July 19

Titanic Size Theories

On April 15th, 1912, one of the biggest sea disasters ever happened after the ship called the Titanic sunk. Spoilers if you haven’t seen the movie, but over 2000 people are killed. For years, people have been enchanted by this true story of tragedy which has lead to many doing research and finding some things that just don’t add up. The Titanic was being sold as the “unsinkable” ship, but it not only hit an ice burg, but it split in half, sending many people to a terrible death. There wasn’t enough life boats to save even half of the passengers, which could have been avoided if proper precautions were taken. This boat only made one voyage, but it was such a terrible accident that people were driven to find answers. Could a single ice burg really take down an entire ship, or was it due to fire? Or, was the Titanic real at all?

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 The Wreck of the Titan:

In 1898, years before the Titanic sunk, there was a book that mirrored the fate of the ship written by Morgan Robertson. The book was called, “The Wreck of the Titan.” The Titan was a British ship that also was hit by an ice burg and killed thousands of people during the accident. They also didn’t have enough life boats to get all the people to safety. While this book was updated by the author after the sinking of the Titanic, it doesn’t take away the fact that many of the things written in this fictional book became a reality. Did the author know something that we didn’t? Was this a warning that needed to be paid attention to, or was it just a story in a book? No matter what you think, it is very strange indeed.



Big ships like the Titanic were fueled by coal fire. While useful, it could be very dangerous for several reasons. First, the people shoveling this coal could not only get burned, but they also were breathing in the coal that would coat their lungs. Secondly, this wasn’t the most controlled way to make a huge ship like this run, which meant that a fire could break out at any time. That was a very real fear and a real danger. There have been people researching this accident for years, and many wonder why an ice burg could take down a ship this size even though the ice burg itself was huge. These same scholars point out photos of the evidence of fire before the Titanic even took off! They believe that the fire started in the lowest deck, and even burned up to 3 decks higher. The theory is that a perfect storm caused this major accident to happen. This included the fire, the cold water, the ice burg, and the excessive speed that they were traveling. No matter what you think, it was a terrible accident that many can learn from.


The Olympic:

The Olympic was the sister ship of the Titanic. This means they were built by the same people, funded by the same people, and looked like twin boats. The Olympic had an accident which was very costly, and the repairs. How were they to recoup all of the losses? Why insurance fraud of course! The plan was born to switch out these two ships. The Olympic took the place of the Titanic with the intent to sink the ship and collect all the money that the insurance would pay out due to the accident. This may seem very far fetched, but there are letters written from people who worked on the project. They had a short window to make the transformation, then after they completed the job, they were all fired. Another strange fact was that backer, J.P. Morgan had booked a ticket on the Titanic. He decided at the last minute to not board the boat. The reason was never revealed, but many take this as a clue that he had knowledge that the boat would sink. What else would keep a person with such clout away from the biggest event in the world at that moment? While it did save his life, was this at the cost of thousands of others? There are also books written about this theory with very detailed connections.


Those were 3 Titanic size theories about what really happened that day. No matter the theory, it was a very tragic event that cost many lives. Hopefully, lessons were learned from this accident and future lives were saved because of the mistakes made here.

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May 24

The Biggie Files: Part 2

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Underdogs, here is your reminder to please check out the link above if you are just joining us! Also, please remember that each of these posts that I write about a person’s death that is surrounded in mystery is not meant to be offensive.  These are stories and theories about a real unsolved crime, and involves real people. While famous, Biggie Smalls had a family, a mother, wife, children, and friends. I don’t believe for a moment that his murder will ever be solved, but it doesn’t mean that people can’t still look into what happened. There were a lot of mistakes made, and a lot of questions that will never be answered. The point is, if we don’t learn from the mistakes that were made, we are are bound to repeat them over and over again. This particular case got a lot of attention because of who was killed, but it didn’t mean that anyone would ever solve the mystery. They may not want it solved. Let’s take a good look at who could have killed Biggie Smalls and why they got away with murder.

Before we get into this, I  want to specify that I don’t think that Biggie Smalls faked his own death. As I have said before, I think Tupac could have, but I don’t seem to find any real reason that would make me think Biggie faked his own death. Biggie was in a very dangerous situation at the time of his death. He lived with daily threats to his life and there were a lot of people very angry with him if he deserved it or not. People were blaming him for Tupac’s death, or were angry at him for his gang affiliation even though he wasn’t a member. To put it lightly, he had just as many people that wanted him dead as Tupac. I think Biggie was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and took a stupid gamble with his life that he lost. So who pulled the trigger? Or, who paid for the trigger to be pulled? Keep in mind one interesting thought. The 9 MM gun that was used to kill Biggie was very rare. In fact, there were only 2 in the United States at this time. One of those two guns belonged to David Mack, who was a person of interest in this case. Why is this still unsolved? No one wants to know the truth.

Suge Knight:

One of the easiest solutions to this theory is that Suge Knight arranged for the hit on Biggie Smalls. Many people blamed Biggie for the death of Tupac, however, no evidence that he had anything to do with his death. The rumor is that Biggie paid 1 million dollars to the young gang member, Orlando Anderson to carry out the hit. Biggie, himself was said to be in Las Vegas that night, but didn’t leave his hotel room. Instead, he paid Anderson to provoke a fight and kill both Tupac and Suge Knight. Again, none of this could be proven. However, it didn’t stop the rumor mill from going over time and this news eventually getting to Suge Knight.  While he survived the hit, Tupac was murdered and Suge was injured.

Suge Knight was the head of Death Row Records and is a very violent person. He is currently in jail for a few murders and attempted murders. Evidences suggests that Suge Knight hired a LAPD police officer, David Mack, to carry out Biggie’s murder. David Mack was on Suge Knight’s payroll since he moonlighted as a body guard to him and his wife. This is actually featured in several shows, including the “Unsolved” series on USA. There was a real life investigation launched about the LAPD, and there were people who went on record saying this is exactly what happened. This came to light due to the fact that Biggie’s Mother sued the LAPD for extreme neglect on this case, and for possible involvement in her son’s death.  However, once this thread was being pulled, it frayed and was stopped. This may be the most logical thing that got Biggie killed. Mack publicly denied any involvement in this case.

Sean Combs:

There are two different theories as to why Sean Combs had some sort of involvement in the death of Biggie. First, it was due to Comb’s actions that lead to the murder. People theorize that it was Sean Combs who hired the hit against Tupac and Suge Knight, to be carried about by gang members, and not Biggie at all. This meant that people were angry and out for blood. In order to strike back, Suge Knight hired a person to carry out a hit on Sean Combs, and Biggie Smalls. Combs and Biggie were supposed to be in the same car, but since they weren’t, Biggie was the one killed. This means that Combs killed Biggie in an indirect way due to his actions.

Others think that Combs killed Biggie in a very direct way, and wasn’t a case of him getting mixed up in a bad situation at all. People argue in this theory that the death of Tupac and Biggie actually had nothing to do with one another. In fact, Tupac was killed because of the fight he got into the night of his death. It was gang related and nothing more. However, Combs took advantage of this and set up a hit on his friend, Biggie. Why would he kill his friend? Money. The opportunity for money was too great, as a dead rapper makes more money than one who is alive. Tupac was all over the place and his music was selling like crazy. What would be better for Combs than to kill his biggest star? Combs was also put on the map after the death of Biggie Smalls. People knew who he was but only as a producer. After Biggie’s death, Combs had his own hit songs and music career. Did he need to get Biggie out of his way in order to further his career? Combs has publicly denied being part of this case.

Gang Violence:

Another very simple solution is to look for the obvious. The reason I keep saying that Biggie was not a gang member is because of the implication. Biggie ran with the Crips, and even wore their colors from time to time. However, he wasn’t a member of their gang. Why is this a big deal? Well, it puts a huge target on his back from not only rival gangs, but from the Crips themselves. Many gang members were pissed that Biggie was pretending to be part of their world, when he had nothing to do with it. It made them look bad. It made him look foolish. Why keep this act going when they could simply put a stop to it with a hit. Many people believe this is exactly what happened to Biggie.


Stranger than Fiction:

A few theories are very hard to research, but they are out there. One is that Biggie was killed by The National of Islam. However, it is very hard to find research on this matter. Another very strange theory is that both Tupac and Biggie were actually very sick. It seems that they had some symptoms of an unknown virus such as Zika and were killed in order to cover this up. While I don’t give these theories much thought, they are out there. It goes to show that a case such as this, should have been solved. Since it hasn’t, strange and crazy theories keep popping up. Maybe it’s just in order to keep an open dialog.


Those were just some of the very strange, and very real theories that are out there about the death of Biggie Smalls. We don’t know the answer. However, there is a lot of real evidence out there which will never see the light of day. The investigation was stopped, but no one knows why. It can be theorized that both Tupac and Biggie’s deaths actually are connected and to solve one, you will solve the other. What do you think? Who killed these men, or do you think that they are dead at all? People keep saying both Biggie and Tupac are alive and well. Why would they be after all of these years? What are your thoughts?


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May 16

The Biggie Files

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Underdogs, we dove deep into the Tupac conspiracy theories which you can find here: http://www.andtheunderdogwins.com/tupac-lies-part-1/ However, we can never separate one great conspiracy theory about this prominent rapper from the 1990’s, without including the Notorious B.I.G, AKA Biggie Smalls. Both of these very young men were killed via gun violence after a much publicized feud between East Coast and West Coast rappers. They were the poster children of this feud, and it cost them their lives. Of course this is if you believe that Tupac is actually dead. Both of these men deserve to have their story told because their murders have never been solved. They are still cold cases that will never have the truth see the light of day. The murder of Biggie, however, is so terrible that the LAPD was sued about their possible involvement and cover up with his death. Who killed Biggie Smalls and did his murder really have anything to do with the death of Tupac?

Christopher Wallace was only 24 years old when he was shot and killed on March 9th, 1997. This was right on the heels of the death of Tupac and the world became chaotic. While Biggie was not associated with gangs, he was definitely no stranger to breaking the law. As a high school drop out, Biggie sold drugs as his source of income. This was also in efforts to help support his baby daughter. He ended up in jail for almost a year because of his drug activities. He also had charges of assault, gun charges, and suspension of robbery, which the latter was never proven. All of this, but people always claimed that Biggie was a kind and gentle person. It was many people’s opinion that Biggie did what he had to do in order to survive and provide for his child. He was not seen as outwardly violent.

After his second time in jail, Biggie decided to do whatever it took to keep him from going back. He and some friends recorded some tracks and sent them to several radio stations in New York. Eventually, Sean “Puffy, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy” Combs heard one of Biggie’s tracks and arranged to meet him.  Sean Combs was impressed and signed Biggie to his record company, and became a very good friend. Eventually, Biggie would start recording albums after being a guest on other rappers albums. He eventually struck up a friendship with another up and coming rapper named Tupac Shakur. Their relationship was complicated at the least. At first, they were good friends. However, when Tupac was recording in the same studio as Biggie years later, he was shot outside. Biggie was noticeably absent from the scene thus making Tupac very angry. Some think Tupac blamed Biggie for the hit, while others knew he was hurt that his friend wasn’t at his side.

This single incident blew up the East Coast and West Coast rap feud. At least, that is what the media would have the general public believe. The media had a filed day with the shooting and made these men unwittingly participants in their game to get the best story. Both Biggie and Tupac were angry at each other, but many close to them say that it was blown way out of proportion.  While this incident damaged their relationship, it did not end it. In fact, they were smart enough to play along with the media in order to get records sales, at first. Then, they focused on bringing attention to the race and gang wars that were so prevalent in the 1990’s. People couldn’t tell reality from fiction, and while they were trying to promote a platform for the realities of gang violence, people couldn’t separate Biggie and Tupac from the media storm.  They not only become the icons, but the voices of those who they represented, which proved to be very dangerous. Specifically, Biggie was associated with the Crips, but never was part of the gang. The fact the he ran with them, and wore their colors made him a walking target for a lot of people.

The simple story of Biggie’s death is as follows. Following an appearance on the Soul Train Awards, Biggie and his entourage left the building.  It was right after Tupac was killed and tensions were very high. Rumors were already spreading that Biggie had been the one who called the hit on Tupac. Biggie was actually meet with boos on the stage during the award show so things were not going well. Outside of the awards ceremony was a bunch of gang members from both the Bloods and the Crips.  At this moment in time, the tension was overwhelming, and people had told Biggie to stay home. The entire week before his murder, Biggie was meet with threats and even spoke about it during radio interviews. He was well aware that his life was in danger, but he decided to keep making public appearances. This was either out of stubbornness, or in an attempt to show he wasn’t one to be pushed around.

Biggie, his wife, Faith Evans, and several other people went to after hour parties in hotel and clubs. One of these places was a hotel that shut down the party due to fire hazards. This, in turn, shut down several streets because of the amount of traffic from all of the people leaving this party. Biggie was in a car with a few friends, followed by Sean Combs, and his wife farther behind them. At a stop light a black Chevy Impala drove up next to their car and opened fire. The first reports say the gunman was an African American male with a 9 MM. Biggie was hit in the chest and the only one injured. He died at the hospital less than 45 minutes later.

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The investigation into Biggie’s death was almost nonexistent. Just as quickly as the murder happened, was just as quickly as it was forgotten by the LAPD. It was very strange that a homicide, and of a very famous person at that, was pushed aside like nothing happened. People were outraged and demanded a proper investigation. However, they never really got one. Biggie’s Mother sued LA, and the LAPD for neglecting a crime. A massive investigation was launched years after the murder. However, it was stopped the moment they were able to clear their department of any involvement. That didn’t mean that there wasn’t some very serious things uncovered with this investigation. The rabbit whole ran deep,and it looks like people got away with murder. How far did this plan go?Did Biggie really have anything to do with Tupac’s death? Did Suge Knight or even Sean Combs have a hand in killing Biggie? Tune in next time to find out!

April 19

Disney Conspiracy Theories

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Underdogs, I am a Disney girl at heart, and the last few weeks have been magical. I sometimes joke that Disney owns my life, and interestingly, that isn’t far fetched when you look at the reach that this company has across the entire world. That’s not just pop culture either, but being on the forefront of science and technology. Of course with a huge company like this, there will be many stories, controversies, and conspiracy theories. Walt Disney was quite a character unto himself and his genesis, and some think madness, has shaped a lot of the world around us. For the purposes of this story, I am going to quickly point out something that may seem obvious. However, there is a lot of confusion, so to put it to rest, here is a tip. Disney Land is the original theme park that Walt Disney created, and this is located in California. Disney World is the second theme park that Walt Disney never saw completed since he passed before it’s completion, which is located in Florida. I hope you enjoy these theories and maybe this will start a series of Disney inspired conspiracy theories! Remember, these are all theories and not meant to hurt anyone or harm any company.

1.Walt Disney’s body is frozen and is in Disney Land:

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Walt Disney was 65 years old when he passed away on December 15th, 1966 of lung cancer. The rumor is that Walt Disney had his body Cryogenic frozen and either placed on display at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney Land, or is at the castle depending on what you believe. Some think it was his entire body, while others say that it’s only his head that have been frozen. People can’t let this go because the family was very private about Walt’s burial with no public funeral. While people think that Cryogenics is a relatively new idea, there have been forms of this happening since the late 1800’s. It is not an easy process, and it is not cheap. It seems like this idea spawned from not knowing what happened to Walt, and how he had enough resources to keep his body suspended in a frozen state. He could have done this to his body, and then again, he may not. There is no evidence to support this theory at all, however, it makes a great story!

2. Real Props:

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In Disney Land, two rides have the ability to boast that they have some very realistic props. In fact, so real that after research and public records from cast members and people from UCLA, the truth has come out about at least one of these. The Pirates of the Caribbean ride didn’t have skeletons that looked real enough. Disney paired with UCLA and got cadavers that were used for years in the actual ride. They have been removed, but people still claim that some bones are still scattered about. The second real prop is a rumor, but very interesting if it was real. Apparently, the books in the library, and by the headless woman from the Haunted Mansion, are very real. It is rumored that these books were are historic books that were bought from places around the world. People think that these books have curses associated with them, which brings haunting and bad luck with them to the ride.

3.Walt Disney: FBI Informant:

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This is an interesting theory because there is proof to back this up. Walt Disney was working with the FBI, and even testified in court after his staff members were unionized. This is post World War 2, and there was a lot of fear of communism in the United States. Forming and being part of a union at this point in history could be considered dangerous.  There are many documents that are available for the public, about Walt Disney and his relationship with the FBI. However, most of it is redacted for national security. Walt Disney famously let the FBI gather information about anyone who came to the park. Plus, he gave them information on his powerful friends. Walt Disney also had been known to make and produce many propaganda films that were released to very limited audiences. Walt Disney also famously requested to have the Mickey Mouse Club filmed at the FBI headquarters in California, a request that had been denied. It is not hard to wonder what information was so important that it hasn’t been released to the public. It also makes one wonder how long and how tight this bond with the FBI really is even today? Think of it. Millions of people from all over the world come into the parks each year. If you have a magic band, ever move you make is tracked. Maybe you are being informed on once you set food onto Disney properties.

4. Deaths at Disney:

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Since the beginning of the history of the parks, only one confirmed death has taken place at Disney Land, and none at Disney World. One can ask how this happens since people die all of the time? First, the only confirmed death in Disney Land was a cast member named Debbie Stone. Debbie was killed due an accident with the ride, and was crushed. This is the only official cast member death. The reason that there have been no other deaths at Disney World, or Disney Land is because no one is pronounced dead on the property. They are taken off property and then pronounced dead. This allows the park to claim no official deaths. However, it is hard to believe that parks these size, with as much traffic as they get escape natural and accidental deaths. One thing that they don’t escape is people spreading ashes of their loved ones around the park. This is so common that cast members are trained in removal protocol. This is not just very sad, because people want to have their loved ones at a place which made them happy. But it’s also highly dangerous and it can cause a lot of health hazardous. Please don’t do this no matter how much you want to because some poor person has to clean this up. People believe that the dumping of these ashes make Disney a haunted place to visit.

5. Disney is using A.I.:

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This is 100% based off of my personal experience at Disney World a few weeks ago. I was at the Magic Kingdom waiting for my patient to come back from the bathroom. I was approached by a “person.” who was conducting a survey. The survey isn’t usual and you will see several people doing this is most of the parks. What was strange to me is the feeling that I got from this lady. I honestly wasn’t sure if she was human, or if she was animatronic. Think about the world of Disney which is rich with their technological advances. This includes robots, which are all over the park, and part of so many attractions. Why wouldn’t they take it a step more and have robots working simple customer service jobs? I remember going to Disney World at 6 and being blown away at what I saw. The world got the same technology years after that visit, so why would it be so far fetched to be introduced to walking and talking A.I. than have them work customer service at Disney? I can tell you, this lady seemed off and all I could think was that she wasn’t human but a robot doing this job. She took several beats to respond to what I had said, and her movements, although settle, just didn’t seem natural to me. Could this have been a woman who had been doing this same survey over and over again, who was hot and hurting? Yes, it could be. However, I feel that if anyone is going to get us used to the idea of A.I. working in our every day lives, it would be Disney. I think this could be a robot who is working a job at Disney. When it comes to light a few years down the road, people will be more open to the idea of robots since they may have already interacted with them at Disney World.

There were 5 conspiracy theories to do with not only the parks, but with Walt Disney himself. I hope you have enjoyed this, and it may become a series later on since there are so many theories out there! Have you heard any of these? What Disney theories would you like to read about? Leave your comments below.

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March 22

Elisa Lam: More Conspiracy

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Underdogs, if you haven’t read the first part of this blog post, then please see it via this link, then return to this second part. Elisa Lam: More Questions than Answers Please remember that while discussing this case, Elisa Lam was a real person. None of these thoughts or theories are meant to harm any person or any company. However, this is an unsolved death that needs to have attention drawn to it, and it needs to be solved. There is a reason that this case is so strange, and why so many theories have been born out of her death. People want to know, but no one more than her family. We are going to quick recap of her case, and then study some thoughts.

See the source image


Elisa Lam was a 21 year old student visiting The Cecil Hotel while on vacation. She disappeared and was presumed to have be a victim of a crime. Her parents came from Canada to America to help with the search. After a week missing, the hotel released the now famous elevator footage which lead to lots fear and accusation including mental instability. A month after Elisa went missing, hotel guests at the Cecil Hotel complained of black stuff coming out of the faucets and low water pressure. This lead to hotel maintenance sadly finding Elisa Lam’s body in a water tower at on the roof of the hotel. After came a whirlwind of accusations, and questions but nothing lead to the truth about this poor girl. All we know for sure is that she died and her body was recovered in the water tower at the Cecil Hotel. We also know that there was not any traces of drugs and only a slight amount of alcohol found in her system. Elisa was bipolar, but it seems as though there was not any real indication that she was heading for a manic episode, as she was very open about her illness and her treatment. No one knows for sure what happened, or are even sure of the time line because of the state of her body. Now let’s break down some simple theories, and some questions about the elevator.

The Logical Explanation:

Usually, I like to say the most simple and logical explanation is probably the correct answer. This one case may make the line of logic fairly hard. However, there is a thread that is frayed. If you go with the official reports, and take the surveillance footage as the truth, then there is a logical theory. It seems as though Elisa was hiding from someone and was afraid. Fear can make you act very strange, including the strange movement of her arms. This could explain why she was going in and out of the elevator and seemed afraid of someone. The easiest explanation is that someone was after Elisa, and caused her harm. Most likely, it was a person who worked at the hotel since they knew exactly where to walk in order to keep out of view of any cameras, and they were able to get roof access without setting off any alarms. Supposedly, there is an alarm that would go off if the door to the roof was opened without an access key. While this could be a person who robbed a hotel staffer and happened to know the building well enough to stay away from cameras, the most logical suspect is a person who works at the hotel.

Poor Choices:

Another very simple explanation is that Elisa wasn’t murdered, but was just a victim of an accident. What if Elisa was acting like a young person in their twenties and made a poor choice. She may have made some friends at the hotel since she was traveling alone and decided to do something stupid. What if Elisa, and her new friends snuck up to the roof to go for swim in the tank? Then, after they got up to the roof and into the tank something happened by accident that caused her death? There are many things that could have happened to make poor Elisa die, and this may have scared the people who were with her and they ran away. If they worked at the hotel, then maybe the decided to keep quiet. A step further is that the footage of the elevator was released the way it was in order to make another circumstance seem to be what caused her death such as ghosts,a killer, or even Elisa herself who was crazy and somehow did all of this herself. It is logical to come to come to the conclusion of an accident due to poor choices that cost Elisa her life.

The Elevator Footage is Wrong:

The Elevator CCTV footage is wrong. There is a full 54 seconds missing from what was released to the public. The footage is also slowed down by 135%, so it seems so much more creepy than it actually is when speed up to real time. Take a look at this video on YouTube that shows the side by side comparison that reveals the time stamps in real time instead of the slowed down version that is around 4 minutes long. https://youtu.be/1YO4QbaNDjI The reason why the footage was released the way that it was could be a very simple reason. It could be meant for people to get a good view of Elisa Lam. Remember, at the time of this footage being released, she was a missing person. This would be a good way for people to really see who this girl was, and what she really looked like. People may have not anticipated the side effect of the theories that would come from releasing such a strange and slowed down video. Many people watching it don’t even realize that it is actually slowed down. It was so odd that it caused a lot of attention, and people have pick apart every single second. So where are the missing 54 seconds? Was this video even real in the first place?

No one can agree on the accuracy of the elevator footage. In fact, many professional video editors have expressed online that this footage is not even real. Her face looks like it has pixels which means there is manipulation going on digitally.  While this can happen due to internet or software issues, this is not usually only on one place, as it is in the Elisa Lam footage. The pixels are only around her mouth, which is strange. Experts also agree that this footage most likely is not one single moment.  That has always been my theory. What if the footage is not one continuous and strange video, but several moments sliced together over days or even weeks, then made to appear as one 4 minute video. You may ask why she was wearing the same clothing if it was more than one day. It could all be from the same day considering if you leave the hotel only once that day, you would use the elevator twice. If you came and went several times then she could have been on the elevator many times in one single day. Or, since she was on vacation, she may have brought only a few outfits and washed them frequently, which is something that I have done as a trick to have more room in your suitcase.  Could this CCTV footage just be one big lie?

One of the biggest questions about this whole footage being real lies in one very simple questions. Where is the other footage of Elisa? There were many cameras at this hotel so why was this the only one that picked her up? There was cameras at every entrance and exit, including the roof access. Why release this one video showing her acting strange. I also think that the person who killed Elisa Lam was in that video, and that’s part of the missing minute. Why would they cut out her killer? Simple, there isn’t a good view of him or her and this information would literally be only something that the killer would know. Many cases keep certain details away from public in order to help solve the crime with only knowledge that the killer themselves with know.

With all of these simple thoughts and logical lines of questions, we end up right where we started, with no answers. We have no information that tells us what happened to Elisa Lam. All we know for sure are 3 things. First, Elisa checked into the hotel. Second, she was in this elevator at some point. Third, is that her body was found in the water tank. There is nothing that tells us what happened after she got to the hotel, if the elevator footage had any clues to let us know how she died, and how she got on to the roof and ultimately passed away. The problem is while there are logical thoughts associated with this case, there is no evidence. Even though there is an elevator video, does it actually matter in the long run because it gives us no information. It may not even be real. Next time, we will go over some of the more stranger and spookier theories.

What do you think about the elevator footage? Is it even real? Leave your comments below.


March 15

Elisa Lam: More Questions than Answers

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It is very heartbreaking when a young person passes away before their time. It is even worse when the situation surrounding their death leaves you with more questions than answers. That is what happened to the family of Elisa Lam, who are hurt, scared and grieving the death of their child.  Please keep in mind that while this post contains thoughts and theories about what happened to Elisa Lam, she is a real person who has friends and family that love and miss her. They deserve to know the truth as to what really happened to her and I fear they will never get the closer that they need. By keeping a dialog alive, then we keep her memory alive and maybe someone, somewhere will put all the constantly moving parts together and bring this all to a close. This will be an introduction to the case. The conspiracy theories will be explored in more depth in another post.

A smiling Asian woman wearing a red scarf and black coat

Elisa Lam, was a 21 year old Canadian student who disappeared in 2013 after spending time on a holiday traveling to several places in Canada and the United States. Eventually, she made her way to the Cecile Hotel in Las Angeles, which is one of the most unsettling places to choose to visit. It is located on skid row, and is known for several interesting guests such as 2 serial killers. Why Elisa choose to stay here is highly questionable when there were more affordable options in much safer areas. During her travels, Elisa stayed connected with friends and family via social media. She posted several times a day things that were pretty normal. While on her holiday, she strangely went silent. She called her parents every single day, and when they didn’t hear from their daughter, they called the police. This launched an investigation that lead police, hotel staff, and her family believing that a crime had been committed.

A week after she went missing, the hotel released the now famous hotel footage of Elisa Lam. This quickly went viral because of how odd the whole thing seemed. I will link the full video below. If you haven’t watched it already, I must warn you that it is very unsettling. While there is no violence or anything but a young girl acting strange in an elevator, it has upset a lot of people. What is very odd is this video footage is very long, but the doors the the elevator remain open for a very long time. The video supposedly is uncut and shows a woman who could be Elisa Lam getting into the elevator, pushing all of the buttons, act like she is hiding, and then walk in and out of the elevator. One of those times, it looks as though she is speaking to someone, and her arms and hands are waving around in a strange way. Elisa disappears out of frame, and the elevator then closes and all of a sudden, seems to work just fine by stopping on each floor and opening and closing. The whole thing is not only strange, but unbelievable. Sadly, it gets much worse.

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Twenty days after she first went missing, the guests at the hotel started to complain of black water coming out of their spouts that tasted really bad. They also said the water pressure was very low. A maintenance team members went to the roof, and climbed the 8 foot high water tower, and removed the 25 pound lid. This is where the body of Elisa Lam was found, naked with all of her clothing and effects floating in the water with her. However, Elisa’s cell phone was missing.  Her body was damaged badly, but theorized that she had been there since she had been reported missing. If you put two and two together, then you realize the hotel was drinking her remains. The water tower had to be cut open and drained in order to remove Elisa’s body because the opening was too small to retrieve her. Sadly, the search was of course over, but the questions had just began.

Was this foul play, an accident, or suicide? While there was an autopsy done, it can be considered inconclusive since her blood was not preserved. Samples taken from her liver showed no illegal drugs, and trace amounts of Ibuprofen and Sinutab. She did not appear to be sexually assaulted, but  it was unknown if she had been beaten because of the state of her body. It can’t be ruled out that Elisa Lam was killed or forced into the water. It also can’t be ruled out that she committed suicide either. While this doesn’t seem likely, it’s not impossible. Even though going to the roof was no easy task, it could be done.  If you go the traditional way, which is through the door, you need to have a hotel staff key. If you don’t and get the door open, it will trigger an alarm. There is a fire escape, but you must be able to jump up and pull down the ladder. It can be done, and several YouTubers did prove that you can get on top of that roof. However, it is not easy and it always took more than one person to do this.

What if this was an accident? Elisa Lam was known to suffer from mental illness and this made many people think that she had an episode and accidentally hurt herself. I believe this is a very slippery slope and an all too easy and dangerous thing to blame this whole thing on. Mental illness has a very bad wrap, and those who suffer from it are surrounded with a lot of prejudice and misinformation. She had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was given medication. Bipolar disorder is an illness that is known as a manic disorder with very depressed states, and very heighten states of emotion. There is a lot of variety to the illness with people going from low to lower, high to higher, and back and forth between the two. While many people fall somewhere in the middle, there are some extreme cases where people experience manic episodes. This is not a gradual thing, but something that builds up over several days or even weeks. The person may have gotten little to no sleep, and start to participate in risky behavior. This is where the misunderstanding comes from that people suffering from bipolar disorder hear voices and think people are there who aren’t real. While it can happen, it is extremely rare. Most of the time, when people who suffer from bipolar disorder who think they are hearing voices and seeing things only due this because of high risk behavior. This means that they likely indulged in drugs and alcohol which resulted in hallucinations.

No one thought she was heading for a break, which makes this an unlikely excuse.  Although, the hotel reported that Elisa was asked to change rooms by her roommates because of her odd behavior. Strange enough, they could never prove that Elisa had any roommate or find who supposedly made this statement. The LA police’s official ruling was that Elisa died from an accident due to issues with bipolar disorder.  Elisa’s parents sued the hotel, as well as the county over her death and this ruling.  Elisa was very open about her mental illness and never tried to hide it, or what it did to her. She took her medicine, but it seems as though she may have skipped some. However, the autopsy was inconclusive because of what little evidence they could retrieve from her body. We really don’t know. While she had a history of issues with struggling with her mental illness, she took measures to get help. For example, she dropped out a school for a time to get treatment and then went back after she was more stable. To me, this young lady knew her illness well enough to understand when a bad time could be around the corner. Elisa had taken steps to help herself before, so it would be logical that if she thought it was going to happen again, she would seek out help. Keeping this in mind, it is hard to conclude suicide either.

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So, how did Elisa Lam die? Did someone murder her? Was there actually a person just out of frame that we never saw? She may have been actually talking to a real person who made her afraid or nervous which made her frail her limbs about when she was talking. She visibly seemed to be hiding from someone. She peeked out the door, and then quickly came back inside the elevator and stood as though she was hiding. She peered around the corner after the door remained open. Honestly, my thoughts the very first time I watched the video was that Elisa was hiding from someone. Someone was following her. But I feel it was someone she wanted to avoid but she didn’t know why, and with the confusion of the elevator not working properly, she felt she had to address that person head on. That may have been what cost Elisa her life. At the very least, this was a highly dangerous place for anyone to be, especially a woman traveling alone.

We have gone over a few possibilities of how Elisa died. Somehow, her body ended up in the water tank, and many believe she couldn’t have done that to herself. While others think that’s exactly what happened, they agree that she may have not meant to harm herself in the process. There are some very dark, and very scary theories as to what really happened to this young woman. While some may be wild, there may be bits of truth in them which is why they need to be explored. Elisa’s truth needs to be told, even it’s strange way to get there.

Elisa Lam Hotel Surveillance Video: Full

Click the above link to see for yourself the “whole” video. What are your theories as to what happened to Elisa Lam?


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March 8

Mattress Side

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Underdogs, something strange is going on in the world of mattress sales. That’s right, the big soft things that many people in the world sleep on have thier own theory. For the last several years, social media has been buzzing about mattress stores with locations all over the place. Not just a few, but many to a block. More so than any one town would ever need in some people’s opinion. The theory on the internet is about Mattress Firm, but this could realistically be expanded into any mattress store. What is the big deal, you may ask? How about you take a moment and Google mattress stores in the city closest to you in the Untied States. Make sure you are using Google Maps. Go ahead, I will wait. Are you surprised by the number of stores that are around you? Why in the world does there need to be more Mattress Stores than Starbucks? There are 9 close to me, some of which are almost on top of each other! It’s not like people are buying them at the rate of a coffee or their groceries. Is there something strange going on here such as mattress stores being a front for something else, or is it just business as usual?


One of the biggest factors of this whole mattress theory is not only the number of stores, but how some of them appear to be almost completely dead. This means that people who live, drive by, or work around these mattress stores hardly ever see any customers coming in and out of the building. That, along with the fact that many other furniture stores carry mattress, it is hard to understand how these are profitable business that are running efficiently enough to warrant so many locations. Several people have claimed that they have gone to visit some of stores and either no one is there, or there is a literally empty store. Sometimes, they will find one or two items with a very dirty floor, and walls falling down. It not only seems strange, but unnerving. Why would someone have a fake store front in almost every major city across the United States?

People are suggesting that this is a money laundering scheme. If you aren’t familiar with the term, money laundering is concealing money that is made through an illegal way, and filtering it through a legitimate business. This is a practice that has been done for years, so it it wouldn’t be a shock to anyone if mattress companies were being used as a front. With their prime locations, what better way to hide than in plain sight. It is very strange to think about how many of these stores are around, and how no one sees the demand for the hundreds of thousands of mattresses. What is going on here? It doesn’t help to know that the parent company of Mattress Firm, Steinhoff, has gotten into some trouble recently. They have been unable to account for their money for the past year. They have turned quite a profit even though their stock went down 62 points in a single day. This would be a major setback that would kill most other businesses.

While many people are only considering this to just a money laundering scheme, there may be something so much worse going on here. What if these hundreds of mattress stores in every major city around the United State are a front, but not for what people think. What if they are a front for human trafficking? Human trafficking is a major problem that can be considered an epidemic. However, many people in the United States don’t know about it, or refuse to see the terrible truth of the matter. If you don’t know what human trafficking is, let me explain. It is the illegal moment of people for forced labor, or forced sexual deeds. It is slavery that is very much alive today, and one of the biggest money makers out there for terrible, horrible, awful people who deserve to burn. Children are the main victims, and many kidnapped victims that don’t have a strong lead are theorized to have gotten sold into trafficking. These mattress stores have two major things going for them, which is the locations, and the space. It is so easy to gather people in every city and keep them in places like this all the cover of a real and thriving business. Am I saying this is what is actually happening here? No, however it can be considered a reasonable argument.  Let’s take a look at what people are presenting as counter arguments.

See the source image

Business people will point out a few very logical things. First is that most people are generally optimistic. If you want to expand your business, then you open more locations in the guise that you are doing better than what you seem. This creates a thought that they are doing great, so they may actually do well in their business adventure. Some big cities like New York and Chicago are a real estate nightmare. But, they may offer a package deal of several bad location, in order to get a really good location. This means in order to get one great location, you need to buy 3 more in terrible locations. It’s worth the cost to do this.However, this is only typically true in very big cities and not the average sized one. If these other stores don’t work out, then at least they are advertisement for the company! Some mattress companies also have deals with a warehouses that have the store displaying the items only, and not paying for the product at all until a purchase by a customer is made. This could lead to having many mattresses in a store that are actually costing the store owners very little. One other item that I agree with is that mattresses are not an internet item. Yes, you can purchase a mattress online, but this is one product that can be said that the store front beats online the majority of the time. I would never make a purchase like a mattress online without trying it out first. Most people have that same thought process.

Of course, all of this could just be hog wash. If you look at the number of people in the United States it is around 330 million people. If you go by that number alone, and figure that the recommended amount to get a brand new mattress is every 8 to 10 years, then it would seem as though there aren’t enough mattress stores! This is an argument that many people are presenting. While I understand that is a large number, let’s break it down a little more. I’m not good at math, but I am going to guess a few things here that will lessen this number, and the amount of stores we should have.

First, not every single person owns a mattress or even uses one.  Let’s figure that children under the age of 2 are sleeping in a crib. It’s estimated that 23 million people are under the age of two and not using mattresses. 50 million people are estimated to be in poverty, not counting children under the age of two. That brings down that original number a lot of those who are in the market for a new mattress. 3.5 million people are reported to be homeless, although that number is most likely higher. Also, take into consideration that 2. million people get married each year, and many couples who live together share a bed. That will also bring that number of people purchasing mattresses way down. I also want to point out that very few people are purchasing mattresses at the recommended time frame that the should. I am an adult, and I have bought 1 new mattress in my entire life. I should have purchased more. I also know the purchasing habits of my friends and I can tell you, not a single one of them have purchased a new mattress every 8 to 10 years. More companies are also coming out with mattresses that last longer, such as 20 or 30 years. When my Mom moved, she purchased one of these mattresses. In theory, Mom should never have to purchase another mattress again. Unless she lives to be over 100, which would be awesome! The numbers just aren’t making sense to me.

See the source image

The other argument is that even though these companies may not be selling as many mattresses as one thinks, there is a lot of mark up with every single purchase.  For example, let’s look at a cup of coffee. The average cup of coffee is cents on the dollar. The mark up of getting a cup of coffee at a shop can be over 100% mark up. A mattress may only cost $100.00 to make, but they can charge $1000 easily. In theory, the store would only have to sell a few mattresses a month to keep afloat. It is hard to see how this possible because on average these areas are renting their location. They have the cost of the rent, the insurance, the inventory, the electricity, and all other bills associated with a business before even having to pay their employees. Selling a few mattresses a month would not be enough to keep a business afloat, let alone warrant several locations right next to each other. This is a lot of direct competition with one another. This isn’t even taking into consideration how many bigger stores like Macy’s sell mattresses themselves.

While there are some logical arguments on both sides, it is not hard to recognize that something seems off. There are a lot of mattress locations. Many of which are in smaller towns that are struggling to make any sort of business work. It is so odd, but it could be due to the business reasons listed above. Or, it really could be a front for something very illegal. No matter what, it is important to not go crazy and accuse anyone of anything. These are all theories. However, human trafficking is very real. I am going to leave a link here from the website called THORN. The goal of this site is to use technology to stop human trafficking and help exploited children. They work with law enforcement to help this successful project along. There is a donation button, so please consider donating. IF you can’t, then do the next best thing, which is to educate yourself and share the link. Please check out THORN today. https://www.wearethorn.org/


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March 2

Tupac Lies: Part 3

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Hello Underdogs, if you haven’t caught up on the Tupac Lies series, please check out the links for both part one and two here.




This story has taken so many twists and turns, that it is hard to keep up. No matter what you believe, we know that this murder is famous and unsolved. So far, we have explored the realistic situation that the world was in at the moment of his death, and how Tupac had a lot of people that wanted him dead. I will not be going over the 7 day theory in this post in order to explore other possible theories that are more evidence based. I will put on my tin foil hat for that and other theories surrounding Tupac’s death at a later time. Right now, let’s look at realistic things and inconsistencies that making faking his own death seem like a real option. Remember, while all theories, these are real people involved in this whole drama, and real people are no longer around. This isn’t meant to harm, but to open up a dialog of an unsolved death.

See the source image

Before Tupac passed, it was revealed that he had been acting strange. Snoop Dog talked about the last time that he recorded with Tupac. Tupac was deeply obsessed with getting as many tracks done as possible. He worked at the pace of a mad man and Snoop found the whole situation strange. He said normally when they would record, they would put down a track, then listen to it and figure out what to do differently. After that, they would rerecord and the process to make one song could take hours or even days. Tupac went through several songs an hour, and didn’t stop. He didn’t listen to the track after recording, but kept going and going, causing many of the house musicians and rappers to walk out in order to get some rest. What does this mean? It could be that he was a workaholic and wanted to produce his art when he was in the zone. Or, like Snoop suspects, he could have been preparing for something. This could mean he had a feeling that he was going to die, or he was faking his death and made sure that the music kept going and that his loved ones would be taken care of off of the sales of the records. Either way this strange event is just one in a line of many that may prove Tupac is alive.

Of course, the biggest things to look at about inconsistencies is the newscast directly after the shooting. Keep in mind that this happened in the 1990’s and cameras were not everywhere. There was not instant news and not everyone was so connected. (Each of these videos in full length are visible by a simple search on YouTube.)  This means that several news outlets came after they found out that there had been a shooting involving 2 major stars. They didn’t have one major script to go off as they do today, so hardly any of the reporters had the same story, or even the same information. Information was not as manipulated then as it is now, so the truth may have slipped through the official story just by reporters doing their job.

See the source image

The official story is that Tupac was shot, and Suge Knight drove a mile before police pulled them over where they were put into an ambulance. One eye witness was interviewed and told the reporter that she was there for the Mike Tyson fight. They came after the commotion of the shooting and witnessed Tupac being taken away in a medical helicopter. Medical helicopters were dispatched in the area that night, but it has never been confirmed as to why. While the official story was that Tupac was so hurt he never was able to speak again, the police officer who arrived on the scene had a very different story. He was interviewed and asked Tupac if he knew who shot him. Tupac answered, “F@$K You,” and closed his eyes. The officer could hear Tupac talking as he was taken away. At the hospital, a reporter was outside and talking about how he had spoken to the family and their team of doctors had made a statement. That statement was that Tupac had been shot, however was doing well and was expected to make a full recovery. Of course, the official story was that Tupac was placed into a medical coma and died from cardiac arrest. Or was that the real cause? Conflicting reports say that Tupac had a major surgery to remove his full lung after being shot. A second report says that he bleed out due to internal injuries, while a third says he had a stroke. Even Suge Knight jumps back and forth on his story about Tupac’s condition. He at first said he was fine, and that they were even joking before he left to go home. Then he said Tupac was in terrible shape and he knew he was going to die. A third time, he states the Tupac never gained consciousnesses after the shooting.

This isn’t the only strange and conflicting things with this story. First, Tupac had an autopsy done and was quickly cremated. The person who cremated Tupac promptly retired and has been under the radar since. He never was given a funeral or any other service after he died. An autopsy was strange enough because those are done in order to find the cause of death. It was known that the cause of death was the shooting. Yes, they went to recovery the bullets, but that is not the same as doing an autopsy. Now, the photos of the autopsy is out there, but I will not direct you to them. However, I will show you a few things that may make you question the reality of the situation. It is very clear that the official autopsy photo was lifted from a still from the California Love music video.  The photo here (found via nyahela.wordpress.com) shows in grey what the basis of the photo is from. It was taken and made to look like Tupac was cut open. However, it was missing a very key things. Tupac, at this time didn’t have a neck tattoo, but when he died he did have one. The autopsy photos no neck tattoo at all, which would have been visible. The report also states that Tupac weighed over 200 pounds when his licence said he only weighed 168 pounds. That isn’t just a few pounds off, but 32!

See the source image

Of course there is the question of the very last photo that was taken of Tupac before he was killed. This photo was supposed to be taken right before the women in the cars stared talking to Tupac and Suge Knight, and prior to the shooting. While at a glance, nothing seems off, but a closer look shows something strange. Tupac is in the passenger seat and Suge Knight is behind the wheel. The car is paused, but was being driven. It is really hard to drive a car when there aren’t any keys in the ignition. The time stamp for this photo is the day after he was killed. If you didn’t live through the ages of taking real photos, then you may not know about time stamps. Time stamps were made on the day that they were taken, not the day they were developed. This means that this photo is either photo-shopped, which wasn’t around then or staged. Many people believe this is a manipulated photo which took different photos of Tupac and Suge Knight and placed them into this car.

The car itself raises a lot of questions. People say that the car shown in the photo, and the car shown after the shooting are two different cars. In fact, just this week, the very car that Tupac and Suge were shot in came up for auction. It has been repaired, of course. The strange thing is that one of the people at the auction house said that this wasn’t the car that Tupac wanted to drive that night. There had been rumors for years that he had a bullet proof car, and according to the auction house, he had one but it was not used that day in Las Vegas. The car itself, that was shown during news reports seemed to be in rather good shape for taking 14 to 15 bullets. Honestly it looked like a brand new shiny car.

We also want to take a look at the other strange things that happened during the whole thing. As I have said before, Tupac didn’t want to go to Las Vegas but randomly changed his mind at the last minute. His security team was told not to come with weapons that night, and there was no one else in the car besides Tupac and Suge Knight. It is strange because normally there would be several people in the car including friends and body guards. This has been confirmed by Tupac’s personal security team, who were appalled at the request. Especially since the only thing they had to protect him was their person, and they were no where near him at the time of the shooting. This was all due to the request of Tupac and Suge Knight.  Tupac wore a bullet proof vest everywhere except for this one time that got him killed. The huge fight at the MGM Grand seemed staged to several witnesses. They believed that it was a cover up to distract from the plan of setting up the fake shooting.

The last thing to look at is all the sightings. Tupac has been seen everywhere. Just this week the rumor of Tupac being in Somalia has surfaced. While there are no photos, there are stories. There are also people who have seen him in Cuba. Why Cuba? Tupac has several family members who are in political exile for their associations for crimes committed during the time they were members of the Black Panther Party. His Aunt, cousins and brother all had been on the FBI most wanted list and fled to Cuba to avoid prosecution. In 2012, President Obama pardoned a large group of people who were in this situation including some, but not all of Tupac”s family members. This made the rumor mill go crazy and people were expecting that Tupac himself would show up. He had a lot of eyes on him, and he was being watched by the FBI and CIA. He had reasons to run outside of having a lot of people who wanted him dead.

While we aren’t sure if Tupac is alive or not, one thing sticks out to me. Anyone who looks remotely like Tupac seem to be deemed to be him. People don’t take into consideration that they style he was famous for is still very popular. The photos taken of people who look like they could be Tupac, seem as though they are around the same age he was when he died. Tupac was only 25 when he was killed. He was a very young man with a whole lot of life left. He would look different over 20 years later than he did when he was at the height of his career. It’s all very confusing because the one person who actually knows what happened is not a reliable witness. Suge Knight is a very dangerous person, and has proven this time and time again. He got away with a scratch from a terrible shooting, which seems a bit too lucky. He also can’t seem to keep his story straight. He jumps from Tupac being alive and faking his death, to watching his Mom pull the plug. He says he talked to Tupac after the shooting, yet he never regained consciousness as well. Suge says he knows who killed Tupac, and names Puff Daddy, or several other people, and then says he didn’t see anything. None of this adds up which leave room for lots of conjecture. Tupac was shoot and killed for a reason, but who knows if it was all an act, or reality.

Next time, we will look at the 7 day Theory. What do you think? Did Tupac fake his own death?



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February 22

Tupac Lies: Part 2

Hello Underdogs! If you have not read the first part of my blog called Tupac Lies Part 1, please do so before reading this blog post by following the link here: http://www.andtheunderdogwins.com/tupac-lies-part-1/  Doing research for this post has been very eye opening since there are so many moving parts, and no one seems to know the truth of what actually happened.While he is more famous in death than he ever was in life, he still deserves justice for what happened to him. Or did anything actually happen to Tupac? I have been talking polls on my Facebook page in an attempt to see what the people believe happened to Tupac. The majority of people polled believed that Tupac died that night at the fight in Las Vegas. However, an overwhelming amount of people believe that Tupac’s murder was part of a bigger conspiracy. For this post, we are going to explore a step further than the previous post with the amount of people who wanted Tupac dead. We are going to take a look at the conspiracies surrounding why he may have been murdered.

As you may recall, Tupac was murdered in a shoot out on September 13th, 1995. The murder took place right after the famous Mike Tyson fight at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. This was a sold out fight, with lots of people and media attention. Moments before leaving the building, Tupac and his crew supposedly got into an altercation with Orlando Anderson, a gang member. While this was caught on film, it is very hard to tell who is fighting who, although we can all agree a fight took place that night. Tupac left the building with Suge Knight, and at least 15 other cars in their crew. Strangely enough, Tupac and Suge Knight would leave alone without any of their body guards or anyone else protecting them. At a stop light, women were trying to persuade the two men to go to a club when a white unmarked car pulled out next to them and opened fire. They believe 14 shots were fired, with 4 hitting Tupac with one grazing Suge Knight. Tupac was taken to the hospital after Suge Knight drove them down the street. Tupac passed away several days later after being in a coma. So who murdered Tupac? Turns out that question isn’t as easy to answer as one would think.

First, is the most obvious and least shocking theory. Normally, the things that are the most obvious and the most simple answer are usually true. Tupac was killed because of his actions that he took the MGM Grand. He knowingly got into a fight with a gang member who was known for his own violent past. Tupac had his own violent demons and a fight like this could have caused a series of events that ended his life. He was part of a huge fight in a very public place, in a very public event. While many will rightfully point out how strange this whole situation was, it is important to keep in mind the level of racial tension going on at that moment. You could feel it in the air, and the East Coast Vs. West Coast was a very deadly game that many people were not only playing, but taking full advantage of. Orlando Anderson had the means, motive, and opportunity to carry out the murder of Tupac. This was where he lived, and where he had the advantage. It would have taken very little time to carry out the murder. We will never know the truth because Anderson was murdered a few years later. While this seems like a logical belief, the Las Vegas Police Department stands behind their belief that this fight and the murder of Tupac had nothing to do with each other.

Hundreds of people witnessed this murder, and it can be argued that just as many wanted Tupac dead. If it wasn’t Anderson who killed Tupac, there were a long list of people willing to do the job. Tupac was connected to the murder of a young man during a concert that he paid the family a settlement. That young man had a family and people that loved him. It isn’t a far fetched idea to believe that one of them took advantage of the mass confusion of such a huge event. Tupac also had a very violent past, which included the sexual assault of a woman that he served time in jail for hurting. What would stop the victim, or her loved ones from carrying out their own hit against the man who was brutal and violent. Those aren’t the only people that Tupac hurt. He had a long list of people that he took violent action against, and it wasn’t against people who were just going to sit back and let this happen.

Of course, there could be more to this than a simple answer of a long list of people who wanted Tupac dead, or even gang violence. It could come down to the most simple thing in the universe, money. Tupac owed millions of dollars to Suge Knight and Death Row Records. Suge Knight put up the money to defend and get Tupac out on bail for his various crimes including rape. Tupac fulfilled his record contract under Death Row Records which meant he was free to go do what he really wanted, which was to go solo and open his own recording company. It is rumored that Suge Knight hired a hit man to take Tupac out in order to stop him from leaving the company, and to gain control of all of his future music endeavors. It is well known that a celebrity is worth more dead than alive, and Tupac had a large, untapped vault of music that had yet to be released. Tupac was a cash cow that Suge Knight was not ready to stop milking. Who knows, but Suge Knight was very lucky that all those shots in the car were low and hit Tupac instead of him.

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Another theory is that Biggie Smalls had Tupac killed. While literally no one close to the families of the late rappers, believe this, the story is out there and been hashed over and over again by several news media outlets.  It was rumored that Biggie Smalls was also at Las Vegas that night, and hired gang members to carry out a hit on Tupac. No one can connect Biggie Smalls to being at Las Vegas that night. Most people now understand that the tension between these two was mostly fabricated for story purposes and getting record sales. Unfortunately, these men could have been unwittingly maters for their own cause. While Biggie was there when Tupac was shot and robbed the first time, there is still no reason to believe that one event had anything to do with the other. It was all a bunch of circumstances evidence that happened, but both of these men paid with their lives.

There is also rumors that Sean “P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Puffy” Combs had something to do with both of their deaths. First, it was rumored that Sean Combs hired a person to take out both Tupac and Suge Knight. Combs and Smalls were friends and Combs apparently hated both Tupac and Suge Knight. The death of Tupac had repercussions, which was the accidental murder of Biggie Smalls. Some investigators believe that Biggie was never supposed to die that day. They believe that Sean Combs, who was directly behind Biggie in a car following him, was the intended target. Given that his death happened in broad daylight with lots of witnesses including police officers, anything is possible. Lucky enough, the two men said to be responsible for the hit of Tupac, and the hit of Biggie are dead and there is no way to prove this story.

As strange as this is, Tupac being killed may have also been a mistake. Suge Knight has come out to say several things, including how he thinks Tupac is alive and well,and also how he witnessed Tupac die. Suge Knight said that the reason Tupac was killed that night was pure accident. Suge theorizes that his ex wife, and a friend hired a hit man to take him out. Suge had done a lot of lying, cheating, and killing, and his wife had enough. Afraid to take him to court because of his powerful status, she opted instead to have him killed. Tupac was not supposed to be at Las Vegas that night. He wanted to stay home, but was convinced at the last minute to join Suge Knight. Suge and Tupac getting together in a car alone also seemed like a last moment choice, and Tupac paid with his life.  Who knows, but with Suge Knights track record, it is really hard to take anything he says seriously. This is the same guy who tried to claim self defense on running over a man repeatedly, and then running down a second man. Sadly, Suge Knight might actually be the only real witness left, but we will never know.

While there are multiple people who wanted Tupac dead, and theorizes of accidents, we still haven’t covered the government. While this may seem like a tin foil hat theory, there is enough reasonable proof to go down this path. Tupac’s entire family was involved with politics, mainly the Black Panthers. While there are many non violent sects of the Black Panther party, several were violent and outspoken. Tupac’s own Mother was a suspect in murder. His Father was on the FBI most wanted list. Aunts, cousins, and step family all were politically charged people which was dangerous in the height of the Black Panther Party in the 60’s and 70’s. Several members of his family were followed by the government, had their phones tapped, and even took political exile in Cuba and other countries. Fast forward to the 1980’s, and 90’s where a young, outspoken black man is shining a light on gang violence and the never ending cycle of poverty, AIDS, and violence within their community, and all of a sudden, Tupac has a target on his back. Both Tupac and Biggie made police brutality, front and center to their music, and they talked about racism and race relations every chance that they could get. This made Tupac a very dangerous person in the eyes of police and the government, and it was easier to take him out than to let him live and keep spreading the word. There has been stories of Tupac being followed and even being on FBI watch lists, not just for who his family was, but for his own thoughts and actions. We all know from history what happens when a person who speaks for the voiceless gets a little too powerful.

Most people believe if Tupac was murdered, then a conspiracy follows and this rabbit hole goes very deep. Tupac’s death is very strange and nothing adds up. There are more and more questions as each year passes, and a few more people are coming forward with their own version of the truth. The thing is, there is enough evidence to really look into the fact that Tupac may have faked his own death. This is not as far fetched as one would believe, and in the next post, you will see how feasible this may be. The song remains the same, but we will never hear it’s end. In the meantime, we can explore all avenues to see what could have happened to this super star that was silenced.

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February 15

Tupac Lies: Part 1

I honestly believe the following people faked their own deaths, Tupac Shakur, Andy Kaffman, and Jim Morrison. Each one deserves an in depth story because the truth is stranger than fiction. Tupac’s story is more than strange, it is outrageous! It is still one of the most haunting, and famous unsolved homicides that is still an active case. However, I believe there will never be a chance that this case will ever be solved. The truth is out there, but no one is talking. It is important to remember that when discussing the following thoughts and theories that nothing is proven.  He is legally dead. Tupac was a real person, with a real family who lost their loved one. Whatever is discussed during this series, please keep that thought in the back of your mind. There has never been a crime quite like this one that we are no further from understanding the truth as we were the day it happened. Why would someone murder this prominent rapper? Was it manufactured by the media, was it the FBI, fellow rappers, a mistake, or was it all fake?  For this part of the blog series, we will explore the reasons Tupac was murdered and some of the people who wanted him dead. We may never know if Tupac faked his death, or was killed since the list of suspects and players is enough to fill a sold out stadium.

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Tupac Shakur was only 25 years old when he was killed on September 13th, 1995. For someone who lived such a short time, he sure made a huge impact. Tupac has also done a surprising amount of work for someone who is supposed to be dead! He was born in New York to a very political family. Both of his parents, step parents, Aunts, and cousins were involved with the Black Panthers. This will be important later, but keep in mind his Mother was tried for over 100 counts of conspiracy, and his Father was on the FBI most wanted list. Tupac has a very prosperous career. He was an actor, poet, writer, producer, and rapper. His lyrics were intelligent, each word well thought out and full of meaning. He won many awards both for rapping and acting. It seemed like there wasn’t anything that Tupac couldn’t master. He has become an icon for a reason, but it wasn’t smooth sailing for Tupac by any means.

Tupac was also one of the biggest players in the famous East Coast Vs. West Coast rapping feuds that happened during the 1990’s. While he in no means started it, he did use it as a means of furthering his career like many other famous rappers did during that time. For example, while he and Biggie Smalls seemed to have an actual fight going on, and even had dis tracks, it was all made up. They both used the tension going on in the world, and the fiction of a good story to sell records. It worked, but it may have cost them both of their lives.  Later, Tupac became disenchanted with this line of fiction, and spoke out about it. He admitted how he used the created story, but the truth underneath was more important. Tupac tried to shine a light on real the gang violence in the Untied States, and how people are turning a blind eye to it, including police. For the first time for many, people were being educated and informed about the realities of gang life and the corruption of authorities. While I respect police officers, this time in history proved that the LAPD, and NYPD had done some pretty unspeakable and very illegal things, and the world wasn’t willing to keep it in the shadows any longer. People like Tupac ushered this truth in, and many wanted him silenced.

His life was full of turmoil as well since he lived the gang life. Tupac had a wrongful death suit brought against him after his gun was proven to be used in a murder of a young man during a music festival. The suit was dropped after Tupac agreed to pay money out to the victim’s family. No one knows for sure if he killed the young man or not.It could have also been his brother who used his gun to kill the young man. No one knows for sure, and they never will.  He also had many incidents of violent assault. There is also the famous sexual assault case that he was found guilty for rape, assault, and weapons charges.  He did appeal, but still was still found guilty on several charges and was sentenced to only 4 years in jail even though the judge called this one of the most brutal attacks on a woman he had ever seen.  During the appeal, Tupac was out on bond and was outside of Death Row Studios where many rappers were working. He was robbed, and shot five times outside, in broad daylight. Because Biggie Smalls was there, he was rumored to have been part of this crime even though he was in no way connected to the incident.

Bringing all of this up is not an attempt to drag someone’s name through the mud. It is to set the tone of the world in the 1990’s, and the reality of the person himself. Tupac had many people who wanted him dead, and that is not even including any person who would murder him for business. He lived a very dangerous and outspoken life with acts of violence and cruelty. There is a possibility that Tupac was getting his life together after serving his time in jail. By the end of his life, he had found a higher power, and was becoming an outspoken advocate for the gang youths, and a voice for those stuck in an endless cycle of violence. He grew exhausted of keeping up the front of the East Coast, West Coast war, when he tried to make clear that the real story was not the celebrities, but the real people going through Hell every single day. While shining light on this subject is very needed, and noble, it doesn’t come without it’s price. It opened a whole spiral of race, poverty, and a system that was corrupted and kept people down. It also showed a world of police and other authorities were just as brutal as the people they were arrested. How long would a voice like that be able to keep going without being silenced? History is not on the advocate’s side.

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We need to explore how Tupac lived for the suspects, and how he died for the onset of corruption, confusion, and conspiracies. What happened on the day he died? Tupac, Suge Night, and several other people in their group went to the Mike Tyson boxing matching at the MGM Grand Hotel. This was a huge, and highly publicized event that had many famous people attending.  It is reported that Tupac didn’t want to attend the fight. In fact, he didn’t even want to fly out to Las Vegas since he was working. He was talked into it by Suge Knight and his crew. They ended up going to the fight with a huge crew that totaled 15 cars. This included personal body guards for both Tupac and Suge Knight.

After the match in the hotel lobby, a group fight broke out between gang member Orlando Anderson, and pretty much everyone else in the room. This was all caught of security films, which seemed all too convenient. However, it is hard to pick out who started to the fight or who was even throwing punches.  While Orlando is seemingly a prime suspect, he was never arrested, or charged, and has since been killed. After the fight cleared, Tupac and his crew got into their 15 cars and started to travel away. They didn’t make it very far.  While they both had security teams, they were 5 cars away from them for some reason.  This was an extremely busy night, so there was a lot of traffic and a lot of people around. Normally, there is a lot of people around this busy area, but this night there were many more people than usual. There were literally hundreds of people who witness the shooting, however no one knows what happened.

Supposedly, this is what happened. Tupac was in the passenger seat, and Suge Knight was driving the car with no one else in the vehicle. At 11:15 P.M. their car was stopped at a red light. Moments before, Tupac was talking to two women on the driver side of the car. While that conversation happened, a white Cadillac pulled up and shot through the passenger side door 14 times. Tupac was hit 4 times including in his chest, that collapsed his lung, his arm, and his thigh. Original reports said Suge Knight had been struck in the head with a bullet. Later on, it turns out he was not shot in the head, but was grazed with a bullet that hit Tupac. Amazingly enough, Suge was able to drive the car with flat tires, a mile where he was stopped by police who called an ambulance to get them transported to the hospital.

Everything after this moment is all hearsay with stories that have been changed multiple times. Original news reports stated the Tupac was in stable condition and would most likely make a full recovery. Suge Knight even said that Tupac was alive and well when he left the hospital. He  even stated that they were laughing and joking. All of a sudden, Tupac was in a coma and stayed in that condition for several days before his Mother decided to take her son off of life support. Other reports from inside the hospital said that Suge Knight couldn’t even speak, and Tupac was placed in a medical coma for his own safety. Suge didn’t see Tupac again before he passed, and Tupac never regained consciousness after the attack, eventually passing away due to his injuries. The cause of death is conflicting. One says he died from his injuries while another report states he died of cardiac arrest, while others still claim it was blood loss. These are all official statements from his doctors. Strangely, they did an autopsy on Tupac very quickly. It was not just a recovery of the bullets, but a full autopsy, which would have been pointless given they knew he was shot. So what happened? This conflict is how the fake death theory started, but it wasn’t the only supporting evidence to this thought process

Taking a step back, let’s take a good look at who would want Tupac dead. First, there is the families of the young man that was killed with his gun, and the family and loved ones of the woman he assaulted. There are also countless other people whom Tupac assaulted during his lifetime that put a target on his back. He lived a very dangerous life, and none of it was talk. He made a lot of people angry. The very fact that Tupac was an outspoken black man who was shining light on the corruption of police and the realities of gang life also earned him a target. He made a lot of people in very high places angry. Tupac got on a lot of radars including those who kept his family under surveillance for his entire life. If he was labeled a danger, he could have been easily taken out by government officials. This is not a theory, but a realistic assessment given his family history. None of this has included the people  Tupac owed money to. Tupac didn’t have enough money to cover his bail, and pay for his legal fees. This is where Death Row records stepped up and footed the bill for a man worth more dead than he was alive. Rumors also were circulating that Tupac was getting ready to leave Death Row Records and start his own label. If this was true, it isn’t a far leap to let think that a powerful studio was going to do whatever they could to stop this from happening and getting their money back.

This is nowhere near the end of this strange case. There is so much going on, and so much that has been changed over and over again. Tupac’s case is by far one of the strangest ones that has never been solved, let alone even had any leads. Silence is all we are left with, so other people are connecting their own dots. No matter what the truth is, there was a long list of people who truly wanted Tupac dead. Thee are even more who are keeping the truth hidden. Next time, we will explore the faked death theories.