February 19

Shameless Updates!

This post contains affiliate links for my Shameless Self Promotion. Please see the disclaimer on the home page, under Promotion.


Hello everyone! It’s that time of year again where I do the whole Shameless Self Promotion. I am really excited to update you on some of the things I have been doing in the world of sales, and let you know what fun things are going on this website! I am very sorry that I was down for a few weeks. I had a terrible tech issue with my host, and it took a lot of trail and error to get it corrected. Thank you to all the wonderful customer support people that I talked with in order to get my little site back up and running. A few of you actually missed me, which is very nice! I am glad that some of you have made this little blog that could part of your week! So, with no further ado, here is all the shameless self promotional things that are going on at this moment.



1. Give Away: From now until the end of the month, you will have a chance to win a Bath Bomb Grab Bag! This means that if you subscribe to my blog, leave a comment on a post of your choice, you have a chance to win a grab bag from me! There will only be one winner, and you must live in the USA. Sadly, it is too much money to ship Bath Bombs outside of the USA. If that ever changes, or if there is a better way to ship that far, that will change. As of now, we need to keep it within the USA. I hope you are as excited about this as I am!



2. Bath Bombs on Etsy If you really want a bath bomb, you may order some off of my Etsy Shop. There are 3 active listings at the moment. Follow the link here for my shop called Lima’s Lovelies. Lima’s Lovelies Etsy Shop



3. Thirty One Hostess of the Month Club: This is something new that I am trying with my Thirty One business. I am looking for a group of 6 people willing to do the following: Commit for the next 6 months to either purchase OR collect $35.00 worth of orders for my Thirty One Business. You pick a month, and you have a built in party with orders already! If everyone works together, then you will automatically start your party with $20.00 of free product and of course the more orders that you add, the more rewards that you will get. You will also get: a VIP page with your group, and online parties ran by me! You will also get a monthly subscription box from me that will contain at least 1 Thirty One item, and several other goodies from me! First looks and exclusives to your page only! Who is willing to start? Email me for details!


4. Helping Others! Helping others is never shamelesss!

If you want to take the above offer a step further, or if you want to do something on your own, here is your chance. Every year, our group asks for donations from our customers to be willing to purchase an Easter Egg Basket for $22.00 plus tax. Each Basket will go to a local children’s hospital and any commission that I make from the sale will be donated to purchase the items that will go inside the basket. This goes to a great cause and I am looking forward to helping out kids! My goal is 5 baskets that I can donate with your help! Go to my page to purchase. Check out the customer specials for the month, and please if you shop, use any open parties that I may have going! Thank you in advance!  Shop my online store here: https://www.mythirtyone.com/ltebrinke



That is all I currently have for my shameless self promotion at the moment.  I hope that you take the time to read through these and consider some of them! Especially helping out children with the Easter Egg baskets from my Thirty One Business. As of now, I have one person in the running for the give away. Don’t forget that you have until February 28th, 2018 for you to be part of this drawing! In the meantime, thank you so much for being part of the Underdog family and reading my blog posts, plus putting up with my shameless self promotions every once in awhile! Have an awesome day!

November 23


Hello Underdogs,

We are going to take a break for the holiday! It is Thanksgiving in America, so enjoy your day.


I am thankful for a roof over my head, no matter how long I may have it.

For the use of my arms, and legs, and my eyes, for my health

Electricity, Water, and Gas

For my friends and family

For my dogs

And for all my readers!


I hope you have a wonderful day!

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August 7

Mystery Monday: My Week

Hello  Underdogs! I am very excited to tell you a bit about my week. Before I do that, I want to take a moment to remind you that this is the first week of the new theme days. If you haven’t read my previous post, please take a look at it so you know what changes are being made! New Theme Days This is Mystery Monday, which means that whatever I am writing about on Monday will be a mystery. It could be a an actual mystery that I am writing about, or it could be about my shoes!

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This past week was filled with lots of busy things, one injury, and am amazing trip to the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital in Chicago. I belong to an organization called Daughters of the Nile The sole intent of this organization is to raise money for the Shriner’s hospitals in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and where these hospitals are built. If you are not familiar with the Shriner’s hospital, please take a look at this link. Shriner’s Hospital for Children This hospital is for children and you will not be limited by your insurance, or not being able to pay. The hospital is run on donations, amazing staff, and the wonderful Shriner and other organizations to keep this place running. They have state of the art machines such as the EOS machine which was purchased with some of our donations. This machine makes it so the children will have 10% radiation instead of the normal 60% when they have tests run. It is quicker and it so much safer for these children who are already sick or injured.

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This money is raised a dollar at a time. We have every day people who work extremely hard for each donation that we bring to the hospital. The million dollar donation was earned by very hard work, and hundreds of different types of fundraisers. Myself and two fellow Daughters of the Nile members headed to Chicago to get a tour of the hospital, and to see the presentation. We were treated by meeting young Alec, a 15 year-old boy with brittle bone disease. Shriner Hospital in Chicago is his second home. You have probably seen him on many national commercials and on Fox news, Sports Center, CNN and more. He wants to be a sportscaster when he grows up and he is well on his way there! He hopes to meet Micheal Jordan one day, and we all would love to make that happen!

I was nervous walking into the hospital because I am constantly inside of one since I am a caregiver. It is normally a place that can be cold, or even unnerving. I was worried that I was going to see a bunch of sad children. Nothing could be farther from the truth! The hospital was warm, full of color, toys, crafts, and many fun things to do. It was very comfortable and it did feel like a big home. Every single child that I saw had a smile on their face. I saw kids in wheelchairs racing down the halls. I saw children playing with one another at the pool table, or reading books. It was such an inspiration to see this thriving environment. The staff and the Shriners do not treat these kids like they are broken, or sick. They teach them that anything is possible with hard work and a good attitude. They are there to get not only get better, but to learn. As they like to say, the children are not disabled, they are able. They even have an apartment that is the size of a working dorm to help the kids learn how to live in a real world environment. There is a reason the Shriner children grow up to be accepted to many colleges and get great jobs. They are not only prepared for life, but they have a motivation and fire that many of us lack. It’s all due to the Shriner’s Hospital.

Being able to have a very small percentage of the money raised was amazing. Meeting these children and seeing the hospital for the first time is humbling. I am more motivated than ever to continue to help the hospitals and the children. There is nothing better than being able to help someone else. Giving these children the tools they need to get treated and have a life beyond the hospital is more than anyone can ask. It is heartbreaking when a child is sick or injured. The Shriners Hospital is a very special place that will help you get through the trials. They work hand in hand with several places to help the parents out as well, such as The Ronald McDonald house. I encourage you to donate to any of these places, no matter how small. Every penny counts. I’m serious. Every single penny is used to help these children out, and give them a great chance!

I hope that this little bit of information will motivate you to take a look at the site. If you live close, see if you can arrange a tour. It will change your life! We can work together to save lives and to make a huge difference in the medical treatment of these children. Remember, even the smallest donation means the world. It is the ripple effect, and it can start with one good thought, and one penny! I am honored to have been able to see this hospital and meet the children. Thank you Daughters of the Nile for all your hard work. Thank you Shriner for your dedication and what you do on a daily basis.


Take a look at my affiliation program. I will donate any sales made through this link to the Shriner Hospital for Children on behalf of this blog.

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