March 27

DNA Results Are In!

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The DNA Results are in, and I’m am not an alien. That’s kind of not cool, but what is cool is being able to take a DNA test and see some of my results for Ancestry. I purchased a DNA kit from for Christmas since they were on sale. I got one for myself, and one for my cousin. However, I forgot about the test for a while and just took it in February. The cost is normally anywhere from $99 on down depending on any specials. Keep in mind shipping is around $10.00. These are actually pretty good gifts for those who are a bit unique in your life. I also suggest using EBATES to purchase this kit because at the time of this post, you will earn cash back. You can follow the link here to set it all up.

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You may ask why would I get a DNA test to find out about my ancestors? They are people who are dead, and have nothing to do with me and my life. Fair enough because I know a lot of people who feel this way. First, it is a link to these amazing people who had to line up perfectly in order for you to be here. If one thing was different, and one person didn’t meet another, and no children came from that line, you would not be here. It is amazing to think how many choices of people you never knew and will never meet made it possible for you to be born. At the very least, you owe it to them to learn their names. Second, it’s educational. Why not find out who you are and where you come from by educating yourself on the areas of the world and traditions that are from your people. It’s fun to find out who you are related to, and you may be surprised. You may also learn something very amazing about your personality that is traced back to your roots. For example, I make up songs and sing them all the time. Apparently this is a trait of the area of the world where my Dad’s family came from. It is recorded that the little village was full of voices of the people singing their own songs every day! That one little thing is something that I share with a group of people from hundreds of years ago. Lastly, if you don’t know who your family is, this is a great start to learn because DNA can’t lie.

The whole process for the DNA kit is pretty straight forward. First, after you get a kit in the mail, you will need to read all instructions and get your activation code that you will enter online. You may need to create a free account if you have not already. While does charge for it’s membership, you don’t have to pay to create an account. You can take advantage of a few free options. There is also a free trial which I suggest you try out as well. I know this can be expensive, but if you sign up for the trail, set an reminder on your phone the day it ends and cancel if you don’t want to move forward. This saves you from being charged any money. After you create your account and use the activation code, it will give you examples of how to do the next step. I’m not going to lie, it’s gross. You need to spit into a container that they give you. You can’t eat or drink anything for a half an hour before doing this, so if you suffer from dry mouth, this can be a challenge. It’s a slipper slope because you can’t under or overfill. If spit grosses you out at all, then this will be especially changeling like it was for me since I was ready to throw up. There is a seal and a small box with shipping labels on it ready to be sealed and delivered when you are finished.

The next steps can take awhile, or they may not work. It took me around 8 weeks to get the results via email. My cousin just got an email yesterday telling her that she needs to do the test over again. This is something that happens from time to time, so they are sending her a new kit without charging her for the replacement. I was very happy that I didn’t have to spit in a vile again myself, but I’m sorry she will have to do hers once more. I was so excited to get the results that I looked that them on my phone. Looking on a bigger screen, such as a laptop, is more ideal because it can get really detailed. Before I go over my results, here are some tips. This DNA test is not a subscription to, which means you will not see everything unless you are a member. You will get to see all your results, but they may not be added to a family tree. You also will be given DNA circles suggestions that are people who are related to you, but unless you are a member, you can’t really see the information or connect. You will not get the same sort of hints. I’m thinking of doing a month subscription to see how far these results go. For example, my Grandma’s surname name was changed when they came to America. It was spelled at least 3 different ways by the same family, so we have little to no information on that family line. I want to see if this DNA kit helped create any hints for that line of family we know so little about.

Example from

Here are my results. Some are surprising, but for the most part, I knew what to expect. I’m not giving the exact breakdowns, but here are the regions/bloodlines that make up my DNA. Great Britain,  Scandinavian, West Europe, Ireland/Scotland/Wales, European Jewish, Finland/Russia/Spain, East Europe. There is a map that shows you exactly where these points are, and any DNA matches of relatives that you have broken down by year. There is also an educational information about the area, including the way of life and modes of travel for each point that you get. You can literally follow your line of family from it’s recorded start, to you currently. It is pretty amazing to see, and very cool to read about. Even if you know what to expect, I promise you will learn something you didn’t know!

Would I recommend that people try out a DNA kit? Yes, I think everyone should do this because you will learn so much. There are many different companies out there, so I suggest that you do some research and see what kind of results that you are looking for. If you want more information about yourself, then don’t try Ancestry. If you want to know about where you came from, and your relatives, then this is the one to try! It is an investment, so I suggest to wait and see a price reduction and use the EBATES link I put above for you to get more cash back. Black Friday is a great day to look at the prices because I have seen them very low on that day. I give the test a 5 out of 5 stars because if you know what to expect with what the product will deliver, then you will be happy. That’s why it’s so important to really research the kits out there, and find out what the results will give you. I’m glad that I tried this out, and I look forward to finding more information about the family tree.

Have you tried a DNA kit before? What kit do you recommend?




March 26

20 Questions

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Underdogs, there are always more questions out there than answers. Sometimes the best way to learn about a person is to answer some deep questions. I have done this around a year ago, so I thought I would try this again. If you haven’t seen that, take a look at the post here. These questions were picked at random via social media, Pinterest, and emails that people want answered! I hope that when you come to this blog, that you are entertained and enjoy what you are reading. Sometimes, you want to know a little more about me, so this is a start. If you have questions that you would like answered, email or comment below and enjoy this session of 20 Questions.

1. Marvel or DC?

This is not an easy answer because I love both.  However, I can say that I was a DC kid, and a Marvel adult. While I love both of them, I have just a bit more love for Marvel because of Spiderman.

2.Favorite Doctor?

Again, all of them, but here is my preference list. Keep in mind this is being written before Jodie Whittaker starts as the 13th Doctor. Here is my current order: David Tennant, Peter Capaldi, Tom Baker, Matt Smith, Sylvester McCoy, and an honorable mention to the War Doctor himself, John Hurt.

3.What is a fact about yourself that you hardly share?

That I am a functioning dyslexic and wasn’t diagnosed until I was 18 years old. I slipped through the cracks of my school and I was convinced that I was stupid until I got some help. I excelled at college once I finally got the help that I needed..

4.What fictional character would you most like to be?

Wow, that’s like asking what my favorite limb is on my body. I can’t pick one.

5. Name 3 hobbies that you have:

Reading, Writing, Making Bath Bombs

6.What are some of your favorite places?

Hands down to travel is London, Paris, Chicago, Savannah, and more. Otherwise, my favorite places is with the people that I love.

7. What is your current favorite movies?

Right now, I absolutely loved, “Thor: Ragnarok.” I want to watch it right now!

8.Why did I start my blog?

It was after my friend, Laurie asked me to start writing one. She always enjoyed hearing my conspiracy theories, and my love of literature. She said it would be an excellent idea to try, and she finally talked me into trying it out!

9.What are my favorite blog posts?

I love all of them for various reasons because it records time, and who I was at the moment. However, I am most proud of my “Saved by the Bell: Illuminati”

Plus my series on Tupac:

10. What do you think of Marvel TV series Vs. Marvel Movies?

I think there is room for all of them. I loved Agents of Shield, but I got so busy, I couldn’t watch it. I’m working on catching up on Netflix. I LOVE Jessica Jones and I’m one of the few people who really enjoyed Iron Fist. As much as I like Daredevil, it is hard to watch due to the excess violence. I thought the Defenders was excellent and I’m looking forward to the next season. Now, the not official part of Marvel TV, I have not seen the X Men TV show yet, but I will eventually try it out. I think these are just as good as the movies, just different.

11.What advice to you have for bloggers?

I don’t have much since I don’t consider myself a success yet. However, stay true to yourself. Get your own domain and invest in a good host. If you can, invest in an good email address as well. Don’t rely on free email address because they look less professional. . Realize that your first, or even fifth blog may not be enough to start making you money, or gain you an audience, but you have to be willing to try! Blogging changes every day so keep up on all social media platforms and learn how to use them!

12. Who is your greatest influence?

This is hard because I have 2. First is my Mom. She survived through some very horrible things, yet she still is here and fighting! The second is my best friend who is battling cancer for the 6th time in less than 4 years. She is my hero. There is literally no one else who can be as brave as her, facing all that she had to, with such grace and dignity.

13 What is the most frustrating part of blogging?

Tech issues are the big one since I’m by no means an expert. The second is working really hard for each and every blog but maybe not getting any audience interaction, shares, or comments.

14. What is a place you always try to avoid?

The Grocery Store, I seriously hate it and have gotten my shopping down as fast as possible down to an art.

15. Name one thing you like about your age right now.

I have honestly gotten to the point where I understand who is important in my life, and who is toxic. Those people have been let go. While there are moments that it is hard, I am a much better person without the weight of their hands around my neck.

16. What blogging equipment do use?

I have a very old and tiny HP laptop that hardly does the job. One of my goals is to get a new laptop in the next year. I have my Samsung Cell phone that I use for all my photos. I also use a good old fashioned note book and pens for most of my ideas. Always have a notebook and a pen!

17. What is on your playlist right now?

Great question. I’m about ready to do a detailed 90’s playlist. Right now, I’m listening to Pink.

18.What are 3 things that you want to change about your life?

I would love to get better quality sleep. I would like to be more healthy. I would also like to find that special someone.

19. If you could travel in time, where would you go?

I would go to Greenwich Village in the 1960’s.

20. Favorite Conspiracy Theory?

It’s hard to pick one, but the ones that started it all for me are Amelia Earhart (part of the reason my dog’s middle name is Amelia) and the Bermuda Triangle.


Alright friends, that was 20 questions. I hope that you enjoyed these questions and the answers. If you have any that you want me to answer, please submit them via  the comments, email,  or social media! We can do another 20 questions at another time if you like! Thanks and have a great one!

March 22

Elisa Lam: More Conspiracy

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Underdogs, if you haven’t read the first part of this blog post, then please see it via this link, then return to this second part. Elisa Lam: More Questions than Answers Please remember that while discussing this case, Elisa Lam was a real person. None of these thoughts or theories are meant to harm any person or any company. However, this is an unsolved death that needs to have attention drawn to it, and it needs to be solved. There is a reason that this case is so strange, and why so many theories have been born out of her death. People want to know, but no one more than her family. We are going to quick recap of her case, and then study some thoughts.

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Elisa Lam was a 21 year old student visiting The Cecil Hotel while on vacation. She disappeared and was presumed to have be a victim of a crime. Her parents came from Canada to America to help with the search. After a week missing, the hotel released the now famous elevator footage which lead to lots fear and accusation including mental instability. A month after Elisa went missing, hotel guests at the Cecil Hotel complained of black stuff coming out of the faucets and low water pressure. This lead to hotel maintenance sadly finding Elisa Lam’s body in a water tower at on the roof of the hotel. After came a whirlwind of accusations, and questions but nothing lead to the truth about this poor girl. All we know for sure is that she died and her body was recovered in the water tower at the Cecil Hotel. We also know that there was not any traces of drugs and only a slight amount of alcohol found in her system. Elisa was bipolar, but it seems as though there was not any real indication that she was heading for a manic episode, as she was very open about her illness and her treatment. No one knows for sure what happened, or are even sure of the time line because of the state of her body. Now let’s break down some simple theories, and some questions about the elevator.

The Logical Explanation:

Usually, I like to say the most simple and logical explanation is probably the correct answer. This one case may make the line of logic fairly hard. However, there is a thread that is frayed. If you go with the official reports, and take the surveillance footage as the truth, then there is a logical theory. It seems as though Elisa was hiding from someone and was afraid. Fear can make you act very strange, including the strange movement of her arms. This could explain why she was going in and out of the elevator and seemed afraid of someone. The easiest explanation is that someone was after Elisa, and caused her harm. Most likely, it was a person who worked at the hotel since they knew exactly where to walk in order to keep out of view of any cameras, and they were able to get roof access without setting off any alarms. Supposedly, there is an alarm that would go off if the door to the roof was opened without an access key. While this could be a person who robbed a hotel staffer and happened to know the building well enough to stay away from cameras, the most logical suspect is a person who works at the hotel.

Poor Choices:

Another very simple explanation is that Elisa wasn’t murdered, but was just a victim of an accident. What if Elisa was acting like a young person in their twenties and made a poor choice. She may have made some friends at the hotel since she was traveling alone and decided to do something stupid. What if Elisa, and her new friends snuck up to the roof to go for swim in the tank? Then, after they got up to the roof and into the tank something happened by accident that caused her death? There are many things that could have happened to make poor Elisa die, and this may have scared the people who were with her and they ran away. If they worked at the hotel, then maybe the decided to keep quiet. A step further is that the footage of the elevator was released the way it was in order to make another circumstance seem to be what caused her death such as ghosts,a killer, or even Elisa herself who was crazy and somehow did all of this herself. It is logical to come to come to the conclusion of an accident due to poor choices that cost Elisa her life.

The Elevator Footage is Wrong:

The Elevator CCTV footage is wrong. There is a full 54 seconds missing from what was released to the public. The footage is also slowed down by 135%, so it seems so much more creepy than it actually is when speed up to real time. Take a look at this video on YouTube that shows the side by side comparison that reveals the time stamps in real time instead of the slowed down version that is around 4 minutes long. The reason why the footage was released the way that it was could be a very simple reason. It could be meant for people to get a good view of Elisa Lam. Remember, at the time of this footage being released, she was a missing person. This would be a good way for people to really see who this girl was, and what she really looked like. People may have not anticipated the side effect of the theories that would come from releasing such a strange and slowed down video. Many people watching it don’t even realize that it is actually slowed down. It was so odd that it caused a lot of attention, and people have pick apart every single second. So where are the missing 54 seconds? Was this video even real in the first place?

No one can agree on the accuracy of the elevator footage. In fact, many professional video editors have expressed online that this footage is not even real. Her face looks like it has pixels which means there is manipulation going on digitally.  While this can happen due to internet or software issues, this is not usually only on one place, as it is in the Elisa Lam footage. The pixels are only around her mouth, which is strange. Experts also agree that this footage most likely is not one single moment.  That has always been my theory. What if the footage is not one continuous and strange video, but several moments sliced together over days or even weeks, then made to appear as one 4 minute video. You may ask why she was wearing the same clothing if it was more than one day. It could all be from the same day considering if you leave the hotel only once that day, you would use the elevator twice. If you came and went several times then she could have been on the elevator many times in one single day. Or, since she was on vacation, she may have brought only a few outfits and washed them frequently, which is something that I have done as a trick to have more room in your suitcase.  Could this CCTV footage just be one big lie?

One of the biggest questions about this whole footage being real lies in one very simple questions. Where is the other footage of Elisa? There were many cameras at this hotel so why was this the only one that picked her up? There was cameras at every entrance and exit, including the roof access. Why release this one video showing her acting strange. I also think that the person who killed Elisa Lam was in that video, and that’s part of the missing minute. Why would they cut out her killer? Simple, there isn’t a good view of him or her and this information would literally be only something that the killer would know. Many cases keep certain details away from public in order to help solve the crime with only knowledge that the killer themselves with know.

With all of these simple thoughts and logical lines of questions, we end up right where we started, with no answers. We have no information that tells us what happened to Elisa Lam. All we know for sure are 3 things. First, Elisa checked into the hotel. Second, she was in this elevator at some point. Third, is that her body was found in the water tank. There is nothing that tells us what happened after she got to the hotel, if the elevator footage had any clues to let us know how she died, and how she got on to the roof and ultimately passed away. The problem is while there are logical thoughts associated with this case, there is no evidence. Even though there is an elevator video, does it actually matter in the long run because it gives us no information. It may not even be real. Next time, we will go over some of the more stranger and spookier theories.

What do you think about the elevator footage? Is it even real? Leave your comments below.


March 20

Parini Quesadilla Maker

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Hello Underdogs, and I hope you are having a great day! About a month ago, I got a Parini Quesadilla Maker to try out. I didn’t have a chance to use it until today, so I thought I would make it this weeks, Try it Tuesday! I have been eating more Quesadillas lately. Mostly because they have some great ones at Qudoba and I really like them. However, they are not cheap to get, so this is a nice change of pace to see what I can make from home. It is a very simple machine that looks like a round George Foreman Grill. It has the triangle chambers to get that Quesadilla look and make it easy to cut along the lines for consumption. There isn’t much direction besides preheat the unit first and then cook your food for around 3 minutes. The only the directions really told me was that the red light meant the unit was one, and when the green light turned on, it was preheated and you could start making your food.




I went ahead and plugged the Quesadilla make in and started to gather my ingredients while it preheated. I did smell an odor, like burning plastic which almost made me unplug the unit. I scanned it quickly to make sure that I hadn’t missed anything such as wrapping. I didn’t so I reached for the directions which said that you may smell this odor, especially the first time that you use it. That was a bit unnerving, but I pushed on! Another thing the directions said was that you could put your meat, cheeses, veggies, and sauces on the Quesadilla while it is cooking. I had two round flour  tortillas that I was using for this attempt.



I waited for the green light to come on, which meant that I could start cooking. This took around 5 minutes in total. I put the first tortilla down and lightly spread sour cream, and salsa, and topped that with diced tomatoes. After that, I placed the meat on top of that which was leftover shredded pork that I had made the night before, with seasoning and green peppers. I spread the food apart as much as possible in order to make sure the triangles that would cook would be filled with yummy goodness in each bite. Then I placed the top tortilla on top and closed the lid. There is no where to set an alarm or timer on the maker itself, so I pulled out my phone and set the timer for 3 minutes which was the recommended time for the Quesadilla.


After 3 minutes came and went, I checked out the Quesadilla. I could tell it was very lightly done because of the tiny amount of brown lines that lined the triangles. That is when I discovered that at the base of the maker, there is a clip that is on the top of the lid, that connects to the bottom. I didn’t see anything on the directions about this, but I understood that this would help keep the lid closed tighter and make a better Quesadilla. However, it was too hot to try to clip at that point, so I had to let it go, and add a few more minutes to the cook time. Maybe if I had known about that clip, it really would have only taken 3 minutes to cook instead of about 8 before I decided to try it out. I used tongs to get out the Quesadilla and put on my plate.

I had to wait several minutes in order to cut the Quesadilla since it was so hot. I had to wait several more minutes for it to even cool down enough for me to even try to eat it. Finally, I was able to cut it and eat!  It tasted just as good as anything bought at a store or restaurant. I couldn’t taste the sour cream and the salsa that I put on first, but the cheese, meat, tomatoes and peppers were really good. The one thing that really impressed me is that the heat was trapped in the Quesadilla the whole entire time that I ate. This means that each piece was hot, which was wonderful since I hardly ever get to eat a hot meal. I was a huge fan of that aspect! It also made a huge portion that was very filling. It wasn’t over or under done, but just right.

So, what did I really like and dislike about the Parini Quesadilla Maker? First, I loved how the heat was trapped inside and each bit was not only warm, but hot! That is awesome! It was also very easy to make, and you can make lots of variations of food with this maker including snacks and breakfast. It made a great amount of food that was pretty filling. What I didn’t like. I think that there needs to be a timer on the machine. It would help a great deal to keep from burning or under cooking. The directions were terrible and didn’t give you much of description on what needs to be done. I also disagree with their thoughts that whatever sauce you are using should be put inside of the Quesadilla while you are cooking it. It didn’t work for me, so I suggest that if you try this maker out, wait and put in on after, or dip your Quesadilla into the sauce and enjoy it that way. While the lack of timer really bothered me, I am giving this a 3.5 out of 5 stars. The fact that it kept the heat in the food was awesome! That’s even after cutting it apart and eating the food over a period of about 20 minutes. The retail prices is about $28.00. If you don’t think you will use this very often, the I suggest that you try to find one cheaper like I did.



What do you think? Have you ever tried the Parini Quesadilla Maker? Leave your comments below!







March 19

My Favorite YouTube Shows

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Free Shipping at
Underdogs, I know I have a YouTube problem! I love it, and it is truly my guilty pleasure. However, the more I watch, the more impressed I am that normal people are putting their thoughts, feelings, and voices out there. They are all not crazy people who are doing stunts to get views. Many of them have taken control of their own creative destiny and produced high quality shows. This is entertainment in a pure form,and another medium that people who are very talented take advantage of every single day. You also can learn a lot. I keep joking that I could have saved paying for a college degree because you can literally find anything on YouTube. Seriously! As you know, I am a caregiver. A few years ago, I was working with someone that had a drain placed in their abdominal wall. I had to inject medicine into the drain. While I saw it done in the hospital, they had put the drain on backwards, and I couldn’t seem to get it figure it out. I decided to try searching the drain,  placed backwards on Youtube, and sure enough, I found it and was instructed how to put the meds in the drain. Here are my favorite YouTube shows! Check them out and support them if you wish! Most of these people do their shows out of their homes, while some have a whole creative team. It’s pretty cool and these are the ones I recommend.

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1.Good Mythical Morning:

This was the show that started it all for me, and the most positive and uplifting show you can watch called, Good Mythical Morning! This shows stars life long best friends Rhett and Link who, along with their crew bring us classics like the “Will It?” series, and such signature songs like “Turkey in a Trash Can.” This is a family friendly show that has so much fun stuff! I have borrowed many game ideas from this show and incorporated them into activities for my girls. This show has been going for around 10 years and I have been a Mythical Beast for several years now! Seriously, if you are having a bad day, just watch one episode of Good Mythical Morning and it will help tremendously. There have been times when my depression is pretty bad, but watching this show is so happy and uplifting, it makes things good, even for a few minutes. There is a lot of food, a lot of games, a lot of laughs, and a whole lot of heart! Take a look at one of the most famous shows where they try a Carolina Reaper. BONUS! Check out Good Mythical More for the show after the show!


See the source image

2.Mathew Santoro:

Another super positive person on YouTube is bringing us lots of information. Known for his series and books called, “50 Facts to Blow your Mind, ” his channel is full of lots of interesting knowledge nuggets. Almost every day he puts out a top 10 list of a focused topic, like “10 Terrifying Origins Stories of Children’s Songs,” and “10 Scariest Animals.” 50 facts comes out about once a month, since it is a long list. However, you always learn some interesting things. Matthew is a great host, who is very happy, funny, and uplifting. He also have a great story, and his journey to get to where is now.  The knowledge whale is ready to say hello! Check him out here!



See the source image

3. Emmy Made in Japan:

This is another fun show. I started watching this by accident, but I am glad that I stumbled upon it! Emmy is an American who lived in Japan for several years, but now is back in the USA. When she was in Japan, she admitted she was very lonely and depressed. To help fight that, she started making videos of herself making the amazing Japanese candy making kits. These are pretty awesome and very detailed. This helped grow her show into what is is today, including taste tests, vintage gadgets, and one of my favorites, which is “You Made What?” This is where Emmy makes some pretty strange older recipes like Ketchup Cake and Spaghetti-O-Jello. Seriously, check Emmy out because she is funny, and is all about educating people on the world through food. Here is a tip, watch through to the very end of the credits because she always does something silly at the end. Check her out here:


See the source image


Shane Dawson is one of the old school YouTubers who has been doing this for over 10 years. Shane may be a controversial figure but he has improved with age. He started off doing more of a comedic show, then has become more of a life style show with lots of interesting things. One of my favorite things about his channel is the conspiracy theories. As a conspiracy theorist, I love seeing what other people think and feel about some of these amazing and interesting stories. While some people may not like his approach, I applaud him for his humor and his openness which has helped a lot of people through many issues.



See the source image

5. Talking Thrones/Azorah Ahype/Grey Area:

While there are 3 here, they are all known for their love and devotion to one of the greatest shows ever made, “Game of Thrones.” Each takes a very interesting take on the show, and provide in depth conversation and theories about both the book and the series. I love how they all interact with their audience and have some wonderful theories based in mythology and other classic literature works. Since I’m providing 3 great people, please look each one up. They are all worthy of your audience. They all work very hard to bring some great theories to life.



See the source image

6. Buzz Feed:

There are a lot of series associated with Buzz Feed. My favorites are, “Unsolved,” where two people host a show of cases that are not solved. It could be mystery, or the paranormal. They also host a Q and A session after the show airs to give the audience a chance to voice their own thoughts and theories. Another great series is called “Worth It,” where a team goes around and tries 3 different price points of a certain food item. For example, they try a cheap pizza, a more expensive pizza, and a highly expensive pizza and compare them. There are also many other topics covered by Buzz Feed that include Tasty and other cooking shows. It’s a lot of fun, so check them out.



7. Emergency Awesome/New Rockstars/ Screen Rant/Nerd Soup:

Guys, I’m a big old nerd, and each one of these YouTube channels are well versed in the world of nerdy and geeky things. They are great with Marvel, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, and so much more. I really enjoy the angel that each one of these shows come from. They all are very passionate about their nerdiness and it shows. Look each of these up for a lot of nerd fun!


Those were a few of my favorite Youtube shows! Take a look and support them by giving them a like. They are a lot like me and have started in the home and worked super hard to get where they are now. Each one is different and you can’t find them anywhere else. What are some of your favorites?

Free Shipping at

March 18

Irish Legends

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AudiobooksNow - Digital Audiobooks for Less


Hello Underdogs, I hope you enjoyed your St. Patrick’s day celebration and are now nursing your hang over by reading this awesome blog! Many of the people living in the United States share ancestry with Ireland, yet so many people have no clue about the rich history and folk lore. Saint Patrick’s day is a whole other story!  I encourage you to do your own research and see where you may have come from, and find out about some of these amazing legends. In the meantime, here are a few stories that are disturbing, spooky and send shivers down your spine!

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The Legend of the Girl and the Four Leaf Clover:

Once upon a time, there was a little girl in first grade who was learning about St. Patrick’s Day. While she didn’t really care about the pinching, and thought wearing green didn’t matter when her eyes were that color, she did latch on to something that her teacher said. Her teacher told her that there was no such thing as a four leave clover! Astonished, the little girl decided to prove her teacher wrong and find the magical four leave clover! She went outside and search and searched. In fact, she searched all over the yard, the block, and even behind the school itself. She combed through clover and clover, ignoring her running nose and her dirty fingers. She never picked anything, but carefully counted the leaves on each clover she came across. After a few weeks had passed, the young girl found a four leave clover and  picked it, and brought it to school! She presented it to her teacher in front of the entire class who cheered. The teacher was so happy that she told the girl they were going to press the four leave clover in a book and she would give the book, a story about Irish Legends to her at the end of the semester! Unfortunately, the book was stolen a few weeks later and the clover was lost. While this legend may not be terrifying, it is a true story that is mine! I had to include it, and the fact that the clover I worked so hard to get was lost forever is kind of scary in it’s own right!

The Banshee:

One of my favorite, and most terrifying legends that I have ever heard about is the Banshee.  A Banshee is a woman who is theorized to have roots with the fairies, or the fairy world. She is supposed to appear during two different times. First would be to announce the upcoming death of someone in the household. The second would be to show that the person hearing her shrieking means they are about to participate in an adventure that will end with their death. The legend states that she will appear, and cry, shriek, or yell a horrible and unworldly sound that may cause a fear so deep, the person hearing it will die instantly! Who was this woman and how did she become the Banshee? There are several thoughts about this including a young woman who was kidnapped and murdered, and a cursed older woman who was burned as a witch. It seems the Banshee runs in families and is attached to the families that have the prefix, “O'” or “Mac.” There are also legends that the Banshee is not signally death, but crying out because she knows something terrible is about to happen, yet there is nothing that she can do to stop it from happening. Either way, if you hear and unworldly wail, you better run for your life!

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Fairy Rings:

Fairy Rings are a very real thing in the world! It is a ring of mushrooms, flowers, or even a circle of grass. The legend is anywhere from fun to downright evil. The common thing in each story told about these rings is to leave them alone. They may just be a place for faeries to dance at, and you don’t want to rudely crash their party!  First, it the legends have something to do with nature itself. If you find a fairy ring on your land, then nothing will grow for 7 years. Others view this a sacred ground and if you do anything to harm or destroy a fairy ring, you will pay dearly. There have been cases where airports have been built over a fairy ring, and that results in crashes until they ring was put back and the airport was closed down. There are also legends that anyone who steps in the middle of a fairy ring and they were asked to do so by a fairy, will lose their souls. Or, they will be plagued with their worst memories and deepest fears.



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Slaugh Sidhe:

If you have never heard of the Sluagh Sidhe before, then consider yourself lucky! While people disagree what these beings look like, they all agree that they are swift, and travel in swarms. Said to be the souls of the dead, the Slaugh Sidhe are the departed who were evil in life and are paying it in the hereafter! In fact, they are considered to be so evil that they aren’t welcome in either Heaven or in Hell! Why would a Slaugh end up coming to your home, or the home of one of your loved ones? You may have accidentally called upon them and they are answering you. First, you might be truly evil and you are attracting them to you. Or, more likely, you are a sad, lonely soul who feels empty for a moment and the Slaugh Sidhe are coming to take advantage of your vulnerable state. Scholars wonder if Edgar Allen Poe’s, “The Raven” was based off of this legend.


There are a few legends from Ireland for your reading entertainment! What are some of your favorites? Leave your comments below and let me know which ones might make your blood run cold?

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March 15

Elisa Lam: More Questions than Answers

This post, “Elisa Lam: More Questions than Answers,” contains affiliate links. For more information, see the Disclaimer page. 

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It is very heartbreaking when a young person passes away before their time. It is even worse when the situation surrounding their death leaves you with more questions than answers. That is what happened to the family of Elisa Lam, who are hurt, scared and grieving the death of their child.  Please keep in mind that while this post contains thoughts and theories about what happened to Elisa Lam, she is a real person who has friends and family that love and miss her. They deserve to know the truth as to what really happened to her and I fear they will never get the closer that they need. By keeping a dialog alive, then we keep her memory alive and maybe someone, somewhere will put all the constantly moving parts together and bring this all to a close. This will be an introduction to the case. The conspiracy theories will be explored in more depth in another post.

A smiling Asian woman wearing a red scarf and black coat

Elisa Lam, was a 21 year old Canadian student who disappeared in 2013 after spending time on a holiday traveling to several places in Canada and the United States. Eventually, she made her way to the Cecile Hotel in Las Angeles, which is one of the most unsettling places to choose to visit. It is located on skid row, and is known for several interesting guests such as 2 serial killers. Why Elisa choose to stay here is highly questionable when there were more affordable options in much safer areas. During her travels, Elisa stayed connected with friends and family via social media. She posted several times a day things that were pretty normal. While on her holiday, she strangely went silent. She called her parents every single day, and when they didn’t hear from their daughter, they called the police. This launched an investigation that lead police, hotel staff, and her family believing that a crime had been committed.

A week after she went missing, the hotel released the now famous hotel footage of Elisa Lam. This quickly went viral because of how odd the whole thing seemed. I will link the full video below. If you haven’t watched it already, I must warn you that it is very unsettling. While there is no violence or anything but a young girl acting strange in an elevator, it has upset a lot of people. What is very odd is this video footage is very long, but the doors the the elevator remain open for a very long time. The video supposedly is uncut and shows a woman who could be Elisa Lam getting into the elevator, pushing all of the buttons, act like she is hiding, and then walk in and out of the elevator. One of those times, it looks as though she is speaking to someone, and her arms and hands are waving around in a strange way. Elisa disappears out of frame, and the elevator then closes and all of a sudden, seems to work just fine by stopping on each floor and opening and closing. The whole thing is not only strange, but unbelievable. Sadly, it gets much worse.

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Twenty days after she first went missing, the guests at the hotel started to complain of black water coming out of their spouts that tasted really bad. They also said the water pressure was very low. A maintenance team members went to the roof, and climbed the 8 foot high water tower, and removed the 25 pound lid. This is where the body of Elisa Lam was found, naked with all of her clothing and effects floating in the water with her. However, Elisa’s cell phone was missing.  Her body was damaged badly, but theorized that she had been there since she had been reported missing. If you put two and two together, then you realize the hotel was drinking her remains. The water tower had to be cut open and drained in order to remove Elisa’s body because the opening was too small to retrieve her. Sadly, the search was of course over, but the questions had just began.

Was this foul play, an accident, or suicide? While there was an autopsy done, it can be considered inconclusive since her blood was not preserved. Samples taken from her liver showed no illegal drugs, and trace amounts of Ibuprofen and Sinutab. She did not appear to be sexually assaulted, but  it was unknown if she had been beaten because of the state of her body. It can’t be ruled out that Elisa Lam was killed or forced into the water. It also can’t be ruled out that she committed suicide either. While this doesn’t seem likely, it’s not impossible. Even though going to the roof was no easy task, it could be done.  If you go the traditional way, which is through the door, you need to have a hotel staff key. If you don’t and get the door open, it will trigger an alarm. There is a fire escape, but you must be able to jump up and pull down the ladder. It can be done, and several YouTubers did prove that you can get on top of that roof. However, it is not easy and it always took more than one person to do this.

What if this was an accident? Elisa Lam was known to suffer from mental illness and this made many people think that she had an episode and accidentally hurt herself. I believe this is a very slippery slope and an all too easy and dangerous thing to blame this whole thing on. Mental illness has a very bad wrap, and those who suffer from it are surrounded with a lot of prejudice and misinformation. She had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was given medication. Bipolar disorder is an illness that is known as a manic disorder with very depressed states, and very heighten states of emotion. There is a lot of variety to the illness with people going from low to lower, high to higher, and back and forth between the two. While many people fall somewhere in the middle, there are some extreme cases where people experience manic episodes. This is not a gradual thing, but something that builds up over several days or even weeks. The person may have gotten little to no sleep, and start to participate in risky behavior. This is where the misunderstanding comes from that people suffering from bipolar disorder hear voices and think people are there who aren’t real. While it can happen, it is extremely rare. Most of the time, when people who suffer from bipolar disorder who think they are hearing voices and seeing things only due this because of high risk behavior. This means that they likely indulged in drugs and alcohol which resulted in hallucinations.

No one thought she was heading for a break, which makes this an unlikely excuse.  Although, the hotel reported that Elisa was asked to change rooms by her roommates because of her odd behavior. Strange enough, they could never prove that Elisa had any roommate or find who supposedly made this statement. The LA police’s official ruling was that Elisa died from an accident due to issues with bipolar disorder.  Elisa’s parents sued the hotel, as well as the county over her death and this ruling.  Elisa was very open about her mental illness and never tried to hide it, or what it did to her. She took her medicine, but it seems as though she may have skipped some. However, the autopsy was inconclusive because of what little evidence they could retrieve from her body. We really don’t know. While she had a history of issues with struggling with her mental illness, she took measures to get help. For example, she dropped out a school for a time to get treatment and then went back after she was more stable. To me, this young lady knew her illness well enough to understand when a bad time could be around the corner. Elisa had taken steps to help herself before, so it would be logical that if she thought it was going to happen again, she would seek out help. Keeping this in mind, it is hard to conclude suicide either.

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So, how did Elisa Lam die? Did someone murder her? Was there actually a person just out of frame that we never saw? She may have been actually talking to a real person who made her afraid or nervous which made her frail her limbs about when she was talking. She visibly seemed to be hiding from someone. She peeked out the door, and then quickly came back inside the elevator and stood as though she was hiding. She peered around the corner after the door remained open. Honestly, my thoughts the very first time I watched the video was that Elisa was hiding from someone. Someone was following her. But I feel it was someone she wanted to avoid but she didn’t know why, and with the confusion of the elevator not working properly, she felt she had to address that person head on. That may have been what cost Elisa her life. At the very least, this was a highly dangerous place for anyone to be, especially a woman traveling alone.

We have gone over a few possibilities of how Elisa died. Somehow, her body ended up in the water tank, and many believe she couldn’t have done that to herself. While others think that’s exactly what happened, they agree that she may have not meant to harm herself in the process. There are some very dark, and very scary theories as to what really happened to this young woman. While some may be wild, there may be bits of truth in them which is why they need to be explored. Elisa’s truth needs to be told, even it’s strange way to get there.

Elisa Lam Hotel Surveillance Video: Full

Click the above link to see for yourself the “whole” video. What are your theories as to what happened to Elisa Lam?


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March 13

Bark Box Review

This Bark Box Review post contains affiliate links. For full information, seek out the disclaimer on the Promotions page. 


Underdogs, as you all know my heart belongs to my dogs! Why not spoil them with something from Bark Box? I have been looking into Bark Box for a long time, but have never pulled the trigger until now. First, I don’t make that much money so spending a set amount on my dogs for toys and treats each month is hard. Especially since I make all of my own dog treats at home. However, I watched a video on YouTube by Shane Dawson and realized this was the time to try. Bark Box is a once a month subscription box that comes to your house . Depending on the plan that you choose, it is anywhere from $20.00 to $40.00. They come with a least 2 toys, one chewy, and 2 bags of natural treats. There is an option to add a third toy if you are like me and have 3 dogs!  When I found out that the links used to buy these boxes could go towards helping animals in shelters, I was sold and I could justify the cost each month.


They claim on the Bark Box site that the dogs will be waiting on the box when the mailman arrives. Seeing this was my first box, I didn’t believe that. However, when they knocked on the door, each one of my dogs were jumping for joy. I could hardly get the box in the door because they were all trying to get to the box. Thank goodness it was sealed well or I would have had crazy doggies everywhere! It was actually one of the funnest times I have ever had just opening a box up because they were so happy! I finally sat down and opened the box with 3 dogs eagerly waiting at my feet!  The box was packed really nicely. It had blue tissue paper with scenes of dogs in the city. I quickly realized that this was a theme box, and it was all about New York! To be fair, I’m not sure what the soft toys had to do with New York, but it doesn’t matter because they were so loved by my pups! The following items were in my box: Welcome note, photo opp paper, 3 soft toys including a blue octopus, a bird, and a newspaper, one chew toy, one bag of bagel shaped treats and one bag of pizza shaped treats. There was also some stickers.



First I took out the chew toy since there was only one, and there are 3 dogs! I am going to give it to my friend who has one dog in order to be fair. Then, I took each toy and sat them in the middle of the floor and gave each dog a chance to choose which toy that they wanted. Indy took the blue, Sunny took the bird, and Rose took the newspaper. I tried to get pictures of them but there was so much excitement from them, I couldn’t get them to keep still! They instantly started playing and running around the room. In fact, I opened the box 4 hours ago and Indy, my lab, is still hugging the blue octopus. The bird and the newspaper have been exchanged several times between Rose and Sunny. They chased one another around the room and had a lot of fun!

The next thing we tried was the treats. They are in matching bags the same size. One has little bagel shaped treats and the second had little pizza shaped treats. Again, I make all my dog treats at home so it makes me nervous getting anything from the store. However, these aren’t really from a store and I read the ingredients and I wasn’t worried. I love my dogs so much and I don’t want to feed them anything that would hurt their tummies. I have had bad luck with that in the past, so I have been very careful. I fed each dog one treat of each kind. They really liked them and I am okay with giving these as treats for the remainder of the month. Since I have 3 dogs, I was worried that Bark Box wouldn’t have a good amount of treats provided. However, these are full size treat bags. In fact, each item is what I would consider full size.

I think this Bark Box is going to be very popular around my house. I am on a very tight budget, but I know what to give up in order to make sure they can have these boxes for the next several months. Like I said,  you have several options to try this out. You can also cancel at any time. Why not try out a free box by using my link down below? You get a free box, and I get to donate a free box to an animal shelter! It is a win/win situation, and you have nothing to lose! Sign up is simple, just follow my link and fill out the forms. They will ask your dog’s name and either their adoption or birthday! I picked one of the dogs to put their name on the site. It doesn’t really matter which one because they all are going to benefit from the fun! I hope you try this out! Take a look at my link below and get started today!

March 12

Stop Daylight Savings!

This blog post, “Stop Daylight Savings,” contains affiliate posts. For more information, check out the Disclaimer page. 

Underdogs, if you are reading this on the upload date, then you are experiencing  one of the most dangerous days of the year. Please be very careful on your travels to and from work today. The Monday following the Daylight Savings Time is scarier than New Years Eve. It’s not just because you have to start your work week with an hour less sleep, and your body isn’t used to the time change yet. It is literally dangerous for you to be on the road. This is one of  biggest days of the year for car accidents due to people falling asleep behind the wheel both before and after work. If you are like me, and you work week is anything bit traditional, meaning your days off are not only rare, but all over the place, you are even in higher risk for an accident than those who work Monday through Friday. We are going to explore the reasons why Daylight Savings needs to be banned for everyone’s health and well being.

If you aren’t familiar with Daylight Savings Time (DST) or live in area of the world where it isn’t practiced, let me explain. This is the practice of setting your clock ahead one hour during the Spring, and then moving the clock back an hour during the Fall. Why would someone do something so stupid that messes with something as precious as sleep?  When I was in school and learning about DST, we all had questions. I remember my teacher telling us it was all very scientific, and it had to do with the phases of the moon. Later on, I would hear that it was all due to farming.  Turns out, they were all wrong. Daylight Savings Time started in Germany due to World War One. It was a way to conserve energy, and many countries adapted this practice. After the conclusion of the war, many countries stopped and only returned to it in times of war or struggle.

Today, the majority of the wold does not participate in DST. In fact, it’s basically just parts of Europe and the United States. So why are we still doing this when the rest of the world isn’t? First, not all of the States participate. Hawaii, and Arizona currently don’t, as well as US Territories like Puerto Rico.  Many more states are working on changing this outdated practice, which is a great step in the right direction. It is a myth that Daylight Savings time does any good.  In fact, many people don’t understand why we blindly follow a practice that is not only useless but deadly? Let’s take a look at why this is so dangerous.

As I said before, one of the biggest days for car accidents the start of DST. They aren’t just fender benders either, but more likely to result in fatality. It’s both the beginning and the end of the day since people are more run down when they get behind the wheel. You are more likely to have a heart attack the Monday after DST starts. This has been proven year and year with hospital statistics. The stats also prove that you are more likely to have a stroke. In fact, many people who get into the car accident is due to the fact that the driver had a sudden stroke. It is also the height of the cold and flu season, and with people more run down, their immune system is more compromised. They are more likely to get very sick. Your body is also trying to adjust to a time change quickly, which is the equivalent of jet lag. If you have never experience jet lag, it is terrible. You feel stressed, your head hurts  and you feel sick. In some cases, depending on your normal sleep patterns, it could lead to insomnia or a large increase in sleeping. There are theories that it will take your body 3 weeks to adjust for every hour in the time difference.

Besides physical health, there is also a lot of issues for people who suffer from mental illness. They are more likely to have an episode, or become increasing depressed the Monday after DST starts. It is especially bad for people who suffer from Seasonal Depressive Disorder. There are other issues besides one’s health. The very reason that Daylight Savings Time was started no longer has any merit. There is no proof that DST saves on any sort of energy. In fact, there is an increase of energy use the weeks following the change. The myth that I heard over and over again was the DST had to do with farmers. I always wanted to know why the farmers didn’t just get up earlier to reflect the changes of the seasons. Turns out, farmers actually hate DST and wish it would end. They have to deal with animals with their internal clocks being messed up. This increases accidents and making situations more dangerous for them.

Speaking of animals, it’s not just farm animals that have issues with the time change. Your pets have an internal clock just like we do. They aren’t going to be ready for their walk when it is still their bed time. This is also very hard and stressful for young children.I would hate to be an extra tired parent with a small child that doesn’t understand the clock magically changed. One of the worst parts about DST is for elderly adults who have memory issues. Any change in routine can be detrimental, and when they already are at risk for health issues, this is a perfect storm for a terrible result. There is also the issue of money. Many traders from around the world have problems understanding the time change, and this always ends up costing people millions of dollars.

So what happens if we do away with Daylight Savings Time? There have been many suggestions including, do nothing, separate America into two Time Zone instead of four, or adopt a universal time system. There are many pros and cons for each of these, and it seems impossible to have a universal time system. I think we need to try abandoning DST across the United States and see what happens. We need to at least try because we know that DST does nothing to help anyone, or anything out. It causes a lot more havoc than any good. Honestly, I couldn’t find any one saying anything good about it besides the fact that it’s been around for so long, so who cares? We should care because it is proven to not only  be costly, but deadly. Just because it’s “always” been done that way doesn’t mean we need to continue to do something. Especially when we have no clue why! What do you think? Do you think DST is important, or an outdated practice?





March 11

The Lonley Child?

The blog post, “The Lonely Child” is an excerpt of a short story. This post will contain affiliate postings. For more information, check out the Disclaimer page. 

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As I retold the story for the 19th or 20th time, I was even starting to doubt it myself. I knew I sounded like an insane person, but the whole thing really happened. I wanted to stop talking and run away. I didn’t want to be in this small, cold room talking in circles, answering all of their questions until my throat was on fire and my voice was horse. There were no clocks in the room, but one of the officers had a wristwatch on and I could see the time was 3 AM. This means that I had been in this room for at least 5 hours. It seemed like an eternity and my body was feeling every moment of it. The door opened, but I didn’t even look up because I knew what I would see. It would be one more nameless, faceless person demanding to know the story. I’m sure they want to know how that police officer died. So would I, but he was dead when I got there. They keep ignoring that part.

I heard the weight of the metal chair being pulled back, and then forward again after the man had taken a seat. I could smell his dime store cologne filling the room. There were three other male officers in the room, standing with their arms folded, glaring down at me. They had all taken their turns interrogating me, but I couldn’t give them the answers that they wanted. I could only tell them the truth no matter how strange it all was. I heard him take a long breath, and tap his pen on the table. The sound was too much, and my hands involuntarily went to cover my ears. Hours ago, I was terrified for my life for a much different reason, and know I was afraid that I would be blamed for something I never did, and lose my freedom. I’m not sure what is worse.

“Miss Paula? I am Detective Shawn. I know you have had quite a night. I have some questions, and I’m sure you have some answers. You answer the questions that I have, and then you can go home.”

Broken, the tears fell down my cheeks. Of course I didn’t believe him. I didn’t believe any of them. Even thought I had asked for legal help when I got here, it didn’t’ seem to matter one bit. They wanted answers that I couldn’t provide and they may just make me guilty for a horrible crime. At this point, I was so tired and afraid that I could no longer keep my mind from racing. I lifted my head and looked directly at Detective Shawn. He looked like an average man, but something was off about him. He didn’t have any lenses in his glasses. His watch also had crack on the face, and his beard was very uneven. I had the same feeling as I did when I saw the child earlier, and I bite my tongue to keep from screaming.

“Has anyone offered you a drink, Miss Paula?” he asked politely. I shook my head no and he turned to the 3 officers behind him and pointed his finger at the tallest man who’s name that I had forgotten. “Bring Miss Paula a water, and a coffee” He shrugged and left the room, returning a few silent minutes later with a bottle of water and a cup of steaming coffee. He sat them down and went back to stand next to the other goons. “It’s time for you to take a break.” Detective Shawn said to them. “Excuse me?” The tall man asked back, taking a step forward. “I said, it’s time for you to take a break. All of you. Now.” The glare the tall man gave the Detective radiated down my spine. I thought he was going to punch the Detective in the face. He paused, but then quickly backed off and walked out the door, followed by the two other men. The Detective watched for the door to close, and then he stood up and walked over to the camera that had been recording our entire conversation. It looked as though he had turned it off, but I knew they were not going to stop filming, especially when it came to a dead police officer. He walked back over to the table with heavy steps, and sat on the table.

“Where did the child go, Miss Paula.”

I looked at him for a long moment. “There is no child.” I said after a beat. “In case you didn’t know, because that’s what your friends keep telling me.”

“There was a child, Miss Paula. You know it, I know it, they know it, but are either too afraid or too stupid to realize the truth.”

“Are you playing the role of the good cop? I said rudely. I was tired, afraid, and alone, but suddenly, I wanted to fight.  I had been telling my story, which was the truth for hours. However, I was called a liar at least 70 times by the other 3 officers who refused to believe anything about the child that had been there.

“I’m not playing good cop, bad cop. I’m trying to find the truth and I believe you know it.”

“Then look back at the hours of footage of questions that the officers asked and my story being ignored! I’m tired of going over it again and again. I want to go home!”

“I have been watching the whole time.”

“Then you already know everything.”

“I know what the other officers have asked you, but I don’t know the truth. They weren’t asking the right questions.”

I laughed. “Well then Detective Shawn, how could you magically ask me the right questions that haven’t already been asked a hundred times already by your friends?”

“Was the child alive, or dead when he talked with you?”

That snapped me out of it, and I leaned forward. His eyes held my gaze and I realized he was being serious.

“I don’t know.” I answered in a small, but level voice. “The child was unlike anything I have ever seen before, but I didn’t kill that officer.”

“I know you didn’t kill him,” Detective Shawn answered. “I don’t care about that at all.”

“You don’t care?” I shouted. “You don’t care about a dead police officer. Then why in the world…”

“I need to know about the child.” Detective Shawn said firmly. “That officers was already dead, and if we don’t work together, more people are going to die. I need to know about that child. Are you ready to tell me the truth?”

I saw back in my seat and crossed my arms. “No, but I will. Are you ready to hear my answers?”

“No, but we need to find that child.”

I nodded and closed my eyes, gathering my strength. Even thought I had retold the story over and over again to the officers, I was holding back a lot of details about the child because no one believed me. They scoffed at me, they laughed at me. But if they would have seen what I had seen, they wouldn’t have been laughing, they would have been begging for their Mother.

The Detective sat back down in his chair, and pulled out a note pad. “Okay, tell me the real story of what happened to you tonight. Don’t leave out any details.”

“No matter how crazy?”

“No matter how crazy.”

“Detective, answer me one question before we get started.”

“Alright,” he nodded. “Go ahead.”

“What are you?”

After a long moment, the Detective answered. “Tell me about the child, and then I will tell you about what I am.”

Still angry, afraid, and pissed, I  manged to push all that aside. For the first and only time in my life I retold the real story of what happened on a normal day that ended with me being accused of murdering a police officer. The truth did not set me free, it took more for me than I could have ever imagined.


I hope that you have enjoyed my sample of my story, “The Lonely Child.” If you would like a second one, comment below.

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