Brittany Murphy’s Death:Part One

Brittany Murphy was a very young actress who tragically passed away a few years ago. While it’s isn’t near the anniversary of her death, recently, I have been hearing and seeing so much about her strange tale.When she died, I was sad but honestly I wasn’t surprised.  The months, and even the last few years leading up to her death seemed like Brittany was on some sort of bender. She had lost a lot of weight and seemed to be confused on her accent while on talk shows. For example, randomly talking in an English accent during one interview to only talk with a harsh New York accent in the next. It wasn’t a far reach to believe that she was mixed up in drugs. It was strange, but nothing compares to the strange story of her death, and the death of her husband. Both of which died in the exact same manner only months apart from one another.

For those who don’t know anything about Brittany Murphy, she was most famous for her role in the movie, “Clueless.” She played the girl who received the makeover. After that movie, she had a string of roles including being a voice actress. She voiced Luanne from “King of the Hill,” a personal favorite of mine. Brittany was also in the award winning movies, “8 Mile,” and “Girl, Interrupted.” She also did some singing and stage acting. She had a long career with lots of various roles ranging from comedy to drama. By the end of her life, she wasn’t in high demand but continued to make many independent films and voiced in video games.  Brittany was known for her silly voice, her big eyes, and her strange behavior that could be considered a nervous attempt at comedy.

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Brittany Murphy was engaged to actor Ashton Kutcher for years, but they never got married. She was engaged several other times before getting married in 2007 to writer Simon Monjack.  Simon was older than Brittany and several people, including her ex, Ashton Kutcher, expressed their fears with the influence that Simon seemed to have over her. The dramatic weight loss, and behavior changes happened after her relationship with Simon had started, and never had the chance to win. Many people close to her claimed that drugs were not part of Brittany’s life at all. In fact, many said she had a medical issue that she knew about since she was a child. It was something that scared her away from a life of drugs and everyone swore that she never touched them. However, something was causing her weight loss and her behavior, and many pointed the finger at Simon. She looked not only awful, but very unhealthy and many people were afraid for her life.


It didn’t seem like much would come from these thoughts and fears, especially since Brittany’s own Mother, Sharon, moved in and lived with the married couple until Simon’s death. Her career seemed to stall, but there was a lot of buzz about her new independent films that were coming out. Sadly, on December 20th, 2009, Brittany passed away at her home after being found unresponsive in her shower. Her husband, Mom, and paramedics were unable to resuscitate her. She was only 32 years old. and her death was quickly ruled to be natural causes. This, of course, lead to a lot of questions because in this day in age, 32 and natural death is not one in the same. There is a reason a person that young passes away.

First, the initial thoughts from many people was that Brittany died of a drug overdose. While this seemed to be disprove, it wasn’t a stretch. The next theory was that she passed from a disease that she and her family were keeping away from the public eye, such as advance cancer. Then, the first official cause of death was released and phenomena was blamed. While uncommon for a person of this age to die from phenomena, it is possible, especially if she really had an illness that would already compromise her immune system.  However, that didn’t stop there. People started questioning the cause of death and we started hearing things like poison, toxic substances, anemia, mold issues and murder. The death of her husband, Simon, followed several months later and his cause of death was the exact same! This went from a sad and tragic story about a young actress who died, to a strange situation with lots of unanswered questions.

In the next post, I will go over the theories. In this post, I want to make clear that I don’t believe for a second that these deaths were natural. While there are logical explanations, they simply do not add up. Lets explore the natural death aspects. Illegal drugs were never found in Brittany’s system, but she did have several prescription drugs that would be used for someone who was ill. Prescription drugs are used all of the time, however, it was noted that Brittany did not abuse these drugs, but took them as directed. There could have been a reaction to the drugs, but most likely if that was the case, the reaction would have happened well before she died. She could have died from phenomena, but how in the world did her husband pass away in the exact same way? Yes, he could have gotten the same illness, but there was no indication that Simon had been sick. The most logically explanation is toxic poisoning from mold. This also doesn’t add up because Sharon never got sick, neither did their animals or any visitors to the home. Mold was also never found in their home. So we are left with two dead people, and no logical natural reasons for why.

This is a long, strange, and sad case. We will explore next time how Brittany’s father believes his daughter was murdered, how she was mixed up with a person who was on the terrorist list. We will also look at her Mom, Sharon who was present at both deaths, and how she may even be a suspect. There is no real answer, and these are real people. I will try to proceed with caution and respect, but if Brittany Murphy and her husband, Simon were killed, then their story needs to be told, and they deserve justice. Maybe through a theory, the truth will be found. At least people are talking!


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