July 29

Iowa’s Missing Children

Underdogs, I was born, and raised in Iowa. I spent 18 years of my life in the same small town that both of my parents spent most of their lives in. I had some of their same teachers, went to the same schools, and sometimes, even had some of the same books.  I went to college in Iowa. I lived in several cities in Iowa until a few years ago so I am deeply rooted to this state and it’s people. When people think of Iowa, the first thing that pops to mind is potatoes. Why potatoes? Because people are always confusing Iowa with Idaho. Iowa brings up images of the Midwest, corn, cows, and soy beans. They don’t automatically think of missing children, drugs, or violence. People let their kids play outside until the street lights come on, leave their keys in their cars, and leave their houses unlocked. There is a false sense of safety, and all of this ignorance is a perfect storm of being not only unprepared for real dangers, but not being able to recognize them when something truly bad is happening. These are general statements, and Iowa is not the only place that falls into this trap. However, Iowa is in the news right now because of the shocking number of missing people who have gone missing over this summer. What is going on, and is this actually a real thing like some claim, or a hoax, like others want you to believe. Let’s take a look.









48 People in the Last 13 days:

Reports are stating that 48 people have gone missing in the last 10 days. According to the official missing persons page of Iowa, it is actually 48 children who have gone missing in the past 13 days. News reports, and officials are stating that this number of missing people is within the yearly average, and the only reason there is so much focus is due to the missing college student, Mollie Tibbets.  (At the time of this publishing, Mollie is still missing and the search is still ongoing.) I am going to be quite frank here. First, how dare you treat the missing as an average number. One child or loved missing is one too many. Do not be so apathetic to reduce a human being to what is considered an appropriate number of those counted among the missing. Each of these people has a family, loved ones, and a community that is scared beyond measure. You are reducing them to nothing, and not giving any of those people the attention that they deserve. For shame! You can go to the site and count yourself. It’s updated every 4 hours. It’s always hard to see the missing, but the sheer number of minors gives me the chills. Don’t take my word for it, look yourself here: http://www.iowaonline.state.ia.us/mpic/

One more bit of anger. Shame on all those who are saying that this “fake news story” is being used to scare people and give them false information.  How about we be more vigilant because this is someone’s reality every single day instead of shoving it off as a scare tactic? I feel that we have gotten to the point that we live in a virtual world, and the reality of the dangers of the world outside get lost in translation. We post photos of our children everywhere. We walk around with our faces buried in our phones instead of watching our surroundings. We make poor choices when meeting people we only know via online. We give our children access to way too much technology way to young. It makes us all fall into a false sense of a safe bubble. We have people who refuse to believe and won’t see that sex trafficking is a huge problem in every city, in every state. Even if this story from Iowa is somehow, “wrong,” it gives massive attention to something very real, and very scary that we can’t just continue to close our eyes to. The missing and exploited need the attention, so let’s not be so vain to pick apart the actual threat, because it sadly is very real. Use this as a learning opportunity and a way for you to do your own research. Open up a dialog with your loved ones and stop burying your head in the sand when it comes to being safe.

According to the website THORN, 1 out of every 7 missing people are suspected to be forced into sex trafficking. While that may only “seem like a small number for those missing in Iowa,” one is too many. Sadly, this number could be a lot higher because not ever single case is solved. Also, not every single case of a missing person is reported.That number could go up and up and up. Why wouldn’t each case of a child going missing be reported? There are many reasons. First, they could be here illegally, and they don’t get reported because of this issue. The child is considered a run away, but that usually stops a deeper investigation in it’s tracks and they don’t go beyond this theory to get proper investigations. The missing person is disabled in some way, and it is thought that they ran off. The person is LBGQT youth, or homeless. Worst of all, the person sold into trafficking may have been done on purpose by family members or friends. This is the world we live in, and this is the world many refuse to see right in front of their eyes. https://www.wearethorn.org/child-trafficking-statistics/

Why are so many children from Iowa going missing all of a sudden. Well, it’s not all of a sudden, but the numbers don’t lie and it’s scary. I cried making the list of kids who reported missing in July 2018. That is just a percentage of children and other people who are missing. There is a lot of thought about the highway system and I-80 being prime places for easy sex trafficking. In those areas, there are many strangers, many big trucks, and many chances to quickly grab someone. Not that it isn’t safer anywhere else, this is just a theory that I have read about. There may not be an answer, but the important thing is to get these children’s names out there, and get people talking about how to keep as safe as we all can.

Here are a few tips to help you out if you are in danger: 

*Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

*Lock your doors and windows.

*Carry your cell phone with you at all times.

*Carry your keys in your hands, they can become a weapon if needed.

*Make a lot of noise. Be very loud and vocal, especially if you feel like you are being watched or followed.

*Don’t be ashamed to be asked to be escorted to your car.

*Travel in pairs, or a group.

*Do not post your location online.

*Do not upload a selfie everyday with what you are wearing.

*Never give out any of your plans on social media.

*Don’t give out personal info on social media.

*If something happens to you, be violent. Yell, kick, scream, fight, make a huge scene.


*Get to a public place and make a huge scene.

*Do your best to not be forced to a second location if taken. Run away if you can!

*If you are taken, leave a trail of blood. Cut your finger and leave blood marks where you can as a trail. This may seem extreme, but this has been proven to save lives.

*Get your fingerprints of file.

*When you are on your phone, you are distracted. Never do this at night!

*Take self defense classes.

*Use common sense.

*Keep your GPS location device on your phone switched on while walking, jogging, or going back and forth to your car for any reason.

*Check your backseat before getting into your car.

*Be weary of vans with no windows parked next to you. If you see this, it is not a bad idea to walk back to whatever location you were in and ask for an escort.

*If you see a note, or any object on your car, leave it and either walk away, or get into the car, lock the doors and drive away as fast as you can while honking your horn. This places attention on you, and these have been tactics that people have used to grab victims.

*Never be outside alone at night.

*Don’t ignore tips if you are in a “good neighborhood.” There is no such thing.



I want to close this very all over the place article with some of the names of the missing Iowa Children, my sources, and where you can go to get more information. I highly recommend that you go visit THORN  site and learn about some of the terrible realities of both real and virtual dangers that can save you or your loved ones life. Missing children, and missing people happen every day, but it should NEVER become common. It should never be ignore or pushed aside when a real problem is happening right now, at this very minute. *136 minors in the USA go missing every hour. How long did it take you to read this blog post? How many went missing during that time? The answer is too many.



I am listing 35 of the names of the minors who are considered missing from the Iowa Website for July 2018 . No photos uploaded at this time for these names, but this could change. I am human, and may have made spelling mistakes,  or even a few date mistakes, but each of these names is of a real minor that is missing in Iowa at the time of the publishing of this blog post.

Please check back their site to see if photos have been uploaded. https://www.iowa.gov/?ia_slv=1532897630757

*Yaritza Aritia: Female: Des Moines Iowa: 14 years old

Joesiahha Armstrone: Male: Davenport, Iowa: 14 years old

Yvette Alvia: Female: Cedar Rapids, Iowa: 17 years old

Diona Bass: Female: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 14 years old

Deontay Baxter, Male, Des Moines, Iowa: 13 years old

Amina Begnovic: Female, Waterloo, Iowa, 16 years old

Isabelle Buckman, Female: Council Bluffs Iowa, 14 years old

Ananda Camp: Female, Des Moines, Iowa, 17 years old

Jermome Caldwell, Male, Bettendorf, Iowa, 15 years old

Nazzario Campbell: Male, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 13 years old

Donnell Carter: Male, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 16 years old

Leeanne Cray, Female: Des Moines, Iowa, 15 years old

Jaecelle Dennis, Male, Clarinda Iowa, 16 years old

Madeline Francis, Female, Davenport, Iowa, 15 years old

Damello Foulks, Male, Marshaltown, Iowa, 14 years old

Maydelin Guerra, Female, Des Moines, Iowa, 15 years old

Albertan Harlan, Female, Indianola, Iowa, 16 years old

David Harn, Male, Waverly, Iowa, 16 years old

Angel Ibarra, Male, Fort Dodge, Iowa, 14 years old

Belinda James, Female, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 14 years old

Brookylnn Killian, Female, Davenport Iowa, 13 years old

Taylor Lambertus, Female, Newton, Iowa, 16 years old

Orlando Lame, Male, Clarinda Iowa, 13 years old

Chance Lefman, Male, Dubuque, Iowa, 14 years old

Mackensie Lipp, Female, Muscatine, Iowa, 16 years old

Brendon Reed, Male, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 15 years old

Dodge Reynolds, Male, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 16 years old

Caleb Shoepskyy, Male, Waterloo, Iowa, 17 years old

Ashleigh Schossow, Female, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 13 years old

Justine Shaw, Female, Ottuwma, Iowa, 15 years old

Malichi Vanderpool, Male, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 15 years old

Brenn Vellinga, Female, Marshaltown, Iowa, 17 years old

Sernity Wiseman, Female, Davenport, Iowa, 13 years old

Summer Williams, Des Moines, Iowa, 17 years old

Tryon Woolery, Male, Des Moines Iowa, 16 years old

Mackenzie York, Female, Mason City, Iowa, 15 years old









Credited Sources:

THORN: https://www.wearethorn.org/

IA Dept of Public Safety: http://www.iowaonline.state.ia.us/mpic/Controller.aspx?cmd=fullReportCommand

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children: http://www.missingkids.com/


I have echoed the thoughts of Anonymous Construct: Please visit this video here for the details of the vigil taking place on August 1st, 2018 in Waterloo, Iowa. By the way, I lived in Waterloo and this hits close to home. https://youtu.be/SxrsoJ0ZFtA

March 22

Elisa Lam: More Conspiracy

The post, “Elisa Lam: More Conspiracy” contains affiliate links. For more information, see the Disclaimer on the Promotions page. 

Underdogs, if you haven’t read the first part of this blog post, then please see it via this link, then return to this second part. Elisa Lam: More Questions than Answers Please remember that while discussing this case, Elisa Lam was a real person. None of these thoughts or theories are meant to harm any person or any company. However, this is an unsolved death that needs to have attention drawn to it, and it needs to be solved. There is a reason that this case is so strange, and why so many theories have been born out of her death. People want to know, but no one more than her family. We are going to quick recap of her case, and then study some thoughts.

See the source image


Elisa Lam was a 21 year old student visiting The Cecil Hotel while on vacation. She disappeared and was presumed to have be a victim of a crime. Her parents came from Canada to America to help with the search. After a week missing, the hotel released the now famous elevator footage which lead to lots fear and accusation including mental instability. A month after Elisa went missing, hotel guests at the Cecil Hotel complained of black stuff coming out of the faucets and low water pressure. This lead to hotel maintenance sadly finding Elisa Lam’s body in a water tower at on the roof of the hotel. After came a whirlwind of accusations, and questions but nothing lead to the truth about this poor girl. All we know for sure is that she died and her body was recovered in the water tower at the Cecil Hotel. We also know that there was not any traces of drugs and only a slight amount of alcohol found in her system. Elisa was bipolar, but it seems as though there was not any real indication that she was heading for a manic episode, as she was very open about her illness and her treatment. No one knows for sure what happened, or are even sure of the time line because of the state of her body. Now let’s break down some simple theories, and some questions about the elevator.

The Logical Explanation:

Usually, I like to say the most simple and logical explanation is probably the correct answer. This one case may make the line of logic fairly hard. However, there is a thread that is frayed. If you go with the official reports, and take the surveillance footage as the truth, then there is a logical theory. It seems as though Elisa was hiding from someone and was afraid. Fear can make you act very strange, including the strange movement of her arms. This could explain why she was going in and out of the elevator and seemed afraid of someone. The easiest explanation is that someone was after Elisa, and caused her harm. Most likely, it was a person who worked at the hotel since they knew exactly where to walk in order to keep out of view of any cameras, and they were able to get roof access without setting off any alarms. Supposedly, there is an alarm that would go off if the door to the roof was opened without an access key. While this could be a person who robbed a hotel staffer and happened to know the building well enough to stay away from cameras, the most logical suspect is a person who works at the hotel.

Poor Choices:

Another very simple explanation is that Elisa wasn’t murdered, but was just a victim of an accident. What if Elisa was acting like a young person in their twenties and made a poor choice. She may have made some friends at the hotel since she was traveling alone and decided to do something stupid. What if Elisa, and her new friends snuck up to the roof to go for swim in the tank? Then, after they got up to the roof and into the tank something happened by accident that caused her death? There are many things that could have happened to make poor Elisa die, and this may have scared the people who were with her and they ran away. If they worked at the hotel, then maybe the decided to keep quiet. A step further is that the footage of the elevator was released the way it was in order to make another circumstance seem to be what caused her death such as ghosts,a killer, or even Elisa herself who was crazy and somehow did all of this herself. It is logical to come to come to the conclusion of an accident due to poor choices that cost Elisa her life.

The Elevator Footage is Wrong:

The Elevator CCTV footage is wrong. There is a full 54 seconds missing from what was released to the public. The footage is also slowed down by 135%, so it seems so much more creepy than it actually is when speed up to real time. Take a look at this video on YouTube that shows the side by side comparison that reveals the time stamps in real time instead of the slowed down version that is around 4 minutes long. https://youtu.be/1YO4QbaNDjI The reason why the footage was released the way that it was could be a very simple reason. It could be meant for people to get a good view of Elisa Lam. Remember, at the time of this footage being released, she was a missing person. This would be a good way for people to really see who this girl was, and what she really looked like. People may have not anticipated the side effect of the theories that would come from releasing such a strange and slowed down video. Many people watching it don’t even realize that it is actually slowed down. It was so odd that it caused a lot of attention, and people have pick apart every single second. So where are the missing 54 seconds? Was this video even real in the first place?

No one can agree on the accuracy of the elevator footage. In fact, many professional video editors have expressed online that this footage is not even real. Her face looks like it has pixels which means there is manipulation going on digitally.  While this can happen due to internet or software issues, this is not usually only on one place, as it is in the Elisa Lam footage. The pixels are only around her mouth, which is strange. Experts also agree that this footage most likely is not one single moment.  That has always been my theory. What if the footage is not one continuous and strange video, but several moments sliced together over days or even weeks, then made to appear as one 4 minute video. You may ask why she was wearing the same clothing if it was more than one day. It could all be from the same day considering if you leave the hotel only once that day, you would use the elevator twice. If you came and went several times then she could have been on the elevator many times in one single day. Or, since she was on vacation, she may have brought only a few outfits and washed them frequently, which is something that I have done as a trick to have more room in your suitcase.  Could this CCTV footage just be one big lie?

One of the biggest questions about this whole footage being real lies in one very simple questions. Where is the other footage of Elisa? There were many cameras at this hotel so why was this the only one that picked her up? There was cameras at every entrance and exit, including the roof access. Why release this one video showing her acting strange. I also think that the person who killed Elisa Lam was in that video, and that’s part of the missing minute. Why would they cut out her killer? Simple, there isn’t a good view of him or her and this information would literally be only something that the killer would know. Many cases keep certain details away from public in order to help solve the crime with only knowledge that the killer themselves with know.

With all of these simple thoughts and logical lines of questions, we end up right where we started, with no answers. We have no information that tells us what happened to Elisa Lam. All we know for sure are 3 things. First, Elisa checked into the hotel. Second, she was in this elevator at some point. Third, is that her body was found in the water tank. There is nothing that tells us what happened after she got to the hotel, if the elevator footage had any clues to let us know how she died, and how she got on to the roof and ultimately passed away. The problem is while there are logical thoughts associated with this case, there is no evidence. Even though there is an elevator video, does it actually matter in the long run because it gives us no information. It may not even be real. Next time, we will go over some of the more stranger and spookier theories.

What do you think about the elevator footage? Is it even real? Leave your comments below.


October 29

Black Eyed Children

Hello Underdogs! Recently, I have seen so much about Black Eyed Children that I have had to break down and pay attention to what was being said. Before this year, I have never heard anything about this myth or legend, but there are people in the world who claim that they have not only seen these creepy kids, but they have actually had a conversation with them that they will never forget! While the phrase, “Black Eyed Children,” has only been around since the 1990’s, their stories are much older. You may not believe in the Black Eyed Children, because like many other things connected with the paranormal world, there is little to no proof of them being real. Is this whole thing an urban legend, a good story someone made up, or something that is meant as a warning?

Black Eyed Children are supposedly between the ages of 6, but not much older than a early teenager. They appear as normal as any other child, save for a few differences. First, it is said that these children have very pale skin. The second, and most obvious and alarming difference is the huge black eyes that fill up the entire eye. There is nothing in the eye but a dark black color.  Many times these children are trying to get something like help, a ride, a way into your car, or even your home! Normally, there are no adults around these children anywhere, and they have appeared either on their own, or in pairs. These children are always seeming like they are trying to get in to your space, but can’t unless you invite them inside your home or car.

Image result for free images of black eyes

The legend goes, the Black Eyed Children will approach you either in your car and seem like they are lost and are in need of a ride. Or, they will knock on your door at all hours and ask for you to let them inside. They will be always asking for some sort of help that would lead them from being outside, to inside with you. Typically, people don’t notice the eyes right away. In fact, they normally describe an overwhelming feeling of wanting to help these children no matter how strange the circumstances may seem. (Example, a small child showing up at your locked apartment building in the middle of the night and asking you to invite them inside. Or, a child showing up outside of your car in a place no one should ever be.) Then they say that they experienced a headache, dizziness, and an overwhelming feeling of fear and dread. That’s when they seem to notice the strange, black eyes of these children and realize that something isn’t right. Even though the people who see these children are afraid and want to run, the feeling of wanting to let them in is so strong that it has been described as hypnotic. They find themselves opening the door to these children even though everything in them tells them to stop!  Many times they are able to fight this off, or simply be able to walk away, and ignore them until they leave. No one really knows what happens if you do let these Black Eyed Children in to your space. Obviously, people are fearful that they are there to do something bad such as bodily harm, or even stealing their souls!

The story of the Black Eyed Children can be traced back to a writer named Brian Bethel in 1996. He wrote about them in a paranormal newsletter and the story has gained popularity since then. However, is this just a work of fiction, someone trying to start a new urban legend, or was there some truth to this story?  There are many cultures that believe that there are evil things in this world that will take the shape of something that seems innocent in order to lure you in to whatever they want or need from you. Many people will see a child, and not quickly think of them as anything other as innocent and helpless. It is a trick to get you into trouble before you realize all is not what it seems, and by the time that you do, it is too late!

Black Eyed Children might be a real thing, but it could also be just like many other urban legends that are not only meant for entertainment, but also for a lesson. This phrase started in 1996, so this is before the onset of the virtual world that we live in today. We can all agree that the world has become more of a dangerous place now, more than ever before. Unfortunately, this danger does not only come from adults, but from children as well. This urban legend could have been invented to warn us against helping people that seem like they are meek, because they might be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. For example, children have used their position of being young and innocent to gain access to a home to rob, or even kill. Teenagers are famous for violent outbursts and maybe these Black Eyed Children stories are to warn us to always use common sense, and always be on guard. When you let that guard down, and be drawn in by worrying about a child who needs help, you might be opening yourself up to a world of trouble. Adults are also famous for using children to lure people into becoming distracted by helping them while the adult make their move to rob, kidnap, or kill the very people their children are asking help from. It’s very sad, but it happens all the time, and this urban legend could have been used to spread the word to not be so trusting because evil can still be in any form.

Do I think they are real? Well, here is my story and you decide for yourself. About 10 years ago, I was living in a rented house with my best friend. It was around midnight, and we had just been watching movies. We were both laughing and talking. It was a nice evening so I had some of the windows open, but the door was closed and locked. As soon as I turned off the TV, I heard a voice. It happened so quickly that at first I wasn’t sure if I had just caught the last line of a commercial or something that was playing on the TV. But my roommate heard it too and was as alarmed as I was. I felt a sense of dread and fear. I then heard a girl’s voice say, “Let me in.” The first instinct that I had was to ask, “What?” I looked at my friend and she heard it too, but I had no clue what direction it was coming from. It was either from the side window, or the porch. However, I couldn’t see anyone. The girl repeated, “let me in.” By this time, both of my dogs were on high alert. My girl dog was hissing, and the boy dog had his teeth bared and was ready to attack. I was afraid.  Something seemed very off!

My friend had enough sense to ask her what was going on. A young girl’s voice again asked to be let in the house, and that she needed help. She told her that we had dogs, and there is no way that we were going to let her in. She then began to beg to let us in the house, and that her boyfriend had just beat her up. I told her if we let her in the house, the dogs would attack her. The girl again begged to be let in the house. In the meantime, my friend grabbed her gun, and dialed 911. The feeling of overwhelming fear and dread was thick. Something didn’t see right, and even though I was sure that nothing but trouble was beyond that door, I had to stop myself from opening the door and helping this girl out, who claimed she was in trouble. My dogs were hissing, and lunging at the door, which was also strange. Finally, a few moments passed to where I could clear up and speak and told her that there is a loaded gun behind this door with a person who is licensed to carry, and will use deadly force if needed. The police have been called, you can stay where you are, outside and they will help you get away from your boyfriend.  She then begged us to not call the police and let her in. I told her they were on the line right now, and will be here in a matter of moments.

I never saw this girl, but she sounded young. She tried many times to get in the house, and only left after she was for sure that the police were coming. I really did have the drive to open the door and see the person who was speaking to me, and if she really needed help, then I wanted to assist her. It’s a natural instinct to want to help someone, especially if they are presenting themselves as being in a vulnerable situation such as being young, and being abused. by someone.  The police didn’t find anyone, but did see some kids roaming around the neighborhood. A week later, I read that there were people a few blocks down who did fall for this act, and let this young lady in the house. They robbed and beat the elderly couple who let them in the house. It was the same story that happened to us, except we didn’t let them in. They were young teenagers that were never caught. This is not a story of a story I heard like many urban legends.  This happened to people who didn’t live far from me. It was recorded in the news. And, the house that was robbed was right next to another very good friend of mine who happened to hear the neighbors being attacked and chased them away with a shovel.  Where these teenagers, Black Eyed Children, or were they the reason that legends like this exist?

There is no proof either way, but there is a very good lesson. You must put your own personal safety and well-being first, and not bee too trusting. If some person is asking for help in a strange situation, such as showing up on your doorstep in the middle of the night, call the police.  If they honestly need help, then the police will do their job. Not everyone who pretends to be in need of help is actually needing your assistance. They mean to harm you. It is a sad world that we live in that we have to think twice before offering help to someone who may need it, but you have to take care of yourself first, or you might not be around tomorrow because someone took advantage of your natural need to help others. Take care of yourself, because you need to always be on guard. The best way to help is to call the police and then back off.

What do you think, are Black Eyed Children real? Leave your comments below!

October 13


I decided to skip Theory Thursday in honor of Friday, the 13th and explore some traditional superstitions. Now, I am not a superstitious person, but I find them very interesting. If you aren’t familiar with superstitions, then let me explain. They are collection of legends, stories, and old wives tales that either encourage you to be cautious or you will have bad luck, or if you do this, it will bring you good luck.  You may not realize that some of these things are even a superstition and might confuse them with a tradition. Either way, they bring up some very real fears and people have even rearranged their lives around these thoughts and beliefs.

Half of the world is terrified by the number 13. It has been associated with bad luck for countless years. This superstition is so strong that many hotels will not even acknowledge the number 13. For example, if they have many floors and you go into the elevator, you will see listed for the floors numbers 1-12, and then right directly to number 14. If you are on the “real” 13th floor, you won’t see anything that says you are on that floor. Instead, you will see the 14th floor. Why is the number 13 such a big deal? There is actually a fear of the number 13 called Triskaidekaphobia.  This is a very real fear, because people honestly believe that something awful will happen to them involving the number 13. Bible traditions say that there were 13 people at the last supper, and they count Judas as the 13th person. So why is Friday the 13th so bad?


Friday the 13th has been associated with evil and bad luck. Mostly because in modern times there is a whole series of spooky movies.  The superstition of Friday the 13th goes back so much farther than a movie. For whatever reason, people believe that during Friday the 13th,  all the little bad omens we all heard while growing up will happen, and the results will be so much worse than any other day of the week! History says the Knight’s Templar may have been killed on this day by the order of the King. The real date is not clear, but this is the most agreed upon date for this terrible event. It seems like this was such a violent and unpleasant situation, this date because associated with terror and horror, and eventually evolved into a superstition.

Some of those childhood superstitions are silly, but many people live their lives by them! For example, if you step on a crack, you are going to break your Mother’s back! If you open up an umbrella inside, then you will have bad luck. If you walk under a ladder, you will have bad luck. If you don’t say the phrase, “Bless you,” after a sneeze, then a spirit may enter the body of the person who sneezed! People don’t make doctor appointments, or do major business such as closing a house on Friday the 13th! People also believe that the phases of the moon effect a person’s thoughts and actions. Nurses and Doctors have reported an increase in people coming to the ER on full moons, as well as police saying there is an increase in crime!

Of course, people believe that if a black cat crosses your path, then you will have bad luck. This is a very common superstition, but the origins of this goes way back to Egyptian times! In Egypt, cats were revered and feared. They believed that cats were guardians to the underworld, and could slip back and forth into both worlds. This could be considered scary. Eventually, this evolved into witches and black cats. This is because cats wonder at night, and that could be considered evil. The belief is witches work at night as well, so they both are cut from the same cloth! Just as scary is breaking a mirror that will cause you to have 7 years bad luck. The origins of this superstition goes back to the days of the Romans. People believed that a mirror carries a piece of the person’s soul who is looking into it. If you break it, then your soul is in jeopardy. Of course, mirrors used to be very expensive, and it could take 7 years to replace one if you broke it a long time ago!


Many of you have either been to a wedding, or have been involved in a wedding at some point in your life. There are actually many superstitions that happen during a wedding that people don’t even realize! Have you ever wondered why the wedding couple can’t see each other the night before their wedding? People say it’s bad luck, but this goes back to the days of mostly arranged marriages to make sure the couple wouldn’t change their minds. The groom carries the bride over the threshold not for a romantic gesture, but as a superstition. They are doing this to sweep the bride over the evil spirits attaching themselves to her, so they won’t enter their home and new life. Why do weddings have tiered wedding cakes? It is a good omen because they want a child to come soon after. By combining the wedding cake with more than one tier means you will have many things to celebrate!

Those were some of the typical and traditional superstitions. I hope you enjoyed reading about them, and I am curious if you believe in any superstitions yourself? If you do, leave a comment below and let me know!


August 17

Theory Thursday: Dream Man

Hello Underdogs, have you ever had a dream man? That one man that you find in the middle of your dream that sticks out to you. Can you describe him? Is he someone that you have seen in your real life? Would you be surprised that thousands of people may be dreaming of the the exact same person, yet they have no clue the identity of the man. For the last several years, people have been reporting a man that appears in their dreams. It has become so big that the world is taking notice. So, who is this man that is the star of so many people’s dreams? Is he real, or just imagined, or is the truth much more sinister?

Image result for This Man from dreams

The background of the story is a psychiatrist was listening to one particular patient talk about a man that she had been having vivid dreams about. The Doctor decided to sketch the man, but didn’t do much more than leave it on her desk in a pile of papers. A separate patient told the Doctor after spying on the paper that he too, had seen this man in his dreams. He had also spoken to him on many occasions. It wasn’t an unpleasant experience, but it was unnerving that the Doctor had also seen this man, and so had others. The Doctor decided to show other patients and it snowballed  from there with many saying they have also seen this man. In fact, the person in the drawing started being referred to as This Man. (Insert this land joke from Firefly here) A website was set up with the original drawing to get feedback. http://www.thisman.org Strangely enough, people from all over the world have reported seeing This Man in their dreams. You can see many of these stories on a Facebook page and see for yourself how far this has gone, and the wide variety of dreams. https://www.facebook.com/thisman.org/


The most logical reason behind so many people having the dream about the same man is that the face is recognizable. This Man could be anyone. He has the features of a person that almost anyone has seen before in their life. They may have come across someone who looks very similar in their real life and had a dream about him. This Man may just be a compilation of many people seen on a daily basis. The flip side of this is pictures and new stories have been going around about This Man for awhile. People see his face in the background or even paid attention to what they were seeing and then had a dream about him later on. There is nothing sinister in this at all, but it’s like dreaming of a movie that you keep seeing advertisements for over and over again. Or it could be suddenly wanting a pizza and not knowing why when you have been bombarded with commercials all day that you were not really paying attention to.

Other people think that This Man is a lot more than just a recognizable face. They believe that This Man may actually be God, or some sort of protector, who comes to you in dreams to offer words of advice and wisdom. People have more of an open mind while they are dreaming and that may be the only way that a higher being can communicate with you. What an interesting way to get some advice and help than a strong presence in your dreams. Many people have said that This Man has come to them in dreams when they had a rough spot in their life, or were at points of great stress. He was able to offer advice, a smile, or just a general feeling of warmth and peace to the dreamer. There are several religions who have recorded stories of visions in dreams. A little more creepy notion is that This Man is actually a real person who can travel in dreams. That means that someone can enter into another person’s dreams and walk among them. This may be to be helpful, or it could be to manipulate the dreamer and get information that they may want. While this might be creepy to some, this is actually called Dream Walking which is something many traditions believe in, and it’s not evil at all. If This Man is a dream walker, then he is most likely trying to heal and communicate with others.

The other theories about This Man includes a real person who is using his abilities to spy on people for the government and get information. There are people out there who believe that This Man has something to do with the Mandela Effect. He is proof that this world is just a simulation and his presence is actually a glitch in the matrix. I have read dreams where people dream about This Man and soon after something very tragic happens to them. They aren’t sure if he appearing to warn the dreamer, or if he is causing the havoc. Or, This Man could be something that governments are testing out as a form of mind control and the whole thing is an experiment.

What is the truth? No one knows for sure, but it is hard to not question the origins of this story. The whole thing is actually pretty vague. This could easily be anyone making this story up and using a Doctor as a point of reference to make the story look more legit. There is little other information out there about this Doctor besides what is posted on their own website. Why would someone make this up? For starters it could all be a product campaign for something like a new movie or TV show. This has been done many times in the past, such as The Blair Witch Project and The Charlie Charlie game which seemed like real things, but were just hype for movies. Another reason is to profit form this hoax. How many books and papers could be written about This Man if it’s real at all? This could lead to the potential of lots of money. It could a be a story that someone has made up just for their own entertainment.

Dreams are a mystery, and Doctors and Researchers can’t agree on why we dream, or even how we dream. There is a lot of unknown which leave a lot of room for theories. We have studied dreams, but we have little to no results except what happens to the body while a dream is going on. Could there be a person out there visiting us all in our dreams? It is possible. I have never seen him in my dreams, but maybe some of you have. I like to try to keep an open mind about these things because the dream world may be like the ocean, undiscovered gems that we can’t begin to process.  We don’t know much, as humans. We understand so little of the world and how it works so I think anything is possible. I just find this a little hard for me to swallow, but if I dream of This Man, I may change my tune.



What about you, Underdogs? Have you dreamed of This Man before? If so, post a comment below and tell us about it!

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August 14

Mystery Monday: Outback Steakhouse

Hello Underdogs, have you ever eaten at Outback Steakhouse? It’s the restaurant that has the famous Blooming Onion that is out of this world. (Outback is not a sponsor, I just really like the Blooming Onion. But if you want to partner, I will talk. ltebrinke@andtheunderdogwins.com) Recently, a very interesting conspiracy theory has popped up involving this restaurant. I know what you are thinking. You are asking why I didn’t save this for Theory Thursday. This is because it is kind of far and it’s more a mystery than a conspiracy.  Earlier this year, someone decided to connect the locations of Outback Steakhouses in their city. It formed a pentagram. It wasn’t just one city. City after city had their Outback Steakhouses located in the shape of a pentagram.

Image result for outback steakhouse pentagram

So what exactly is a pentagram? It is a symbol that has been used for many years. It is a star with five points which has been associated with the devil, or witchcraft. While it is greatly debated, the pentagram is not a symbol of evil, but a symbol representing the elements. Those are Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.  It is a protection against evil and has origins going back to Greek and Roman life. Since there is so much confusion about this symbol, people are taking this whole Outback thing as evil. This whole conspiracy started from a guy on Twitter called @eatmyaesthetics who connected the dots and let people come up with their own thoughts on the matter.


My attempt at making a pentagram.

Why in the world would a chain steakhouse go so far to set up their restaurants like this? The most obvious answer is that they didn’t. It’s all just a coincidence. I am guessing that you can pretty much do this with anything, and make up any sort of shape if you really want to. In fact, you could probably make a cat face, or if you are like me, you can’t make anything out of it. I tried to connected the dots going from location number one, to location number 4 and got the photo on the side. I guess if you work it, you can come up with a pentagram. However, there are 4 locations, not 5, and that really wouldn’t make up the shape without some creative art work.

Another reason that Outback may actually have a pact with the devil is because of the Illuminati. It’s always the Illuminati or the Freemasons that get blamed for all the strange things in the world. That’s right, Outback Steakhouse was a struggling business once upon a time. The heads of the company decided to sell their soul in exchange of bringing affordable steaks, terrible Australian stereotypes, and fried onions to the masses. In order to make this happen, Outback had to obey what the Illuminati wants, including building their locations in the shape of a pentagram. That very settle truth will get into the minds of people who frequent their restaurants. It’s so simple that it’s maddening! It’s mind control at the most basic. You are controlling people in such a settle way that they don’t even know it! I know they are using mind control by making that Blooming Onion so tasty that I am willing to go spend way too much money on it, so this isn’t far fetched at all.

I honestly don’t know any other reason that Outback would make their locations in the shape of a pentagram. The whole thing is a mystery, not a conspiracy. I think it’s just plain funny! You can make up almost any shape if you are artistic. You could also do this is you are bored. I am not trying to be really rude, but this whole thing just seems so far fetched that even me, a known conspiracy theorist, is not impressed by this. It is kind of a mystery in a way because I can see why people think that there is a pentagram. I can also see some very creative people who decided to see how far this could go. Obviously it got my attention several months later, so it worked! I wouldn’t keep away from Outback out of fear that you will lose your soul to the devil. I would stay away if you aren’t willing to pay their prices without a coupon. ( or a sponsorship, right Outback?) Go at your own risk, but don’t forget the Blooming Onions!


What do you think? Is there a real mystery here, or is Outback just a victim of someone who was having a bit of fun?

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July 27

Theory Thursday: The Madeleine McCann Case Part 2

Hello Underdogs!

Welcome to part 2 of The Madeleine McCann case. If you haven’t seen the first post, please read the one from Way out Wednesday which you can find here. Way out Wednesday: Madeleine McCann Case Part 1 Of course, I want to take another moment to say how this is a real case, and there is a real family suffering with the loss of their child. There are many more children who are missing that will never get this level of attention but still need their stories told. Maybe by paying a bit of attention to this one, people will dig into other unsolved cases that have been ignored. I am again going to link That National Center for Missing and Exploited because all of these children need to be heard! http://www.missingkids.com/home


We left off last time with a whole lot of confusion. There is more speculation than facts in this case, and there are countless theories as to what really happened to Madeleine McCann. We discussed how the police were called but the investigation was botched. The parents, Kate and Gerry, did a variety of strange things including washing items in the room, and refusing to answer any questions for the police. They gave a picture that was over a year old for her missing posters, even though they had more recent photos. The photos were altered to show a birth defect that Madeleine didn’t actually have, which was in her right eye. The parents left their children unattended and drugged, while they went on their routine dinner that they attended every night with a group of adult friends.The following is some theories of what happened with this case.

What if Maddie never made it past the first day of her vacation? Madeleine was only photographed 5 times during the whole holiday, while there were many other photos of the parents and the twins. The parents claimed that the photos they had of Madeleine were taken throughout the week. However, that was proved to be a lie because of a video the family took on the way to the airport to leave for their vacation. All of the photos, saved for one, were taken on the first day of the vacation. Every single person in the photo was wearing the same outfits as that video taken on the way to the airport. It is not logical that everyone would wear the same clothing day in and day out on a vacation. Why then, would her parents pass these photos off as spaced out?

The other photo with Maddie and the tennis balls has been digitally altered. This is her head, but it is not her body. When asked who took this photo both Kate and a family friend said that they were the ones who snapped the moment. In her book, Kate made a very big deal about running back to the house to get her camera and take a photo of Maddie because she looked so cute. The friend, who as also there, said she was the person who took the photo and Kate never left to get the camera. They can’t even agree on a photo! The only third person party outside of McCann family , their friends, and their staff who actually saw Maddie alive was the first day of the vacation. Since then, the only people to say she was alive and well were each other. Could this all be explained in a logical way? Yes, but it leaves a bit of a chill down the spin considering the only witnesses were each other, and the adults had their integrity called into question by their actions and lies.

That changes everything if Maddie was not witnessed again after the first day of the holiday. The timeline of her disappearing is wrong. What does this mean for this case? It means if this is true, then nothing can be trusted, and there is a criminal cover up that involves her very own parents. Of course the questions of why come up. While they will never be answered, there is logically speculation as to what happened. First, there could have been  an accident involving Maddie that cost her life. The family and friends covered it up due to panic. Or, it wasn’t an accident, but her death was caused by abuse or extreme neglect, and it was covered up. What if  Maddie was given to someone they know? It is such a horrible thought to even write down, but people have sold or used their children. What if Maddie was one of those children? What if she was taken for for blackmail, or for some sort of threat. Both of the McCann’s were doctors which means they had money. What if someone had targeted them, and there was a circumstance of blackmail that took Maddie away? Sobering thoughts, and still no truth.

As time went on, the McCann’s set up a fund to help find their daughter. While that is normal there has never been a case of a missing child that has gotten more money. Many celebrities donated money to this cause. Again, this is not unusual, but how the money was spent was strange. First, the McCann’s hired a private detective. That’s understandable, but they fired him. The PI said that reason he was fired was sensitive, but he had uncovered more lies from the family than truth. The  McCann’s also paid off a million pound mortgage with the funds from their missing child. While they spent a lot of their own money trying to find their child, they took donations and used them for their own means. The money will be running out in the next 11 weeks, so who knows what will happen at that point. It doesn’t matter because the amount of money and attention that has been spent has assured that you will remember this child’s name.

Someone, in the course of my research, someoneImage result for madeleine mccann said that Maddie became the brand of missing children overnight. That was all due to her parents. The questions is, how could her own parents be guilty or have knowledge of what happened to their daughter if they were willing to use all their resources to find their child? The simple is misdirect. What better way of covering up a crime than  by overkill. The attention of this case was overkill, and people questioned why this one child was getting so much coverage? Yes, her story was important, but why would it all over the media? The McCann’s have friends in high places. Part of the money that was for the case went to pay for a media spokesperson who gave almost every interview asked. The family used their pull to get on media outlets such as the Oprah show. It was excessive, like please look for our child and ignore all of the facts that does not add up! I can see if my child was missing, that I would do everything in my power to make sure the world was looking for her. However, I would also be transparent, and cooperate with the authorities. For example, I wouldn’t have refused to answer questions, or tampered with a crime scene, or even left my other two children when I realized that one of the 3 were missing. I would also made sure that the most recent photo of my child was used for a poster, and not a picture that was taken over a year earlier. I can’t blame them for using what they could for the attention, but why were so many willing to give them air time when this child is one of many who are missing? Are they not just as important as Maddie?

There are so many strange theories about this case that go way beyond her parent’s cover up. People have said this case involved people from the Clinton camp, from the Catholic Church, and the British government. People have said that Maddie was adopted or even a clone. People say they were at this well known spot vacation spot due to the fact that this area is famous for child abductions and sex trafficking. They choice to stay there was on purpose. The strange list of theories go on and on! The media circus around this ordeal was insane. It is so strange that a case with this amount of money and attention still has no real answers, nor real leads. All  we know for sure is the child is gone, and with her, the truth of the night.

I want to take a moment to address the parents. While it may seem clear that I think they had something to do with her disappearance, nothing is known for sure. They have been cleared as suspects, but that doesn’t mean they are innocent. At the very least, I believe that her parents, and all the adults who were on holiday, were all guilty of neglect. There is no excuse to leave your children alone while you go out and eat. There is too much that can happen to a child, let alone 3 under the age of 4, all alone in an apartment. They were stupid to leave their children alone and defenseless. They were stupid to  sit at the same table, at the same time, every single night. It was stupid to leave the door unlocked. This was like an open invitation to have something terrible happen. Anyone who was observing them could know when they would be eating, and when they would be up and making their checks. The parents drugged their children, damaged the crime scene by washing the curtains and other items. They gave the press an old photo of Maddie even though they had newer photos, and the refused to cooperate with the police. If the parents are not guilty of something illegal to do with this case, then they are guilty of extreme neglect.

There are so many theories and thoughts about the case, that I could write an entire book on just one theory as to what happened to poor Maddie! Many have written books and made movies about this case. The strange thing is that many of these people are doing this for free. Meaning they have put in the money for their books and documentaries, but they aren’t making any money. They are letting all the items they have produced be used for free for the use of the public. They do ask for donations to help support their efforts, but for the most part, even that money is going to helping missing children. There are people that are so passionate about finding the truth about this case, that they will stake their professional reputations. What this tells me is that there is strong belief from enough people that think something is very wrong with this whole case, and the truth has been covered up time and time again. At the end of the day, 10 years has gone by. Legally, she can be declared dead at this point. Since she seemed to vanish without any sort of trace, I feel that her being found alive today is not going to happen, although still hoped it will be the outcome.

Could Maddie have wondered off and gotten hurt or had a an accident that caused her death? Yes,but since the children were left alone, no one will know if that is the case. The search dogs and search parties never picked up any sign of this, but anything is possible. Could she have been kidnapped, sold, snatched, ran away? We just don’t know. It is very scary to know that a child could vanish into thin air without any trace. It happens, but it never should. There were three children for the taking that night in that one apartment alone. Why was only Maddie gone? Why was she chosen, if she was taken when there were many options? How has so much time, money, and efforts be put into this case with no results? It’s like she vanished into the cold night air, and it is so scary to know that there no end to this nightmare for those who knew and loved Maddie. We all hope for answers that will never come. In the meantime, always be an advocate for those who can’t speak. Take care of your loved ones and never fall into a false sense of safety. Take your own measures about your child such as keeping their photos off social media as well as not posting where you are, or what your travel plans might be.  Always be wary of your surroundings and keep a watchful eye out always. Safety is an illusion but we can all take measures to protect and prepare for the worst case. Keep all the lost and missing in your thoughts because we all want them to come back home.






*All photos used were made public domain by the McCann family.

July 26

Way out Wednesday: The Madeleine McCann Case Part 1

Hello Underdogs,

The 10th anniversary of the Madeleine McCann case has just recently happened, and there has been no new news on what actually happened to this poor child. I honestly did not follow this case at all. I did know the general story, but not any real details.  I have some issues with big cases like this because there are thousands of missing children who disappear each year. They don’t get any attention, and these big cases seem more like a circus than people trying to find these children. It is heartbreaking to know that while this one family is being paraded in public, there are many more suffering in silence, while trying to get the same attention to find their children. Sadly, these families don’t have the funds, the pull, or the headline grabbing stories as those who get thrust into the spotlight. All cases of missing children are important and deserve attention. Please take a look at this website to be educated, and see the faces of the missing: The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

In the last few months, I have become interested in the case because of the fact that so much went wrong, so much money has been spent, and there are no real leads! I want to say that I am very sorry for all of the innocent people involved in this case that have to live with this horror day in and day out. Madeleine’s twin siblings were babies, and they never got to know their big sister. I know she is deeply missed by her loved ones. While I don’t think she will ever come home, I do think that she, like all of the other missing and exploited children, deserve justice, and their story told.   It can happen to anyone, so maybe people can at least learn from what was done wrong, and take precautions for their own loved ones.

For those of you who haven’t followed this story, here is a brief recap. Back in 2007, the McCann family, with several other friends, went on holiday in Portugal. They stayed in a place that can be compared here in the United States to a vacation resort. Each and every night, the kids were put to bed, and all of the adults would go to eat at a reserved table at a restaurant. Every half hour, one of the adults would go and check on the children.  During one of the routine checks, Kate McCann went to check on her children and found her that her daughter, Madeleine was gone, and her twins were still there. Everything after this moment is strange. Instead of taking her children and fleeing out of fear, or calling out and trying to find her child, Doctor Kate McCann leaves and goes back to the other adults. She tells them, “They’ve taken her.” The police were contacted, but things went downhill very fast.

First, the police didn’t do the normal things that would happen in a missing children’s case. They didn’t go door to door, or set up any road blocks. This is normal in missing children’s cases there, so the fact that it didn’t happen was strange. Boarder police were not advised that there was a missing child either, which could have meant that Madeleine slipped through their fingers. There were search dogs brought in, but by 8 AM, the search was called off for some reason. People at the resort, including people who worked there, were not interviewed. The room that the children were in, and where Madeleine went missing from, was never closed off so many people were coming and going and messing up a crime scene. Kate, for some reason, took down the curtains, and took Madeleine’s favorite toy and washed them! Both of her parents, Doctor Kate, and Doctor Gerry McCann, refused to answer police questions. Even things that were logical to ask such as, did you check the other rooms, did you look in around to see if she had been hiding, did anyone hear her crying, is anything missing besides your child?

Here are the other facts of this case that are known. First, the kids were on the second floor apartment which had an blocked view from where the parents were. Meaning they could not just look up and see if anyone had walked into their apartment or not. The patio door was left unlocked which was admitted by both parents. The reason behind this was to not to wake children on their checks. The children were all given sleeping pills so they wouldn’t wake up during the checks. Kate admitted that her daughter asked her the night before why her parents didn’t come when she was crying. Pills were given to the children to keep them asleep. The last 3 checks of the children happened like this: Dad went to check at 9PM, a family friend who changed his story 3 times, checked at 9:30 and never saw Madeleine. Kate check on the kids at 10PM, and she found the twins, but not her daughter. She also felt a draft from an open window that they claim they never opened. She says she didn’t check around the house to see if she was hiding, instead, she left her children. The police arrived 15 minutes after being called, and all photos of the crime scene show that the bed that Madeline slept in look undisturbed . This case became full of missteps and confusion from then up until today. No other case has been fueled with more money than this one.

The parents rented a car after Madeleine went missing, but somehow they found traces of her blood in the trunk of the car. The photos of Madeleine had been digitally altered. Her lips, teeth, and eyes had all been changed more than once. They didn’t use recent photos for her poster, and what was released to the media. The only photo that was not altered was a picture that was digitally dated 3 days after she disappeared. All of a sudden, Madeleine’s  had an eye affliction that she never had before. In fact, if it were real, it would be a very rare marker that would make this child stand out. Her right eye’s iris seemed to have “leaked” into the rest of her eye. This is very rare, but this is something that she would have been born with, something that would have showed up in all of her photos, and all live videos of her. There is only 1 photo of Madeleine that has this defect in her eye, and something her parents didn’t even think about making public until 6 to 9 weeks after she went missing. Doctors agree that this birth defect is not something that will ever go away, even with surgery to help correct eye sight. She would have been born with it, and it would have always been with her. It would have showed up in every single picture. There is no other example of the defect save for one.

So what happened to this poor child and why all the strange events in the aftermath? No one knows for sure but there is plenty of speculation as to what happened to Madeline and none of it is good. First, is the most obvious. She could have been kidnapped. Her parents, and all the adults who were on vacation were playing a very dangerous game. They had a routine, and it was well known. They went to dinner each night at the same time. A reserved sign was on the table for them, so they never sat in another spot. They were seen making their nightly checks. If someone was truly watching them and wanted to take a child, they had a lot of chances to watch, learn the adult’s movements, and steal a child without anyone noticing. It was very stupid for the adults to not take into account that them doing the same thing over and over didn’t gain some attention. This was a huge error in judgment, and if someone took this child, they gave them all the knowledge that they needed because they knew those children would be left alone! It’s almost like posting your vacation plans on Facebook, and then getting robbed because the information that was given away freely.

If this is the case, then why this child? There were many children left unattended so why would they take Madeleine? It is a very sobering thought, but there were two babies in the same room as Maddie, who was 3 years old at the time. Her twin brother and sister were babies. What kind of logical would go into taking a sleeping 3 year old and not a baby. A baby, especially a white baby, is worth a lot of money. There were two for the taking so why take a toddler? I guess that you can point out there isn’t any logic when it comes to a tragedy such as this, however, there is method to this madness. Children are bought and sold every day and if they can be taken, they will be sold. There was a lot of chances for any of the children to be taken, but why did they take Maddie and not her siblings, or even one of the many other children left unattended? This would not just be a random grab and go no matter how much someone wants to spin it that way. There had to be planning because people just don’t get that lucky to break into a house and have 3 sleeping, unattended children without anyone to stop them.

One of the parent’s friends named Jane Tanner said that she saw a man carrying a child in pink PJ’s walking down the road. She said the child seemed like she was sleeping, and she didn’t pay any attention to this. However, the police did not believe that this was a lead, or even real. The PJ’s that she described were identical to what her own daughter was wearing to bed that night. The description of the man was very general. The police also say that there is no way that Jane Tanner could have seen the man and the child from where she was standing. The child being carried away can’t really be part of the evidence given that even the police didn’t think that Jane was telling the truth. There was a child being carried away by a man but Jane Tanner did not witness this, nor did describe the situation. It was reported by another staff member, but after investigation, it was found that it was a father carrying his sleeping daughter from the car, into their room. One had nothing to do with the other. People wonder if this was something Jane overheard someone else seeing and decided to report the event as if she say it. Nothing is adding up. None of it is helping Madeleine.

It is very possible that she was kidnapped, but if she was, it wasn’t a lucky break. Someone had to be watching what was going on. There are many other theories that I will touch upon in part 2 on Thursday. People are obsessed with this case and there are thousands of hours of speculation and investigations. There are many moving parts to this whole ordeal. Again, no leads on to what happened to this child, so all we have is theories. It is easy to get mixed up in the drama and forget that there is a real child that is gone.  It is heartbreaking that the likely hood of her being alive today is very low. There are too many families that go through this, and no one should ever have to know what it is like to have their child go missing, and never be seen again. What is strange about this case is it seems like everyone is covering up something. There is little to no truth being told, and a child is still gone. Even though there is nothing but speculation, many of the people making these videos and researching are doing so for free, and asking people to use their findings for free. People want to find the truth, even if it ends up costing them. I will touch on more theories on Thursday, the truth is out there. Maybe, just maybe if people put as much attention on this case as they do to other missing children, then maybe more will be found, or at least have their very important story told.