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Top 10 Marvel Scenes

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Underdogs, if you haven’t been paying attention, I love comic book movies. For the most part, I say that I was a DC kid, and a Marvel adult. While I still love both, the Marvel universe has proven to be more on top of their game. Not that I don’t enjoy the DC movies, but I prefer the Marvel writers, and the directions they are willing to take their stories and characters. While Marvel has some very funny moments, the ones that stick to me the most are the ones that are raw, hopeless, and vulnerable. Here is my list of the top 10 Marvel moments. I know there are many lists that could be made, but these are some that have stuck with me the most. I hope you have some fun reading these and comment below on what your favorite moments from Marvel. Keep in mind, I’m not including Fox and Sony studios in this list.  Fair warning, spoilers ahead!


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1. Captain America’s Reveal:

I’m not going to lie, this one was purely selfish. At this moment, most of us were Peggy Carter, and the nurse in the background. As pretty as he is, this moment was actually very powerful.  This was showing us the the experimental serum that they injected into Steve Rogers, actually worked! It could have killed him, but it also was important for this person to have heart in order to make it through the procedure. The right person for Captain America was picked, and while the road ahead would be hard and bumpy, we can take this moment to admire….pecks! So pretty.


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2.We are Groot.

Who knew that this movie about a band of misfits would have such emotional moments! These 5 beings from all over the universe somehow banded together to become something great. They had their moments. They had their fights, but when push came to shove, they become a strong unit that literally could not be defeated. What was so incredible about this particular moment is the sacrifice Groot was willing to give for those he loved. He knew the group was important, and protected them with his life. The only time Groot uttered a different phrase than, “I am Groot,” was this very pure moment.

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3. Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver Death:

This makes me cry every single time I watch Age of Ultron. The very moment that her twin brother is killed, Wanda feels it without any doubt. You can literally see and feel the moment her life rips in half. When she tells Ultron that she just died, I believe her with ever fiber of my being. She died in that moment right along with her twin. It was so painful. It was so raw, and so beautiful at the same time. One of the best moments, even though it was gut wrenching. Marvel, why do you hurt us so, and why do we keep running back for more!


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4. Captain American and Agent Coulson:

One of the best characters in the Marvel universe is good old Phil Coulson. While he has his own series now, the Avengers are unaware that their friend is still alive and fighting. Many times, Coulson is a substitute for us, the viewers. He fills our role, as the guy who seems slightly out of place, has a huge heart, and is kind of a bad ass! The way he fan boys over Captain America is wonderful! There is just something so sweet and pure about this admiration and wanting his mint Captain America cards signed.  PS: He was still very mad at Fury for getting blood on his mint cards. I hope someday, he will get his cards signed!


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5. Get Help!

While this gag is super funny, the scene in the elevator is truly the heart of the story between these two brothers. Moments before the doors open, Thor has a heart to heart with Loki about going their separate ways and how different they really are from one another. Thor is tired of Loki’s games, and Loki still feels like he is the slighted brother. It is very sad, and very raw. It’s looking at a family member that you have tried to love your entire life, and you do, but you have to let them go and move on without them. Following this very hard moment up with “Get Help,” was pure genius because it shows that relationship, the love from childhood, is still there. It sets up the much harder scene in Infinity War when Loki says, “The sun will shine upon us again, brother.”


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6. Avengers Assemble:

This was a movie moment most of us nerds have been waiting for! The moment that Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, and Hawkeye stood as one to fight! It was a long road to get to this, with a lot of ups and downs! I remember watching this in the theater and everyone cheering! It is a cheer worthy moment!


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7. Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good:

This one hurt. So bad. So very bad. Peter Parker become a surrogate son to Tony Stark. He took the young man under his wing and helped him become an Avenger.  In the Spiderman movie, Tony tells Peter, someone could have died, and that would be on Peter. But if Peter dies, well, that’s on him. When Peter fades away, we see Tony die with him. His pain and suffering is real, and raw. Don’t cry ugly tears… Don’t cry ugly tears…. I’m sorry…


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8. Peter and Yondu

“I may not be your Father, but I am your Daddy.” Dear God, who knew how much this funny and light movie would hurt. Yondu had a very complicated relationship with Peter Quill. So much so, that he used to threaten that he would let the crew eat Peter! He never took Peter to his Father, Ego and we find out there is a great reason why. Because Yondu not only was protecting Peter, but he loved him. It goes to show sometimes the best family is the one you create.


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9. Tony Stark’s Vision:

The nightmare came from the fact that it wasn’t because his friends died, but because he didn’t die as well. The vision that Wanda gave Tony utterly destroyed him and set up events for all of Infinity War. Most of the Avenger’s were dead in a pile in front of him, with Captain America asking Tony why he didn’t do more? Two strong things are doing on here. First, Wanda was going for their deepest and darkest fears. This is Tony’s, the death of his loved ones. Secondly, it was a true vision for things to come. This was amazing character shifting for Tony, as we see a part of PTSD that wasn’t fully explored until that moment. Now, it is part of who he is, and why he is fighting so hard.


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10. Lifting Thor’s Hammer:

I loved just watching all the Avengers and their friends sit around at the party and talk. It was awesome to just see them talk about their girlfriends, tell funny stories of childhood, and even do some flirting. This is truly one of the best scenes because it’s real. Everyone trying to lift Thor’s hammer is also awesome. It’s something that I can see real people doing, which makes that moment even more fun and special with the audience. Marvel truly knows how to connect with their audience and I know many of us were saying how we could be the ones to pick up the hammer!

Those were my top 10 favorite Marvel Movie Moments! I had a lot of fun with this list. I know these may not be the traditional moments people think of, but it’s what I keep coming back for more! They have some great writers, and actors who understand the characters that they play. Also, there seems to be an air of fun around these people, and you want to believe that they really are a team, and really do care for one another!  What about you? What is your favorite nontraditional Marvel Moment?

May 16

The Biggie Files

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Underdogs, we dove deep into the Tupac conspiracy theories which you can find here: However, we can never separate one great conspiracy theory about this prominent rapper from the 1990’s, without including the Notorious B.I.G, AKA Biggie Smalls. Both of these very young men were killed via gun violence after a much publicized feud between East Coast and West Coast rappers. They were the poster children of this feud, and it cost them their lives. Of course this is if you believe that Tupac is actually dead. Both of these men deserve to have their story told because their murders have never been solved. They are still cold cases that will never have the truth see the light of day. The murder of Biggie, however, is so terrible that the LAPD was sued about their possible involvement and cover up with his death. Who killed Biggie Smalls and did his murder really have anything to do with the death of Tupac?

Christopher Wallace was only 24 years old when he was shot and killed on March 9th, 1997. This was right on the heels of the death of Tupac and the world became chaotic. While Biggie was not associated with gangs, he was definitely no stranger to breaking the law. As a high school drop out, Biggie sold drugs as his source of income. This was also in efforts to help support his baby daughter. He ended up in jail for almost a year because of his drug activities. He also had charges of assault, gun charges, and suspension of robbery, which the latter was never proven. All of this, but people always claimed that Biggie was a kind and gentle person. It was many people’s opinion that Biggie did what he had to do in order to survive and provide for his child. He was not seen as outwardly violent.

After his second time in jail, Biggie decided to do whatever it took to keep him from going back. He and some friends recorded some tracks and sent them to several radio stations in New York. Eventually, Sean “Puffy, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy” Combs heard one of Biggie’s tracks and arranged to meet him.  Sean Combs was impressed and signed Biggie to his record company, and became a very good friend. Eventually, Biggie would start recording albums after being a guest on other rappers albums. He eventually struck up a friendship with another up and coming rapper named Tupac Shakur. Their relationship was complicated at the least. At first, they were good friends. However, when Tupac was recording in the same studio as Biggie years later, he was shot outside. Biggie was noticeably absent from the scene thus making Tupac very angry. Some think Tupac blamed Biggie for the hit, while others knew he was hurt that his friend wasn’t at his side.

This single incident blew up the East Coast and West Coast rap feud. At least, that is what the media would have the general public believe. The media had a filed day with the shooting and made these men unwittingly participants in their game to get the best story. Both Biggie and Tupac were angry at each other, but many close to them say that it was blown way out of proportion.  While this incident damaged their relationship, it did not end it. In fact, they were smart enough to play along with the media in order to get records sales, at first. Then, they focused on bringing attention to the race and gang wars that were so prevalent in the 1990’s. People couldn’t tell reality from fiction, and while they were trying to promote a platform for the realities of gang violence, people couldn’t separate Biggie and Tupac from the media storm.  They not only become the icons, but the voices of those who they represented, which proved to be very dangerous. Specifically, Biggie was associated with the Crips, but never was part of the gang. The fact the he ran with them, and wore their colors made him a walking target for a lot of people.

The simple story of Biggie’s death is as follows. Following an appearance on the Soul Train Awards, Biggie and his entourage left the building.  It was right after Tupac was killed and tensions were very high. Rumors were already spreading that Biggie had been the one who called the hit on Tupac. Biggie was actually meet with boos on the stage during the award show so things were not going well. Outside of the awards ceremony was a bunch of gang members from both the Bloods and the Crips.  At this moment in time, the tension was overwhelming, and people had told Biggie to stay home. The entire week before his murder, Biggie was meet with threats and even spoke about it during radio interviews. He was well aware that his life was in danger, but he decided to keep making public appearances. This was either out of stubbornness, or in an attempt to show he wasn’t one to be pushed around.

Biggie, his wife, Faith Evans, and several other people went to after hour parties in hotel and clubs. One of these places was a hotel that shut down the party due to fire hazards. This, in turn, shut down several streets because of the amount of traffic from all of the people leaving this party. Biggie was in a car with a few friends, followed by Sean Combs, and his wife farther behind them. At a stop light a black Chevy Impala drove up next to their car and opened fire. The first reports say the gunman was an African American male with a 9 MM. Biggie was hit in the chest and the only one injured. He died at the hospital less than 45 minutes later.

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The investigation into Biggie’s death was almost nonexistent. Just as quickly as the murder happened, was just as quickly as it was forgotten by the LAPD. It was very strange that a homicide, and of a very famous person at that, was pushed aside like nothing happened. People were outraged and demanded a proper investigation. However, they never really got one. Biggie’s Mother sued LA, and the LAPD for neglecting a crime. A massive investigation was launched years after the murder. However, it was stopped the moment they were able to clear their department of any involvement. That didn’t mean that there wasn’t some very serious things uncovered with this investigation. The rabbit whole ran deep,and it looks like people got away with murder. How far did this plan go?Did Biggie really have anything to do with Tupac’s death? Did Suge Knight or even Sean Combs have a hand in killing Biggie? Tune in next time to find out!