The 13th Doctor

October 10, 2018 ltebrinke 30

This past weekend, the world was introduced to the 13th Doctor, Jodie Whittaker. This wasn’t just a new series of a TV show that has […]

My Favorite YouTube Shows

March 19, 2018 ltebrinke 8

The post, “My Favorite YouTuber Shows,” contains affiliate links. For more information, check out the Disclaimer on the Promotions page.  Underdogs, I know I have […]

Thank you, Peter Capaldi

December 25, 2017 ltebrinke 3

This is the official Underdog Review for “Twice Upon a Christmas,” which is Peter Capaldi’s last day as The Doctor. It is also Steven Moffat’s […]


November 20, 2017 ltebrinke 220

Hello Underdogs, and welcome to my 100th post on this new format, and with having a professional hosting system! I recently decided to become a […]