Why do we believe Oswald killed Kennedy?

I don’t think there will ever be a time when I stop questioning the assassination of JFK and why people think Oswald was the killer. My previous post about JFK Revealed asked a question at the end of the blog. I asked why do we believe that Oswald killed Kennedy? (http://www.andtheunderdogwins.com/jfk-revealed/ )Where is the real proof, the smoking gun, or any sort of evidence? Why has history found him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt when Oswald, himself was murdered before he even had a chance to build a case. How were the police and other officials able to comb through the mass chaos of the President being killed in plain sight, and find a suspect that everyone “knew” killed Kennedy? Keep in mind that the President of the United States was killed in daylight in front of hundreds of witnesses. This was the 1960’s and our every move was not being documented at the time. Not everyone had a camera, no one had a cell phone. There are 3 films that caught what happened that day, but it didn’t show who pulled the trigger. This means that very little real time evidence exists, and we know nothing beyond a shadow of a doubt. Together, we are going to take a good look at the time line, and other key bits of information to try to understand why Oswald killed Kennedy, or at least he was the scapegoat.

First, let’s take a good look at the circumstances of that fateful day in Dallas. It was a clear day, and there was a parade route that was open. This meant that people could be very close to The President and their cars, and no one was under any sort of bullet proof protective cover even though this was available at the time. The route of the parade was changed so late in the game, that the cars following the motorcade were not aware and started to go the wrong direction. Besides the President’s motorcade, there were 16 other cars in their party. The total amount of people in this party, not including any sort of security or Secret Service was 88. This did not include the police cars, and unmarked cars. This is a lot of people in a short space who didn’t get hurt, but were exposed and were witnesses. These weren’t just any random people either. This group of people included the Vice President, Congressmen, Senators, newspaper reporters, trained military personal, representatives from CBS and ABC, college students, as well as the President’s personal secretary and personal physician. The fact that only two people were shot during this mass confusion is amazing. First, the assassins would have had to anticipate the change in the parade route. Second, they would have to be an amazingly accurate shot to get their mark through all these people, and the entire crowd. Not one civilian was hurt.

At this time, Lee Harvey Oswald was at work at the book depository and was on his break in the lunch room. There were several witnesses to this fact. No one could ever connect him with even being at the 6th floor at the time. In fact, anyone who was in that building, if that is where the shots came from in the first place, had equal status as a suspect. However, the officer who came into the book depository literally had no clue where the shots came from. According to Officer Marion Baker, he wasn’t sure if the shots came from in front of him, behind him, or beside him. He took a guess and ran into the depository. This was also several minutes after Officer Baker had stopped to talk to other officers and get them to where they needed to be. Basically, a lot of time passed of officers and officials running in circles trying to find anything that could help them find who shot the President.

Officer Baker demanded for an elevator when he walked through the door. This started an argument and confusion since people in the building didn’t know what was going on. When they decided to finally take the stairs, several more minutes had passed, and Lee Harvey Oswald had walked out of the break room with his coke. He wasn’t out of breath, stressed, or fearful until Officer Baker pointed his gun at him and demanded to know who he was. Oswald, was startled, and told him he worked there. Officer Baker left him and ran up the stairs, and Oswald, confused and afraid, left the building, as did many other employees at the book depository. Oswald wasn’t the only one who left. It is reported that the building was then sealed off at 12:33, which is the exact same time that Oswald supposedly left. The 9 blocks surrounding the kill zone was apparently secured and sealed off 9 minutes after the assassination, however many people report utter chaos and this being anywhere near true since people were able to leave their work, their buildings, and even drive home. The President had just been killed right in front of them, who was going to stick around and risk their own safety?

Somehow, Oswald was able to walk 7 blocks and get by without any issues. If everything had been secured, this would never have happened. He was able to walk to a bus stop and wait to get on a public bus. The bus got stuck in traffic. After riding on the bus for awhile, he got off and took a taxi home. He made it home, which was confirmed by his housekeeper. However, he only stayed for a few minutes and then left his house. He went to another bus stop close to his home, and this is where supposedly Oswald shot and killed Officer Tippit. There was supposedly  13 witnesses to this crime. These witnesses can be considered unreliable considering most of them didn’t ID him until after they had seen his face all over the news. Did Oswald kill Officer Tippit? It is very possible and people went on a man hunt for Oswald for a reason. They are in Texas, where everyone has guns, and he was threatened by a police officer less than an hour before. I’m not saying any of this is true, but I am saying there is room for reasonable doubt.

Oswald was arrested that day for killing police Officer Tippit, not for anything to do with shooting the President. The manhunt for him was a direct result of the police shooting, and not the assassination. When he was caught at the movie theater and taken in, his was afraid for his life, and he was ready to fight. Oswald had no clue he was being blamed for the President’s death until a reporter told him. He was not given any council or representation even though he requested it. Basically, this whole thing happened in a very short amount of time. At 12:30, the shots were fired. At 1:50 PM, Oswald was taken into custody at the movie theater. Really think about this because it is important. An hour and 20 minutes passed after the killing of the President Kennedy, and somehow the police, and secret service had enough information to blame this man for the shooting.

Oswald was never given legal help. While the world was starting to hear the Oswald had killed the President, he wasn’t even directly told why he was in jail. The news media had plenty of time to plant the seeds of guilt before the man even had any lawyer or help. By 11:26 PM that day, Oswald had been charged with two counts of murder including the President. Two hours earlier, he had been charged with killing the officer. November 24th, at 11:21 AM, Lee Harvey Oswald was shot in killed only after the public had been told he was the killer. He was given a few moments to speak and proclaimed that he needed a layer and had been denied any help. He also said he was a patsy before he was killed. This was less than 2 days after the assassination happened! Oswald had been blamed, tried via media, and publicly executed before any holes could be punched in the official story.

So, I keep asking, how did Oswald kill the President, and we all know for sure that it was him. It was never proven where the shots came from in the first place. Even trained officers and eye witnesses couldn’t agree on where the shot came from, so why was the book depositor randomly chosen. Officer Baker said he wasn’t even sure, but he made a choice. Was there a gun found there, or was one planted? There was enough time for people to come in and out of that building as the pleased before it was sealed off. It happened to be sealed off the exact minute that Oswald left. There were so many people who were there that day, and no one can agree on what happened. If that is true, then what evidence do we have to connect Oswald with killing the President? Did he shoot the officer, very possible, but what was the hard core evidence that forever condemned this man?

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What happened from the moment of the shooting until now has been pure propaganda. There is a reason why many of us question what happened today. It does’t seem to make any sense. Why would this man be deemed the Kennedy killer when the public was never given any information on how this is possible. We were just told that this was the case so we should believe it. It’s a lot like a frustrated parent telling their kid to do something because they said so, instead of explaining the reasons behind why. We have forever lined this man with the killing of the President, who was all on his own and didn’t have any help. Look at the news media even today. They will say things like, the new released papers don’t show that Oswald had any accomplishes. Or, there is no proof of a second shooter outside of Oswald. They are still threading the seed of his guilt even now! But, when was he found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt that it was him who killed the President? The amount of time that Oswald was found forever guilty is insane, especially given the fact that not one person could agree on the facts of the case.

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We can all speculate on reasons why Oswald could have killed the President. It is so easy to start at the conclusion of Oswald killing the president and then add in things that are evidence against him. He tried to defect, he had a photo take with a riffle and Russian propaganda, he married a Russian woman, and on and on and on. Where is the real evidence? This is why many of us conspiracy theorist were born. Out of the need to know the truth, because what has been presented to us is questionable at best. I think if even next week we find new evidence that another person shot and killed JFK, Oswald will always be someone who was believed to play a massive part in this event.


Each frame, and every single photo has been studied by hundreds and maybe thousands of people. While all have their own thoughts and theories about what they see, they can all agree upon one thing. There is nothing seen that points to where the gun shots truly came from, or who pulled the trigger(s). This means that not one person saw Oswald pull any trigger. All they can do is say he was in the book depository at the time of the killing, but so where several other people. People like to talk about the smoking gun that proves that Oswald acted alone. However, I have yet to see the smoking gun that proved Oswald acted at all.

By the way, if you didn’t know what happened to Jack Ruby, the man who publicly killed Oswald, here is some  information for you. Jack Ruby was a nightclub owner with strong mob ties. He said he killed Oswald to spare Mrs. Jackie Kennedy from going through a public trail and the hardships that would bring. Ruby was dying at that point. He knew he had advanced cancer, and he only had so much time left. His life was pretty much over, so killing Oswald not only ensured his silence, but Jack’s silence as well. He died in prison after his conviction was overturned. That’s right, he was still in jail without any official charges pending against him since everything was overturned. Ruby repeatedly asked to be put in touch with people from the Warren commission, but was always denied. He was a free man who was in a jail cell until he died. Is it any wonder that people question the official stories?

There will never be an answer, but I believe that there is no hard evidence to connect Oswald with the assassination. There was such little time between the murder, and his capture that there would have to be some amazing proof to lead them down the Oswald path. It has never come to light, and we have no other suspects who could have killed the President. That’s because it is embarrassing that the amount of people that were there, and the amount of chaos was not contained. No one wants to admit that they missed very important and real evidence.  No one wants the United States come off as fools who didn’t protect their President and have no real idea who killed him.