Bark Box Review

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Underdogs, as you all know my heart belongs to my dogs! Why not spoil them with something from Bark Box? I have been looking into Bark Box for a long time, but have never pulled the trigger until now. First, I don’t make that much money so spending a set amount on my dogs for toys and treats each month is hard. Especially since I make all of my own dog treats at home. However, I watched a video on YouTube by Shane Dawson and realized this was the time to try. Bark Box is a once a month subscription box that comes to your house . Depending on the plan that you choose, it is anywhere from $20.00 to $40.00. They come with a least 2 toys, one chewy, and 2 bags of natural treats. There is an option to add a third toy if you are like me and have 3 dogs!  When I found out that the links used to buy these boxes could go towards helping animals in shelters, I was sold and I could justify the cost each month.


They claim on the Bark Box site that the dogs will be waiting on the box when the mailman arrives. Seeing this was my first box, I didn’t believe that. However, when they knocked on the door, each one of my dogs were jumping for joy. I could hardly get the box in the door because they were all trying to get to the box. Thank goodness it was sealed well or I would have had crazy doggies everywhere! It was actually one of the funnest times I have ever had just opening a box up because they were so happy! I finally sat down and opened the box with 3 dogs eagerly waiting at my feet!  The box was packed really nicely. It had blue tissue paper with scenes of dogs in the city. I quickly realized that this was a theme box, and it was all about New York! To be fair, I’m not sure what the soft toys had to do with New York, but it doesn’t matter because they were so loved by my pups! The following items were in my box: Welcome note, photo opp paper, 3 soft toys including a blue octopus, a bird, and a newspaper, one chew toy, one bag of bagel shaped treats and one bag of pizza shaped treats. There was also some stickers.



First I took out the chew toy since there was only one, and there are 3 dogs! I am going to give it to my friend who has one dog in order to be fair. Then, I took each toy and sat them in the middle of the floor and gave each dog a chance to choose which toy that they wanted. Indy took the blue, Sunny took the bird, and Rose took the newspaper. I tried to get pictures of them but there was so much excitement from them, I couldn’t get them to keep still! They instantly started playing and running around the room. In fact, I opened the box 4 hours ago and Indy, my lab, is still hugging the blue octopus. The bird and the newspaper have been exchanged several times between Rose and Sunny. They chased one another around the room and had a lot of fun!

The next thing we tried was the treats. They are in matching bags the same size. One has little bagel shaped treats and the second had little pizza shaped treats. Again, I make all my dog treats at home so it makes me nervous getting anything from the store. However, these aren’t really from a store and I read the ingredients and I wasn’t worried. I love my dogs so much and I don’t want to feed them anything that would hurt their tummies. I have had bad luck with that in the past, so I have been very careful. I fed each dog one treat of each kind. They really liked them and I am okay with giving these as treats for the remainder of the month. Since I have 3 dogs, I was worried that Bark Box wouldn’t have a good amount of treats provided. However, these are full size treat bags. In fact, each item is what I would consider full size.

I think this Bark Box is going to be very popular around my house. I am on a very tight budget, but I know what to give up in order to make sure they can have these boxes for the next several months. Like I said,  you have several options to try this out. You can also cancel at any time. Why not try out a free box by using my link down below? You get a free box, and I get to donate a free box to an animal shelter! It is a win/win situation, and you have nothing to lose! Sign up is simple, just follow my link and fill out the forms. They will ask your dog’s name and either their adoption or birthday! I picked one of the dogs to put their name on the site. It doesn’t really matter which one because they all are going to benefit from the fun! I hope you try this out! Take a look at my link below and get started today!