Stan Lee

November 15, 2018 ltebrinke 17

What in the world can be said about Stan Lee that hasn’t been said in the last few says. This is difficult. We all knew […]

The 13th Doctor

October 10, 2018 ltebrinke 651

This past weekend, the world was introduced to the 13th Doctor, Jodie Whittaker. This wasn’t just a new series of a TV show that has […]

My Favorite YouTube Shows

March 19, 2018 ltebrinke 8

The post, “My Favorite YouTuber Shows,” contains affiliate links. For more information, check out the Disclaimer on the Promotions page.  Underdogs, I know I have […]

Thank you, Peter Capaldi

December 25, 2017 ltebrinke 3

This is the official Underdog Review for “Twice Upon a Christmas,” which is Peter Capaldi’s last day as The Doctor. It is also Steven Moffat’s […]


November 20, 2017 ltebrinke 941

Hello Underdogs, and welcome to my 100th post on this new format, and with having a professional hosting system! I recently decided to become a […]