A Conversation With the Other Side

A Conversation With the Other Side

Hello Underdogs, and I hope that you are having a good day. I wanted to explore in depth the experience I started telling you all about in Supernatural Sunday. If you have missed that post, check it out here: http://www.andtheunderdogwins.com/psychicandreadings/ I am going to tell you about my recent reading with Sue, a friend of mine who has some pretty amazing abilities. I like to call this a conversation with the other side. I want to advise my readers that everyone has their own personal belief system. It may consider someone who is psychic evil, or gifted. I say everyone is entitled to their thoughts on this subject. If you disagree, then please pass on reading this blog post. Otherwise, I hope that you are entertained and find this as fascinating as I did.

Sue meet with us last weekend at my friend’s birthday celebration. My friend has always wanted to do a reading, and it just has never worked out. Either the wait was too long, or the person had just closed up shop. My friend had an idea to ask Sue to come and do a group reading. Sue has done group readings like this before such as for bridal showers, and other type of parties. We decided on a certain number of people for the best experience. We had 5 people who got a reading, with several others who listened and were entertained. Each reading was at least 15 minutes long.

Sue started by giving us a bit of her background. She has been reading her entire life, and had friends that she couldn’t understand why not everyone could see. Sue came from a line of people who were considered some form of psychic. Her own children share in variations of her gift. Sue used cards to assist on her reading, as well as communicate with the spirits to have a conversation. I am not 100% sure what kind of cards they were and I honestly forgot to ask. I have a few decks of tarot cards myself, but none of mine looked these. Sue had us shuffle the cards as long as we felt was appropriate, and then started with the reading process.

Like I said before, there are several things to keep in mind when you are part of a reading process. First, not everyone is right all of the time. Also, even though you get some news, or information that doesn’t make sense to you right away it doesn’t mean that it is wrong. You may have to do some leg work to find out what these messages could mean. For example, there is a conversation going about a person who smoked super heavy and died of lung cancer. You don’t know anyone who matches that information. However, when you talk to your Mom later on, they know exactly what you are talking about. Second, you may go into this with the hope that you will hear certain news, or from a certain person. Ghosts and spirits are not something that work on demand. You might get a successful conversation, and you may not. However, you will most likely hear exactly what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Be open, even if things don’t make sense at the moment.

Sue read the cards as well as listened to what spirits were telling her. None of us started with a question out loud. Instead, she just started the reading. To me, that was really nice since I wasn’t focused on a single question and more open to what may be said. Sue touched on things that happened in the past, things that may happen in the future, and had some messages from people who have passed. There were some very emotional moments, so funny, and yes, there was some confusing moments. Sue was not able to address those things since the information was coming through her. She also doesn’t retain the information that she gives us during the conversation, so she encourages recordings or taking notes.

My reading was very interesting, but the part that stuck out most in my mind was a short conversation with my Dad. Most of it is very personal, but I don’t mind sharing that it was like the essence of who my Dad was, talked a bit with me that night. It was short, but very powerful and gave me some peace with some issues that I have been worrying about. It was nice to get some of this information that made me sleep a bit better at night. I don’t want anything to think it was something very general or information known previously. First, I haven’t known Sue super long and she wouldn’t know any of the details that she gave me. One thing was so spot on, it was like I heard his voice in my head. This wasn’t something that you could get through social media, or anything like that, it was extremely personal.

Not everyone had the same experience that I did during the reading. Some got information that was confusing, and some got information that they didn’t understand. I think a conversation with the other side needs to be open on for both parties, for those getting the reading, and those who are giving the information. Others had very intense readings that left them in tears. It was all over the place, but that is not a bad thing. That means that things are realistic, because just like in real life, things don’t always go smoothly and the way you would like them to go.

All in all, it was fun, entertaining, and a bit of a mystery to be solved. I highly enjoyed myself and would recommend trying out a reading on your own sometime. Doing one for a party can be nice if you are nervous. If you want more information, comment below!

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