2019 Predictions

It’s prediction time! Almost an entire month has gone by for 2019. That means most of the new year, new me stuff is pretty much over! I thought I would take a few moments and make some fun predictions for the upcoming year. Keep in mind, I have no clue what I am doing. I am having fun here, so let’s see where this leads! For those who are wondering why I am having an off schedule with posting, I am having a lot of hosting issues. I will post what I can, but as of this moment, I have 700,000 spam comments even with the good stuff in place to keep that from happening. Let’s look at some 2019 predictions!

  1. I will get this whole hosting thing figured out, or I will move to another host after my paid time with them is done.
  2. The Gov. Shutdown will not end until mid Feb. It’s going to be a rough one folks, so hold on tight!
  3. You will start to see more “legit” people turning to a freer expression via YouTube. This has been happening slowly, but you will start to see some pretty big singers and other stars get ultra famous via YouTube.
  4. There will be some sort of controversy with Rice Krispies!
  5. A major toothpaste company will go bankrupt.
  6. Bacon will again be the cause of all evil, before everything bad said about it will be taken back again, and it should be something in your diet. Leave bacon alone, folks!
  7. Britney Spears will have a major comeback.
  8. You will start hearing a lot of covers of Hair Band songs from the 1980’s.
  9. There will be a musical based very loosely off the band U2, and their music will be used.
  10. There will be a brand new Law and Order TV series.
  11. 3 of the 4 prequels for The Song of Ice and Fire will be green lighted. The 4th will be picked on up a never done before series on YouTube.
  12. You will see a huge return to the kitchen. More meal kits will be sold encouraging people to make food from home. This will also make people much more interested in cooking, and more “vintage recipes” will be making a come back. People are going to be looking for their grandparent’s recipes now more than ever. This will be a huge return to cooking more and more from scratch.
  13. The “traditional” family unit will be gone in the USA. This means that more extended families and even friends will be living under the same roof. This is mostly for money reasons, but also people are realizing it takes a village to live a good life, raise children, and reach goals. It will no longer be strange to live with your parents, and your Aunt, and your a best friend.
  14. There will be a huge surge in youth groups. Kids are wanting to find different ways to express themselves and groups for both boys and girls will be huge this year!
  15. There will be a strike with doctors and health care workers. This strike will divide the lines between those who are there to make money, and those who are there to actually help. It will last no longer than 13 days, but the impact will change the way the medical field will be handled in the USA.
  16. Hand in hand with the strike, people will start suing insurance companies because they are being denied too much. Customers will realize they aren’t doctors, and they shouldn’t have to fight for testing and treatment. This will last about 8 years before getting figured out. There will be thousands of lawsuits.
  17. MTV will have a retro week where they only play music videos and nothing else. This will become more of an annual thing.
  18. An undiscovered song will be found by either Elvis or the Beatles. It will be an extreme rough cut, but it will be a profound song.
  19. NASA will make an emergency announcement for the first time ever.
  20. Some news will come out about the murder of a famous singer. This could be Jam Master Jay, Kurt Cobain, or Biggie Smalls.

Okay underdogs, I hope you liked my predictions for 2019. Again, keep in mind that I have no clue what I am doing. I will read your tarot cards if you like. Just pop on over to Fiver and I will help you out. Here is the link! https://www.fiverr.com/share/dPW5Y

Again, I must state this is all for entertainment purposes only, and if I’m right, then it was just one of those things. If I’m wrong, you had fun reading my predictions! Have a great year and we will check back to see which ones came true!