpeg (392×696)

Sadly, there isn’t enough money to get all the people the help that the need. Going to therapy is not cheap and many people can’t afford to do this. While going to an ER is an option, the rules vary from state to state. But every ER will have to treat you if you are in medical danger. There are programs out there for you to try out. Start with The United Way and then ask people in your community. If you have health insurance, call the number on the back of the card to help you get started in the right direction to get any help that you may need. Some work, schools, and churches have programs within them, or resources that you don’t even know about. While it may take some work, there is help out there for you.

I don’t want you to feel alone. I suffer from anxiety and depression, as well as other disorders. There are days I can’t get out of bed. There are days that I feel so down that I can’t function. There are days where I am so overwhelmed that I can’t feel a thing. I have voices in my head telling me how horrible that I am, and how no one loves me. Part of mental health is knowing when those voices are just noise, and when you need to seek help. I have been in both positions where it’s just been some terrible noises, and when I needed help because I was fearful for my life.

I have had different kinds of help for the last 10 years of my life. I can tell you that it is a lot better than not having any help at all. Even when I think nothing is helping, I still am here and still make it through another day. It may seem like a terrible thing to only accomplish getting out of bed, but it is an accomplishment. On those days where I can’t, it doesn’t mean that I failed, was lazy, or a bad person. All it means is that the illness was a bit much for me that day. The thing is, symptoms of mental illness are as real as other health issues. They can be small, or they can be life threatening. We need to take it seriously.

This is a long battle that will not be won in a simple blog. However, it starts with you. I hope that each of you will read this and see that mental health is a real problem. Together, we can reach out to one another, but we can also help educate the public. This is something that is very important and we need to help get over the block that is put up by so many who fear and mock the reality of this illness. It’s hard enough being sick, but it’s even harder to feel like you have to justify it to everyone including yourself. In the meantime, you are all loved and needed. I am thankful for all of you and hope that you will take the time to do your own research on the topic, and reach out to the sources above if you need it. Thank you!

January 2

Too Far, Logan

Traditionally, it’s try it Tuesday. However, I am so grossed out by what Logan Paul did, I feel like I need to address this situation. If you don’t know what is going on, then I am going to warn you that this may cause some people to be triggered because of the severity of the situation. If you have been affected by someone who has taken their own life, or are upset by mental illness and suicide, then please stop reading this post. This blog will contain information about a YouTube star who filmed something extremely inappropriate and it is very upsetting. I want to let you know now, that there is help out there at no cost.  If you need help, do not hesitate to reach out. This  the phone number to the  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, as well as the link to their site 1-800-273-8255: https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/

Recently, YouTube famous actor Logan Paul made a video about a place in Japan that is known as the suicide forest. This is a world famous place for the amount of people who come to the forest to end their life. It is so bad that the government has taken precautions with signs all over asking people to reconsider. Some of those signs include messages like, “Think of your loved ones,” and “There is hope.” Unfortunately suicide is such a regular occurrence that the forest is check daily for bodies. Due to it’s sheer size, bodies may be out there for some time before being discovered. Many YouTubers, ghost hunters, and even officials have gone to this forest in an attempt to discover why this is happening. There is also legends of this place being haunted because of all the terrible things that have happened. Until now, no body has been shown that isn’t digitally altered to protect the identity of the victim.

See the source image

Logan Paul and his team went to Aokigohara forest to film and make a blog. This blog has since been taken down on YouTube, however it is out there forever and can be found. I will not lead you to it, but an important lesson to learn is once something is posted online, it will never go away and can always be recovered. Unless you want something out there, don’t post it! The video is about 15 minutes and there is some traveling aspects involved. As they go through the forest, they come upon a body of a man hanging from a tree. Logan quickly turns to confusion and then fear. However, there is a lot of joking going on, while the man hanging from the tree is made fun of by Logan and his team. They go so far to laugh at him and make jokes. You can very clearly hear laughter and sick comments being made about the dead man hanging right in front of them.

Logan Paul and his team had a lot of time to edit this footage. Uploading this video that way that they did was intentional.  Their headline for the video was, “We found a dead body, Not click bate. *Emotional. This means that millions of his very young viewers were clicking on this video and watching Logan not only find a body, but make jokes of the victim. While he claims he was doing this to bring awareness to suicide prevention, he took advantage of the person who ended their own life. He showed their face, laughed at him, and used his death for views. This poor man’s family found out about his death because of this, and now they are being harassed in their darkest hour. Not only in this in very poor taste, but it’s plain wrong. They made the choice to do the post the way that they did. If Logan really wanted to bring awareness to mental illness and suicide prevention, he went about it all wrong.

See the source image

In his obligatory apology letter, Logan claimed youth and not understanding that this would get the terrible reaction that it brought. While he is only in his early twenties, most people can grasp the reality of the tragedy of discovering a suicide. They made the choice to film the project. They made the choice to edit the project the way that they did, and release it to the world. Logan wanted views, and this was a huge way to get them. However, what is this going to cost? Is this enough to drive some of his very young fans over the edge? He is showing how much a joke they made of the victim they found. How is this bringing any awareness? How is this helping anyone?

I know there are many out there that will claim that it’s no bid deal because Logan, just like everyone else, has the right to make video posts just like he did. The truth is, he does have every right to do this blog. Just because he can, does it mean that he should? There have been others who have done a video in this forest, however they tend to blur out the faces. They also tend to not make fun of the victim. Finding that body made him responsible to take action. He could have still made a video, but he could have omitted his grotesque behavior as well as those who were in his crew. He could have discovered the body and then cut it to explain what had happened. Logan could have let the world know his feelings and fears about suicide and how this one day changed his life. The impact from a proper post could have made a lot of positive difference. However, he choose to do this in a disrespectful way and instead of raising awareness, he offended and harmed a lot of people.

I want to be very serious here and voice my strong thoughts on this matter. Mental illness is laughed at and misunderstood every single day. If there wasn’t such a stigma attached to getting help, or even understanding that it is a disease, then maybe more people would seek help. Depression, anxiety, and other mental illness are made to seem like they are a choice. It is very dangerous to continue the image that these issues are nothing more than feelings that someone needs to get over by getting out in fresh air, positive thought, or changing their attitude. That is not reality. Mental illness is very real, and this misunderstanding is costing lives. It is not a laughing matter. It is not helping anyone to laugh and exploited a person who has just ended their live and use it for click bait. It is irresponsible and has set a lot of people’s efforts back to square one.

If you are depressed, you are not experiencing an emotion that you can just get over. The illness is just as real as cancer and heart disease. The difference is no one makes fun of a person or judges them for taking action to help their issues unless it’s related to metal illness. Everyday, people are shamed into not taking care of themselves because of how many people misunderstand and are misinformed about the realities of mental illness. Many times, those who are suffering are made fun of, leaving the people too scared to get help. Why would they when no one hears them when they are calling out for much needed help. There is nothing wrong with seeking out help. Do not let some Youtuber or anyone else make you feel inferior and not worthy of getting treatment. We need you, we all need you to be here so please reach out. Then spread the word on how mental illness is very real, and that suicide is not the answer.


You are special. You deserve a healthy life, and there is no shame in getting help. Let’s turn this monstrous issue into something positive and raise awareness about how much help is there, and how much mental illness is not a joke! Logan Paul will fade away, but the reality of your worth in this world will never go away. Take the step to reach out if you need to. Support those you love who are going through a rough time. Together, we can do so much better.

See the source image

July 22

Surprise Saturday: The Hard Things to Say

Hello Underdogs,

I hope that you are having a wonderful Saturday. I want to start off this blog post with a very clear disclaimer. Since there has been so much suicide in the news lately, I feel this is something that needs to be addressed. It is a very difficult thing, and if you are sensitive to this subject at all, then please stop reading. I know this isn’t like my normal posts, but there are many people hurting and confused. This subject is everywhere, and it should not be ignored. My normal blogs will return on Sunday, but today we are going to talk about this. Again, if you are not comfortable, then do not read or, nor leave rude comments. I am going to address this was as much grace as possible.

The world was rocked once again when Chester Bennington took his own life yesterday.  This was just a very short time after singer Chris Cornell also ended his own life. Chester and Chris were friends and worked with one another. Chester choose to end his life on Chris’ birthday. Both of these men were very talented and had a thriving career. Both were middle aged, were married, and had children who they left behind. This was a huge shock to many, and it really hit the fans hard. These voices gave people hope, and the fact that they took their own lives have left many in a downward tailspin. Not to mention that this is the anniversary of the death of Robin Williams, who hung himself last year after battling a long illness.

Suicide is a public health issue, and people are not getting the help that they need. It is very clear that each of these men suffered from depression, and addition. Even though they had the means to get help, it doesn’t seem like they did. Or, they weren’t getting the right kind of help. Mental Health has been ignored too long, and there is such a horrible stigma attached, that people are dying from this very real, and very dangerous disease. It is so difficult because mental illness is not given attention unless it’s too late. We hear people suffering from it, and we hear about people who lost their lives because they didn’t get the proper treatment. But, we are still so afraid to talk about the real, every-day, face of mental illness. More people are suffering from mental illness than are getting treated. There are a several reasons for this including cost, and fear. People are still afraid to this day to admit that they have a problem because depression seems like it’s an emotion and something that people can control. Nothing could be further from the truth.

One of the worst things we have done to ourselves is equate Mental Illness with an emotion. An emotion is something very temporary. Depression is life altering chemical imbalance that can kill someone if they don’t get the proper treatment. We would not treat someone with cancer the way we do with someone battling mental illness. People don’t tell someone who has diabetes to just get over it, or try not to be sick. We don’t laugh at people who have liver issues getting their pills and going to treatments. We don’t question a person getting PT after an accident. Why is it so hard to believe that someone who is mentally ill  is actually just as sick? There are so many different sections of mental illness and none of them are the person who is suffering’s fault.They did not wake up one day and ask for this, or just felt really sad. It is both highs and lows, and many things in between. It is a sickness, and no, it can not be something that they can just get over one day. They need treatment, which may mean medication and therapy. It may take years to find the right combo that will help.

I am not condoning what these men did to themselves, or to their families, but I do understand that they were sick. Very, sick and they didn’t know how to reach out and get the help that they needed to keep moving forward. I know people have a huge range of emotions from anger, to sadness, to fear. You hare every right to these emotions. I keep hearing how  angry people are at Chester and Chris for being so selfish and leave their families. I urge you to look at this way. These men were so sick, that even the thought of their loved ones wasn’t enough to keep them from going through with it. Many times, people who are already this far gone honestly feel that the world is better off without them. That is the reality of someone who is very mentally ill. We all know that the world is not a better place without them, or without any of us!  Death is hard enough, and even if your loved one lived a long and happy life, the hole from their loss never goes away. You eventually learn how to live with it, and some days will be better than others. That does not make you weak. It means you were lucky enough to have a person who made an impact on your life.

I encourage people who are hurt by this weeks events, to please talk about it. Do not hold this in. If that means you need a friend, call someone. If you need to get it all out, write it down, or blog about it. There are many people hurting, but you are not alone! I want to tell you that I have been there. I have been to the point where I wanted to end it all, and not even the thought of my loved ones that I was going to leave behind was good enough to stop me. I’m glad someone did. I struggle with Depression and Anxiety every single day. Some days I am fine, others are okay, and some are terrible. It is a very scary thing, and I understand that I am sick. I work each day to try to function, and it is a struggle. There is no magic cure, just like there isn’t a magic cure for anything. Like any other illness, you need to treat your symptoms. Sometimes they are okay, and other times, you need to try new things to get to a better place. But it can be done with love, support, and a good medical team.

In closing, I am going to leave you with a few places that you can reach out to if you need help. There is never a bad time to get help. If you don’t know where to get started, just ask. Call a hotline, or call your family doctor. Go to the ER if things are bad. Get yourself healthy, maintain your treatment, and spread the word about how mental illness is very real, and nothing to be ashamed of! I love all of my underdogs, and I’m sorry if this subject upset anyone. But I feel it is too important to stay silent about how had this has all been, and how we all need to embrace a change in the the world views mental health. Remember, you are all amazing and beautiful, and important. The world needs each and every single one of you.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1800-273-8255

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: http://chat.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/GetHelp/LifelineChat.aspx

Beyond Blue: Immediate Help with Depression: https://www.beyondblue.org.au/get-support/get-immediate-support

Crisis Chat 24/7: http://remedylive.com/