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Can we trust our own ears? Do we need to be more cautious about what is coming through our precious ears? Keep in mind that “Can you hear me now,” contains affiliate links. Check out the disclaimer page for more information.  Of course, I am talking directly about the whole Yanny V. Laurel debate that has been going viral for the past few weeks. The discussion on what word you hear has people talking about their hearing.  There is a theory  that younger people can hear a wider range than people who are older. If you want to know more about this, and see some examples, there are many videos on YouTube about this subject. You can see group hearing tests with people of different ages. They are all subjected to vastly different tones and as predicted the younger people can hear more than the older crowd. While this is true for the most part, it isn’t true for everyone. There are people that have hearing problems. There are also people who are very old that can hear the same tones as a child. There are also middle aged people who can hear the same tones that aren’t supposed to be heard above someone who is a teenager. So, no big deal, right? Hearing and age go hand in hand. Except, what are we missing that our children are hearing? Should we be worried.

While there is such thing as subliminal messages, this is different. This is using a tone or pitch that can only been heard by people with a certain level of hearing. Mostly, this means that the majority of children can hear things that the majority of adults are not able. Yanny and Laurel brought up a lot of interesting things but it made it clear that we might be living in a spookier world than we realize. Let’s take a look at a few examples of what we might be dealing with and how scary some of this may actually be. Keep in mind many of these things are legends or theories. However, the fear fact is there, and some of the fears cold become a reality if there haven’t already!

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Lavender Town Syndrome:

There is a mythical song out there called Lavender Town. This song has been featured in many different games and shows directed at children, such as Pokeman. According to this legend, this song features no lyrics, but pitches that can only be heard by the very young. As I stated above, you lose the ability to hear certain pitches as you age, and generally, the very young can hear things that even teenagers can no longer pick up. Placing this bit of music is something that you could call intentional. Why would someone do this? To bring about more sales on games, or to have kids continue to purchase more items from the Pokeman line? Not according to this legend. The story goes that children to from around the ages of 7 to 12 years old reported feeling ill after playing this game with the Lavender Town theme. It ranged from headaches to being dizzy or even vomiting. The worst part is some claim that up to 100 children were driven insane and killed themselves. The only common thing that was found that they all had this Pokeman Red/Green game from Gameboy and all had been known to play for hours. While this is a legend, people who worked on this project admitted to putting in a high pitched tone in this theme song to annoy children. It may have worked much better than they even realized.

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If you are lucky enough to not remember these creatures, then consider yourself lucky! These creepy little animals came out around 1998, and I believe that you can still find them in stores even now. Personally, I have always hated these little demon dogs, but many people adored them and were swept up in the introduction of A.I. and becoming used to things watching and recording you via a toy. They had to start somewhere. Those same people that had these Furbies as children are okay with having a Smart TV today that tells you flat out that they are recording you and don’t have private conversations around the TV. That’s true, and look it up if you don’t believe me! Anyway, these little toys were able to learn words and have a conversation with you. The longer you talked with them, the more they learned and the more they communicated. According to legend, like Lavender Town, these Furbies would let out high pitch tones when your child was alone. These things recorded you, so they would know when your child was alone or not! These tones would make  children act out, go crazy, or get sick. Is any of this true? Who knows, but the truth of a Furby is scary enough!


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The Pied Piper

Almost everyone knows the fairy tale about the Pied Piper. One day, a strange man came into the city and played his pipe. He lead all of the rats out of town in order to help them fight the plague which has been linked to rats. He saves the day and everyone is happy that these terrible creatures are out of their town! While many versions of this story is out there, this is not the original story. The Pied Piper shows up and plays his pipe and all of the children of the town hears. Parents watched in horror as this strange man played his soundless pipe, but their children couldn’t resist the temptation of the song and ran away with this man and out of their lives. They could hear something that their older siblings and parents could not, and this was the sound from the pipe! They ran away never to be seen again. There are many stories that this was a based on a true story. It could be an example of how terrible that the plague was and how it killed so many children. Other people think that this was a real story and the Pied Piper knew how to manipulate sound to kidnap children! It’s pretty scary to think of because legends like this are meant to be a warning.


What do you think? Do you think these examples could show that sound manipulation is real? Should we be worried about sounds coming from toys, games, and other things directed towards children? If we know sounds can’t be heard after a certain age, should we be worried what is being placed into the mind of a child who won’t recall this later on in their lives? Are they being prepped for something? As a product of the 1990’s, I think I can say we were prepped for something! What do you think? Leave your comments below.


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