March 27

DNA Results Are In!

The post, “DNA Results Are In,” contains affiliate links. For more information, please see the disclaimer on the Promotions Page. This is not a paid post, all kits were purchases by me. 

The DNA Results are in, and I’m am not an alien. That’s kind of not cool, but what is cool is being able to take a DNA test and see some of my results for Ancestry. I purchased a DNA kit from for Christmas since they were on sale. I got one for myself, and one for my cousin. However, I forgot about the test for a while and just took it in February. The cost is normally anywhere from $99 on down depending on any specials. Keep in mind shipping is around $10.00. These are actually pretty good gifts for those who are a bit unique in your life. I also suggest using EBATES to purchase this kit because at the time of this post, you will earn cash back. You can follow the link here to set it all up.

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You may ask why would I get a DNA test to find out about my ancestors? They are people who are dead, and have nothing to do with me and my life. Fair enough because I know a lot of people who feel this way. First, it is a link to these amazing people who had to line up perfectly in order for you to be here. If one thing was different, and one person didn’t meet another, and no children came from that line, you would not be here. It is amazing to think how many choices of people you never knew and will never meet made it possible for you to be born. At the very least, you owe it to them to learn their names. Second, it’s educational. Why not find out who you are and where you come from by educating yourself on the areas of the world and traditions that are from your people. It’s fun to find out who you are related to, and you may be surprised. You may also learn something very amazing about your personality that is traced back to your roots. For example, I make up songs and sing them all the time. Apparently this is a trait of the area of the world where my Dad’s family came from. It is recorded that the little village was full of voices of the people singing their own songs every day! That one little thing is something that I share with a group of people from hundreds of years ago. Lastly, if you don’t know who your family is, this is a great start to learn because DNA can’t lie.

The whole process for the DNA kit is pretty straight forward. First, after you get a kit in the mail, you will need to read all instructions and get your activation code that you will enter online. You may need to create a free account if you have not already. While does charge for it’s membership, you don’t have to pay to create an account. You can take advantage of a few free options. There is also a free trial which I suggest you try out as well. I know this can be expensive, but if you sign up for the trail, set an reminder on your phone the day it ends and cancel if you don’t want to move forward. This saves you from being charged any money. After you create your account and use the activation code, it will give you examples of how to do the next step. I’m not going to lie, it’s gross. You need to spit into a container that they give you. You can’t eat or drink anything for a half an hour before doing this, so if you suffer from dry mouth, this can be a challenge. It’s a slipper slope because you can’t under or overfill. If spit grosses you out at all, then this will be especially changeling like it was for me since I was ready to throw up. There is a seal and a small box with shipping labels on it ready to be sealed and delivered when you are finished.

The next steps can take awhile, or they may not work. It took me around 8 weeks to get the results via email. My cousin just got an email yesterday telling her that she needs to do the test over again. This is something that happens from time to time, so they are sending her a new kit without charging her for the replacement. I was very happy that I didn’t have to spit in a vile again myself, but I’m sorry she will have to do hers once more. I was so excited to get the results that I looked that them on my phone. Looking on a bigger screen, such as a laptop, is more ideal because it can get really detailed. Before I go over my results, here are some tips. This DNA test is not a subscription to, which means you will not see everything unless you are a member. You will get to see all your results, but they may not be added to a family tree. You also will be given DNA circles suggestions that are people who are related to you, but unless you are a member, you can’t really see the information or connect. You will not get the same sort of hints. I’m thinking of doing a month subscription to see how far these results go. For example, my Grandma’s surname name was changed when they came to America. It was spelled at least 3 different ways by the same family, so we have little to no information on that family line. I want to see if this DNA kit helped create any hints for that line of family we know so little about.

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Here are my results. Some are surprising, but for the most part, I knew what to expect. I’m not giving the exact breakdowns, but here are the regions/bloodlines that make up my DNA. Great Britain,  Scandinavian, West Europe, Ireland/Scotland/Wales, European Jewish, Finland/Russia/Spain, East Europe. There is a map that shows you exactly where these points are, and any DNA matches of relatives that you have broken down by year. There is also an educational information about the area, including the way of life and modes of travel for each point that you get. You can literally follow your line of family from it’s recorded start, to you currently. It is pretty amazing to see, and very cool to read about. Even if you know what to expect, I promise you will learn something you didn’t know!

Would I recommend that people try out a DNA kit? Yes, I think everyone should do this because you will learn so much. There are many different companies out there, so I suggest that you do some research and see what kind of results that you are looking for. If you want more information about yourself, then don’t try Ancestry. If you want to know about where you came from, and your relatives, then this is the one to try! It is an investment, so I suggest to wait and see a price reduction and use the EBATES link I put above for you to get more cash back. Black Friday is a great day to look at the prices because I have seen them very low on that day. I give the test a 5 out of 5 stars because if you know what to expect with what the product will deliver, then you will be happy. That’s why it’s so important to really research the kits out there, and find out what the results will give you. I’m glad that I tried this out, and I look forward to finding more information about the family tree.

Have you tried a DNA kit before? What kit do you recommend?