October 5

Are Ghosts People, Too?

When it’s that time of year for spooks, ghouls, and goblins, we like to¬† think of all things that go bump in the night. This includes theories about ghosts, and what they might really be. We don’t know what these beings are, or if they are even real. However, since the beginning of time, people have reported seeing ghosts. There are countless ghost stories, movies, and TV shows that cover this topic, but no one knows the truth. Today, we are going to take a look at a very interesting theory about ghosts, and how they may not be dead, but us observing slips in time, or we are seeing splinters of our own souls.

I had a conversation with a few friends about if they believed in ghosts or not. Most people that I’ve talked to think that there is something out there that could be considered a ghost. One friend was convinced that there is no such thing. It had to do with clothing. Why would ghosts have clothing if they are dead? To me, that was an interesting question that I never thought about. Clothing isn’t alive so why would it return with a person after death? What if this has to do with a multiverse. For this example, you will need to put on your nerd hat!

In the show, “Doctor Who,” Clara jumped through a time line and she splintered. This means that she broke apart and scattered throughout time and space. Clara then had many different lives, both living and dying at the same time, but in many different universes. What if we are scattered throughout time and space ourselves? What if we are living and dying in different universes, and sometimes, those universes converge. If that is the case, are we actually capturing a glimpse of another world, and instead of seeing ghosts, we are seeing either ourselves, or another person who is just living their live in another vibrations? If we go by this theory, then wouldn’t our past lives be happening right now too? Not only could we get some sightings of ghosts that may be us in another world, but could that explain things that we believe that we have done or said before? If time is not a straight line, then anything is possible.

I know that this is a short one, but with ghosts, and time, anything is possible. We all want to know what happens after we leave this life. Is there a next one, or is there not? No one will no or sure since we will never have actual proof. There are lots of beliefs, but no one knows for sure. That is why we all keep searching for answers, and why we all want to find more than what goes on in our world. There are things that we can’t explain, and in order to do that, we should be open to more possibilities.


What do you think, are ghosts just people who are in another universe or are they not real at all.