July 16

The Handmaid’s Tale: A Review

When the Hulu show, “A Handmaid’s Tale,” started two seasons ago, I wasn’t interested. I remember seeing bits and pieces of the movie from the 1980’s and it wasn’t very good. However, as time went on, I kept having friends tell me it is a show that I must watch. Being the faithful reader, I decided to read the book before watching the show. “A Handmaid’s Tale,” is a book that is written by Canadian author Margaret Atwood which came out in 1985. This book chilled me to the bone and I devoured it in one sitting. I decided to go ahead and try the series, which was up to its third episode at this point. I was truly struck by the sheer beauty of the lights, the color, and the camera work. Clearly the setting is as much of a character as the people involved in the story itself. The complex story and the amazing acting is what keeps me coming back again and again, even after I am truly shocked by what I have seen.

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I have gone back and forth about doing a review about this series for two simple reasons. First, everyone else is doing it and it may be getting a bit old for some people. Second, this show is so raw, that it is painful. It is so hard to discuss the subject matters without seeing real life examples and realizing we may not be so far off from Gilead, which is what is left of America after the fall of, well, everything. The book and the series have some major differences, but for the most part, the heart of the story is the same. We hear about the world through a nameless Handmaid in the book, but for the series, they call her June. She is one of the many nameless women who are forced to become a vessel of human life. They say the revolution didn’t happen over night, but by the time they paid attention, it was too late and they had already lost.

While it is never clear at this point what happened, there was a revolt of a group of people who are extremely religious. They were able to overtake the government, killing everyone in their path and setting up their own agenda which is their interpretation of the Old Testament in the Bible. The root cause of this take over how terrible the fertility rates are around the world. They blame many things on this including food, environment, and even lifestyle. Soon, women are forced to be stripped of everything that they are outside of a man. This means they can’t work, use money, shop, or do anything without a man. The laws are strict and many pay with their lives. Women are divided into certain classes and they are expected to perform that role in society for the rest of their lives. The Handmaid is a woman who has given birth to a live child at some point, and is still fertile. A Maratha is a woman who can’t have children and become maids. Wives range from lower class to high officials. An Aunt is a woman who oversees the Handmaids, and is one of the only women legally allowed to be able to read and write. It is forbidden otherwise. Men have less of a class system, but it is still there. They have guards, drivers, lower class men, and high officials that are self proclaimed Commanders. A Handmaid only goes to the high ranking Commanders, and their wives.

One may be asking what a Handmaid does? Sadly, she is forced to live in the home of a Commander and his wife where they have a ceremony once a month. The Handmaid is  rapped by the Commander, while his wife holds her down. They are trying as a group to get pregnant, and then if there is a resulting baby, they keep it and kick the Handmaid out. They not only rape her, but then they steal her baby if she gives birth to a living child. When I said before that they strip everything away from women, this includes their name. Their real names are forbidden and while they are serving as a Handmaid they are known and addressed as part of the Commanders name. For example, June’s Commander is named Fred, so she is Offred. (Of-Fred) These women also have other roles such as shopping for groceries for the household, and the occasional stoning to death of a person who broke the law. They also are shown off, and of course treated as objects instead of humans. They have a certain amount of time to stay with a family and get preggo. If they fail to many times, then they are sent off to the Colonies. That is a place that will kill anyone who works there slowly and painfully. This is a bunch of land full of toxic waste.  These  “bad” women strip the layers of soil until they get to a point where they can use the land to plant food. But they are given nothing to protect them, so their skin, teeth, and nails fall off and the eventually die of cancer or other issues related to this job.

In this world, there is no trust and no friends. Or it least it seems that way. Every move they make is watched by  armed guards. If you have stepped one toe out of line, or seem like you did, then you are subjected to either being hung, shot, sent to the Colonies, or they disappear and no one truly knows what happened. People are taught to snitch on one another, which makes is hard for anyone to form a bond to revolt. However, the need to survive and fight is deep and is enough for underground networks to be born. There are many people who escape to Canada, which is a safe haven for anyone in this terrible world. Many people are killed trying to escape, but there are those who make it out including June’s husband Luke, and her best friend, Moria. However, both June and her young daughter, Hannah were taken. In the books, we never find out what happens to Hannah, but in the series we find that she has been adopted in a home,  and will be a handmaid when she is old enough.

In the book, we hear this tale through a recorder many years in the future. This whole story is part of a discussion from people around the world, trying to understand this terrible stain of the past. They are trying to keep from repeating the same mistakes.  One may point out that June is an unreliable narrator since we only hear her story. However, there are countless recordings from other people who can back several things up. They just can’t find records of June or her family ever existing. That doesn’t mean anything, but can we trust everything that June says to be true?  I think the readers and the viewers fell a connection with June and tend to take her at her word. We get small clues in the series that this is also a story that is being told from a future point in time.

There are so many ups and downs involved in this story that it is almost hard to keep watching. However, it brings up so many themes that we need to discuss as a society. It’s so hard because it’s holding a mirror up to our world and seeing that we don’t like what we see, and what could be. For the next post, I will be going into more details and thoughts about specific issues, but I think it’s important to really understand the material before going into the issues of the terrible things brought up in this story. It’s not a story for many women, it’s real life, and that is horrific.


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March 19

My Favorite YouTube Shows

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Underdogs, I know I have a YouTube problem! I love it, and it is truly my guilty pleasure. However, the more I watch, the more impressed I am that normal people are putting their thoughts, feelings, and voices out there. They are all not crazy people who are doing stunts to get views. Many of them have taken control of their own creative destiny and produced high quality shows. This is entertainment in a pure form,and another medium that people who are very talented take advantage of every single day. You also can learn a lot. I keep joking that I could have saved paying for a college degree because you can literally find anything on YouTube. Seriously! As you know, I am a caregiver. A few years ago, I was working with someone that had a drain placed in their abdominal wall. I had to inject medicine into the drain. While I saw it done in the hospital, they had put the drain on backwards, and I couldn’t seem to get it figure it out. I decided to try searching the drain,  placed backwards on Youtube, and sure enough, I found it and was instructed how to put the meds in the drain. Here are my favorite YouTube shows! Check them out and support them if you wish! Most of these people do their shows out of their homes, while some have a whole creative team. It’s pretty cool and these are the ones I recommend.

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1.Good Mythical Morning:

This was the show that started it all for me, and the most positive and uplifting show you can watch called, Good Mythical Morning! This shows stars life long best friends Rhett and Link who, along with their crew bring us classics like the “Will It?” series, and such signature songs like “Turkey in a Trash Can.” This is a family friendly show that has so much fun stuff! I have borrowed many game ideas from this show and incorporated them into activities for my girls. This show has been going for around 10 years and I have been a Mythical Beast for several years now! Seriously, if you are having a bad day, just watch one episode of Good Mythical Morning and it will help tremendously. There have been times when my depression is pretty bad, but watching this show is so happy and uplifting, it makes things good, even for a few minutes. There is a lot of food, a lot of games, a lot of laughs, and a whole lot of heart! Take a look at one of the most famous shows where they try a Carolina Reaper. BONUS! Check out Good Mythical More for the show after the show! https://youtu.be/Mb-QVfwCmYg


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2.Mathew Santoro:

Another super positive person on YouTube is bringing us lots of information. Known for his series and books called, “50 Facts to Blow your Mind, ” his channel is full of lots of interesting knowledge nuggets. Almost every day he puts out a top 10 list of a focused topic, like “10 Terrifying Origins Stories of Children’s Songs,” and “10 Scariest Animals.” 50 facts comes out about once a month, since it is a long list. However, you always learn some interesting things. Matthew is a great host, who is very happy, funny, and uplifting. He also have a great story, and his journey to get to where is now.  The knowledge whale is ready to say hello! Check him out here!  https://youtu.be/q8kLoRnzgLQ



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3. Emmy Made in Japan:

This is another fun show. I started watching this by accident, but I am glad that I stumbled upon it! Emmy is an American who lived in Japan for several years, but now is back in the USA. When she was in Japan, she admitted she was very lonely and depressed. To help fight that, she started making videos of herself making the amazing Japanese candy making kits. These are pretty awesome and very detailed. This helped grow her show into what is is today, including taste tests, vintage gadgets, and one of my favorites, which is “You Made What?” This is where Emmy makes some pretty strange older recipes like Ketchup Cake and Spaghetti-O-Jello. Seriously, check Emmy out because she is funny, and is all about educating people on the world through food. Here is a tip, watch through to the very end of the credits because she always does something silly at the end. Check her out here: https://youtu.be/zbR50n9ax-c


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Shane Dawson is one of the old school YouTubers who has been doing this for over 10 years. Shane may be a controversial figure but he has improved with age. He started off doing more of a comedic show, then has become more of a life style show with lots of interesting things. One of my favorite things about his channel is the conspiracy theories. As a conspiracy theorist, I love seeing what other people think and feel about some of these amazing and interesting stories. While some people may not like his approach, I applaud him for his humor and his openness which has helped a lot of people through many issues. https://youtu.be/FCPDcIQstr8



See the source image

5. Talking Thrones/Azorah Ahype/Grey Area:

While there are 3 here, they are all known for their love and devotion to one of the greatest shows ever made, “Game of Thrones.” Each takes a very interesting take on the show, and provide in depth conversation and theories about both the book and the series. I love how they all interact with their audience and have some wonderful theories based in mythology and other classic literature works. Since I’m providing 3 great people, please look each one up. They are all worthy of your audience. They all work very hard to bring some great theories to life.



See the source image

6. Buzz Feed:

There are a lot of series associated with Buzz Feed. My favorites are, “Unsolved,” where two people host a show of cases that are not solved. It could be mystery, or the paranormal. They also host a Q and A session after the show airs to give the audience a chance to voice their own thoughts and theories. Another great series is called “Worth It,” where a team goes around and tries 3 different price points of a certain food item. For example, they try a cheap pizza, a more expensive pizza, and a highly expensive pizza and compare them. There are also many other topics covered by Buzz Feed that include Tasty and other cooking shows. It’s a lot of fun, so check them out.



7. Emergency Awesome/New Rockstars/ Screen Rant/Nerd Soup:

Guys, I’m a big old nerd, and each one of these YouTube channels are well versed in the world of nerdy and geeky things. They are great with Marvel, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, and so much more. I really enjoy the angel that each one of these shows come from. They all are very passionate about their nerdiness and it shows. Look each of these up for a lot of nerd fun!


Those were a few of my favorite Youtube shows! Take a look and support them by giving them a like. They are a lot like me and have started in the home and worked super hard to get where they are now. Each one is different and you can’t find them anywhere else. What are some of your favorites?

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February 5

Random Thoughts During the Superbowl

It’s Superbowl time, Underdogs. You know what that means, right? Even if you aren’t a football fan, this is the biggest television event of the year. People from all over the world watch this game, even if it’s the only one they watch all year. It is even broadcasts to our troops serving all over the world. By the time you read this, either the Patriots or the Eagles have won this huge game. It’s hardly ever about the game, it’s about the people. While there are fans who live for this day, many people take advantage of the big game and have a party or gathering. Or, they spend time at home and bond over the game or the commercials. The Superbowl commercials are some of the best of the year so they will be widely talked about the next. day.

I’m not a huge football fan, and we had a get together yesterday since it worked out for everyone. For the game, I’m at home watching the game with my roommate and the dogs. I’ve ended up making a bunch of snacks and for us to share while hanging out. Being in Indianapolis, we are legally obligated to hate the Patriots and root for anyone playing against them. That means we are rooting for the Eagles even though they aren’t the Colts. The Colts had a very bad year and that’s a whole different story. I’ve been to several football games, and while it’s a lot of fun it isn’t super fun watching on TV. That’s why these things are more about gathering with friends, and loved ones, or even just relaxing and having fun. It’s a pass time for not only the United States, but for many around the world. Let’s all enjoy the ride!


So here are my random thoughts about the Superbowl. Pretend I’m live tweeting these because they are in order.


What kind of snacks should I have? Hot Pockets!

PINK made it! I heard how sick she was. You killed it Queen. Now go get some tea and feel better! Love you!

Jurassic World’s new movie! DUDE! That guy just got eaten by a dinosaur! I’m excited to see this!

A Han Solo movie? I have no clue how I’m feeling about this right now. But, of course I’m going to see it.

OMG! What is this show? It looks like all Steven King’s books. IT IS!!! OMG!!! I can’t wait to see this!! I’m so excited!! Castle Rock. Steven King and J.J. Abrams! This is going to be golden!

I hear a Prince song right now. I hope the rumors aren’t true and they are going to use his image as a hologram. That’s super creepy.

Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman are lip syncing! Bring it, Queens!!!

This Rock movie seems like Die Hard.

“This is Us,” a show I never ever want to see. I got too much drama in my own life, thank you. Let’s top this game off by depressing millions of people. I have no desire to see this show at all.

Cloverfiled? A new one? Yawn…

My roommate is currently hexing the Patriots. I have not issue with this.

I’m kind of board. What’s going on in Facebook land. Hmm..maybe Twitter?

Eagles Scored! But I have a feeling the NFL will never let them win. It’s the superbowl after all.  #allgamesarefixed #allaboutthemoney I can still have fun, however.

I think I have only eaten salt. I need to drink more water!

What happened? Why is the TV Black. Hold on, seeing if the TV came unplugged….Wait, it happened to everyone, and actually, my plug was loose. What happened there? Was it proof of aliens?

Is…is that Keenus Reeves??? Holy cow, it is! You do you boo, I still love you!

It’s cold here. I bet it’s really, really cold in Minnesota. However, my phone just went off about a snow storm warning coming this way.

Australia Tourism commercials was awesome! I was really thinking it was a real movie trailer! Yes!

I think Tide made some many commercials because they are making so much money off all those people eating their product.

MLK used to sell Dodge Rams, kind of a very low moment for everyone.

Half Time! JT coming up soon. I like him more than I like his music.

I really liked the we are all on one team commercial.

Did they finally change the Pepsi Logo back so it won’t look like CBS Asian Town (Family Guy) Trust me, once you see it, you will never unsee it. It is the same thing! I know it’s random, but I’m serious! Check it out.

Image result for family guy cbs chinatown                   

JT, what..I don’t like this start. The sound is very off. I’m trying man, but it the performance seems so off! You can dance, and I enjoy that. However, nothing sounds right.

Okay, got a little teary eyed with Prince.

Trolls! Superbowl selfie! JT, you are so likable!

I’m board now…

I’m going to go cut more cheese. Really, actual cheese. Not what you are thinking, I’m taking about cheddar.

Jeff Goldblum can do no wrong.

That Steven Tyler ad was very strange, and kind of sad.

Infinity War, I can’t…the feels!!! I’m so excited!!

Rhett and Link!!! I’m so excited to see our friends making it big! I  know they aren’t really my friends, but I feel like they could be. I know, I’m an adult. I know how these things work, but I’ve been a Rhett and Link fan for years!

Caregiver duty calls! I had to give some meds which took about 20 minutes. It’s a long process sometimes. I have no clue what’s going with the game anymore. I have stopped caring as much. I’m sleepy.

Looks like the Eagles are ahead. They are the underdogs, but I’m not sure if they will be allowed to win the Super Bowl. Oh, yep, Patriots scored as soon as I wrote this, so there is my answer.

Five more minutes left. Let’s see who manages to piss everyone off in the last few minutes.

Hyundai, nice commercial. However, there isn’t enough money in the world to cure cancer. My heart hurts so badly with these thoughts, but I’m glad you are trying. All we can do is try. Sorry, this hit home for me.

Is Victoria on tonight? If so, can I stream it tomorrow?  I love Victoria!

Oh, Eagles scored, or did they? Now they are saying he didn’t have control of the ball. It’s under review. I bet they will take it away.

Who is this dude in red and the beard that they keep showing? Santa’s younger brother, Frank?

TOUCH DOWN EAGLES! But a whole two minutes left and anything can happen.

SACKED!! It’s pretty much over!

It seemed so easy, however. Brady threw the game on purpose. Seriously, we are all saying it!

One minute left in the game. I have seen strange things happen, and who knows….take a knee, boys!

Field goal is good!

AHHHH! Now the dogs knocked over my Bath Bomb makings and a mold broke. I’m not a happy camper.

I have to clean all this stuff up, and all the food needs to be put away too. I’m tired again…

Time is up!!!



And now I look around at all I have to clean up. Superbowl is done and it’s time for bed…after I clean.

I think I missed Victoria if it was on. Now, I’m sad. I’m going to turn off the TV before the after show comes on.

Now comes the Facebook wars with my friends, who I still love very much despite several of them being Patriots fans. They choose to be my friend, so they have wonderful taste!


All in all, it was only a partial exciting game. It’s hard to get into it on TV and not watching a game in person for me. I know a lot of people feel that way. The point was to have fun and bond with loved ones, who have already fallen asleep so it’s just me and the dogs. I still think Brady threw the game. It all seemed too simple and he is a 4th quarter, high pressure person.  Well, it was a Cinderella story this year, as many people were hoping.


December 31

Trends that need to be left in 2017

Trends are all around, Underdogs, and they can be both a good and a bad thing. It’s good because it gives people a common ground, such as something to talk about and break the ice in a new situation. Some trends can be a lot of fun or raise awareness. However, some are just terrible. So bad in fact that your eyes roll as soon as you see the. Some are dangerous, and some are just plain stupid! With the start of the new year, here are a list of Trends that need to be left in 2017. There is a new year coming, and while that doesn’t change anything but the date on the calendar, we really need to move past these trends.

1. The Kardashians:

See the source image

I am very proud to say that I have never watched a single episode of anything to do with this horrible family. This might make it seem that I should give it a chance before I judge. I understand that point, but I have seen so much of these people covered in the news and in media that I don’t think I have to watch a show since they are always shoved in our faces. Why are these people famous? They are terrible, terrible people who have no talent. They don’t act, or sing, or dance, or do anything that is creative themselves. They have a team of people to be creative for them. They have a Mom who took advantage of her children, and a small thread of fame and exploited it all. They have been  everywhere for so long that people have grown up watching them. People now think this is entertainment, and what it means to be successful and famous. What a shame. I can’t wait for these people to fade into the background. This is a trend that never should have started in the first place, and it’s time to be over!  I feel dirty even giving them any sort of attention on my blog, but I feel very strongly about how much damage they have done to women, entertainment, and taste.

2. Blaming Named Generations:

See the source image

Everything wrong with the world is due to the, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, but most of all Millennials. In fact, Millennials are the worst! They are lazy, don’t work, and are just plain stupid. The Millennials are a term for people who are born between certain years. This year range changes all of the time, but generally it’s somewhere between 1980’s to the 2000’s. Basically, any lazy stereotype that you can throw at this group has been used to describe them. The term has become derogatory, just as Baby Boomers and the Gen X and Y. None of them have been looked at in a positive light, and all have been blamed throughout history for being terrible.  In essence, these named generational terms have been used to worry the past, and mark the monumental fear of change. This trend is not a mark of a generation, but used as excuse to place people in a box, spread fear, and even anger around people in that generation. If you recall, Baby Boomers were accused of the same thing back in their day. It’s a cycle, and a trend that needs to stop.

3. Dangerous Postings:

See the source image


I may sound like an old person here, but I really don’t care. It doesn’t matter how old you are because anyone can be affected by someone’s dangerous posting. If you haven’t received the memo, it’s dangerous to text and drive. In fact, studies have shown that it is safer to drive drunk that it is to drive and text. Don’t drive drunk either!  It’s also dangerous to talking on a cell phone and drive, but it’s not illegal in all states as of this posting. So many accidents and deaths have been caused by a person who can’t ignore their phone and pay attention to the road. I have lost someone because of this, and have been involved in an accident because someone was texting. It’s not just texting, it’s uploading photos to  Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter and any other social media outlet.  YouTubers are also setting up a dash cam to record their blogs. This is a huge distraction and is a terrible trend that needs to end now before more people are killed. It can wait, because no post is worth your life or the life of another person.

4. Belief in the News:

See the source image

Since people have reported news, there has been truth stretching. It gets worse but it seems more and more people are believing and trusting everything that they read. News is a product just like anything else. If you don’t make it appealing, no one is going to pay attention. People running the news have their own agenda, and it’s usually do to corporation or government.It has become more apparent than ever that the news is just a paid opinion like an infomercial.  There is no biased news reporting, but there is some good out there. While it’s unconventional, many bloggers and YouTubers have taken up urban journalism. While it’s still biased, you are getting another view than the traditional news and you may see how much is being made up, and what is really going on that they don’t want you to know about.

5. Cheat Day:

This is one of the most annoying things I have seen all year. This is when a blogger or even mainstream media cheat of their diet and so called healthy lifestyle. They make it seem as though they work out and are healthy the rest of the week, but this one day of the week, they eat everything that they want no matter the calories. Most of the time, it’s not just enjoying a single snack, but binge eating all of the junk food that they can get a hold of. Then, they shrug it off and justify everything under their cheat day umbrella of protection.  It is enough to make your eyes roll seeing very skinny girls who get very crazy about their cheat day. Quite frankly, this promotes unhealthy binge eating instead of teaching people to be healthier and enjoy treats in moderation. It also very confusing to young girls. They are already impressionable, and seeing very skinny girls have an very unhealthy relationship with working out and food can make it so much worse for them. These girls need to see a healthy balance between food and exercise.  This mind set is not healthy for anyone and it’s a dangerous trend.


While, I’m sure these trends aren’t going anywhere, I hope at least people will take some of these bad and damaging things into considerations. While some are annoying, some are dangerous. I hope that 2018 will bring better .On a personal note, thank you all who follow this blog, or any blogger like myself. It’s a lot of fun and work, even if it doesn’t seem like it. There are hours and even days of research and writing that go into this process. I love it, and I hope that you enjoy the content that this page has brought you. In 2018, I will strive to do better to keep on a tighter posting schedule. I know life gets in the way more often that I want, but I’m going to do the best that I can. Thank you all for your support, comments, emails and suggestions! I am excited to see what new challenges this year will bring! If you feel like supporting this page, click the links for the affiliate programs that you find on the home page, and at the bottom of the page here.

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December 26

Movie Review for 2017

Hello Underdogs, and it’s that time of year where we look back on the year of all forms of entertainment and review what in the world did we just consume. For this list, I am giving you my thoughts on movies that I have seen this past year.  These are not movies that I rented, but went to see in a theater. I paid my own money so all of these thoughts and opinions are my own. I try very hard to not let the massive reviews sway me, but I am human and sometimes they stick with me. Some of these movie reviews have been covered before in my blog, and if they have, I will leave the full link. These are the good, the bad, and the middle ground. I hope you enjoyed the entertainment this year, and maybe you will go see one of these movies that you didn’t consider before. Or, you may stay away from one all together.

The Emoji Movie:

Image result for meh emoji

Full And the Underdog Wins Movie Review Here: http://www.andtheunderdogwins.com/emoji-movie-captures-society-today/

This movie has made it on the top spot for one of the worst movies of 2017. I don’t disagree with that statement! In fact, it was one of the most offensive movies that I have ever seen. I don’t care that it is one big product placement film, which is one of the biggest arguments that many people have about the Emoji Movie. The reason that doesn’t bother me is because most films are one large commercial. Think back to many of our childhood favorites and you will recall things like food, drinks, and toys associated with that movie. This movie doesn’t try to hide their product placements at all, but makes them part of the story. My issues with this movie were the horrible lesson of fitting oneself into a box. It is not okay to be different, and it’s okay to abandon your goals even after working very hard to get where you want to be in life. This movie had a few laughs, but overall, it reflects the sad state of our world today, and how we just have to label people and things so they will fit into the world. This movie, for me, is one of the very worst not only of 2017, but ever.

Wonder Woman:

Image result for Wonder Woman

For the full movie review, click here: http://www.andtheunderdogwins.com/fan-friday-wonder-woman/

Wonder Woman was by far the best super hero movie that I saw all year. In fact it is one of the best movies for superheros of all time! I can’t say enough good things about Wonder Woman. The plot was great, the holes were small, and the cast was mighty. I have been waiting for this movie for years, and I can say for once that it by far exceeded my expectations. After seeing her cameo in the awful Batman Vs. Superman, I wasn’t really expecting much from this movie, and I said as much. I couldn’t be happier to be wrong about a movie before! All little girls need to see this movie. It is about time that kids have a chance to grow up with bad ass females in strong roles. I am so happy to have been able to see this movie!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi:

For the full movie review, click here: http://www.andtheunderdogwins.com/star-wars-just-watch/

This is the most conflicted that I have ever been about a Star Wars movie. I love the Star Wars franchise, and this movie split people down the middle for a very good reason. While I have been struggling for the last few weeks about why I feel the way that I do, I have come to one conclusion. The movie needed to be edited better. For all of it’s faults from a story prospective, it can be forgiven if the movie was edited down. There is at least a full half hour that could be cut out of this movie and have no impact on the story whatsoever. This movie will be debated for years, and I am hopeful that the next movie will be the payoff for all of this confusion. This movie has very good and very bad moments. I think people should see it and decide for themselves, but for me, this is a very middle of the row movie.

The Justice League:


For the full movie review, click here: http://www.andtheunderdogwins.com/justice-league-review/

What a year for superhero movies! Some were amazing, and some were okay. The Justice League was okay. I had fun watching this movie, but it there was a lot of disconnect. This is another movie that had a lot of stuff going on, but no real plot. While I wish they would have focused on a darker Superman story line, there was a lot of good set up in this movie for future projects. I really like the Flash, and I’m very excited about seeing Aquaman in his own movie. What made me sad was how they dealt with Wonder Woman in this movie, and how the villain of the story was kind of lame. I am hopeful that the next movie will have a better story, and they will fix the CGI issues. There is a lot of room for growth and I think it is possible!

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword:

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While many people hated this movie, I actually loved it. This is a different take on the legend of King Arthur. The story is great, and exciting. There is a lot of humor, and a lot of great set up for a series of films that will sadly never happen. Arthur grows up in a brothel and finds that he is the true king and needs to defeat his evil Uncle. The acting is great, the action is great. Jude Law does an amazing job at being very evil. I am very sad that this movie didn’t do better and there is no reason that I can see that people hated it so much. I think they were told to hate it or something. I bought this movie as soon as it came out and have watched it several more times, and have yet to be disappointed. I think this was an excellent movie and people should really give it a try instead of listening to all those who said it was terrible.

Thor Ragnarok:


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This movie was such a surprise, and probably my favorite of the entire year. This movie was pure joy from start to finish! There is a lot of great cameos, and thank God for Jeff Goldblum. I hope he is in more movies because it was a joy to see him on the screen. Everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun in this whole movie. I loved that the majority of the movie took place on a different planet, and loosely was based on Planet Hulk series. For the first time, we really got to see Thor be funny and almost even make fun of himself. The team up of Thor and Bruce Banner/Hulk was brilliant! This will be another Marvel film that I buy as soon as it comes out. I feel as though this is the light  movie before we get Infinity Wars. This was truly one of the best movies of the all of 2017!

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle:

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I will have a full review of this movie coming up. Until then, I think this movie is worth seeing. However, it may be too scary for some younger viewers. I saw it with an 8, 9, and 11 year old. I think the 8 year old may have been a bit too little to see this movie because she was afraid of some of the scenes, and covered her eyes several times. This movie was a lot of fun, and I actually liked it better than the original. This was another fun movie that had some great action. The plot was fairly simple, but it was very clear which path they were going down, which was nice compared to some of the bigger movies this year. I loved the Rock in this movie, and there were a lot of laughs. I would recommend this movie!

Guardians of the Galaxy 2:

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What an excellent year for Marvel! The surprise movie a few years ago was the original film. Now, this is a fun series and I am very happy that we are on the path with these crazy space legends! First, baby Groot is adorable, and I am kind of sad he is growing up in teenage Groot. Star Lord meets his Dad in this movie who is named Ego. Ego is a planet. While as strange as this may see, it actually is a pretty good story line. While there are a lot of laughs, what is not expected is the deep emotions that made me tear up. I know that there is a question if this group will continue to be Guardians of the Galaxy past their next movie, but I sure hope they stay on for awhile, because this is a great team, with a fun and exciting story! One of the best films of the year!

Beauty and the Beast:

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This movie is one of the newest in the line of live action Disney films. This follows the original story fairly closely so there isn’t a lot of surprises. It was nice to see this on screen. It was almost like a combination of a movie, and seeing a Broadway play. I loved the outfits and it was  nice to watch this. While it didn’t blow me out of the water, it is a nice movie. However, this is one that I would tell people to wait and rent instead of seeing in the theater. You already know the story, so there isn’t a lot of wiggle room for anything new or different besides being live action.

Spider Man: Homecoming:

For the full movie review, check out the link here: http://www.andtheunderdogwins.com/fan-friday-spiderman-homecoming/

I am the first to admit that I wasn’t on board with this movie. This is yet another remake of the Spiderman franchise and I was kind of annoyed that they were starting all over again. Now, I am happy that I was wrong about this and I’m excited about this remake. Tom Holland is a breath of fresh air and brings new life into a character that has been struggling for the last several years. I was happy that they didn’t start with Uncle Ben passing away, and picked up after Civil War left off. On a personal note, it was very awesome to see Jon Favria back on the screen in the Iron Man world. He was one of the people responsible for the might Marvel reboot, and he is a welcome old friend. Go see this movie if you haven’t already!

The Dark Tower:

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This movie is an adaption of Steven King’s novel. When I mean novel, I mean a series of 8 books and an entire scope of stories. While many people didn’t like this movie, I liked it for what it was. There is no way in the world that a single film could cover the ground of this book. However, this movie was meant to set up the HBO series that is coming in the next few years. This is looking to be the replacement of Game of Thrones. I loved the acting, and the story was fine, but it was thinned out too much for many people’s liking. I thought it was okay, and I enjoyed it for what it was. I didn’t go in with a lot of expectations because I knew it could only cover so much ground and they had to pick and choose what to cover. I thought they did a fairly good job. This movie was in the middle of the road, but by no means was it a bad movie.

There was my list of movies that I saw in a theater this year, and my reviews. I think my favorite movie of this year was Thor, and the one I didn’t like at all was the Emoji Movie. Many of these movies were right in the middle of the road, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t worth watching. I hope that you enjoyed these reviews. Please leave your comments on the movies that you saw this year that you liked, and ones that you didn’t!

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December 25

Thank you, Peter Capaldi

This is the official Underdog Review for “Twice Upon a Christmas,” which is Peter Capaldi’s last day as The Doctor. It is also Steven Moffat’s last show, but I will cover his legacy in another post. He deserves his own blog devoted to his genius.  This post will contain spoliers, so if you haven’t seen this show yet, stop reading this post.  I believe that no one was more prepared for this role than him. I meet him briefly last year, and he will forever be in my heart, and will always be The Doctor. It is going to be sad for him to leave, but I know we will see him as a Time Lord again.

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“Twice Upon A Christmas” marked a special time of saying goodbye to one Time Lord, and saying hello to a new one. We see David Bradly take up his role as playing the First Doctor, and somehow these two are brought together, while we find out that both of them are refusing to regenerate. A solider gets sucked up into the timeline and we find that mysterious glass figure is asking to replace the solider and take him back to the moment of his death, in exchange for Bill. The two Doctors go on an adventure to try to find out what these glass things are, fearing they are evil. It is actually not a bad thing at all, but a way to preserve memories, and have the past speak.

While all of this is happening, The Doctor, Peter Capaldi, is refusing to regenerate. Why? Because he is tired. He is also filled with glass images of the people he loved from the past. All of those he traveled with and loved are ghosts. It is a curse of a long life. The very cool thing about this episode is the very real pain of life and loss, but the need to keep going for the greater good. They return the solider to his moment of death in exchange for Bill. This is where he asks The Doctor a favor. He asked him to look after his family, the Stuarts.  Quite frankly, I started crying at this reveal, and didn’t stop after that moment. There isn’t a big baddie in this finally, it’s a tug at the heart strings.

I also love that they included a wonderful legend of the day everyone called true during World War 1. I have no idea if this is a true story at all, but I have heard it. I have heard that on one Christmas day, both sides stopped fighting and sang carols and celebrated together. Again, I’m not sure if it is real, but what a real delight bringing this moment to life even for a moment. It was very much a Steven Moffat moment. “For just this once, everyone lives.” We also get a few cameos from Bill, Nardol, and Clara who are there to say goodbye and also, to tell The Doctor no matter what he chooses to do, they support him. The Doctor was granted his memories of Clara again, so he was able to recall who she was, and why she was special to him. This was a very bitter sweet moment.

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The Doctor goes to his Tardis alone, which at first was what I was worried about. I kept saying to myself, please don’t let him do this alone. Don’t let him go through this alone. When 10 changed to 11, he was alone and it was heartbreaking. He was alone, however, and seeing how they did this scene made perfect sense. It was just a boy and his box, just like it should be at the end of the day. No one would be able to tell The Doctor what he should do more than the Tardis could.  She reminded him that the universe needs him. He then regenerated.

Peter Capaldi’s goodbye speech was by far the best one that I have heard. He reminded us to never be cruel, or cowardly, and to always be kind. Although it seemed like this was a death, it was just a change. The change is hard, and hope can be scary, but there is always adventure waiting out there, and love is so very important. When he spoke about children hearing his name, nothing touched me more. As we all know, Peter Capaldi was a fan of the show since he was a small child. As a kid, he wrote fan letters, and started a fan club. That love got him all through his life and finally to a lovely guest spot during David Tennant’s run. He was cast as the 12th Doctor in 2013 and made his first appearance in the 50th Anniversary.  Literally no one has been more prepared to handle this job. The child heard the Doctor’s name, and became one of the best versions we have been lucky enough to see. This show is all about hope and magic, and Peter Capaldi reminded us how magical The Doctor is, and always will be.

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I then went from crying hard to laughing hysterically when I saw Jodie on screen. It was so perfect. It was years of waiting for a moment like this to happen and it was here. She is real, and I was so joyous about this moment I was laughing at the top of my lungs. I’m sure I seemed like a mad woman, but this was perfect, just perfect. I’m so sad to see Peter go, but I’m so happy to see what Jodie will bring. This is groundbreaking at it’s best.

This was a lovely story and it was nice to not have a big baddie for once. It was so wonderful to see David Bradley do the First Doctor again. All of the Easter Eggs were wonderful as well. For example, we got to hear about how Polly cleaned the Tardis. He is brilliant as The Doctor, and it’s so nice to see him on screen with Peter saying goodbye. I am sure this is not the last that we have seen of Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who, but for now his time is come to a close. He will now, and forever be the Doctor, and I don’t think anyone is more deserving of this title than him.

On a personal note, I am amazed at Peter Capaldi’s love and devotion to his fans. There are so many stories as to the many wonderful things he did for children and fans as The Doctor. That will never end. That is what playing this role is all about. As a child, he was given hope  through this character. It came full circle as Peter Capaldi played The Doctor, and gave a whole new generation of people the same hope he once had. There really is magic in the world. The world may not be a fairy tale, but that is when The Doctor comes in at. Boy, did Peter Capaldi bring a lot of magic to so many. Thank you, Peter Capaldi, and you will be greatly missed.

Leave your found Peter Capaldi moments below.



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November 27

The Justice League Review

The Justice League is finally out so be prepared for spoilers. If you haven’t seen this movie, then don’t read any more because you may read something that you wish you hadn’t! You have been warned. Also, this post contains affiliate links. Take a look at my Disclaimer on the Shameless Self Promotion Page. Here is the official underdog review of The Justice League!

I have been sitting here for the last 24 hours after watching  The Justice League trying to understand exactly what about this movie rubbed me the wrong way. I know the movie didn’t make as much money as predicted, and the critics hate it. However, I never let any of that influence my thoughts, I just know people like to know this information. I hardly ever agree with a professional critic, because I am a fan of comics, and I am a fan of superheros. Superhero movies normally get a bad rep because they are corny and out there.  I grew up on Batman, and Superman. I am a huge fan, so like many people, I have been waiting for The Justice League since I was a child! Maybe the problem I have is that a movie will never be as good as what I imagined that it could be and I was let down. I am willing to say that was part of it. I’m also willing to say the story wasn’t that good, and I feel that you could tell more than one person directed this show.

The recent movies released from DC haven’t been my favorite. I hated Batman Vs. Superman, as well as Man of Steel. I had fun with the Suicide Squad, but Wonder Woman was by far one of the best super hero movies I have ever seen! Wonder Woman was well written, had a great back story, and a villain that wasn’t weak or kind of boring. After that wonderful movie, The Justice League had a lot to live up to!  This movie had the traditional big team introduction. It’s what I like to call, “The Super Friends Problem.” This is when you need to get these major personalities with otherworldly powers together to fight a bigger battle,  and you need a good reason for them to get together. There is always a conflict that makes these very different beings join forces and fight on the same side. Something always goes wrong that either hinders the team, or breaks them apart and they come back together after finding that being on a team is better than being on their own. The Justice League followed this formal, as has many other movies. There isn’t anything wrong with that, but when does that formal become too stale for the audience to care?

The big villain of the story is Steppenwolf, and the 3 ancient boxes that could destroy the world as we know it. There were parts that this story line seemed way too much like Lord of The Rings. While a good story, this was a bit overdone. I really didn’t care for Steppenwolf as the villain. His CGI made him look like a pissed off goat. I didn’t really care about him, or his evil plan to take over the planet. Superman coming back to life after being dead was scarier than Steppenwolf. While I hated how they brought Superman back, I wished they would have explored his darker side and have him been the real villain of the story. To me, his threat was worse than the entire Steppenwolf story line.  What was the hardest part about this movie to me is the glimmer of amazing moments that went nowhere. My favorite scene of the whole movie was the Amazon women protecting the box and keeping it moving. That was so amazing! The explanation of the Gods and seeing the Lantern die and the ring take off was amazing as well.

The chemistry of the main cast was also very good, but we didn’t get much of them on screen together at once. I honestly was worried about The Flash, because there is already an active series and they decided to not cast that actor. However, the young man who plays this version of The Flash is wonderful. I really enjoyed his humor, and his story. I would love to see a stand alone movie about him. It worked for Spiderman: Homecoming, and I think his own movie would do well. Aqua man will have his own movie coming out in the next year or so, and I’m very excited about it! For the first time ever, Aqua man seems like a bad ass warrior that could knock the crap out of anyone who gets in his way. Coming off of Wonder Woman, it was hard to see her want to not take a leading role even though she is a leader. It seemed like a little bit of back tracking! Cyborg was okay, and Batman is not my cup of tea. I hate the casting but I understand what they are trying to do with him aging. I don’t have an issue with the story line, I just don’t like Ben Afflack at all. People say this is the best Superman on film ever. While I strongly disagree with this statement, I will say that this is the best version of Superman that this actor has portrayed on screen so far.

After much reflection, I think the reason that I didn’t care for this movie as much as I hoped is because I was let down. The story in my head has been building up for years, and I can say what I came up with was more entertaining than the show on the screen. Again, there were a lot of great moments, but things didn’t flow together very well. I thought it was pointless to focus on that one family who got caught up in the crossfire of the big battle. Why was there so much screen time devoted to these people who added nothing to the story line? I also had two very big issues with The Justice League. First, Wonder Woman seemed pretty reluctant to take a leadership role. This seemed very out of character for her, specially after coming off such an amazing movie. To me, this seemed like back tracking and this whole thing was invaliding her worth. Why would they spend so much money in one of there many re-shoots to add more Wonder Woman scenes if they tried to make her seem second fiddle to Batman, and eventually Superman.

The second issue that I have is why was Superman needed in this movie at all? Quite frankly, the whole movie could have not had him in it at all, and they still would have defeated the bad guy. While Superman was a help, he wasn’t essential to the story line. It could have been a very good story if we followed Superman down a dark path, but instead he was confused, angry, and then got over it and saved the day. I get that they wanted to bring Superman back, but the other members of The Justice League seemed like their task would have not been possible unless they brought Superman back to help them fight. That just didn’t seem realistic, even in the world of superheroes. Why did we waste so much time watching two very fast and strong people (The Flash and Cyborg) slowly dig up Superman’s grave? Again, this was pointless, and didn’t make sense even within this world. It was just strange to me that the whole team agreed to rob a grave, and try to play God in order to bring back Superman, even with the risk that it wouldn’t work, or Superman wouldn’t be the same. Why waste that time, and form a strong plan within their own ranks instead of trying to raise Superman from the dead and hope he isn’t a zombie!


I would recommend to go see this movie. It’s always fun to go see a super hero movie. If you go into this movie and know that the story is weak, but you get to see all of these superheroes on the screen at the same time, then you will have a good time. I liked this movie, but I didn’t love it. I didn’t hate it either, but I wish the story could have matched this cast of characters. There were so many glimmers of good moments, but they faded fast and didn’t pan out at all.  I am looking forward to the next installment of The Justice League, just as the post credit scenes set up so well. I would give this movie a 3 out of 5. I enjoyed it for what it was, but sad that the story wasn’t better.


What do you think? Did you like The Justice League? Leave your comments below!



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November 20


Hello Underdogs, and welcome to my 100th post on this new format, and with having a professional hosting system! I recently decided to become a more grown up blogger and try something new. I put a lot of time, effort, research, and money into moving my blog from a free hosted site to getting my own domain! It was a very terrifying step, but I am glad that I took them. I am still in the baby step phases, but I am slowly learning what it takes to be a better blogger, and how I can bring you better and higher quality posts. I went from an impossible 7 day a week schedule, to a more manageable 4 days a week. I have listened to your comments, and seen what you are reading and am confident that I have made the right choices with my theme days, and the topics that I am writing about. I go with the flow, so I am sure I will have changes in the future. For now, I am happy with the direction, And the Underdog Wins is going!

I want to thank you all for being there for me, and staying with me through this whole transition and learning process. Several of you have been with me for the past 5 years, and that means the world. All of the newer members of the Underdog family have been just as wonderful as my senior readers, and I look forward to a long relationship with you! In 100 posts, I have been able to meet and talk with some wonderful people who are fellow bloggers, and people who are fans. It is amazing to get real feedback from people who took time out of their day to not only read, but to comment on a post.  There is no blog without you, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all of your love and your support!

I’m always looking towards the future while trying to keep one foot firmly grounded. I can’t wait to see what the next 100 posts will be, and I am trying to make them better as we move forward. I want to be able to continue bringing you high quality conspiracy theories, life style items, try it Tuesdays, and the supernatural. I want to continue to share my experiences with movies I love, things I had to try out, and things that I question. The world is a vast and amazing place and we know so little about it. I think the questioning, dreaming, and research can help find more about the universe, and bring us all a little bit of happiness and understanding.

I once read that sharing your goals are vital and can help you reach your potential. So, I hope that I can get some better equipment such as a computer, and a camera. I would love something with local business and local vendors. I know how important supporting your neighbors are, and I would like to help people find awesome local places! I want to keep my relationship with the affiliate companies and maybe get a few sponsors! I also want to bring you more posts in form of a series, and maybe even make a YouTube channel. It’s all a lot of work, and I am willing to do what I can to continue doing what I love, and continue to bring you the best that I am able!

Again, thank you all for being part of this journey and the first 100 posts on this format. I am excited to see what the future will hold, and I promise to do the best I can to make my goals happen. Keep reading, keep commenting, and keep believing in the win of the Underdogs!

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October 9

On the sidelines with the Colts

Last week was awful. In fact, it was one of the worst of my life. We all needed a pick me up for the battle ahead, and were pleasantly surprised when we won a prize package to the Colts game!! Honestly, we all thought it was a prank at first until the tickets came in the mail the very next day! Thanks to replybuy.com, we were given 2 seats in the lower bowls, a parking pass in the stadium, and a fan experience on the sidelines during warm-ups. I have been to several Colts games before, but nothing like this! This was truly a VIP experience and I am glad that I got to be apart of it! Here is the breakdown of the day.

We arrived to Lucas Oil an hour and a half before kickoff. Since we had the parking pass, we didn’t have to pay to park several blocks away.  We were able to pull right in the stadium parking, and was through the gates in minutes. To compare to the normal routine going to a Colts game, we would have to pay anywhere from $15.00 to $30.00 for a random parking spot and walk. The walk could be a few blocks, of close to a mile depending on the day. The longest we ever waited in line to get into the building was the Thanksgiving game last year. It took about 3 hours to get through security and get to our seats. Apparently being a winning VIP is enough to get you through the gates in lighting speed!

After got through the door after being handed the programs and the “Thank you Peyton,” signs, we got a bit lost trying to find the location of where we were meeting the contact. For those of you who aren’t football fans, Peyton Manning, a former football player from the Colts, was having his jersey retired during this game.  Basically, it was kind of a big deal in the world of football.  After we found where we were going, we had to sign a waiver to get on the field. I actually didn’t read through what it was that we signed. I hope it had nothing too bad on it outside of not suing if we got hit by footballs. Maybe it said I owed them 15 gold coins and  I  must do the chicken dance every time I hear the word sunshine. We then got taken to a super secret elevator and got to go down to the tunnels! We walked through the same place that team members, staff, and NFL personality gets to run through every week!

We were given free reign of the sidelines, as long as we stood within the lines. We could walk up and down and watch the Colts warm up. We were only supposed to be there for about 20 minutes, but actually stayed about an hour where I made a ton of Facebook live videos, and took about 100 photos. I think I took more photos than I did when I was in London. However, it’s easier to get back to London that it is to get on the field of a Colts’ game, so I ended up killing my battery before the game even started. The Colts players were so kind! They played catch with the littlest fans, invited a few out on the field, and they spent time talking to many of the fans. We got to see some pretty big football players getting ready for the game.

Image may contain: crowd, football and stadium


After we were done, we went to the seats provided for us, which were lower level bowl seats. We didn’t have to watch the screens the see the game, because we were close enough to watch without it’s help! We also sat next to drunk Tim and Tom, which was an adventure in and of itself.  We got to watch this very exciting game that went into overtime, which is not typical for a football game!  The Colts won so this was a very fun game!!


A shout out to Replybuycom for the tickets! https://www.replybuy.com/ This was such a fun day, and we tried to enjoy every single moment. Again, it was such a hard week, and there are a lot of challenges a head, but I think this day was a nice break, and a bit of good news to help us get through the times that are coming. It was pretty cool to have the equivalent of a back stage pass, and trust me, I Wayne’s World it up! We weren’t expecting to win anything, so my advice is to enter every free contest that you can! You may not win anything, but once in awhile, you just might! Why not, it only takes a moment. You never know what you could win, and what amazing life experience you might get to have.

July 24

My Monday: Top 5 Exciting Moments from Comic Con

Comic Con went on this weekend, and there was so much that happened! If you are a nerd, this is one of the biggest highlights of the year!  Although I couldn’t be there, I have been watching on YouTube! Someday, I will go to Comic Con, but in the meantime, I have to get my fix via the web. There are so many interesting things that have been going on and it is a great weekend to be a nerd! Comic Con is a very big time to celebrate the nerdy things in life, and get to see many trailers for upcoming movies and events. Here are my top 5 favorite things that we have been able to learn so far!

  1. Doctor Who:

Doctor Who had a very powerful and emotional panel. It shows why Peter Capaldi is the Doctor, and how they have never made a wrong casting choice when it comes to that role. Peter Capaldi got a standing ovation, and just like the classy person that he is, he turned it around and praised the entire cast and crew. The other best part of the panel was Steven Moffat setting the record straight about the casting of Jodie Whittaker. The response for her casting has been overwhelmingly positive, and the reporters are only focusing on internet trolls. We also got a very exciting trailer for Christmas that has both the 1st and 12th Doctor, along with Bill! This is like a mini 50th anniversary to send off both Peter and Steven, and introduce Jodie. It’s bitter sweet because we are losing one of the best Doctors to ever grace our screens, but we will carry on to the next. Comic Con also has many Doctor Who cast members there for other projects such as David Tennat, Karen Gillian, and John Borrowman. Take a look at the trailer and get excited for Christmas! Doctor Who Christmas Special 2017

2. Thor Ragnarock:

We also got to see a brand new trailer for the new Thor movie that comes out in November. This is something I am really looking forward to. I am a huge fan of the stand alone Thor movies, and I love to see what they are doing. It looks very exciting! We get to see more of Thor and the Hulk, as well as more Loki. You can never go wrong with Loki! This movie will take place right before the events of Infinity War. There is a rumor that Doctor Strange will make a cameo as he did in the comics. I love how this whole movie looks like an 80’s video game on steroids. I can’t wait to see this movie! Here is the 2nd trailer! Thor Ragnarok 2nd Trailer

3. Justice League and DC Comics:

Nothing like a little bit of Superhero mega team to get you hyped. Following off the footsteps of the best DC movie ever made, Wonder Woman, Justice League looks like it is going to be bad ass! I mean, when Aqua Man looks like he can kick Batman’s butt, you know it’s going to be a great movie! One of the biggest things that we have learned during their Comic Con panel is that Ben Afflack is not going to step down as Batman even though that has been reported that he will. Time will tell, but in the meantime, we will enjoy what we get to see. They have pushed back the move, The Batman, and are going forward with a few other movies instead. No official word as of now if we are going to get a Harley Quin Movie. Aqua man’s stand alone film will not be out until 2018, but this looks like it could be the most interesting take of this character to date. Here is the extended sneak peak of the Justice League: Justice League: Comic Con Trailer

4. The Defenders:

Comic Con gave us a second, longer trailer for The Defenders, which will be on Netflix. We get to see a lot more of the team of Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil forming a team and fighting. We also see Electra has been brought back to life, and is being trained to fight against The Defenders. The reason I am very excited for this show, is because it is a gritter version of The Avengers. Plus, I am one of the few people who was a fan of the Iron Fist show on Netflix, and am excited that they announced a second season. We see that many of the characters from each of these shows, will also being making a cameo in the series, which is nice to see there them living and interacting in the same universe. There will also be a second season of Jessica Jones, but it is unknown if Luke Cage will be back for a second season. Daredevil is wildly popular, and I am sure a new season will be announced soon. Take a look at the trailer from Comic Con: The Defenders

5. Round Ups:

Here are a few round ups of several other things that happened during Comic Con that I am very excited about.  I couldn’t pick just one, so here is a recap. Wonder Woman will have a sequel. This isn’t  a surprise, but it is nice to get real confirmation that a second movie is coming. Supernatural starts it’s 13th season this year, and it looks like we haven’t seen the last of Cas or Crowly. There will also have a spin-off. River Dale released a blooper reel which I haven’t seen yet, and some teasers about season 2. Black Panther released an extend trailer.Game of Thrones had an extended trailer that had a few more unseen footage added on to things we have seen already. The new X-Men show called The Fifted had a second trailer released. That will be on FX The Inhumans also released a trailer, which will be on ABC. There was also some poster art released for Antman and The Wasp.

I was heartbroken to find out that Nerd HQ was not able to make it to Comic Con this year.  If you aren’t sure what Nerd HQ is, it is a company ran by Zack Levi and a whole bunch of amazing and nerdy, crew. Every year they have the fan based panels after Comic Con. It’s like the very fun after party with a huge mixture of panels that you wouldn’t see anywhere else. They have mystery guests, mystery panels, and they are the only place that does, The Bad Ass Women panels that feature women from Film, TV, Writing, and other jobs in Entertainment.  All the proceeds from the tickets sales and SWAG goes to Operation Smile! I remain hopeful for the next year because it just isn’t the same without Nerd HQ!



Here is one honorable mention that I didn’t put in the Top 5 list for a very good reason. Since they didn’t release anything official, there was a trailer for Infinity War. There were some people who filmed it on their phone, and posted on their page. Now, I don’t condone this sort of thing, but I get why people do this. Plus, I as a fan really wanted to see this stuff!! Since it was not an official release, I didn’t include it on the countdown. However, if you are curious, it is out there. I just won’t lead you on how to get there to see it. This would be in the number one slot if it was a public released trailer.

What do you think? What  are you most excited about that is coming up in the world of comic pop culture? What’s your favorite trailer or news that came out of Comic Con so far this year? Leave your comments down below!

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