August 13

Goodbye Indy

Hello Underdogs. I know that I have been absent recently. It’s with a heavy heart that I must say that my beloved dog, Indy has passed away. This by far has been one of the hardest things that I have gone through and I am broken. I have lost dogs before, but Indy was my best buddy in the whole world, and it hurt worse than I could ever imagine. For those who think I don’t know real loss, I know it all too well. I lost all my grandparents, my Dad, and some very good friends during the course of my life. It makes me upset when people say that you “just lost a dog.” I didn’t just lose my dog, I  lost my best friend. Grief isn’t measured in a person, or a pet, but by how much you loved. If you are lucky, your life will be filled with grief.

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I had Indy with me since he was a baby. We went through so much together. He literally saved my life twice, and it almost cost him his very own life both times. He slept with me every night. He traveled with me all over the USA. He moved with me in several places and several states. My one regret is that I could never afford a place to live that had a fence in yard where he could run and play as much as he wanted. He was by my side during the worst moments including the loss of his sister, Poe, and my Dad.

There has never been another soul as pure and as wonderful as Indy. He wasn’t the smartest crayon in the box, but he sure was pretty. He had a huge bark, but was a big snuggler. Indy would moo like a cow sometimes, loved his ears rubbed, and enjoyed cheeseburgers. He was a great brother, a wonderful friend, and part of my soul. Anyone who has lost a pet understands how hard it is to walk into your house, and feel so alone. Even though I do have another dog, my life feels so empty and alone now. I love Sunny so very much, but of course, she isn’t, and never has been a replacement for Indy.  You can never replace an animal, you can get another one, but it doesn’t take away the loss and pain of your beloved lost animal.

That’s all I want to say for now. I’m not taking this so well, and that is the truth of the matter. Each day hurts, and it gets further and further away from the last day I had him in my life. It gets worse. Grief is very real, and very hard. What I learned is that I need to take my own time. I can cry and hurt because it’s okay. I can also want to be alone because things have become too much. I can also be happy too. One day, I will be better, but today is not that day, and it may not be that day for a very long time. Indy was with me for 12 years, and I’m thankful for every moment. There are no words to express how much I loved my dog, and how much I miss him.

Goodbye my baby, Indy. I will miss you for the rest of my life. Thank you for letting me be your person.


***If you are able to help, please check out my go fund me page to donate to Indy’s Burial Fund:

July 31

Sunny’s Bath Time

Every single dog gets smelly once in awhile, and sometimes you don’t have an option to wash your dog at home. It could be for several reasons including not having a bath tub, hose outside, or are worried about the hair clogging the drain. I have always been a bit skeptical about taking my dog to a place where you self-wash the dog. I keep saying that I could do all of this at home on my own. However, a nice lady at Pet Valu (not sponsored)  gave me a very nice coupon to try it out. I found out that it may actually be safer and cheaper in some instances, to take your dog to a self washing bath. So, I decided to take Sunny and try it out!


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I don’t wanna bath!

Pet Valu provides several things for Sunny’s bath time. First, they have a fairly deep bath area for your dog to get into either by using the steps, or in my case, picking up the dog and placing her inside the tub. They have a restraint to put your dog on while you take off their harness or their collar so you can make sure they get all clean! They have sprayer that you control the temp and the pressure. They also have an actual dryer, towels, about 10 different choices on shampoo, and towels. All of this being provided is worth it to me, but that’s not all because your pup will also get treats while they get their bath! Normally the cost of this service is $10.00. You don’t have a time limit on your bath, but it’s nice to aware of the people around you who may be waiting to also take a bath.

Poor Sunny was very afraid when we started the process. The lady who works at Pet Valu went and got a calming spray to help with her fear. That as well above and beyond what they normally do, and I can tell you that it worked. Even though Sunny looks scared, she really did calm down and eventually she enjoyed herself. First, I got the proper temp for the water, and slowly sprayed her down. Sunny didn’t like this part of the bath. Next, my friends read off all the shampoos they had ranging from ones that were good for shiny coats, shedding, or even itching. I decided to use one for Sunny’s bath that had tea tree oil. This is a great essential oil that helps will everything from itching, to any skin problems. It also smells really good and this made her coat very soft.

I massaged Sunny with the shampoo, and let it sit for around five minutes. During those few minutes, I was able to reach over and pick up some lovely complimentary treats to feed Sunny while she had her bath. Sunny did try to get out a few times, but that is pretty normal. Once the shampoo settled, I then sprayed her off, and grabbed the dryer. Sadly, there wasn’t any instructions that told me how to turn this on or off, so it was a lot of trail and error before I got it to work. It is at least cool air, so it won’t hurt your dogs, and it has 3 settings to help with the drying process. This was too scary for Sunny, so I switched to using a towel. The whole bath process took around 15 minutes.


So, here is what I learned about taking your dog to have a bath at a self-washing station. First, walk in and see the place before every taking your dog. I did this the day before, and it was important for me to feel the place out and make sure everything was safe. Always ask for instructions, even if there are posted. They may tell you some tips that are not listed anywhere. Wear clothing you don’t mind getting some dog hair on, or possibly that will get wet. I didn’t realize until it was too late, but they had an apron that I could have put on while I was giving Sunny her bath. I was covered in dog hair and went home to change. Be relaxed yourself, because your dog may feel your anxiety and it could make bath time a lot harder.

Is this worth it? I think it really is, especially if you don’t have a space to clean your dog. Again, I encourage you to check these places out before walking in with your dog, ready to give them a bath. Some places require a reservation, or some take walk-ins only. I only have experience with Pet Valu, so this is the only one I can give an opinion on. I really had a great time giving Sunny her bath. It was cheap, and a simple process. Sunny was afraid, but then started to relax as it went on. I think that’s pretty normal for most dogs who don’t like bath time in general. I would take Sunny here again. I give it a 5 out of 5 stars!

What do you think? Have you ever taken your pup to get a bath at a self-wash station. Leave your comments below using the hashtag: #dogbath

July 29

Iowa’s Missing Children

Underdogs, I was born, and raised in Iowa. I spent 18 years of my life in the same small town that both of my parents spent most of their lives in. I had some of their same teachers, went to the same schools, and sometimes, even had some of the same books.  I went to college in Iowa. I lived in several cities in Iowa until a few years ago so I am deeply rooted to this state and it’s people. When people think of Iowa, the first thing that pops to mind is potatoes. Why potatoes? Because people are always confusing Iowa with Idaho. Iowa brings up images of the Midwest, corn, cows, and soy beans. They don’t automatically think of missing children, drugs, or violence. People let their kids play outside until the street lights come on, leave their keys in their cars, and leave their houses unlocked. There is a false sense of safety, and all of this ignorance is a perfect storm of being not only unprepared for real dangers, but not being able to recognize them when something truly bad is happening. These are general statements, and Iowa is not the only place that falls into this trap. However, Iowa is in the news right now because of the shocking number of missing people who have gone missing over this summer. What is going on, and is this actually a real thing like some claim, or a hoax, like others want you to believe. Let’s take a look.









48 People in the Last 13 days:

Reports are stating that 48 people have gone missing in the last 10 days. According to the official missing persons page of Iowa, it is actually 48 children who have gone missing in the past 13 days. News reports, and officials are stating that this number of missing people is within the yearly average, and the only reason there is so much focus is due to the missing college student, Mollie Tibbets.  (At the time of this publishing, Mollie is still missing and the search is still ongoing.) I am going to be quite frank here. First, how dare you treat the missing as an average number. One child or loved missing is one too many. Do not be so apathetic to reduce a human being to what is considered an appropriate number of those counted among the missing. Each of these people has a family, loved ones, and a community that is scared beyond measure. You are reducing them to nothing, and not giving any of those people the attention that they deserve. For shame! You can go to the site and count yourself. It’s updated every 4 hours. It’s always hard to see the missing, but the sheer number of minors gives me the chills. Don’t take my word for it, look yourself here:

One more bit of anger. Shame on all those who are saying that this “fake news story” is being used to scare people and give them false information.  How about we be more vigilant because this is someone’s reality every single day instead of shoving it off as a scare tactic? I feel that we have gotten to the point that we live in a virtual world, and the reality of the dangers of the world outside get lost in translation. We post photos of our children everywhere. We walk around with our faces buried in our phones instead of watching our surroundings. We make poor choices when meeting people we only know via online. We give our children access to way too much technology way to young. It makes us all fall into a false sense of a safe bubble. We have people who refuse to believe and won’t see that sex trafficking is a huge problem in every city, in every state. Even if this story from Iowa is somehow, “wrong,” it gives massive attention to something very real, and very scary that we can’t just continue to close our eyes to. The missing and exploited need the attention, so let’s not be so vain to pick apart the actual threat, because it sadly is very real. Use this as a learning opportunity and a way for you to do your own research. Open up a dialog with your loved ones and stop burying your head in the sand when it comes to being safe.

According to the website THORN, 1 out of every 7 missing people are suspected to be forced into sex trafficking. While that may only “seem like a small number for those missing in Iowa,” one is too many. Sadly, this number could be a lot higher because not ever single case is solved. Also, not every single case of a missing person is reported.That number could go up and up and up. Why wouldn’t each case of a child going missing be reported? There are many reasons. First, they could be here illegally, and they don’t get reported because of this issue. The child is considered a run away, but that usually stops a deeper investigation in it’s tracks and they don’t go beyond this theory to get proper investigations. The missing person is disabled in some way, and it is thought that they ran off. The person is LBGQT youth, or homeless. Worst of all, the person sold into trafficking may have been done on purpose by family members or friends. This is the world we live in, and this is the world many refuse to see right in front of their eyes.

Why are so many children from Iowa going missing all of a sudden. Well, it’s not all of a sudden, but the numbers don’t lie and it’s scary. I cried making the list of kids who reported missing in July 2018. That is just a percentage of children and other people who are missing. There is a lot of thought about the highway system and I-80 being prime places for easy sex trafficking. In those areas, there are many strangers, many big trucks, and many chances to quickly grab someone. Not that it isn’t safer anywhere else, this is just a theory that I have read about. There may not be an answer, but the important thing is to get these children’s names out there, and get people talking about how to keep as safe as we all can.

Here are a few tips to help you out if you are in danger: 

*Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

*Lock your doors and windows.

*Carry your cell phone with you at all times.

*Carry your keys in your hands, they can become a weapon if needed.

*Make a lot of noise. Be very loud and vocal, especially if you feel like you are being watched or followed.

*Don’t be ashamed to be asked to be escorted to your car.

*Travel in pairs, or a group.

*Do not post your location online.

*Do not upload a selfie everyday with what you are wearing.

*Never give out any of your plans on social media.

*Don’t give out personal info on social media.

*If something happens to you, be violent. Yell, kick, scream, fight, make a huge scene.


*Get to a public place and make a huge scene.

*Do your best to not be forced to a second location if taken. Run away if you can!

*If you are taken, leave a trail of blood. Cut your finger and leave blood marks where you can as a trail. This may seem extreme, but this has been proven to save lives.

*Get your fingerprints of file.

*When you are on your phone, you are distracted. Never do this at night!

*Take self defense classes.

*Use common sense.

*Keep your GPS location device on your phone switched on while walking, jogging, or going back and forth to your car for any reason.

*Check your backseat before getting into your car.

*Be weary of vans with no windows parked next to you. If you see this, it is not a bad idea to walk back to whatever location you were in and ask for an escort.

*If you see a note, or any object on your car, leave it and either walk away, or get into the car, lock the doors and drive away as fast as you can while honking your horn. This places attention on you, and these have been tactics that people have used to grab victims.

*Never be outside alone at night.

*Don’t ignore tips if you are in a “good neighborhood.” There is no such thing.



I want to close this very all over the place article with some of the names of the missing Iowa Children, my sources, and where you can go to get more information. I highly recommend that you go visit THORN  site and learn about some of the terrible realities of both real and virtual dangers that can save you or your loved ones life. Missing children, and missing people happen every day, but it should NEVER become common. It should never be ignore or pushed aside when a real problem is happening right now, at this very minute. *136 minors in the USA go missing every hour. How long did it take you to read this blog post? How many went missing during that time? The answer is too many.



I am listing 35 of the names of the minors who are considered missing from the Iowa Website for July 2018 . No photos uploaded at this time for these names, but this could change. I am human, and may have made spelling mistakes,  or even a few date mistakes, but each of these names is of a real minor that is missing in Iowa at the time of the publishing of this blog post.

Please check back their site to see if photos have been uploaded.

*Yaritza Aritia: Female: Des Moines Iowa: 14 years old

Joesiahha Armstrone: Male: Davenport, Iowa: 14 years old

Yvette Alvia: Female: Cedar Rapids, Iowa: 17 years old

Diona Bass: Female: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 14 years old

Deontay Baxter, Male, Des Moines, Iowa: 13 years old

Amina Begnovic: Female, Waterloo, Iowa, 16 years old

Isabelle Buckman, Female: Council Bluffs Iowa, 14 years old

Ananda Camp: Female, Des Moines, Iowa, 17 years old

Jermome Caldwell, Male, Bettendorf, Iowa, 15 years old

Nazzario Campbell: Male, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 13 years old

Donnell Carter: Male, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 16 years old

Leeanne Cray, Female: Des Moines, Iowa, 15 years old

Jaecelle Dennis, Male, Clarinda Iowa, 16 years old

Madeline Francis, Female, Davenport, Iowa, 15 years old

Damello Foulks, Male, Marshaltown, Iowa, 14 years old

Maydelin Guerra, Female, Des Moines, Iowa, 15 years old

Albertan Harlan, Female, Indianola, Iowa, 16 years old

David Harn, Male, Waverly, Iowa, 16 years old

Angel Ibarra, Male, Fort Dodge, Iowa, 14 years old

Belinda James, Female, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 14 years old

Brookylnn Killian, Female, Davenport Iowa, 13 years old

Taylor Lambertus, Female, Newton, Iowa, 16 years old

Orlando Lame, Male, Clarinda Iowa, 13 years old

Chance Lefman, Male, Dubuque, Iowa, 14 years old

Mackensie Lipp, Female, Muscatine, Iowa, 16 years old

Brendon Reed, Male, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 15 years old

Dodge Reynolds, Male, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 16 years old

Caleb Shoepskyy, Male, Waterloo, Iowa, 17 years old

Ashleigh Schossow, Female, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 13 years old

Justine Shaw, Female, Ottuwma, Iowa, 15 years old

Malichi Vanderpool, Male, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 15 years old

Brenn Vellinga, Female, Marshaltown, Iowa, 17 years old

Sernity Wiseman, Female, Davenport, Iowa, 13 years old

Summer Williams, Des Moines, Iowa, 17 years old

Tryon Woolery, Male, Des Moines Iowa, 16 years old

Mackenzie York, Female, Mason City, Iowa, 15 years old









Credited Sources:


IA Dept of Public Safety:

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children:


I have echoed the thoughts of Anonymous Construct: Please visit this video here for the details of the vigil taking place on August 1st, 2018 in Waterloo, Iowa. By the way, I lived in Waterloo and this hits close to home.

July 19

Titanic Size Theories

On April 15th, 1912, one of the biggest sea disasters ever happened after the ship called the Titanic sunk. Spoilers if you haven’t seen the movie, but over 2000 people are killed. For years, people have been enchanted by this true story of tragedy which has lead to many doing research and finding some things that just don’t add up. The Titanic was being sold as the “unsinkable” ship, but it not only hit an ice burg, but it split in half, sending many people to a terrible death. There wasn’t enough life boats to save even half of the passengers, which could have been avoided if proper precautions were taken. This boat only made one voyage, but it was such a terrible accident that people were driven to find answers. Could a single ice burg really take down an entire ship, or was it due to fire? Or, was the Titanic real at all?

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 The Wreck of the Titan:

In 1898, years before the Titanic sunk, there was a book that mirrored the fate of the ship written by Morgan Robertson. The book was called, “The Wreck of the Titan.” The Titan was a British ship that also was hit by an ice burg and killed thousands of people during the accident. They also didn’t have enough life boats to get all the people to safety. While this book was updated by the author after the sinking of the Titanic, it doesn’t take away the fact that many of the things written in this fictional book became a reality. Did the author know something that we didn’t? Was this a warning that needed to be paid attention to, or was it just a story in a book? No matter what you think, it is very strange indeed.



Big ships like the Titanic were fueled by coal fire. While useful, it could be very dangerous for several reasons. First, the people shoveling this coal could not only get burned, but they also were breathing in the coal that would coat their lungs. Secondly, this wasn’t the most controlled way to make a huge ship like this run, which meant that a fire could break out at any time. That was a very real fear and a real danger. There have been people researching this accident for years, and many wonder why an ice burg could take down a ship this size even though the ice burg itself was huge. These same scholars point out photos of the evidence of fire before the Titanic even took off! They believe that the fire started in the lowest deck, and even burned up to 3 decks higher. The theory is that a perfect storm caused this major accident to happen. This included the fire, the cold water, the ice burg, and the excessive speed that they were traveling. No matter what you think, it was a terrible accident that many can learn from.


The Olympic:

The Olympic was the sister ship of the Titanic. This means they were built by the same people, funded by the same people, and looked like twin boats. The Olympic had an accident which was very costly, and the repairs. How were they to recoup all of the losses? Why insurance fraud of course! The plan was born to switch out these two ships. The Olympic took the place of the Titanic with the intent to sink the ship and collect all the money that the insurance would pay out due to the accident. This may seem very far fetched, but there are letters written from people who worked on the project. They had a short window to make the transformation, then after they completed the job, they were all fired. Another strange fact was that backer, J.P. Morgan had booked a ticket on the Titanic. He decided at the last minute to not board the boat. The reason was never revealed, but many take this as a clue that he had knowledge that the boat would sink. What else would keep a person with such clout away from the biggest event in the world at that moment? While it did save his life, was this at the cost of thousands of others? There are also books written about this theory with very detailed connections.


Those were 3 Titanic size theories about what really happened that day. No matter the theory, it was a very tragic event that cost many lives. Hopefully, lessons were learned from this accident and future lives were saved because of the mistakes made here.

What do you think? Leave a comment below with #titanic

July 16

The Handmaid’s Tale: A Review

When the Hulu show, “A Handmaid’s Tale,” started two seasons ago, I wasn’t interested. I remember seeing bits and pieces of the movie from the 1980’s and it wasn’t very good. However, as time went on, I kept having friends tell me it is a show that I must watch. Being the faithful reader, I decided to read the book before watching the show. “A Handmaid’s Tale,” is a book that is written by Canadian author Margaret Atwood which came out in 1985. This book chilled me to the bone and I devoured it in one sitting. I decided to go ahead and try the series, which was up to its third episode at this point. I was truly struck by the sheer beauty of the lights, the color, and the camera work. Clearly the setting is as much of a character as the people involved in the story itself. The complex story and the amazing acting is what keeps me coming back again and again, even after I am truly shocked by what I have seen.

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I have gone back and forth about doing a review about this series for two simple reasons. First, everyone else is doing it and it may be getting a bit old for some people. Second, this show is so raw, that it is painful. It is so hard to discuss the subject matters without seeing real life examples and realizing we may not be so far off from Gilead, which is what is left of America after the fall of, well, everything. The book and the series have some major differences, but for the most part, the heart of the story is the same. We hear about the world through a nameless Handmaid in the book, but for the series, they call her June. She is one of the many nameless women who are forced to become a vessel of human life. They say the revolution didn’t happen over night, but by the time they paid attention, it was too late and they had already lost.

While it is never clear at this point what happened, there was a revolt of a group of people who are extremely religious. They were able to overtake the government, killing everyone in their path and setting up their own agenda which is their interpretation of the Old Testament in the Bible. The root cause of this take over how terrible the fertility rates are around the world. They blame many things on this including food, environment, and even lifestyle. Soon, women are forced to be stripped of everything that they are outside of a man. This means they can’t work, use money, shop, or do anything without a man. The laws are strict and many pay with their lives. Women are divided into certain classes and they are expected to perform that role in society for the rest of their lives. The Handmaid is a woman who has given birth to a live child at some point, and is still fertile. A Maratha is a woman who can’t have children and become maids. Wives range from lower class to high officials. An Aunt is a woman who oversees the Handmaids, and is one of the only women legally allowed to be able to read and write. It is forbidden otherwise. Men have less of a class system, but it is still there. They have guards, drivers, lower class men, and high officials that are self proclaimed Commanders. A Handmaid only goes to the high ranking Commanders, and their wives.

One may be asking what a Handmaid does? Sadly, she is forced to live in the home of a Commander and his wife where they have a ceremony once a month. The Handmaid is  rapped by the Commander, while his wife holds her down. They are trying as a group to get pregnant, and then if there is a resulting baby, they keep it and kick the Handmaid out. They not only rape her, but then they steal her baby if she gives birth to a living child. When I said before that they strip everything away from women, this includes their name. Their real names are forbidden and while they are serving as a Handmaid they are known and addressed as part of the Commanders name. For example, June’s Commander is named Fred, so she is Offred. (Of-Fred) These women also have other roles such as shopping for groceries for the household, and the occasional stoning to death of a person who broke the law. They also are shown off, and of course treated as objects instead of humans. They have a certain amount of time to stay with a family and get preggo. If they fail to many times, then they are sent off to the Colonies. That is a place that will kill anyone who works there slowly and painfully. This is a bunch of land full of toxic waste.  These  “bad” women strip the layers of soil until they get to a point where they can use the land to plant food. But they are given nothing to protect them, so their skin, teeth, and nails fall off and the eventually die of cancer or other issues related to this job.

In this world, there is no trust and no friends. Or it least it seems that way. Every move they make is watched by  armed guards. If you have stepped one toe out of line, or seem like you did, then you are subjected to either being hung, shot, sent to the Colonies, or they disappear and no one truly knows what happened. People are taught to snitch on one another, which makes is hard for anyone to form a bond to revolt. However, the need to survive and fight is deep and is enough for underground networks to be born. There are many people who escape to Canada, which is a safe haven for anyone in this terrible world. Many people are killed trying to escape, but there are those who make it out including June’s husband Luke, and her best friend, Moria. However, both June and her young daughter, Hannah were taken. In the books, we never find out what happens to Hannah, but in the series we find that she has been adopted in a home,  and will be a handmaid when she is old enough.

In the book, we hear this tale through a recorder many years in the future. This whole story is part of a discussion from people around the world, trying to understand this terrible stain of the past. They are trying to keep from repeating the same mistakes.  One may point out that June is an unreliable narrator since we only hear her story. However, there are countless recordings from other people who can back several things up. They just can’t find records of June or her family ever existing. That doesn’t mean anything, but can we trust everything that June says to be true?  I think the readers and the viewers fell a connection with June and tend to take her at her word. We get small clues in the series that this is also a story that is being told from a future point in time.

There are so many ups and downs involved in this story that it is almost hard to keep watching. However, it brings up so many themes that we need to discuss as a society. It’s so hard because it’s holding a mirror up to our world and seeing that we don’t like what we see, and what could be. For the next post, I will be going into more details and thoughts about specific issues, but I think it’s important to really understand the material before going into the issues of the terrible things brought up in this story. It’s not a story for many women, it’s real life, and that is horrific.


What do you think? Leave your comments  with #hmt


July 15

Origins of Urban Legends

We have all grown up hearing, reading, and telling urban legends. These stories are passed around from generation to generation. Sometimes they are funny, while other times they are shocking and scary. They are usually meant to be used as a life lesson or for a warning. Urban Legends are entertaining, but have you ever stopped and asked, what are the origins to these stories? Is there any truth to them? Or better yet, some of them are so silly that you really don’t understand how they became an urban legend in the first place.  Today, we are going to attempt to look at some origins of a few urban legends. Even though these have been researched, part of the appeal of urban legends is that it could be anyone’s story. It has been said there is a bit of truth to ever urban legend. Let’s see how spooky, or even how silly those origins might be.


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1. Drinking Diet Coke and Eating Mentos will cause your stomach to explode.

I think most of us have heard a variation of this particular urban legend. If you drink a full can of diet coke, and then follow that with eating the candy, Mentos, your stomach will blow up. Sometimes, it’s drinking a full can. Other times, it says to take a sip of the Diet Coke, and put a Mentos in your mouth. If you swallow them at the same time, then that will cause your stomach to explode. Does this actually happen? Of course not, but there is reasons behind this story. The origin comes from the fact that there is a very real chemical reaction that happens when adding mint Mentos to Diet Coke. If you place Mentos in a Diet Coke, it will cause the soda to shoot out of the container. However, this isn’t the same effect when you add in a human to the mix. What will really happen to you if you mix these two items? You may have a bad taste in your mouth, and get some gas. It’s not going to explode your stomach.





2. I’m carrying Spider Babies in my cheeks!

I clearly remember reading this story in the “Scary Stories”  books when I was a child. This really bothered me, as I’m sure it bothered many people. This urban legend states that a young girl went on vacation overseas. When she was at her destination, she was bitten by a spider on her cheek. They didn’t seek medical attention because it was not bothering her. By the time she had arrived back home, her cheek was swollen. While taking a bath, her cheek burst open and baby spiders came out of her face! I can say one thing about the origins of this myth. A spider can’t lay eggs in your face. Keep in mind, I said a spider only. There are many creepy crawling creatures that can do some serious damage to you. When you travel, take all the precautions that you need, including learning about the local wild life.



3.If you put batteries in the Fridge, they will last longer.

This may be a very dated urban legend since everyone has chargers for everything. However, there are still those certain things, like your TV remote, that requires actual batteries. Many people stored their unused batteries in the Fridge right next to the milk and butter in an attempt to keep them fresh. My Grandparents did this, and I think my parents did as well. The thought process behind this origin is that many years ago, different chemicals were used to make batteries. It might have been instructed on the packages to store in a cool, dry place. Many people decided to put their batteries in the fridge because they thought it would help them not to spoil. This became a learned behavior, and as technology improved, the need to do this anymore stopped. However, many people still store their batteries in the Fridge even though it may actually be damaging to them instead of extending their life.


4.Throwing a Penny from a high location can kill someone!

Have you ever been to a really high place like the Sears Tower and saw warning signs about not throwing anything off the side of the building? That makes a lot of sense, because there is a lot of items that can do some damage. However, people fear the tiny little penny as a weapon of death! To date, not one death has been caused by a penny. There also has never been property damaged done by a falling penny. The origin to this urban legend comes from the fact that items gain velocity while falling. Meaning objects that fall get faster, therefore have a greater force when it finally stops. A penny is not ever going to be enough force to hurt anyone, or anything if falling from a huge building. However, other falling objects can cause a lot of damage, so don’t throw anything off a building, and be careful where you are standing!


5. Chain Letters, Emails, Posts:

This super rich celebrity is going to pick one lucky person to give a million dollars to give to! All you have to do is like, share, and comment on this post. They will see it, trust me! Or, this random person won the lottery, and they want to share their money with one person! All you have to do is forward this email to everyone in your list! If this post gets 1 million likes, this person will give away a car to one of the people who clicked the like button. Did you fall for it? Many people have. The origins of this is simple. Most of the time, these are ways to collect your data. Many of these posts that you are sharing come with an unwanted guest, a virus that scans and collects data from your phone and computer. Let’s just be clear, if it’s too good to be true, it is not real.


Those were a few of the strange origins to some urban legends. They may vary, but essential the message is the same. What are some of your favorite urban legends?

***When commenting, use #urbanlegends


July 6

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam

Underdogs, as I sit here writing this blog post, I currently have 9000 comments in my spam folders! 9000 comments! Of course, weeding them out is very hard and very time consuming. I hate to miss the comments that are actually real because you took the time to address something, or ask me a question. I guess the spammers cared enough about pretending to care and commented on posts, and on photos in order to get something across that has nothing to do with me or this site. It comes with the game of blogging, so that isn’t an issue. It’s just strange. I thought I would take the time to address some of the strange comments and questions that I get from the Spam blocker, because some of them are very strange. So very strange!

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For those of you who are actual fans, and real readers, I love you all so much. I’m so sorry it has been harder than normal to get to your comments recently. One spammer got in and boy do they like the sound of their own voice. I go through each one to make sure I’m not missing my normal comments. I love your thoughts and your questions. These are just some terrible examples of the thousands of questions I get asked in the spammed comments. It’s not fair to anyone, so maybe this can put an end to the overuse of the same crazy questions over and over again. I have a feeling it won’t, but I’m hoping those people actually take the time to read this and direct their comments here! I love my followers, and my fans. Thank you for being there for me. I hope this doesn’t come across as bitter. It’s just a huge waste of time in order to continue to write, and get to you, the real readers, who leave the real comments. Spam should only be a food that is wildly debated, not something that we have to weed through!



  1. I am female. I have been addressed as sir, or mister way too much. Look at my page, you can see I’m a woman.
  2. I will not give out any tech advise. I don’t have any tech training, so if you want help, I would ask a professional company.
  3. Please stop telling me my last post , or my last several posts sucked when you are commenting on a photo. If you have actual reasons why they sucked, can you at least care enough to let me know what articles and give me examples of why.
  4. Stop asking me for to help you find a professional writer. What do you think I am?
  5. Stop leaving me random stories about Jesus, or even worse, little creepy stories about kids talking to their parents about Jesus which sounds more like a horror story than anything.
  6. While I love the compliments about how, “you guys run the page,” it’s all me. I do everything so there is no crew. That is why I don’t talk about anyone else and not give any credit to anyone else. It’s not because I’m being rude, it’s because it’s all done by me.
  7. If you are going to post how much a post moved you, make sure it’s on something that makes sense. For example, don’t tell me that you have been researching for 3 days on the topic of what my 100th post was on my blog. Or how the post I put up about being gone on vacation but would be back in a week changed your whole life. At least try to pretend to read these things!
  8. If you are commenting on one post, but asking me about a previous post from a few days ago, can you help me with which post you are talking about? It would be nice to give me a title, or a description of the blog post. Otherwise, I will just think it is another Spam bot.
  9. I am not an expert on themes. I work with a company that has templates. I would ask your current blog hosts for help on your themes.
  10. My contact information is on the website. (I may repeat this a few times.)
  11. I am a poor speller. The dialect I use matches not only my country, but the states I grew up around. I can see why this can be confusing.
  12. I am a blogger running my own empire here. It is a learning curve and if I stop learning, I stop growing. I will make mistakes. You people doing spam need to step it up too!
  13. Keeping that in mind: I do not accept unsolicited articles or posts. I will not edit, or improve your work. I will not suggest themes, photos, or anything like that unless you hire me for a job. Time is money and not to be rude, but I’m not going to spend my time doing something for you for free. Let’s all be blunt here, we all have to make money. Our time is worth being paid.
  14. One of my personal favorite comments says, “I’m not sure where you get your information…but…” There is this little thing called research. You can also follow the links provided in many of the articles where you can find supporting material for the article. I research everything. I can make mistakes like any human, but each blog post takes hours of research before even starting a first draft.
  15. I don’t know anything about online grants. I’m sorry, I can’t help you. This is a blog about conspiracy theories, supernatural, and lifestyle. I have no idea what you are talking about.
  16. I don’t know anything about AOL.
  17. If you want me to contact you, please provide your contact information on the Contact Me page.
  18. If you want to use part of my blog, then use the contact me form.
  19. If you want to collaborate, there is also a tab for that, or use the Contact Me form.
  20. I didn’t realize how many hours are spent looking for ways to make simple peanut butter cookies. I see there has been over 1000 hours of research on this very topic according to your comments.



I am going to randomly answer some of these strange questions. Especially the ones that are out of left field. For example, asking me if I know the bottom line of a supply running about in a post about cats. It’s so much to take in, but keep your eye out on the comments. Some of these Spam comments are so bad, they are good and deserve a glance. So Spammers who aren’t actually bots, here is some advice for you. If you are going to comment about how life changing something is, please make sure the article matches your words. Actually, make sure that your comments match the blog post in the first place. While it’s nice to name your source of how you got to my blog, such as Google or Bing, it doessn’t mean it’s a real comment. I don’t need to know about how your brother’s cousin’s uncle’s next door neighbor and you were doing research about this very topic and finally found it on my site. But you post on a photo, or a blog that was about cereal. Try to at least pretend you have read any article that I have posted. I work hard, I expect your Spam to be worth my hard work. Do better! Try harder. Or better yet, leave this page alone so my real fans, all 3 of them, can leave real comments, not a whole bunch of the same comments right down to the spelling errors, posted over and over again.


Peace, get out!

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June 28

Top 10 Conspiracy Theories

Just in case you are new here, I love conspiracy theories. In fact, this is how this whole blog was born. My friend adored my theories and my research on several topics. She asked me to start a blog and I did! Fast forward a few years later and we are here today. Things are a bit different as I have some other theme days as well, but conspiracy theories is still the corner store of this page. This isn’t just a passion, but a love that I shared with my Dad and my Grandpa. Now that they are both gone, it’s just one more thing that connects me to their memory. I have covered several theories over the years, but I haven’t ever done a top 10 of my favorites. These are the reasons that I got into this, and started the very blog that you are currently reading. I hope you enjoy these in no particular order!

1. JFK:

What happened to John F. Kennedy was a tragic and terrible event that shaped the entire nation and changed the way many people thought about the world around them. Many theorists will pin point this as the major event which started their passion for conspiracy theories. There are no answers to why our President was shot in daylight in front of many witnesses, yet the case has never been solved.  My parents and grandparents were much older than any of my classmates, so when this event happened, they were working adults. My Mom and Dad’s stories were filled with where they were. My Grandpa was the one who sat me down and told me that there was no truth to this and that Lee Harvey Oswald was a scapegoat. This startled me as a child because who would question something as powerful as the government. I was pretty little so I didn’t know any better. The rabbit hole I fell down never ended, and I became a person who looked for answers and started questioning everything that was the official word.

Amelia+Earhart.jpg (613×800)


2. Amelia Erheart:

Another theory that I shared with my Grandpa was about Amelia Earhart. He was the first person to tell me about her, and show me picture books about her journey. First and foremost, his goal was to show me that women could do anything. Second, he wanted me to use my head to try to figure out what happened to her when she vanished. It was such a strange story and while logic could dictate that she simply drowned, that is one of many possible outcomes. This is one of the reasons that my dogs middle name is Amelia. Yes, my dogs all have middle names, don’t judge!


3. Aliens:

I grew up in the 1990’s and alien mania was in full force. If you look back there were things all over TV such as Alien Autopsy and the X Files. Stories were everywhere about the little green men from Mars. Except the longer these stories went on, the more the image changed from creepy beings to things that look more human. I was so afraid of the concept of an alien as a child. We used to go look at the stars to see the movement. It was very hard to grasp that we were the only things out there. When I got older, I realized that there is no way that we are the only beings in a universe with an unknown amount of time and space.


4. Jim Morrison:

As a music fan,  I knew about Jim Morrison from a very young age. When I finally got to visit Paris when I was in my twenties, I talked to a lot of people about what they thought really happened to him. Nothing adds up and no one believes for a moment that he died in a bath tub. When I went to his grave it felt so empty. It didn’t seem right for some reason. I couldn’t shake the feeling that Jim Morrison either died in a very different way than what we were told, or he never died in the first place. I did say in a previous post that if anyone faked their own death, I would believe that Jim Morrison could be the person who would want to pull this off. Many people try to spin their own story, but I know the truth will never be told.



5. John Lennon

The facts are these: John Lennon was murdered outside of his New York City apartment by Mark David Chapman. What is the conspiracy there? Well, take a look at the film, “The US Government Vs. John Lennon.” There is proof that John Lennon was being not only wire tapped, but was being followed by the FBI and the CIA. The fact that Mark David Chapman also seemed to be a person who as planted to kill this mega star. There is a whole film called “Chapter 27 “which was from the “Catcher in the Rye” which was the book MDC was carrying when he killed John Lennon. People think he was triggered by the government or someone else to kill John Lennon and take the fall for the dirty work. Who knows for sure, but the world has suffered since his death.


6.Big Brother is Watching:

While this has become a silly reality TV show for the last several years, Big Brother is a phrase coined in the book, “1984.” This book was meant to be written as a warning, not a guide book. Today, everyone is watching everyone else. We give away our privacy every single time we log on to anything. We get ridiculed for having a view that differs from the norm. People have little to no rights. History is being changed and people are forgetting how to write with a pen. The IQ of the average person is dropping. Why is this all a big deal? It means the public at large is very easy to control. Every Smart TV comes with a warning that you shouldn’t have any sensitive conversations around. Cell phones have so many apps that routinely say they access every phone call, and all your information not limited to your photos and your microphone. Why is this being done? I’m not 100% sure but it is very scary that our information is owned, and we are so willing to give up any privacy that we have.


7. The Moon Landing:

Did the Moon landing actually happen? There are so many arguments on both sides of the debate. However, it is hard for many people to believe that we actually landed on the moon. If we think about it, we have more technology in our pockets than what it took to get to the moon. Our cell phones and everything to come after the moon landing are amazing feats. Could we really have had that same technology back in the 1960’s? It doesn’t seem likely, but it can be impossible. Or can it? People site the movie, “The Shining,” as a confession of sorts as to how the moon landing was faked. Many theorists have tried to prove their thoughts on this matter. I think science and magic is the same side of the coin. It’s hard to say, but I think the truth could be ugly!


plasma-blast.jpg (2048×2048)

8. Jesus and Mary:

Yes, there is a whole world of debate about these two historically figures. There are countless books, movies, and even classes about Jesus and Mary. However, it is hard to not wonder about their personal lives. If you believe that they were real, then of course it is normal to wonder about their personal lives. Did they get married? Did they have children? I never come at this from a place of emotion, but from just wanting to know because I am human. I am not going to go into a lot of details here because so many people are so committed to their views, it can be overwhelming. You may never see a full post about this from me because of this thought process.


9. The Mandela Effect

Do you recall the phrase, “Luke, I am your Father,” or “Life is like a box of chocolates?” If you do, then you are wrong! Those phrases never happened! Do you recall Nelson Mandela passing away in the 1980’s, or in the last few years? Is your memory wrong, or is it an alternative reality? Is it another universe, or are we all just living in a computer simulation? Take a look at my past posts about this, and I will be making more in the future! There are so many examples of this happening that it’s hard to not look at. While it may not be what we think, something strange is going on here!

10. Time Travel:

I believe that time travel is not only possible, but is a reality. This could go hand in hand with the Mandela Effect. It may not. However, I think someone out there has the ability to travel through time and space. Maybe Doctor Who isn’t so far fetched. There are a lot of movies and stories about time travel. Is that because we all wish it’s true, or we got the concept from time travel itself? It’s hard to know for sure, but if I have a chance, I’m going back to Woodstock!




Those are my top 10 favorite conspiracy theories. What are yours? Leave your comments down below.



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June 26

Barnes and Noble Snacks

There is nothing that I love more than spending a day at the bookstore, especially Barnes and Noble. On any free day that I have, I like to spend it pouring over any awesome and fun books that I can put my hands on. I grab each book and magazine that I wanted to check out, and then go get a coffee and a snack at the cafe. Next, I would read and take my time to decide which book I wanted to take home with me! It would be an awesome day! I even ended up working at Barnes and Noble for a short time. The only reason I left was it just wasn’t enough to pay the bills. The job itself was great. That being said, I was able to try out many of the great foods that the cafe at Barnes and Noble has to offer. However, these snacks change while some staples remain the same. I tried out two of these snacks and decided to write a short review. I encourage you to go enjoy a day at the bookstore and try these out for yourself. Really enjoy your time there and feel what it is like to hold pages in your hand again.

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see the Disclaimer on the Promotions Page. 




Pink Lemonade Cake:

What an interesting take on a summer time snack.  I really wished that it would have worked! I used to love lemonade, but as I got older, it stopped loving me and it I would get a belly ache any time that I tried to drink that tasty summer time treat. My friend bought this cake so I was able to try a few bites and not have to worry about any waste or any sickness. This is a layered white cake between a sweet and sour layer of cream. While this is a very pretty cake, it sadly isn’t very tasty. In fact, there isn’t much taste at all. The cake itself is your run of the mill white or pound cake with little flavor. If there was any flavor put into the cake at all, I couldn’t tell you. The cream does have a taste, but it doesn’t mean it’s good. It is very sour with a hint of sweetness. There is nothing about this cake that would make me think it’s pink lemonade. Do I think it’s a good cake no matter what it’s called? Sadly, it’s not. Barnes and Noble, this was a nice attempt and a fun concept. It looks very pretty, but it falls flat. I give this a 1 out of 5 stars and I don’t recommend it.




Chocolate Cupcake:

If you have been a Barnes and Noble fan, then you know that cupcakes have been around for several years. However, they have been updated and improved with different ingredients since they first hit the shelves. I never liked the original cupcakes. They were dry and tasteless. (Sounds like the pink lemonade cake, so there is still hope!) I decided that I should go ahead and try out the cupcake again to see if it actually had improved like the lady told me. She was correct. The cake itself is soft and has a lot of flavor! The frosting is sweet, and has a bit of the bitterness of dark chocolate. The shavings are milk chocolate and also yummy. I know people have very different feelings about frosting, so it may be too much for some people. However, I feel like compared to cupcake shops, this isn’t a whole lot. I loved this cupcake and would get it again. I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.



What is your favorite Barnes and Noble treat? Do you still spend time in a bookstore? I think it’s good for everyone!

June 25

Mental Health

Underdogs, this blog may contain some information that may be triggering since the topic I am going to cover is about mental health. I am going to be including my personal Facebook post about the suicide of Antony Bourdain. If this will be a trigger for you about discussing this topic, then no problem at all. I will see you on another post. By the way, you are amazing, loved, and needed in this world.  Thank you for being here today, and each and every day. The world is better for you being in it! For those of you who want to continue reading, take a good look at the people in your lives and always check on them. Part of mental illness is understanding it. We know so little, and people are too ashamed to get the help that they need. It’s time to address this subject head on, and be strong enough as a society to stand up and say that this isn’t alright. That we need to stop the stigma around mental health, or we all lose. Every single one of us.

21505-custom-ribbon-magnet-sticker-National+Suicide+Prevention+Lifeline+++1-800-273-....png (455×350)

“All day I have been thinking about Antony Bourdain’s death. It has made me angry, hurt, and shocked. It ignited a response like I clearly didn’t expect and I had to talk myself down several times. Why? I didn’t know him. I was a fan of his career. He reminded me of those rare, raw people who lived hard in the 60’s and suffered for their art for the remainder of their lives. Sometimes a prisoner of this art. Is his suicide a surprise? Sadly, not really. Bright lights can’t shine forever, but when they fade on their own, it leaves such a hole for those left behind. My fury come from the basic fact that even in 2018, mental illness still is shunned and laughed at. It’s misunderstood. While people can point the finger and say he could have done so and so, and he would still be here, or the fact that he had loved ones should have been enough. I hate to tell you, but mental illness does not work that way. Some days, the illness wins, and it will cost you your life. What hurts the most is reading comment after comment saying that Anthony had enough money to get help, and if he didn’t get it, then how in the world can someone dirt poor like me get it? First, illness should never be about money, but it is in the United States. It’s heartbreaking that people can’t get the help they need due to dollar signs. If you need help, go to an ER. They have to treat you! Then ask for low cost or free program. Just because you are poor does not mean that you can’t or don’t deserve help. We don’t know each other’s demons, so let’s not stand in a place of judgment and instead reach out a helping hand. Advocate for more mental health funding and education. Teach your children about it, because you won’t find it being taught it most schools. It’s okay to be hurt, and angry over someone passing that you have never met because they made and impact. And guess what, those feeling a make you human. For those who are suffering, I’m here. For those who don’t want to admit their illness due to stigma, your health is more important than an image. A hand is always outstretched to help, look, ask, or cry out for one. There is no shame. Give yourself a chance because more people than your realize are living with mental illness. I am, and sometimes the battle is too hard. But I keep going, and so should you. The world deserves your impact, don’t rob it of your light because of fear and shame. You deserve help. You deserve life. There will be bad days , but there will be good days as well. Take a hand. Reach out.”

Mental Illness is not to be taken lightly, however it is still laughed at, mocked, or shoved aside like it isn’t real. The longer we take on this attitude, the more lives we will lose to this terrible disease. This is a global issue that people refuse to see. For far too long, we have equated emotion with depression. We have confused a bad day with an illness. We have made it seem like real symptoms and issues are not anything more than sadness and anger. To continue with this line of though is to continue undercutting a real illness. We are doing ourselves a disservice by not speaking out and getting the help that we need. Let’s get this straight once and for all. An illness is not an emotion. Let’s start treating Mental Illness for what it really is, an illness! Nothing less than that.

screen696x696.jpeg (392×696)

Sadly, there isn’t enough money to get all the people the help that the need. Going to therapy is not cheap and many people can’t afford to do this. While going to an ER is an option, the rules vary from state to state. But every ER will have to treat you if you are in medical danger. There are programs out there for you to try out. Start with The United Way and then ask people in your community. If you have health insurance, call the number on the back of the card to help you get started in the right direction to get any help that you may need. Some work, schools, and churches have programs within them, or resources that you don’t even know about. While it may take some work, there is help out there for you.

I don’t want you to feel alone. I suffer from anxiety and depression, as well as other disorders. There are days I can’t get out of bed. There are days that I feel so down that I can’t function. There are days where I am so overwhelmed that I can’t feel a thing. I have voices in my head telling me how horrible that I am, and how no one loves me. Part of mental health is knowing when those voices are just noise, and when you need to seek help. I have been in both positions where it’s just been some terrible noises, and when I needed help because I was fearful for my life.

I have had different kinds of help for the last 10 years of my life. I can tell you that it is a lot better than not having any help at all. Even when I think nothing is helping, I still am here and still make it through another day. It may seem like a terrible thing to only accomplish getting out of bed, but it is an accomplishment. On those days where I can’t, it doesn’t mean that I failed, was lazy, or a bad person. All it means is that the illness was a bit much for me that day. The thing is, symptoms of mental illness are as real as other health issues. They can be small, or they can be life threatening. We need to take it seriously.

This is a long battle that will not be won in a simple blog. However, it starts with you. I hope that each of you will read this and see that mental health is a real problem. Together, we can reach out to one another, but we can also help educate the public. This is something that is very important and we need to help get over the block that is put up by so many who fear and mock the reality of this illness. It’s hard enough being sick, but it’s even harder to feel like you have to justify it to everyone including yourself. In the meantime, you are all loved and needed. I am thankful for all of you and hope that you will take the time to do your own research on the topic, and reach out to the sources above if you need it. Thank you!