January 30

Bubble Face Mask

I was super excited to get to try out a bubble face mask for the very first time! This bubble mask is from a company called H20 Beauty, called Rapids Soothing Probiotic Bubble Mask. I have seen these all over the place, and was super excited to try them out. I have seen and read enough about them to know that these bubble masks may really get all over the place. In fact, some people have so much bubbles on their face after trying these masks out, that you can’t even seen their faces any longer! I read the directions a few times and kept this in mind as I applied. Here is my experience with this bubble face mask.


First, I started with a clean face. This wasn’t outlined in the directions. However, a majority of the time, it is recommend to start with a clean face in order to get the best result. It took a bit to get the package open, so much so that I had to get scissors to cut it open. That isn’t a huge deal to me because it is really keeping the package sealed. The back of the package does state that if your skin is mad at you, this is the best thing for you to use! I was curious because I have used several face masks in the past that make this claim, but are actually painful or cause a lot of itching.

My first thing is the sniff test. There is a very light fragrance coming from this bubble mask. It isn’t horrible, but this is one of my pet peeves when it comes to face masks. I think they should only have a natural smell and nothing added to them because this is one thing that could cause a lot of skin irritation. The scent was sweet, like a sweet tart, or jolly rancher. It was just a hint of the smell so I was confident to try it out.




The bubble mask itself was clear, which surprised me. It also was thick. The best way to describe the look was a more bubbled version of rubber cement that is clear. It felt very heavy and stick, which again was a surprise because bubbles are so light and airy. The directions said to spread a thick layer over the face, and expect bubbles from the mask to happen pretty fast. This wasn’t a joke. I spread it from the left side, to the right and almost instantly, the left side started to bubble up. I could hear it, and feel it. For a few moments, I thought that only half of my face would work because the right side wasn’t bubbling. After about 30 seconds, it all started and this thick sticky mask turned into a soft and bubbling mask.


I set my timer for 12 minutes since it suggested to leave the mask on between 10 and 15 minutes. There was not a moment where I didn’t feel something the entire time the bubble mask was on my face. It bubbled, foamed and tickled. It made me laugh a few times. It was an odd feeling. Normally, if I was doing a different type of face mask, I would put it on, then go about my business doing work, or chores. This time I didn’t feel as though I could because I thought the bubble mask would fall off my face. In fact, it felt like it was dripping down my face. It wasn’t, but it felt that way. This mask was so active, that it seemed as though it were moving. It was a strange feeling. I could also hear the sound of the bubbles foaming. This could bother some people, but I tuned it out.

I went into the kitchen to fix some coffee, however, and all of a sudden realized that the foaming had stopped. I couldn’t hear or feel them on my face any longer. The alarm went off about a minute after I made that realization and my face was clear of any bubbles. This could have been due to the fact that I may have needed to put a thicker layer of mask on in the first place. I’m honestly not too sure about that, or if the bubbles just go away at a certain point. The direction says to massage your face for at least 30 seconds before washing your face off with warm water. I was taken aback at home sticky my face felt. Again, this is a huge contract between the soft bubbles and the stickiness left of my face. I was a bit concerned that it was going to be hard to get this stuff off my face, but it easily came off with the warm water. I wouldn’t try colder water at all because I could see it being an issue getting it all off your face.

My thoughts on this bubble mask were pretty good. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t have my face itch or bother me while I was using a face mask. It felt strange with the foaming, and it did have a sound that I can see would annoy some people. It did cool that face, which as many of you know, is one of my favorite things! I love a mask that cools. The downsides were it felt as though the bubble mask was going to slush off my face. I didn’t feel like I could do anything but make some coffee while I was waiting because the mask really did feel like it was coming off of my face. That is also a personal preference, but I like to feel like I can do other things while I have a face mask on and not be restricted because it felt like it could fall me. Because of that reason only, I gave this bubble mask a 4 out of 5 stars. Otherwise, I really loved this mask and I will be trying it again!



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