April 30

Corleone’s Italian Restaurant

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Underdogs, one of my favorite places in the whole world, is Savannah, Georgia. I hope that I can retire there someday. In the meantime, I have to settle for a visit. However, if you ever get a chance to go to Savannah, make sure that you check out my favorite place to eat there which is called, Corleone’s Italian Restaurant. This little gem is just a bit off the beaten path. It’s not your typical tourist place to eat, but it is worth the adventure! Located on 44 MLK BLVD, this restaurant literally has some of the best food I have ever tried! I have never had to worry about reservations, but they do take them. Take a look at their website here and see about their hours and reservation options. https://corleones.com/


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I first went to Corleone’s with my two best friends back in 2010. It was by accident that we happened upon this place. We had missed our bus to get to the airport and had awhile before the next one would come along. Since we had already eaten our lunch, we thought we would try getting something sweet. We walked for a bit and saw Corleone’s and thought we would try it out. Why not because it was such an excellent name! We had such a wonderful experience! The moment we walked through the door not only were we treated like locals, but also treated like family! We all tried the deserts and were hooked! The atmosphere was awesome! It was laid back, and it was like we were in someone’s house with mama cooking the family recipes in the kitchen. We had such a great experience that we came back for dinner! When I left Savannah, I was so sad because I had fallen in love with the city. I also knew this place would be a staple for me anytime I came to the city!


I was able to come back to Corleone’s this last month and bring another friend! The atmosphere was just as awesome as it was the first time I walked through the door! We went for lunch, which makes the prices a bit cheaper. While I have never complained about the prices here, it is nice when you are on a budget. I got the lasagna which was around $8.00. The food tasted just as good as I recalled. The noodles were soft and the cheese was plentiful. The sauces was so good that I wanted to pick up my plate and lick every last bit! I would have done it if that hadn’t been so rude! Truly, it’s hard to describe how good this food is, and how at home this entire staff makes you feel!

I know that people go to Savannah and want to try other famous locations for food. However, I have found that going just a tiny bit off the tourist area, you will find places that short wait times, cheaper prices, and much better food. I don’t feel like fighting to get into a restaurant during my relaxing vacation, and there are many places in Savannah that are like this in the city. I think it’s much better to do yourself a favor and seek out other places that aren’t the super famous restaurants. Corleone’s is truly one of the best places in the city to eat, so don’t miss out! PS: They have some great merch as well! I highly suggest that you try out Corleone’s the next time that you are in Savannah!

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April 24

Kona Leashes

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As you all know, I have two awesome dogs, and my roommate has one awesome dogs! For the longest time, I only had 2 leashes for all 3 dogs because I didn’t have the money to purchase a new one. I also ran into a bit of issues with Sunny, my newest baby. While she is a smaller dog and only weights 15 pounds, she is very strong. She is kind of a box and can break leashes if she really wanted to. I have had them snap on more than one occasion because she is so strong that she can easily get the snap to come loose. I happened to be contacted by Kona Leashes https://www.konaleashes.com/ on my Instagram page, who asked me to consider being a brand ambassador. This meant that I got to try out one of their leashes which I desperately needed for Sunny.

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I was very excited for this chance, but worried about the price of the products. I understand that they aren’t cheap. However, they are specialty products and I have seen leashes priced quite high in chain stores. Please don’t get these confused with Kona Dog Treat items because these are not the same companies. These are “Durable Rope Leashes” for your pet! They come in several different colors and sizes, and you can choose to have a grip added if you would like. The best thing about Kona Leashes is that it is an investment that you can live with. First, they offer a lifetime warranty on all of their products. That is really important to me because my dog is a tough little cookie, and I can see her being a bit crazy and finding a way to fray the rope.

Secondly, but most important to me, is that Kona Leashes donates dog food to shelters. For every item that you purchase, they will donate dog food. There are several options for a donation place, but you can also email the company and suggest a donation to your local shelter. Since 2016, Kona Leashes has donated around 2000 pounds of dog food. This is a win-win situation because you are getting an excellent product with a lifetime warranty, and you get to help out other dogs in need!  All products are also made in the USA, and I believe they are made to order. I’m not 100% on that, but I ordered the smallest pink leash, which was 4 feet, and added a grip for comfort, and because Sunny is an evil little thing and likes to pull.

Pink Camo Knot Climbing Rope Leash

While this product is aimed at very active people and very active dogs, I believe it’s a great product for anyone. Kona Leash started off for a person who liked to take their dog hiking and running. That meant that they needed a strong leash to make this happen, so they created Kona Leashes with the durable rope, and the carbine which is the clip that  hooks onto the dog’s leash. This has proven to be very helpful for me because again, Sunny is very strong and with the clip, I never have to worry about Sunny breaking free. I got her the Pink Camo Knot Climbing Rope Leash that is 4 feet, and recommended for dogs under 30 pounds.  The grip was extra, but I am happy that I added this option since my hands are not hurting after walking her around.

I feel that I am an active person, but not a hiker or anything like that. I don’t think that Kona Leashes are “too much  leash”for my dog, but just perfect for this very curious little puppy! She really likes to run, sniff and play, and I like to pretend that I can keep up because I always take two dogs out to potty at once! Having a strong Kona Leash gave me a lot of confidence because I have never felt like it would break, snap, or the clip wouldn’t work. The pros are what I listed above, and the cons are the price. Everything is kind of a high price. However, if you look at it for an investment, with the confidence of the lifetime warranty as a backing, I think it will help you feel better about your choice to try out Kona Leash. Because of this, and how easily it handles my active Sunny, I give them 5 out of 5.



If it’s in your budget, I would recommend trying out Kona Leashes by going to the website listed below. https://www.konaleashes.com/ Since you are my readers, you will receive a 20% discount when you use the code: KL20 at checkout. I’m super excited to see that they now have light up collars! I’m also planning on getting one for Indy as soon as I can get him a new leash. You shouldn’t be purchasing a new leash every few months, and Kona Leash will help if you have that issue. I wouldn’t trust any old leash to my fur babies, so when I say consider them for yours, understand that is coming from a place of love for animals. I want them all to be as safe as possible, and I think Kona Leash could be for you too!








April 23

Disney Travel Tips: Part 2

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Traveling to Disney can be stressful, but it can also be fun if you find yourself prepared with some very basis ideas and tips! For many, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so you want to do your research as much as possible before you start your trip. I recommend taking advantage of free things like YouTube videos and get some tips from people who go to Disney all of the time. Also read blogs like this one! For this blog, I am going to include some tips that are about traveling with someone with a medical disability, as well as give you some other helpful tips. Disney is actually amazing at being accessible to almost anyone, on almost any ride. They are far better than any other theme park I have ever been to, so it is important to be prepared to make their day as magical as possible. The cast members at Disney are excellent at helping this happen! If you want to read the first part of this blog, Disney Travel Tips: Part 1 take a look at the following link! http://www.andtheunderdogwins.com/disney-travel-tips-part-1/


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1. Traveling with a person who has a medical disability:

There are many types of different disabilities that can produce a challenge for traveling. While many parks aren’t equipped to handle this, Disney is excellent at making this experience magical for the entire party. Your first stop into the park should be at Disney Customer Service before you venture into the park. Talk to someone behind the desk and let them know your situation because you may qualify for something called a Disability Pass. This is only for certain circumstances so you will need to be prepared to ask about the pass, and honestly tell them about the circumstances. If you qualify, they will link the pass on your magic band. This will help with wait times, and will help with getting on and off rides as easily as possible. This is on a case per case basis so don’t expect this to happen with any situation. It doesn’t hurt to ask, but you will need to Magic Pass to make this happen. This price is small compared to the amount of ease and help that the pass will give you if you qualify for it. Again, major disclaimer: not all cases will qualify for this pass so you may or may not receive one for your trip. Have medical proof, such as a doctor’s note, with you just in case it’s needed for any reason.

2. Renting Scooters and Wheelchairs:

If you don’t have your own wheelchair or scooter, you may want to think about renting these items at the park. There are some advantages and some disadvantages to renting these items at the park. First, they will be costly, but you get a portion back at the end of the day after bringing the items back at the end of the day. Beside the cost, the biggest issue is that these items are a first come, first serve basis. While they are well equipped in most of the parks, it is an issue to get anything at Magic Kingdom. You may be stuck waiting for hours, or not get one at all, and you may accidentally waste your day. That is hard especially since you are limited to your time at the park and you want to experience it as much as possible! One great thing about renting at the park is if that anything happens to the item that you are renting, you simply need to talk to a cast member. For example, the battery runs out on the scooter, you talk to a cast member and they will bring you a new battery. If the item stops working for some reason, they will replace it so you can go along your day. If you are a park hopper, then your items will be there for you at the next park if available. Of course, if they are sold out at the other park then you may be out of luck. You may want to look into rental companies and weigh the costs and pros and cons of renting yourself verses renting at the park. Of course, if you rent elsewhere, you have to take into consideration transportation of that item to and from the park. There are places that will deliver, but you will need to do your research and see if you should do one over the other.

3. Renting a Baby Stroller:

Another item that you can rent is a baby carriage, or stroller. This has the same situation as scooters and wheelchairs such as a first come, first come basis, and a deposit that you will get back at the end of the day. While this is a nice thing to have at the park, it is so much better to find a cheap stroller and take it with you. You can find many choices on Amazon prime, and depending on where you are staying, you can have that item delivered to your resort or your hotel which will be waiting for you when you arrive! If your kid can fit into a stroller, then I recommend that you have one. First, your child will not be able to walk around all day. This can help with exhaustion and keep the adults from having to carry a child in the heat. Second, you can use the stroller as a place to keep bags and drinks. Keep this trip as easy as possible and don’t worry about a kid being too old for being in a stroller. If they fit, let them sit! I saw kids who were at least 10 years old in a stroller, which was so much easier for everyone involved!

4. FREE PINS!Image may contain: 1 person

If you think there isn’t anything free in Disney you are wrong! While you won’t find a lot of free stuff, you can get free pins every single day if you want! There are 4 available that  I know of for sure, however, there may be more. The first one says, “First Visit to Disney,” the second is “Celebration,”  the third is a wedding or anniversary pin, and the fourth is a birthday pin. You are able to get these in several places including the chamber of commerce on Main Street at Magic Kingdom, any customer service area at any of the parks, or even some regular shops like where you get the Mickey Mouse Ears personalized. There is a space on most of these pins that you can use a sharpie pen and personalize them. You can celebrate anything you want and you can get a new pin each day that shows whatever you are celebrating! PS: These free pins may get your other free items at Disney. You may get some free samples or even a free cupcake! Those are never promised, but take advantage of the Pins for everyone in your group! If you can’t find them, then ask a cast member to help you out!

5. Popcorn!


While most things are the park are price pretty high, investing in popcorn buckets or ones with ears like this one is an excellent idea. These are $10.00 each but they are worth it! I wish I would have known about these earlier or I would have taken advantage of this every single day we were at the park! I suggest buying one the day you get there and then you can bring it back each day, at every single park. Then, you an get a refill for only $2.00 as many times as you want! They can’t refill the bucket due to sanity reasons, but if you bring it, they will give you the refill price and a whole fresh box of popcorn. Those boxes actually carry more than what is in these buckets so it is an excellent deal. This is like movie theater popcorn so it’s very tasty. You will just need to pay attention to places that sell popcorn and see if they have a refill price listed. The other cool thing about this bucket is that it hooks to a stroller, or bag so it’s easy to get around with. They close tight, so you don’t have to worry about spilling the contents. It also makes a great souvenir when you get back home! We bought 2 for our party of 7 and it worked out great!



6. Order food with your Mobile App:

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I can’t stress the importance of the Disney Experience App!! Seriously, take the time to download this free app because it is worth it! While there are several places that you can sit down and eat at, unless you have a reservation, you won’t get in them. If you want to try these places out, use your app to make your reservations up to 30 days in advance. What many people fail to realize is that every single place to eat at the parks have an online menu on this app, and the ability to do a mobile order. This allows you to get a place to sit, such as at Paco’s Bills, and look at the menu with your group. You can then order online, and pay right on the app. Then comes the best part! You will get a pick up time and will go pick up your food at the mobile order window which will be clearly marked. There is hardly ever a line at this window, since they are very efficient at speed. Most of the time, it is ready even before your scheduled time. This typically is a very quick process, but depending on how busy the spot is, the time can very. This is the only way to order food at Disney, and saves you from waiting in line for a very long time. It’s a waste when you can do everything from your app. Less wait time means more park time! You can do this with almost any place in the parks, however some of the smaller places like stands don’t take part in the mobile ordering at this time.



7. Gift Cards:

There are a few reasons to use gift cards when you go to Disney. First, it is a great way to put a certain budgeted amount on the card for a specific reason. For example, you want to purchase a few souvenirs at the park, but you want to make sure that you don’t get swept up in the magic of Disney and pay for things that are out of your range. If you have a gift card with a set amount, then you may be able to stand a bit more firm and only spend what you brought on that card. Second, if you like Starbucks, they have a few locations at the park. While they don’t honor the rewards, they will take the gift cards, and your purchases will still get you the stars if you are part of their program. I suggest purchasing your gift cards before hand at Target. (NOT A SPONSOR) The reason for this is they have the red card, and you may be able to save up to 5% because of their program. This may be a small amount of money, but save where you can! I am not sure if the red card program is available in all areas, so do your research. Even if it’s not, I still suggest purchasing gift cards before you go to Disney. This will help out a lot on your trip. You can also purchase gift cards to restaurants that you plan on eating at while you are at Disney.


Bonus Tip:

As I state in my previous post, you should bring your own refillable water bottles with you to the park. While there are lots of areas that have water fountains to fill up your bottle, there are a few places that are very hard to find anything. For example, if you are on Main Street, you will find drinking fountains by the bathrooms. However, if you are where most of the items for Aladdin are, you won’t find a water anywhere. I ran around that place 3 or 4 times until I asked and was told the nearest water was a ways away. Keep this in mind when you are walking around the park. Fill up your bottles whenever you have a chance. Stay away from as much soda as possible because this will only cause dehydration. Drink lots of water, and of course, use sunscreen!!

There were a few more tips to help plan your adventure at Disney!  I hope these will help you out and if I think of any more, I will make another posting. I had so much fun, and the tips I got before I left were a huge help! I hope that a few of those tips will help make your experience a tiny bit more magical! If you have any tips, feel free to share them below.


April 22

Orbs: Proof of the Paranormal?

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Hello Underdogs! As many of you know, I love the unknown and the paranormal. I enjoy the mystery and the intrigue about the things that we can’t quite explain. Those theories and questions of why and what keep me going. Life is too short to be given all the answers, and too vast for any of us to every find out the truth of the universe. The journey is so important and sometimes, we are lucky enough to see hints and get some small glimpses of answers or another twist and turn. This is one of the reasons I enjoy the paranormal so much. However, you must realize that even though I enjoy these things, I still look at everything with a skeptical eye. This leads me to a very popular subject and many people’s proof of the supernatural, which are orbs.

First, what is an orb and why would someone think that they have anything to do with the paranormal? An orb is defined as a circular item appearing on a photo or in a video. Sometimes they are clear, and sometimes they have their own light. Why do people think that a circle showing up in a photo has anything to do with ghosts? Some people theorize that this is an example of a ghost or a spirit that can’t harness enough energy to show themselves. Instead, they show up in a ball of energy, or an orb, and this results in evidence in a haunting situations. There are people that are so convinced of this, that they have come up with orb guides to let you know what certain colors may or may not mean.



I posted  two photos that I took on my Instagram account to see what people thought about the orbs that I caught. At the time, I was in Bonaventure Cemetery where I was taking several photos. These two photos stuck out to me because I saw a few rambling orbs joining the headstones. I wanted to see what people thought when I posted these photos and I got a lot of responses in the form of messages. Many people were either impressed or really freaked out about what I may or may have not captured! People were either very worried, or they thought it was cool. However, no one seemed to question what an orb really was so this prompted me to do research. I also got some new followers so I hope you go and check out my Instagram feed to keep up on my social media life. Inserting shameless self promotion here: https://www.instagram.com/lisateb







While orbs are cool looking, I no way in any shape or form believe that they are proof of the paranormal or the supernatural. While my photos were not fake, they were mistaken for something spooky. What you saw in my photo was rain drops. It was raining the day I was at the cemetery. While there aren’t orbs in each photo, there is a very good reason for this fact. The rain was intermittent so it was only for a few moments and didn’t appear in any other photos of mine after the rain had stopped. Orbs are not normally faked, but they are logical things. A few years ago, my friend picked up a bunch of dirt and threw it into the air. Her Mom took a photo with the flash on and it looked as though there were hundreds of orbs, both clear and colored, all over the place! It was spooky, but those orbs were not evidence of anything paranormal. They were a great trick of the light and some dust.


Orbs are not proof of anything but something being caught by a camera that is either dirt, rain snow, dust, bugs or other natural things.  There are reasons why historic places seem haunted because they are full of orbs. It is simply because the location is old and there is a lot of dust and other items around that is easily kicked up and photographed when people are walking around. I don’t think that anyone who captures orbs in their photos are faking anything. Please don’t think that at all. They really capturing something, but it’s just not what you think it is. Just because I think there is a logical explanation, doesn’t mean that I’m 100% right or 100% wrong. However, I feel if you are documenting the paranormal, you will need stronger evidence than orbs, which can easily be explained away as something very logical such as dust or rain drops.



What do you think? Do you think orbs are an explanation or proof of the paranormal? Have you had any other evidence to back up your spooky claims beyond any orbs that you have caught? Post your photos below and join the discussion. Also, don’t forget to follow my Instagram account!




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April 19

Disney Conspiracy Theories

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Underdogs, I am a Disney girl at heart, and the last few weeks have been magical. I sometimes joke that Disney owns my life, and interestingly, that isn’t far fetched when you look at the reach that this company has across the entire world. That’s not just pop culture either, but being on the forefront of science and technology. Of course with a huge company like this, there will be many stories, controversies, and conspiracy theories. Walt Disney was quite a character unto himself and his genesis, and some think madness, has shaped a lot of the world around us. For the purposes of this story, I am going to quickly point out something that may seem obvious. However, there is a lot of confusion, so to put it to rest, here is a tip. Disney Land is the original theme park that Walt Disney created, and this is located in California. Disney World is the second theme park that Walt Disney never saw completed since he passed before it’s completion, which is located in Florida. I hope you enjoy these theories and maybe this will start a series of Disney inspired conspiracy theories! Remember, these are all theories and not meant to hurt anyone or harm any company.

1.Walt Disney’s body is frozen and is in Disney Land:

See the source image

Walt Disney was 65 years old when he passed away on December 15th, 1966 of lung cancer. The rumor is that Walt Disney had his body Cryogenic frozen and either placed on display at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney Land, or is at the castle depending on what you believe. Some think it was his entire body, while others say that it’s only his head that have been frozen. People can’t let this go because the family was very private about Walt’s burial with no public funeral. While people think that Cryogenics is a relatively new idea, there have been forms of this happening since the late 1800’s. It is not an easy process, and it is not cheap. It seems like this idea spawned from not knowing what happened to Walt, and how he had enough resources to keep his body suspended in a frozen state. He could have done this to his body, and then again, he may not. There is no evidence to support this theory at all, however, it makes a great story!

2. Real Props:

See the source image

In Disney Land, two rides have the ability to boast that they have some very realistic props. In fact, so real that after research and public records from cast members and people from UCLA, the truth has come out about at least one of these. The Pirates of the Caribbean ride didn’t have skeletons that looked real enough. Disney paired with UCLA and got cadavers that were used for years in the actual ride. They have been removed, but people still claim that some bones are still scattered about. The second real prop is a rumor, but very interesting if it was real. Apparently, the books in the library, and by the headless woman from the Haunted Mansion, are very real. It is rumored that these books were are historic books that were bought from places around the world. People think that these books have curses associated with them, which brings haunting and bad luck with them to the ride.

3.Walt Disney: FBI Informant:

See the source image

This is an interesting theory because there is proof to back this up. Walt Disney was working with the FBI, and even testified in court after his staff members were unionized. This is post World War 2, and there was a lot of fear of communism in the United States. Forming and being part of a union at this point in history could be considered dangerous.  There are many documents that are available for the public, about Walt Disney and his relationship with the FBI. However, most of it is redacted for national security. Walt Disney famously let the FBI gather information about anyone who came to the park. Plus, he gave them information on his powerful friends. Walt Disney also had been known to make and produce many propaganda films that were released to very limited audiences. Walt Disney also famously requested to have the Mickey Mouse Club filmed at the FBI headquarters in California, a request that had been denied. It is not hard to wonder what information was so important that it hasn’t been released to the public. It also makes one wonder how long and how tight this bond with the FBI really is even today? Think of it. Millions of people from all over the world come into the parks each year. If you have a magic band, ever move you make is tracked. Maybe you are being informed on once you set food onto Disney properties.

4. Deaths at Disney:

See the source image

Since the beginning of the history of the parks, only one confirmed death has taken place at Disney Land, and none at Disney World. One can ask how this happens since people die all of the time? First, the only confirmed death in Disney Land was a cast member named Debbie Stone. Debbie was killed due an accident with the ride, and was crushed. This is the only official cast member death. The reason that there have been no other deaths at Disney World, or Disney Land is because no one is pronounced dead on the property. They are taken off property and then pronounced dead. This allows the park to claim no official deaths. However, it is hard to believe that parks these size, with as much traffic as they get escape natural and accidental deaths. One thing that they don’t escape is people spreading ashes of their loved ones around the park. This is so common that cast members are trained in removal protocol. This is not just very sad, because people want to have their loved ones at a place which made them happy. But it’s also highly dangerous and it can cause a lot of health hazardous. Please don’t do this no matter how much you want to because some poor person has to clean this up. People believe that the dumping of these ashes make Disney a haunted place to visit.

5. Disney is using A.I.:

See the source image

This is 100% based off of my personal experience at Disney World a few weeks ago. I was at the Magic Kingdom waiting for my patient to come back from the bathroom. I was approached by a “person.” who was conducting a survey. The survey isn’t usual and you will see several people doing this is most of the parks. What was strange to me is the feeling that I got from this lady. I honestly wasn’t sure if she was human, or if she was animatronic. Think about the world of Disney which is rich with their technological advances. This includes robots, which are all over the park, and part of so many attractions. Why wouldn’t they take it a step more and have robots working simple customer service jobs? I remember going to Disney World at 6 and being blown away at what I saw. The world got the same technology years after that visit, so why would it be so far fetched to be introduced to walking and talking A.I. than have them work customer service at Disney? I can tell you, this lady seemed off and all I could think was that she wasn’t human but a robot doing this job. She took several beats to respond to what I had said, and her movements, although settle, just didn’t seem natural to me. Could this have been a woman who had been doing this same survey over and over again, who was hot and hurting? Yes, it could be. However, I feel that if anyone is going to get us used to the idea of A.I. working in our every day lives, it would be Disney. I think this could be a robot who is working a job at Disney. When it comes to light a few years down the road, people will be more open to the idea of robots since they may have already interacted with them at Disney World.

There were 5 conspiracy theories to do with not only the parks, but with Walt Disney himself. I hope you have enjoyed this, and it may become a series later on since there are so many theories out there! Have you heard any of these? What Disney theories would you like to read about? Leave your comments below.

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April 17

Disney Travel Tips: Part 1

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Underdogs, I have made no secret in being dirt poor. So how did I end up in Disney World during the past few weeks? I was very lucky to have some family include me on the trip. I was still working as a caregiver during this trip, so this whole experience was highly meaningful. We were trying to pack in as much fun, and as much bargain as we could in order to make this whole experience count. I want to share with you a few things that I learned during this trip that may be either helpful, or could possibly save you money in the long run. It’s a long road to Disney, and I hope to return in another 4 years! Until then, here are some ways that can help you make the most of your trip. Things change at a rapid pace at Disney, so keep that in mind when reading this post at a later date. You may need to research to see if these things are still active.

  1.  Download the app!Image result for Disney World App There is a free app simply called Disney Experince that you can find in any app store. Even if you don’t think you need it, download it because it is so helpful to have. First, it is a map of the Magic Kingdom. They also keep a real time record of wait times for all rides and attractions. You can also find where characters are at for photo ops, and when shows start. This app will save you a lot of time and help you plan. You can decide if you want to wait in one line, or try another quicker option for a ride. The app also gives all dining options at Disney World. This will be very important in an upcoming point, but I recommend that you download this app at least 2 weeks before you leave and make yourself familiar with the features. I will tell you more about this app as we move along.
  2. See the source imagePlan for the simple things that you will need to take the park with you. This mans that you should purchase a personalized bag from my Thirty One page (We took 7 cinch sacks and used 6 every single day!) Check out my website here https://www.mythirtyone.com/ltebrinke I strongly suggest that you bring the following items with you to the park, reusable water bottles (glass will not be allowed in the park) for every single person in your party, a cooler, thermals, backpacks, small general first aid kit, and any medication that you need. I also suggest bringing sunglasses, hats, phone chargers and batteries if necessary. I require that everyone bring sunscreen! It doesn’t matter how you feel about it, you will need it and they do not provide it for you. Yes, you can purchase sunscreen in their shops, but at a huge markup. Bring your own! What you don’t need to bring or purchase is rain ponchos or umbrellas. Yes, it will rain, but it is rare that it will ruin your day. However, anything can happen so if you feel like you need these items, purchase at a dollar store before you enter the park and bring it with you instead of paying for them at Disney.
  3. See the source imageThink about food! It helps to know your plan of action for Disney World in advance in order to plan your food. For example, are you going to spend the entire day at the park? Are you hopping, or are you going to come during the morning and break for lunch, to be back for the night shows? Are you one of the people who gets to take advantage of the longer park hours? It is important to know this so you can have a realistic idea of your meal plans. I suggest to eat at the park but only when needed. It’s more realistic to eat one meal a day at the park, or pick out some park snacks to try instead of a meal. What we did was have a firm plan to eat breakfast every single day before we left for the park. Then, we had snacks packed in either the cinch sacks, back packs, or cooler depending on the day. A few of the days, we had a full lunch packed with us that included drinks and snacks. For the 4 days at the park, from open to close, we only ate 2 meals at the park, and I had one snack. However, I did spend money on coffee, which was harder for me to bring into the park. It’s not impossible, but hard. I will go over a full snack pack ideas for Disney in an upcoming post. This should go without saying, but you can’t bring any alcohol in to the park.
  4. See the source imageFast Pass It! It is worth the prices to purchase a fast pass. This is where you get a chance to “skip the line” in popular attractions, meet and greets or rides. You will get an assigned time to come and use your fast pass. This is cool for several reasons. One, you don’t have to wait in a long line. Two, you are linked with your party, so only one person has to scan their pass to get the time reserved. The other cool thing is that you can do this in advance through the app. I believe you can reserve your time for your 3 favorite or most wanted list up to a month in advance. This fun pass links to your magic card, or magic band which I suggest that you also invest in. This magic band has lots of features including being your ticket, your connection to your party, and in some situations your room key and your money. These all depend on the locations that you stay if those options are available to you . Get the magic bands if you go this route so you can take advantage of everything, including the photos that are taken by the park which are marked by your band, and uploaded on the app. Don’t go crazy and get the fancy magic bands, or the magic band buttons that you can put on them since this is something that you only will use during your visit to Disney World. My biggest problem is that these things didn’t double as a watch, which would be the only reason why I would recommend those items. Until then, don’t purchase any of these extras.
  5. Thinking of others! Want to bring back your friends and family something magically from Disney? Don’t limit yourself to the expense of the park since there are licensed Disney items all over the city! Keep in mind that Disney keeps this area running, so you will find great items at dollar stores or even Walmart. Many times, you will find the exact same items as you would at the park, but much cheaper. There are exceptions to this such as the Mickey ears and several specialty products. However, I was shocked at the amazing items you could find almost anywhere for a much better price. Share the magic by spreading it around as much as possible. This may mean that you don’t purchase a thing at the park, but instead, buy your souvenirs elsewhere. Here is a nice tip, if you want an autograph book for the characters to sign, get them at Walmart because there is no difference at what you can purchase at the park.  Take the money you saved and purchase some sharpie pens since they are also at the park, but at a much higher cost!

This is going to be the end of my first part of my Disney World Tips. There will never be enough tips to cover this whole experience, but I feel these are all pretty universal. Next time, look for more tips on how to save some sanity, and some money! It’s hard to plan a trip like this, but with some helpful suggestions, you may be able to get through it less broke and come out the other side with a magical experience!

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