2020 Predictions

The end of 2019 is coming to a close, and of course you know what that means! It is time for predictions for the upcoming year. It is always fun for me to do these. This is all for entertainment purposes, but if you would like your own personal reading, see the link to my Etsy store below.

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  1. Donald Trump WILL be elected for a second term. NOTE: This is something that I have said since the start of his term. This is not in any way of supporting Trump, or any political party. I can’t stand politics, but this is a pretty firm thought for me that I have had a for a very long time, and have told people about this.
  2. Voter turn out will be at an all time LOW. But Trump will win by a large margin.
  3. Trump will have a major health crisis during his term. I believe it will be a near fatal stroke. This will be during year 7. He will make it out of the health scare, but will not be able to function the way he once did. There will not be a change in the Presidency due to the next election being around the corner. However, he will not be active in the last part of his term.
  4. Climate change will be a bigger topic of conversation. Very large companies like Nexis, Apple, and more will start to come up with a plan to enforce and make the workplace more ecological. This will be modeled again and again once this concept takes off. You will start seeing almost every place you go into, be more aware of the Earth, and what we can do to help heal it.
  5. However, this is not for the good of the Earth, it is for profit. The ones who lead it will be the ones set to make the most money. Good will come out of it, but that’s just a side effect of their greed. Good people will make this work, but it is still a start in a 21 year process to help the damage we’ve created.
  6. You will see an explosion of women in music, more than ever. This won’t just be singers, but drummers, lead guitarists, and big time producers. This will be on the level of production like Jay Z. This is talent unlike we have ever seen. It will be women supporting women.
  7. This is a result of women being tired of an unsafe, creative environment in the music industry. (specifically) Women have been held back due to abuse and fear. This movement will be lead by a very unexpected female artist, and Kesha. Think material girl…maybe…or a MTF Transgender artist who will literally be the best we’ve ever seen. A safe environment equals creative freedom and support.
  8. Paul McCartney will perform a free concert outside in New York City. It is for an HBO special. Ringo will be his drummer, and his son, James will play in the band.
  9. There will be an oil spill in the next year which will make any others in the past look like a baby pool. Huge loss of both human and animal life, as well as damaged that is irreversible. This will be what leads the big companies to jump in and help. This will be a heartbreaking and scary time for us all.
  10. There will be more rolling blackouts in the next 2 years, but will be the worst during 2020. Blame sun spots, or outside Earth’s interference.
  11. Jeffery Epstien didn’t kill himself, because he is not dead. Opps.
  12. While many “top people in politics and the entertainment industry,” will be outed as people who have abused people and taken part in sex trafficking, nothing will seemingly happen to them. Some will shock, like on a Tom Hanks level. While they may escape the claws of justice, they won’t escape the laws of Karma.
  13. The “outside” religions or religious practices will start to have a huge impact. We will now start seeing them on TV, on ads, and online a lot more of a regular basis. This will be in the USA, where the main religion of this part of the world is Christianity. Some people will take great offense to this, and start a “witch hunt,” for lack of a better term. Things will get ugly. However, we will see several people come together for the purpose of community and education.
  14. The United States will lose more teachers for the 2020 school year than ever before. This will be at a crisis mode. Even with schools offering free collage and other perks to be a teacher, very few people will take them up on the offer. More children than ever will be home schooled. Many modern companies will understand this need and even work around this so parents can teach their kids at home, and still work their jobs. It will work, but it won’t be huge for another few years. But teachers will be quitting left and right in 2020.
  15. We will see a huge change in the way children are Fostered and even adopted. It will be a positive change, and we will see kids get more and more forever homes. I’m not sure what the change will be, but I’m guessing it will have to do with wording.
  16. There will be an new version of iphone that you can implant into your arm and see texts and other things on your arm. This may be in the future, but you will see stories of this happening because the Beta phase will be this year. They will pay people to try this out.
  17. For some reason, many one of a kind, and original books will be destroyed. These are priceless books. I have a feeling this will not be an accident, and it will done by some people who are set on erasing the past by getting rid of the evidence. Later, this will be followed by burning of movies from the 1930’s. This should be considered a crime against humanity.
  18. Speaking of which, we will find out that the fire at Notre Dame was by no means an accident. This is part of a larger conspiracy. While the two incidents are not related, they are both huge statements. One is about abuse in the church, while the other is about abuse in history. Those who take this into their own hands are just getting started. Look for bigger and bigger things start to crumble. I’m thinking Egypt. Nothing is as safe as it seems to be.
  19. I said this last year, but I still believe it is coming. People will start suing Insurance Companies based off of medical reasons. This is because we have been denied proper health care, and important testing that could be life saving due to insurance. We are not doctors, so we shouldn’t know what we need in order to make the situation the best for us as possible. This will happen due to a string of deaths from being denied a common procedure or test. There will be 15 to 20 from the same company, and the same hospital. This will spark national outrage, and people will sue their insurance companies. It will be a legal nightmare, but there will be a positive change eventually. Not everyone will get compensation, but everyone will get better healthcare.
  20. There will be a new Pope.